Good morning readers. Having just posted this I went to Twitter and discovered a Breaking News video by lawyer and doctor Reiner Fullmich. This video linked below clearly shows premeditation by the Pharmaceutical Companies to manufacture and distribute lethal “batches” of the vaxZine. Fullmich contends that this premeditation ipso facto eliminates the legal immunity that the Big Pharmas negotiated with the nations involved prior to the vaxZine roll out–by bullying, bribing, extortion and blackmail. THIS IS A MUST WATCH/MUST LISTEN VIDEO! I call it “Dambusters“…

There is a “one in two hundred” chance that you will be killed by the VaxZines. The Pharmaceutical firms are all taking turns “trying out” their experiments…there is no ethics committee…they are all trying to genetically modify humans and they all have patents on this stuff. This is worse than Nuremberg…there are thousands of “Mengeles”. Fullmich ends the video by declaring that the information disclosed in this video could and should bring down the entire Pharmaceutical Industry. “Dambusters!”

It is an ominous day in the Pacific North West. Yesterday was one of those Currier and Ives’ days here. We walked through the snowy landscape to the mountain lake where families were enjoying a day of skating and playing hockey on two small rinks that were cleared. One for the hockey players and one for the girl figure skaters. Then last night I was woken up by rain pounding on the skylight above our bed. A sudden thaw that will bring more “atmospheric river” [TM] floods with it. Never more than 24 hours of extreme weather respite is the strategy of the Globalist Perps who have more than 60,000 satellites pinpointing and controlling the weather on every square inch of our globe now. This is ONE of the three prongs of the de-population agenda—extreme weather which will cause drought/flooding/soil lose and eventually massive famine. The other two prongs are the 5 and/or 6 G rollout which will radiate our human bodies and selectively destroy demographic segments of the population according to race, sex, age, economic strata, political beliefs/activism, etc.

The last prong of the extinction war on humanity is, of course, the biometric identification/transhumaniZing vaxZines–about which we have become all too familiar with.

Below I have posted links dealing with all of the above prongs. Information is flying around the Internet now at a speed faster than light. So much information available…so few open eyes and ears to accept what has happened and what is going to happen in the near future. Please browse through the links below and I will have concluding comments to follow:



A Telefónica (Spain) whistleblower reveals an internal secret document showing they will roll out the 26MHz 5G band without disclosure and that the human body can not withstand it. It is approximately 8 times the current 3.6MHz frequency. See also this abstract:
Source: :: Editing: TruthMedia. More you may want to find out about:

60 Hertz (5G) Will cook you. 1985 CNN video about MICROWAVE WEAPONS at 60 Hertz

Woman has Seizure after her Phone Flashes – Remember the move “Cell”

Bizarre neurological illness plagues young Canadians

Otherwise healthy young adults in New Brunswick are falling ill with crippling symptoms

Dozens of young people with no preexisting conditions are developing symptoms of a new disease as activists and families suspect a cover-up on the part of the local government.

A whistleblower with Vitalité Health Network in New Brunswick told The Guardian on Sunday that symptoms include hallucinations, difficulty thinking, limited mobility, insomnia, and rapid weight loss. Local government has reportedly struggled to dismiss the growing number of cases as Alzheimer’s or other neurological diseases uncommon outside the elderly.

While the official number of cases recorded since the mystery illness was first publicly acknowledged in early spring has not budged upward from 48, multiple sources told The Guardian that as many as 150 people may have contracted the fast-moving illness. Still more young people require assessment, and several have died.


Greencrow continues: New Brunswickers have always been guinea pigs for disgusting Mengele-style experimentation. Something to do with proximity to the military base and to the American border where the US States Southwards have many bioweapon labs [eg Fort Detrick as one example]. The poor [in all meanings of that word] New Brunswickers have for decades been pummeled with bioweapon toxins [including agent orange], metals, and now, it seems, radiation. Plus, I’m sure they’ve been psychologically tortured over the past two years with the now familiar masking, lockdowns, social distancing and forced injections with DNA altering substances.

Hey, remember that Canadian military experiment where the soldiers were ordered to terrorize the population with wolf howls? Wasn’t that New Brunswick? Or, was it Nova Scotia where the mass murder gunman atrocity took place last year which had RCMP involvement and which has never been properly investigated to this date! I get those two provinces mixed up sometimes although I did live in Nova Scotia for a year back in 1969.

Anyhooooooo….here is another message from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who I have acknowledged on this blog as being “The Leader of the Free World”.

