Proof our Courts are CORRUPT + Hellth Minister gets death threats

Good afternoon folks. We’re all suffering from shell shock after the psychological warfare unleashed on us by the PerpZ during the past year. According to this strategy of tension…we have had barely a week between unique events in the weather and draconian, escalating and criminal diktats by our putative “leaders”. It’s become so that when we have a quiet and relatively uneventful day we start to question it. What’s wrong? Am I missing something? Where’s that expected jolt of psychological shock and pain? When will it strike next? This is how this strategy is supposed to work…even when they’re not torturing you–you’re so damaged and easily triggered–that they are.

A few days ago RAH sent me the following e-mail with two links:

RAH says: “Unbelievable…this is disgusting

The above two links report on a recent case that went before the courts in Alberta, Canada. A father and mother had separated but had joint custody of their two children. The mother wanted both vaxZinated but the father objected on health grounds. So they went before the courts and the judge sided with the mother. Presumably the children are now vaxZinated. I submit that if one or both of the children suffer future adverse reactions to the vaxZine… the father…and perhaps the children when they reach adulthood…could have a cause of action against the presiding Judge and the Alberta Ministry of Justice. Unlike the Pharmaceutical companies, I do not believe that the Alberta Courts or Judges have yet purchased indemnity from the law. It’s an interesting legal question. Here are the Reasons for Judgement in the case.—memorandum-of-decision.pdf?sfvrsn=ff9b5a83_5

And here is a related e-mail from my regular contributor FreakedOut

Good Morning gc,
Spotted this article at Dana Ashlie’s Telegram channel and found it interesting.

Heart inflammation cases emerge among 5- to 11-year-old kids after COVID-19 shot: CDC

Heart inflammation cases emerge among 5- to 11-year-old kids after COVID-19 shot: CDC | Fox Business

Cracks in the dam springing leaks?”

Greencrow continues: So these kids are getting lifelong and possibly life-limiting injuries from the vaxZines and all the so-called “Health Ministers” are mum. The moniker “Hellth Minister” is now and will forever be synonymous with such nouns as “Hangman”, “Assassin” and “Hitman”. Below is Dorothy Shephard, the Hellth Minister from New Brunswick, crying the blues because of all the hate mail she received after handing down the diktat that grocery stores did not have to sell food to the unvaxZinated.

New Brunswick Hellth Minister gets e-mail death threats after threatening citizens with starvation

Greencrow concludes: Some days I spend quite a bit of time thinking up ways of defending my own life, health and that of my grandchildren from the PerpZ and their local assets. Some ideas that have floated unbidden into my thoughts might cause the BC Hellth Minister aka The Bullshitter a few sleepless nights.

I was alerted to her latest bullshit performance this afternoon by RAH. Here is a clip from the report in the local propaganda sheet, CHEK TV:

B.C. limits six people per table at restaurants, closes gyms as more COVID-19 restrictions roll out (

“…The province will also once again restrict movement at restaurants, meaning seated groups can not get up and mingle with other groups — a measure which came into effect on Dec. 20.

Indoor gatherings of any size are also being banned in the interim, which includes weddings, receptions and celebratory events.

The most recent personal gathering restrictions, which were part of Monday’s changes, continue to limit sizes to either two households or up to 10 vaccinated people…”


The implication is that the unvaxZinated are supposed to stay in their rooms with their faces against the wall. Yes, I am sure there are a few thoughts going through a few heads of a few British Columbians about what fate(s) should befall The Bullshitter. But, but, but….It’s okay for the Bullshitter to threaten our physical and mental health and well being…but if we were to threaten her…THAT would be a low blow indeed.

3 thoughts on “Proof our Courts are CORRUPT + Hellth Minister gets death threats

  1. Hi GC:

    Dr Bullshite tactic seems to play good cop and allow some businesses to say open, but my guess is she will put hammer down between Xmas and New Years.

    The agenda seems pretty clear, ramp up the Omicron fear porn

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    1. Hi RAH

      Bullshitter “allows some businesses to stay open”. Can you imagine what you would have thought of that even five years ago? It should be clear now, even to the totally brain dead, that they want to destroy all businesses…as in “You will own nothing and you will be happy”.

      Perhaps they’ve discovered the “happy” gene and are going to inject it into us with the “Boosters”.


  2. City hiring people-hunters to pursue and fine the unvaxxed

    A city in Austria is looking for employees who will be tasked with enforcing fines against those unwilling to get the Covid jab. The recruitment drive comes weeks ahead of a sweeping vaccine mandate in the European country.

    Successful candidates will be issuing penalties, processing appeals and taking measures against those who fail to shell out their fine for being unvaccinated, says a job ad placed by the Austrian city of Linz. The opening line says the job will suit those who “take pleasure in working with legislation and administrative procedures.”

    The employees’ hard toil will be remunerated monthly with a salary starting from €2,774 ($3,126). To qualify for the job, an individual will have to hold Austrian citizenship, be a secondary school graduate, be resilient and prepared to work overtime, have no criminal record, and, last but not least, have a valid Covid vaccination or recovery certificate.

    On top of that, women will be given priority when vying for the post against men with comparable qualifications.

    Linz, home to 200,000 residents, is known to have the lowest Covid vaccination rate across Austria. According to a website tracking the issuance of digital vaccination certificates in the country, only 63% of the city’s population have received a complete dosage of a Covid vaccine so far.

    Earlier in December, the ruling conservatives and two out of three opposition parties agreed to make Covid vaccination mandatory for all Austrians, bar those under 14 or those having medical exemptions, by February, 1, 2022. Those unwilling to get the shot can expect to be fined heavily every three months. If an individual persists in resisting vaccination during the course of a year, they could end up having to shell out a total of €3,600 for the 12 months, according to media reports.

    Austria is the first nation in Europe to have announced a sweeping vaccine mandate for all its citizens. Vienna was also the first in the world to impose a strict nationwide lockdown specifically for the unvaccinated in November, only for it to be expanded to also include the vaccinated citizens weeks later. The lockdown expired on December 12, but unvaccinated Austrians still remain banned from non-essential outings.

    IMHO. this will be a template used globally.

    However, if the fine is a total of 3600 Euros for 12 months…..I’d pay it…The stupid Austrian Gov’t is attaching a price to freedom ??? I thought we had a dire pandemic.


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