The Rant – Letter to the BC bullshitter

H/T John Kaminski from “Steve”

Greencrow says: Good afternoon sentients. It is a cold and snowy day deep in the Pacific North West Coastal mountains. Today we walked to the nearby mountain lake through a winter wonderland snow-covered forest pathway. The pathway opened onto the lake, which was frozen, ice shoveled and cleared. Children and adults of all ages were out on the ice–skating and playing hockey…or “shimmy” as we call it in Canada…when they’re just passing the puck around and shooting it into the one tattered goal. It was a magical scene…as if conjured up from my youth…when that was how we spent months during the long Northern Ontario winters.

Nobody was social distancing, nobody was wearing the CovIDian Cult Masks. Big, barking dogs thrilled to be off leash were running around and playing with the children. All was as it was back in the “old normal”. “They” could not reach us here deep in the sacred forests of our native land. They could not terrorize, bully and defile our humanity.

Below, is a RANT I was sent this morning by Blogging guru John Kaminski who’s like a blood hound when it comes to sniffing out those posts that have “viral” legs and must be shared widely. Here it is–in the form of a letter to the entity who I call “the bullshitter.”

BTW, The Bullshitter has never answered one single question from the alternative media in the entire two year period of her fetid and putrid tyranny. Read the following excellent rant, and try, if you will, to imagine the human feces bullshitter being forced to answer the questions posed therein. I do believe the RCMP is on the verge of making some long overdue arrests!


BC COVID-19 Statistics for December 30, 2021

Date: December 30, 2021 at 7:29:00 PM PST To:,, Cc: CBC Ombud <>, BRODIE FENLON <>,,,, Subject: BC COVID-19 Statistics for December 30, 2021

Dr. Henry,

Thank you for rolling out your updated COVID-19 provincial numbers today. They confirmed everything I have suspected for the past year. As you are aware, from December 22-28, 2021 there were a total of 15,429 “cases” in BC, with fully vaccinated and partially vaccinated comprising 85.8% of that total. From December 15-28, 2021, the number of fully and partially vaccinated hospitalizations were 45.3%. Looking back at your statistics from earlier this year, from October 8-1, 2021, the vaccinated made up 38.2% of “cases”, and from October 1-14, 2021, made up 31.2% of hospitalizations, while from November 22-28, 2021, the vaccinated comprised 45.8% of “cases” and from November 15-28, made up 39.5% of hospitalizations. Using my handy dandy calculator, it appears that from early October until now, vaccinated “cases” have increased by 224%, and hospitalizations have increased by 145%. Conversely, unvaccinated “cases” have decreased by 435%, and hospitalizations have decreased by 125%. I can’t wait to review your data by March, 2022, when at this rate the unvaccinated will comprise a negative portion of “cases”.

Remind me again how successful your vaccine program has been? (I know, I know – the first two didn’t work, but that just means everyone needs to line up for a third shot (with the same ingredients) which is bound to bring us all “back to normal”.) (We’ll disregard the data showing that after 3 months the booster will have negative efficacy – the solution to that, of course, will be another booster, right? And we’ll also disregard the disproportionately high number of strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, stillbirths, etc. in young people that are being seen in hospitals, because that doesn’t fit in with the “safe and effective” narrative.) I also note that, yesterday, you advised double vaccinated people not to go for COVID-19 testing, presumably because you realize how abysmal the current numbers are, and how clearly they undermine your assertions that vaccination is the way out of this pandemic. It would certainly bolster your assertion that the unvaccinated are spreading this virus if you could just stop the testing of all vaccinated individuals, wouldn’t it?

I’m also curious, and perhaps someone from your office would be so kind as to respond, how, once your December 30, 2021 statistics are “adjusted for age”, the vaccinated comprise 47% of “cases”, and 6.9% of hospitalizations? Surely a better measure of comparison would be for you to publish the cases and hospitalizations per age group, rather than adjusting these rates without advising your formulae? And while you’re at it, how about creating a separate category for those who contract COVID-19 less than 14 days post-vaccine? This column could, of course, potentially highlight the number of adverse vaccine effects currently being experienced within all hospitals within this province, so again, I understand your hesitancy to be transparent.

And speaking of adjusting for age, you recently advised that children were at great risk of contracting COVID-19. Why are you not reporting the number of “cases” and hospitalizations in children under 18? Surely this would help to alleviate the “vaccine hesitancy” of which you accuse so many?