As a bit of a humourous break in all of this doom and gloom that accompanies the dawn of 2022 we have the World Junior Hockey Championships been suddenly and mysteriously cancelled. They were in the middle of the competition taking place in Edmonton, Alberta when the diktat came down from On High [probably the Turd’s International Handlers] that they had to immediately “shut it down’ and send everyone home:

My guess it was that the TV cameras caught waaaaaaay too many coaches and fans not adhering to the CovIDian Mask Cult. I saw many coaches with their masks below their noses…allowing them to breath pure oxygen and not harmful Carbon Monoxide expelled from their own bodies. As we all are familiar with by now…the cultists consider breathing pure oxygen a MORTAL SIN and the punishment must be immediate and severe!

What is the nature of the punishment for transgression of the CovIDian cult diktats? Well, they are many and they are varied. First, read what happened recently to John O’Looney, the brave Irish funeral director who dared revealed morgues full of still-birthed babies….and other worse horrors. He was arrested and dragged off to one of the killing field hospitals where he was nearly offed via their lethal injection “Remdesivir”. But, but, but, he was rescued by some friends and activists who sprung him from the killing field just in time….read the story below and I will have more comments to follow:

Faye Higbee – RAIR Foundation Jan 2, 2022

“I honestly thought I was going to die in there.” John O’ Looney

John O’ Looney is an independent coroner and funeral home director in the UK. When RAIR Foundation USA interviewed Mr. O’Looney back in September, he was adamantly against the vaccine mandates because of the shocking death toll apparently caused by the “vaccines.” Recently, he exposed the pressures coming against medical officials to falsify death certificates to inflate the number of Covid deaths artificially.

Dying with a positive Covid test and dying from Covid are two completely different things. The PCR tests used to detect Covid are inherently flawed, a fact that even the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) concedes.

O’Looney is well known for exposing the hospitals in the UK ordering nurses to administer a lethal dosage of a medication called midazolam to Covid patients, leading to even more deaths. Then on December 16, he reportedly developed Covid symptoms and was rushed to Milton Keynes, a UK hospital.

In a RAIR interview with Dr. Sam Dubè, a Canadian doctor who learned what happened to John O’Looney, Dr. Dubé revealed the nature of his hospitalization and how a team of friends rescued him over and above the objections of the hospital staff.

Now in a hospital ICU on 10 liters of oxygen, O’Looney was confronted with the very problems he already knew existed. Hospital administrators demanded he signs forms to allow them to treat him with experimental treatments. O’Looney, however, refused Remdesivir (developed initially as a failed Ebola drug), which can cause a shutdown of the kidneys. All while he was not able to breathe well.

You can hear about how he was rescued in the following RAIR interview with Dr. Sam Dubè

Video link:

After his ordeal and healing at home, O’Looney issued this statement, which reads in part:

There were no excess deaths in 2020 – it is that simple, and nothing will change my mind all the minds of those in the industry who have their eyes open to this lie – and there are many.

The reality is the death rate only soared the moment they began putting needles into arms in January 2021 You can believe it or not but I was one of the people picking up these poor souls and a huge amount of them.

Fast forward and now we see a huge increase in thrombosis related deaths exclusively in jab recipients.

I was recently admitted to the ICU in Milton Keynes hospital after developing Covid symptoms.

I took three lateral flow tests whilst there and was told at the time I was not positive only to be told later on the ward I was positive so clearly it was inconclusive so I will say I felt and feel terrible still.

But fundamentally for me things to change very much in the hospitals and one of the very first people to visit me bedside was a representative from Oxford University funded by the Gates Foundation begging me to trial new medicines (whilst being unable to look me in the eye) not even related to Covid – naturally I declined.

I was told I would die and these medicines would be my last chance; again, I declined and stuck to my guns.

Trust me, that’s not an easy thing to do laying there in a hospital ward on your own, unable to breathe easily, and denied any family support or visits.

It is deliberate, and it is to break you. There seems to be more emphasis on encouraging me to be a guinea pig than actually treating me. I looked across at other people in the ward with sadness who were all vaccinated without exception. In fact, to my knowledge, I was the only one in the ward unvaccinated – they will probably be all gone now… And I was reminded “how selfish I was” even in the ambulance on the way there, I shit you not…. The Hospital environment has fundamentally changed beyond recognition for me, and while there were shadows and echoes of what it once was, it’s a very different place now. I suspect it is already being fully privatized; we just haven’t been told…

I feel very fortunate to have escaped hospital (I never dreamt I would have lived to say that) with the help of family in friends.

I was initially sceptical about Covid but I can confirm it’s validity and it is very nasty. But I can also tell you it is 100% man-made this is not a natural virus and this is an attack on all of us – it’s a bio weapon.

