Christmas 2021 – A year to remember

The “Sprite” of Christmas Present

Good afternoon sentients. And a belated Merry Christmas to you all! I took three days off [going online] over Christmas mainly because of the little “Sprite” above. I had forgotten how it was to spend Christmas with a two year old. Now my memories are very fresh indeed. It’s like going into a snowy wind tunnel. Everything is new to a two year old–so therefore must be examined very closely. This often means disassembling it. You never know what will pique their interest…sometimes it’s a major part of the holiday–but more often, a minor backdrop. In the case of the Sprite above…it was the cotton batting “snow” of the manger scene. We found mounds of it all over the house. She wanted to wear the fake snow on top of her head mostly.

At the end of this post I will display some of my other photos from the holidays. We are in the middle of the fourth…or is it the fifth extreme weather event of 2021? I have not checked in with the MZM yet so don’t know what new buZZword nickname they’ve given to the bliZZard that we’re currently in the middle of. It is 10 degrees below zero Celsius here and was very cold in the cabin when we woke up this morning. Our family/guests having fortunately all departed last night [thankfully, as now the roads are probably impassable]. So we turned on a few judiciously spaced heaters and our humble abode slowly warmed up.

There’s now about a foot of snow on the ground around our cabin and It’s still coming down. This cold spell is supposed to last a few more days at least and then I’m hoping that it will not to turn to sheets of ice and sleet, bringing down the powerlines and causing mayhem on the highways…but that is likely what is in the “Climate Change/Passport” cards…dontchaknow.

Yes, 2021 was an interesting year to say the least. It was a year of extremes…Logic/Insanity…political heroism…political corruption/evil. There were weaponized weather extremes of heat, drought, rain, wind…and now snow…which I predicted weeks ago would happen around Christmas. During 2021 they timed extreme weather events for every single statutory holiday. When discussing the new war strategy–attacking with the “weather”…I frequently referenced the Turd’s strange comment: [and I paraphrase] “If we don’t all knuckle under and get vaxZinated…then ‘Climate Change’ will get us.” It all makes perfect sense now–if you think like a monster/demon.

Speaking of heroism during the past year…we had a few notable heros…doctors, lawyers and police stepped up to the plate on behalf of humanity. Below is something I called “The Tweet of the Year” 2021 when I retweeted it this morning:

Mounties 4 Freedom RetweetedMichael P Senger@MichaelPSenger·

“They went from “these vaccines are 100% effective against infection, and we’ll give you free donuts if you get one” to “these vaccines were only meant to reduce symptoms, but get one whenever we tell you to or lose your job” in under a year with shockingly little resistance.”

Mounties 4 Freedom and Provincial Police 4 Freedom are two of the most important warrior groups that have sprung up during the past year. I will continue to reference these two new groups and all the other, older groups that have been in the trenches during the past two years of this War on Humanity. I am proud to have been in the front line trenches along with my two Canadian amigos—Northerntruthseeker and Penny for your thoughts since the beginning–in January of 2020. I look forward to when the Canadian soldiers who will be kicked out of the military for not succumbing to the vaxZine/career bait form: Canadian Armed Forces 4 freedom. Then the trio will be complete.

Fighting along side me have been my coterie of wonderful sources: adopted brothers, RAH and FreakedOut, adopted sister “Snippits” aka Noor al Haqiqa and my loyal suppliers of gem links: Dennis, Simon Hicks, veteran truth blogger John Kaminski and many others. Seasons Greetings and thanks to you all!!!

I will make more reflections on the past year in posts to come but here, as my Christmas gift to all my readers are more photos of the past three magical days, deep in the woods of the Pacific North West:

Yes 2021 was a year of extremes by design…and by response. A year of unbelievably black hearted, cowardly attacks–resulting in extreme and even suicidal despair. It was also a year of unbelievable courage–resulting in highs of hopefulness, happiness and eternal love.

Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “Christmas 2021 – A year to remember

  1. Season’s Greeting all and especially those listed below !!!

    Fighting along side me have been my coterie of wonderful sources: adopted brothers, RAH and FreakedOut, adopted sister “Snippits” aka Noor al Haqiqa and my loyal suppliers of gem links: Dennis, Simon Hicks, veteran truth blogger John Kaminski and many others. Seasons Greetings and thanks to you all!!!

    I tried blogging once and found it to be a bit overwhelming.

    My colleague and I focussed on our CoronaGate channel
    We found that for every minute of raw video… took 3-4 minutes for editing, description, text etc. etc.

    My eternal gratitude to those with those skills that endeavour to, and continue to perservere and provide us with excellent info and commentary.