Recent data out of the UK indicate that 1/3 of COVID-19 “cases” are transmitted in hospital settings. How confident are you that British Columbia’s numbers are not the same? That would be another category I’d like to see in your reporting, going forward.

On November 2, 2021, 445 individuals in BC were hospitalized “with” COVID-19, with 137 of those in intensive care. Your latest statistics show that, within BC, 211 people “with” COVID-19 are hospitalized, with 66 of those in intensive care. Rather than herald this as proof that the “pandemic” is waning, you yet again point to the dreaded “case” count to drum up fear and justify this latest tyrannical round of restrictions, notwithstanding the fact that, just a few months ago, the Government of BC committed to stop reporting case numbers due to the fact that it is (a) not a good measure for the “pandemic”, and (b) the PCR test is notorious for producing false positives, and indeed will no longer be used in the US as of this Saturday. Attempting (and I do mean attempting, because no one I know adhered to your Stalinesque guidelines) to manipulate people into shunning their friends and family during the Christmas season for the second year running is beyond cold and cruel.

You no doubt have read Dr. Theresa Nicassio’s powerful and astute assessment of the psychological torture you are inflicting upon the citizens of BC. If, for some reason, you missed Dr. Nicassio’s article, here is the link for your review: I’m sure that you are also aware that many therapists have compared this Government’s current tactics of isolating people, removing their ability to earn a living, constantly moving goalposts and shaming them for contracting the common cold, to an abusive relationship. Many citizens of British Columbia are well aware that the Government has declared war on us, psychologically and financially. While you had the advantage of planning this attack for several years before pulling the trigger, rest assured we are mobilizing to take back our power. And judging from the number of open spots you currently have for booster reservations, it appears that our numbers are growing quite quickly.

This next portion is addressed to the media that I have cc’d, as I am confused as to why they aren’t asking any questions regarding the above. I’d like to ask you each a very serious question: assuming, for one minute, that the conspiracy theorists are even partially correct (again) in their assumption that the current COVID-mania is being used to usher in the Great Reset, where do you think you fit into Klaus Schwab’s scheme? Do each of you see yourself as an elite, useful idiot, or useless eater? I have bad news for you: not even Bonnie Henry or John Horgan is an elite (I leave it to you to determine into which of the other categories they fall), so it is extremely unlikely that you will fall into that category. (I suspect Dr. Henry and Mr. Horgan will be the scapegoats when this whole scheme unravels – but I suppose we’ll have to wait for a few more months before we can confirm the accuracy of my crystal ball.)

Unfortunately, whether one is a useful idiot or a useless eater, the outcome will be the same as they will both be exterminated by Mr. Schwab and crew. Judging from your willingness to spout the globalist narrative, it appears you are happy to accept that outcome. I, however, am not willing to lie down and acquiesce, and I invite you to join me in taking back our country, strong and free.


What follows are a series of photos/graphics that I either saw on Twitter or were generously sent to me by my loyal contributors. Thanks to all!

Germany before WWII—or Rwanda in 1994 Same techniques–same results

18 thoughts on “The Rant – Letter to the BC bullshitter

  1. QUOTE:

    “…..Many citizens of British Columbia are well aware that the Government has declared war on us, psychologically and financially. While you had the advantage of planning this attack for several years before pulling the trigger, rest assured we are mobilizing to take back our power. And judging from the number of open spots you currently have for booster reservations, it appears that our numbers are growing quite quickly…..”



    The RANT is good per se…..but the math and statistics can be difficult to follow.
    I try to keep it binary, morseo in “Black and White” mode.
    —There is no Covid, or Omicron: THE END.
    —The vaxxes are UNtested UNproven :THE END.
    —Survival rate of this bogus virus is on average 99.97%: THE END.

    I’ve posted before that the PerpZ claim bogus Omicron is less dangerous yet more transmissible.
    South Africa “outbreak” has wound down.
    OK..then why do sheeple shite their pants and line up for hours for testing ?

    “Hospitalizations”….”cases”….ever changing definition of what “vaccinated” versus “UNvaccinated” etc. etc. blah blah blah is simply mind f*ck bullshit. Lets try to escape this toilet flush vortex. WE NEED TO TAKE CHARGE and define the parameters.