My advice to you moving forward is network, prepare and under all circumstances try to avoid going into hospital because I suspect many of the poor souls I saw in there will never ever leave having become test tubes for the Gates Foundation.

The sinister whispering the secrecy and the guilty looks amongst certain members of staff spoke volumes to me It was honestly very chilling and traumatising just seeing how it has changed – especially when I asked to leave.

The tactics used to try and force me to stay were sadistic to say the least and that is as much detail as I can go into except to say I feel very very lucky to have gotten out.



Greencrow concludes: Yes, this is the fate they are planning for all of us [23 million in the UK alone] who have so far kept our wits about us and have not been sucked into the sewer vortex of the killer vaxZines. They plan on continuing their effort to remove us from the rest of the doomed population so there were be no evidence of their mass murder in the form of a still healthy and thriving “control group”. As I posted yesterday and according to our BC Bullshitter’s own statistics…those “cases” in the hospital are 1/3 VaxZinated, 1/3 “Unknown VaxZination status” and 1/3 UnvaxZinated.

So taking those figures and comparing them to the recent figures released by the UK government…it would appear that we unvaxZinated number about 1/3 of the population worldwide. Not coinkyadynkally…that 1/3 number is exactly the same as the number of humans who did not believe the official version of 9/11. In other words…my beloved brothers and sisters THE SENTIENTS. The Sentients as I have always maintained…make up a hard core of 1/3 of humanity. We are “Immune”, if I can borrow that word, lol….from ALL the bullshit they throw at us…we do not and and we cannot and will never succumb to their MZM propaganda and high tech graphics and lies.

We were born sentients…we will live sentients…and we will die sentients. We are like what the northernmost inhabitants of the Arctic call themselves….”Inuit“. We are “the people” the humans…the rest [non sentients] are just hybrids, dwarves, trolls and other congenitally inferior subspecies.

Stay tuned.

19 thoughts on “BREAKING news: “dambusters!” REINER fULLMICH ON THE VAXzES + The CovID Cult is a Cover-up for 5G ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION SICKNESS

  1. Dr. Ariyana Love has analyzed the patents on all the kill shots and lists their ingredients in this article. She also explains what each ingredient will do to the body. It’s horrifying. These are lethal bioweapons. Anyone who reads this after taking the shots will have severe vaccine remorse. She concludes by saying “This is not a weapons system of one country against another. This is a weapons system of the NWO against the entire Human population. The only way this ends is when we stand together as one.”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Ron……good scoop

      In essence…..the Perpz have a major arsenal of invasive ” kill switches ” (ie graphene, mRna..spike proteins .etc etc) in vaxxes at their disposal which the stoopid gullible sheeple allowed to be ” Trojan Horsed ” into their bodies via surrendering to /begging for…. needle rape..

      The PerpZ can then fine tune your “health” triggering/activating any/all “kill switches”, bleed you dry fiscally via Big Pharma Rockefeller Medicine,… then flip the final switch. No one is the wiser…(its latest variant !!! ) perfect crime .

      Currently serving millions..baaaahh bahhh baaaaahhhh.



  2. Hi Greencrow’

    Trudeau has said something to the effect that those who absolutely refuse to be vaccinated will have to be eliminated. We’re all thinking send in the military and haul the people off to concentration camps.
    However targeting the unvaccinated with killer frequencies would be a lot less messy for them and the government could explain it away by saying, “They died of a new variant of covid – they should have got vaccinated.”


    1. Re Turdeau:

      A recent article re last Federal Election submitted that only ONE out of SIX votes cast went to Liberals.
      Hence….Trudeau has ZERO mandate to govern.

      Regardless, the sheeple can’t seem to grasp how we have allowed these scumbags to shift FROM serving the public best interest TO thinly disguised COMMUNISM.

      The benefit of Trudeau is his 2 dimensional character , his naivety,…immaturity and his inheritance of his mother brains, yet trying to be like arrogant daddy. Lots of evidence he is an MK Ultra project.

      In other words….he’s a FUCKING IDIOT , so let him hang himself, …he’s just about there !!!



      1. Truedope is definitely a soulless mind controlled dupe, like so many other politicians and HELLth officers around the world.


  3. “…it is certain that some Alt Media researchers and their followers cannot be mindkontrolled or mesmerized. Truth is a power neutralizer of these processes to mesmerize. In addition, not only are most hard core truthers of the Alt Media impossible to mind control but I have found strong Christian believers are also very difficult to remotely influence or blood shock into suggestibility.” … Anonymous Experienced Intel Source

    Seems like we have many hard core truthers here!