    From RAH


  2. Congratulations on a Christmas season well spent with some little fresh excited life! I am a tad jealous of course. Not seen or heard from mine for awhile now. Looks lovely and wintery up there, although looks and the real thing are a tad different. I hope you have a few pups to keep you warm while things heat up.

    You are indeed a sister to me. Remember when everyone casually called everyone a sister? Well having grown up with brothers, I never had one. Only twice before did I let someone in as a “sister” and I miss her to this day. The other was my pitch black sister-in-law back in Toronto. We loved each other dearly. And now you. I am honoured; yes, one day, we will actually press flesh together. You are indeed a great “find” for me this year. I think due to Northern’s comments somewhere along the line. At the moment as snow is still falling lightly here by the oceanside. When we have even a little snow here, I know there is 20X as much over the Malahat.

    This past year has been hell. But I have spent 73 years getting ready for it and here we are. You, too, I am sure. I found out my daughter was behind cutting me off, she pushed her husband to speak to me. I can only say the hurt is just that much deeper because I realize I never knew her. But we will work out a video meeting schedule for me and the Grandson to speak regularly. Sadly, this seems to be my price so far. The Kennedy book is … omg simply mindblowing. I read a page and have to put it down to digest. Might take me a year or two to get through it at this rate! Not even any cheat pages of interesting photos! Just 449 pages of dynamite.

    Honestly I cannot wish anyone a Happy New Year this year. Gotta align with reality if you get my drift, and I know you do. Instead it is… make the most of everything thrown your way this year. Good, bad, indifferent.
    Learn lessons.
    Awaken more lions. Let the sheep be, they don’t want to know. They refuse to know. They will turn against you.
    Help those in need if you are in a position to do so.
    Pray to your God and live your life as a prayer. Find joy in the little things because they are all we seem to have left.
    Start a garden. Learn a survival skill.
    OK I am running out of stuff here, lol.

    Blessings and the best to you Sis. May we both be able to speak again in a year from now.


  3. Xmas 2021 (?!?) report:
    Worst on record for us

    Watched Dr Bullshite and her Igor Dix make everyone have an 11th hour freakout over Covid and ruin Xmas.

    I mentioned previously that my wife and 3 adult children got vaxxed.
    The plan was to have Xmas at my vaxxed Mother In Laws place. My vaxxed daughter bailed because she and her boyfriend felt ill, more than likley swallowed Dr Bonnies bullshite. that if you have classic cold symptoms…ASSUME ITS COVID . Thankfully my vaxxed sons attended.

    My VAXXED wife is still feeling ill…nauseous,…slept all day yesterday…..she’s been to a specialist and they took 10 blood samples at lab. I know my family has had ONE vaxx, but it is to contentious to ask if they have had any more.

    Agree with greencrow….likely weaponized weather.
    My mantra is it is engineered until proven otherwise.
    My vaxxed sister and law, her vaxxed son his vaxxed wife and daughter were going to visit, but bailed twice due to weather

    B.C.’s contact tracing and testing at maximum capacity, health officials say

    “…….Those who are fully vaccinated, are not immunocompromised and have mild symptoms, should self-isolate for a week. Those who are not fully vaccinated should self-isolate for 10 days.

    Close contacts should self-monitor for symptoms for two weeks, in the absence of contact tracing, and unvaccinated close contacts should self-isolate for 10 days…….”

    Can anyone make sense of this QUOTE ???
    Vaxxes either DO work or they DO NOT..more Dr Bullshite mind screw.
    Omicron is allegedly mild, but spread rapidly…is this worse than if its stronger but infects rarely and slowly ??

    I see the news reports submitted 6,000 flights were cancelled.

    From “Jim Stone”.
    “…The prevailing theory is that this was caused by workers quitting to avoid the jabs. Another strong theory is that the flights were canceled due to lack of occupancy because people were afraid of Omicron. Another theory is that vax mandates caused too many people to cancel…”’s likely all of the above, but duly note the fake scamdemic and vaxx play crucial roles in all scenarios. The pilots and flight crews etc likley organized a “F#ck You” boycott at the most profitable time for airlines…the sheeple were fear porned over catching Covid on board , as well as passengers also saying f#ck the vaxx. I said to my wife that many of these trips were likely last visits ever to see elderly relatives etc.

    Airline are ones to watch…barring massive bailouts I submit the industry is primed to permanently implode, moreso via the Omicron narrative of rapid spread and bogus case counts…aka lockdowns are coming.


