The lie that will lead to the gallows — “Safe and Effective”

4 thoughts on “The lie that will lead to the gallows — “Safe and Effective”

  1. Hi GC

    We are almost 2 years into this rule by our psychotic overlords. They are in far too deep and have to continue, let alone stop. aka it will only get worse.

    Their psychosis overrides their survival instinct, and by that I mean they have no sense that as each day goes by, there is a growing number of people who have been impacted by Covid scam and have literally lost everything.

    History has shown many times that such victimized parties which have nothing left to lose will render long overdue justice..and it can get real REAL ugly.


    1. It has always been thus…psychopaths are destroyed by their own hubris, arrogance and lack of human empathy. These three components cloud their decision-making abilities and eventually always result in their downfall.


  2. Hi Greencrow,

    I have seen some people wondering if the tornadoes in the States might be some new kind of a weapon, and it jogged my memory…… did you not say that up to five waterspouts had been observed prior to the “atmospheric river” event in BC ?


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