    This month the economic carnage will soon pile up with many MORE businesses likely to go bankrupt as they couldn’t withstand a second destroyed XMAS/NEW YEARS.
    If their clientele aren’t paranoid…their staff are bailing…a double whammy.

    I see the BC Gov’t has legislated that if one has been employed for 90 days, they are entitled to 5 paid sick days. What employer can afford this ???

    I read a stat that the average business is $190,000 in debt, and approx. 1/3 are expected to declare bankruptcy this year.

    I’ve seen it reported that approx 250,000 booster opportunities in BC are not being pursued.
    That is likely having the BC Gov’t shite their pants that their plan is getting derailed. AWESOME !!!

    IMHO January 2022 will be a pivotal month for humanity.
    Let’s take charge !!!


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  2. Great comment RAH

    I see on Twitter that the heavily vaxZinated Israelis are starting to emit smoke through their ears, mouths and the tops of their heads…something about the graphene and the 5/6G rollout perchance? Hmmmmm….

    Move along…nothing to see here.

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  3. A bit off topic….or is it ???
    PerpZ at it again???

    12-31-2021 Louisville, Co Marshall Fire leaves total destruction- drone

    I am just flabbergasted at the scale and completeness of the destruction.

    This is a pattern we are seeing more frequently whereby abnormal weather followed by what appear to be DEW attacks. There is no way that this type of mass destruction can be attributed anything natural.


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    1. All the telltale signs of a DEW attack. Notice the trees not turned to ash like the homes…When are the so-called “fire authorities” going to gather up their ballZ together and speak out about the anomalies???


      1. Hi GC:

        I think this is another PerpZ ” experiment “.

        Excellent article:

        “……..By the standards of the megafires and gigafires of the last few years, the Marshall Fire was quite small — 6,000 acres, all told, once it was finally, poetically, brought to an end by snowfall on New Year’s Eve. But following the driest and second-warmest fall in 150 years, the devastation was harrowing out of proportion to its scale, since unlike most wildfire it was not in wildland or forest but was — as the climate scientist Daniel Swain, who lives in Boulder, put it — an “urban firestorm.” …”

        My takeaway is the Perpz can manipulate weather and use DEW to take out any URBAN area at any time….even middle of winter, …… we have been previously accustomed such fires were a rural phenomenon and a summer event.

        In other words…this is just the start…


  4. Bombshell: New Zealand Pays $1000 to Doctors For Euthanizing COVID-19 Patients

    Here is a master link to various sources to this story.

    One Source:

    From the MOH (emphasis added):

    There are clear eligibility criteria for assisted dying. These include that a person must have a terminal illness that is likely to end their life within six months.

    A terminal illness is most often a prolonged disease where treatment is not effective. The EOLC Act states eligibility is determined by the attending medical practitioner (AMP), and the independent medical practitioner.

    Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis; therefore, the Ministry cannot make definitive statements about who is eligible. In some circumstances a person with COVID-19 may be eligible for assisted dying.

    Thanks to the new bill, the NZ government incentivizes doctors with $1000 payments for each patient who undergoes euthanasia.

    “Doctors receive a government fee of $1,000 plus expenses for every euthanasia death they perform,” the Catholic Herald reported, adding that only “96 of the country’s 16,000 doctors have offered to participate, however, and all but one of the nation’s 32 hospices have indicated that they will not permit euthanasia.”

    Baroness Finlay of Llandaff, a UK professor of palliative medicine, told the Herald that the EOLCA betrays the fundamental principles of bioethics.

    “It is bizarre that a country which has been trying to protect it citizens by closing down completely from a virus from which people can fully recover…is now suggesting that these patients should be killed by their doctors,” Finlay said. “It turns the ethos of medicine on its head.”

    “You really cannot predict death 100 per cent,” she added. “So why not support them while they are dying and leave the door open in case they are in the group that defies all odds and recovers completely?”

    Similarly, the American College of Physicians condemned euthanasia in 2017, arguing that “physician-assisted suicide is neither a therapy nor a solution to difficult questions raised at the end of life.”

    On the basis of substantive ethics, clinical practice, policy, and other concerns, the ACP does not support legalization of physician-assisted suicide. This practice is problematic given the nature of the patient–physician relationship, affects trust in that relationship as well as in the profession, and fundamentally alters the medical profession’s role in society.