  4. Seasons Greetings everyone!
    I just wanted to pass on a message from our Dear Greencrow about her being offline for awhile to get over some severe emotional distress due to some situations with family developing that has left her in rough shape. Fortunately, NO injury or death of those in her family who received the bioweapon injection.
    Yes, this War continues to take its toll on all of us every day. 😦
    Hopefully she’ll be back fairly soon as I love reading her erudite words on any subject she writes about.


  5. Thank you to everyone who has written here. It seems we are building a little community of sorts which is wonderful to know. I pass on my own best wishes for you all and thank you for your efforts that GC has coordinated so well over the past years. Always a work in progress…

    I just read these comments and realize we all have issues that strike deeply to our core. I won’t go on about mine, despite the temptation to whine. Rah, thanks for all that information. I forced myself to watch BC news at noon, something I have done only once or twice. My BL tolerance is very low… They were discussing the effects of loneliness on primarily the elderly. When I go out tomorrow it will be the first time in five days I have gone anywhere. By the way, I saw a nauseating video of Tam the Man celebrating good news with Canadian children on Christmas Eve. Dear Lord, she was gushing about the jolly old man and all his staff, including the deer, were fully vaxxed, safe, blah blah blah so it was ok to leave out cookies for him. The level of fakery was so over the top. Pure communism for the tiny ones.

    Anyhow. Thanks all for being here.

    And of course Dear GreenCrow will be back soon.


    1. Thanks for your kind words of support Noor. I’m really glad to have met some fine Canadians here in the blogging world, I’m glad we’re neighbors and I only wish we were closer, supporting each other through this insanity is important.
      Thanks again!

      We ‘re thinking about ya Greencrow. 🙂


  6. Thanks Freakedkout:

    I am on a borrowed computer with no access to my e-mails since Xmas Eve:

    I can only imagine whats going on with GC as anyone with family finds this scamdemic is creating a lot of turmoil and dividing, if not destroying families. In my case…I sensed where this was going to unfold waay back,in Feb. 2020 when my colleague and I were starting one project, but the covid scamdemic was one that many of us truthers KNEW was coming, and we shifted gears to CoronaGate channel.

    Long and short of it. via “ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS”, the fiat currency system has(finally) collapsed, and unlike 2008 etc where the banksters got caught with pants down…COVID is concurrently a masking agent for economic collapse and a means further enrich the elites even more.

    Here in far over $240 BILLION spent by Trudeau Gov’ts is unaccounted for.In USA its trillions. Recall 9-11 and Pentagon lost over $2 TRILLION. WTF???

    WE still talk about being at Vancouver City Hall back in early 2020 and saying ” THIS IS IT…..THE BIG ONE”…and I mused if people were going to be willing to destroy society that our ancestors created over hundreds of years..we stand on THEIR shoulders…its a continuum..but will anyone be left to stand on OURS ???

    GUILT ?
    Personally, as we enter our 3nd year of this scam, I find that I have to be a realist/fatalist re vaxxed family members and consequences, but concurrently I feel ZERO guilt, and neither should anyone else in similiar ” I TRIED TO WARN YOU ” mode. I realize its tough…but I think that’s crucial to not beat up on oneself…the die have been cast.

    Its best to keep as much peace in family as possible.
    In my 63 years, I have seen a lot of families torn apart over stoopidest things. Majority of those that took the vaxx are NOT evil people..the rest of us have gotten a hard lesson on power of “Big Lie”propoganda. However, if anything happens to my loved ones, there will be HELL to be paid…don’t ever F$ck with family.


    1. Very Welcome RAH…
      Yes, it looks like we will be the ones to carry on into the future and we have FULL understanding of what everyone is going through in this War on Humanity, the brainwashing, the psychotronic control…etc., Greencrow has laid it all out very nicely for those who have eyes to see.
      Sorry to hear about your wife’s distressing health issues, it definitely sounds vaxx related to me.
      I sure hope she feels better soon.
      Keep me posted.


  7. Merry Xmas Greencrow,

    My nieces are grown up but the rare occasion I was tasked to watch them they would always sneak the movie Jurrasic Park out to watch (which their mother forbade them to watch). I was very lenient and would let them watch it. They were obssessed with this movie.

    They would run and hide everytime the Jurrasic Park Dinosaurs would eat somebody and I would get yelled at during the scene when the man was eaten off the toilet because I would laugh. “STOP LAUGHING YOU STUPID UNCLE BOB”.

    I was thinking yesterday that this would be an approriate fate for our totally evil Joe Biden.

    We had a Zoom Xmas this year since everyone is scattered.

    Some good news New Jersey has to pay out $53,000,000 to the families of elderly veterans that were murdered in nursing homes there. It’s hush money I know.


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