    1. That was probably just for show and I suspect he got an injection of some “special brew” off camera that’s meant to help protect him from shedding/transmission of nasty shit from the vaxxed sheep, he’s such a great Communist Stooge, got to keep him around to destroy Canada.


    2. The PerpZ puppets get placebo doses…even the puppets and Perpz know the real vaxxes are NOT safe. Lots of videos show how they are faked. Wouldn’t look good if Turdeau or Biden or Boris Johnson etc. had a heart attack etc.

      BTW..Makows site submits Betty White posted she got vaxxed just before she died.

      More proof of how truly evil these scumbags are..Judas Goats willing to lure and let people from 5 to 105 years old die painful deaths with REAL vaxxes


  4. Hi GC:


    “……..Good morning readers. Having just posted this I went to Twitter and discovered a Breaking News video by lawyer and doctor Reiner Fullmich. This video linked below clearly shows premeditation by the Pharmaceutical Companies to manufacture and distribute lethal “batches” of the vaxZine. Fullmich contends that this premeditation ipso facto eliminates the legal immunity that the Big Pharmas negotiated with the nations involved prior to the vaxZine roll out–by bullying, bribing, extortion and blackmail. THIS IS A MUST WATCH/MUST LISTEN VIDEO! I call it “Dambusters“…



    Excellent video:

    I’ve studied vaccine issue pre: Covid and realized years ago they were a scam and have been since DAY ONE.

    The masses have been conned for decades they are “safe and effective” ….. BULLSHIT !
    I’ve had one vaxx in 50 years…

    At best, many of us received placebo/saline to lower our guard. ” Dr Mary’s Monkey” is a sordid expose’ of how many people received toxic vaxxes in late 1950’s that Big Pharma knew would result in cancer……creating another “Rockefeller Medicine” customer …

    I submit what we see unfolding now is a plan hatched looooooonngg ago.
    Peoples blind trust in vaxxes combined with Fear Porn over Covid nothingburger have effectively set them up as lab rats for needle rape with whatever Big Pharma chooses AND without liability.

    As the video states…and as I have always suspected since DAY ONE …Big Pharma vaxxes will have different doses with different components and will observe the results. They could put dog shit in the rape needles and “crickets” . Sheeple have not only allowed this…they beg for more ?!?


  5. After I watched Del Bigtree’s video VAXXED I swore I would never take another vaccine. The pharmaceutical industry is crooked for sure. It’s all about money and definitely not about health.


    1. Re vaxxes…the term of reference is often “polio vaccine”.
      SHEEPLE: “Hey ….I got my polio vaccine and it saved me from polio !!! ”

      Polio cases had grown based on environmental factors…as Dr Bhakdi stated, our bodies harbour many pathogens such as TB which our natural immune system controls quite well.

      DDT use had affected peoples immune system.
      Contaminated water and poor sanitation made people more vulnerable to polio .
      Once these issues were addressed, polio cases declined by 95% ..around the time Salk and Sabin vaccines were created…they took credit for something they really had NO impact on.

      IMHO this “polio” vaxx FRAUD was somewhere between a coincidence versus a planned psyopp to lure, bait and switch SHEEPLE in the future to bend over and take Covidd vaxx needle- rape .


  6. Hi GC

    John O’ Looney story is intriguing.

    How he got sick is unclear, but his hospital stay is quite the expose’.

    Very disturbing what is going on in hospitals.

    While his notoriety as a whistleblower may have made him a target, it appears that patients in general are pressured to sign various forms and effectively become lab rats for Big Pharma. His experiences as a Funeral Director during Covid may have,…. ironically…… saved his life.


  7. Hello Greencrow.

    The Insurance people have proven that this is a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions.

    Reiner Fuilmich hits the nail on the head and if there was intent to maim and kill people the flood gates are open. The attorneys that follow will become wealthy beyond imagination.

    Huge swaths of wealth must be confiscated to make these poor injured people whole.

    The jerks like that editor at the NY Times excepted! He went and got his booster and died while ridiculing the people who won’t get the vaccine! Good riddance and good luck to your family you left behind!

    I’ve always wondered about whose ‘leader’ is worse. Our Joe Biden or your Trudeau. Biden is certainly more disgusting and senile. But Trudeau is so stupid and asinine that I think it’s a toss up.

    Biden is certainly more corrupt.

    I think if Trudeau met Biden, Biden would fondle and hit on him! Trudeau may give into Biden’s advances! I’m sorry, now that image is there for all time!


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