    Furthermore, the principles at stake in this debate also underlie medicine’s responsibilities on other issues and the physician’s duty to provide care based on clinical judgment, evidence, and ethics. Control over the manner and timing of a person’s death has not been and should not be a goal of medicine. However, through high-quality care, effective communication, compassionate support, and the right resources, physicians can help patients control many aspects of how they live out life’s last chapter.

    On a related note, Sweden recently unveiled a “suicide pod”, a euthanasia device that supposedly brings about a “painless” death.

    Remarkable timing.

    Unfortunately for the euthanasia faction, the mild Omicron variant of COVID doesn’t cause “terminal illness” that could kill someone “within 6 months.”

    In fact, the typical China Virus has a 99% survivability rate in most age groups, with the exception of the elderly.


    A bit shocking, bit not surprising.

    I think many truthers predicted that Gov’t/s would ultimately set up laws and policies to effectively exterminate people as fallout from the vaxxes.aka Massive Coverup. Here in Canada, they set up MAiDS “Medical Assistance In Dying” laws. Experts have said it is very subjective to point a despondent teenager can request it.

    Pre Covid, my own Father was MURDERED in a Hospice in 2015…he had been admitted in morning @ around 10 AM..I visited him at 7:10 PM…he was dead and I found out he had been dosed with morphine at 7 PM…ie just 10 minutes prior.

    I read several versions of this NZ story, and it appears that this policy does not involve patient input..its is the MDs call. It would be fair to say that those MD’s etc that have not quit the corrupted health care system would be prime candidates to murder their patients with Gov’t blessing and $1000 Bribe.

    So Dr X needs quick $1000 for some reason???…simply make up diagnosis…euthanize ..done !!!
    Next !!!

    This is prime for abuse…. ie murder by greedy relatives etc..getting rid of “problems”..dissidents etc etc.and we know the Health Care and Gov’t will not investigate as they are effectively accomplices since Day 1. The Perfect Crime !

    The Adverse Events and other health impacts many honest and honourable experts have studied and predicted will likely ramp up , overwhelm society…. and a massive culling will be done as cover up.
    In essence, one is worth more DEAD then ALIVE.

    Again, many of us predicted something like this “culling” would occur.. and likely to be repeated globally.

    Stay Tuned !

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    1. “…It is bizarre that a country which has been trying to protect it citizens by closing down completely from a virus from which people can fully recover…is now suggesting that these patients should be killed by their doctors,” Finlay said. “It turns the ethos of medicine on its head….”

      And the most biZarre aspect of it all is that the sheeple will never see the irony [aka horror] of the government locking them into their homes “for their health” all the while making it easier and easier to kill them–for fun and profit.


      1. Hi GC

        I dread 2022….it will be a year whereby we separate the wheat from the chaff.

        Only the strong will survive.


  5. Whistleblower warns baffling illness affects growing number of young adults in Canadian province

    A whistleblower in the Canadian province of New Brunswick has warned that a progressive neurological illness that has baffled experts for more than two years appears to be affecting a growing number of young people and causing swift cognitive decline among some of the afflicted.

    Speaking to the Guardian, an employee with Vitalité Health Network, one of the province’s two health authorities, said that suspected cases are growing in number and that young adults with no prior health triggers are developing a catalog of troubling symptoms, including rapid weight loss, insomnia, hallucinations, difficulty thinking and limited mobility.

    The official number of cases under investigation, 48, remains unchanged since it was first announced in early spring 2021. But multiple sources say the cluster could now be as many as 150 people, with a backlog of cases involving young people still requiring further assessment.

    “I’m truly concerned about these cases because they seem to evolve so fast,” said the source. “I’m worried for them and we owe them some kind of explanation.”

    At the same time, at least nine cases have been recorded in which two people in close contact – but without genetic links – have developed symptoms, suggesting that environmental factors may be involved

    Seem to recall this quasi “mad cow” disease outbreak….the covered up and looks like “something ” bad is ramping up.

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    1. I included this report in my latest post RAH. Historically, New Brunswickers have always been chosen to be the Canadian lab rats for any bioweapon our American neighbours [who control our Canadian military] wish to experiment with. Agent orange, depleted uranium…you name it.


      1. Hi GC

        I think the evidence is mounting that many different experiments are being conducted globally by PerpZ and Gov’t on human lab rats.

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