RAH exclusive: Latest on Dambusters new info on vaxZines + Shameful TURD behaviour

Good morning folks. We sentients are now under full attack–in a “hot war” against us–the one third [approximately] of humanity who are congenitally and genetically immune from bullshit propaganda by tyrants. Don’t get mad at us, sheeple. It’s just like I was born with green eyes…I can’t help calling bullshit when I see it…and for the past two years we’ve endured a bullshit shit storm!

My fellow sentient/adopted brother/warrior/blogging buddy RAH has had the following material in the GATCF hopper for several days now but I’ve been thrown off balance by several events/issues and have not posted it. Below, RAH elaborates on the Dambusting video recently published on the Internet [and posted by me in a previous post HERE} by Reiner Fullmich and his group of sentient investigators. In Fullmich’s earth shaking video…he and his cohorts revealed that all the Pharmaceutical companies are conducting experiments on humanity with the vaxZines. Statistical analyst investigators have begun to fight fire with fire and are taking the Pharmaceutical PerpZ own statistics to find out what they’re up to. What they’re up to is, to paraphrase Dr. Fullmich himself, conducting experiments…and, as former PfiZer VP Dr. Michael Yeadon phrased it “experiments within experiments” [using specific “batch numbers” of the vaxZines]…to establish the best [most efficient] way to kill and maim/sterilize, etc. large segments of humanity.”

[UPDATE: For further proof of the lethal intent of the vaxZines please read this op-ed by Dr. Malone]


And, if you have not yet watched the Fullmich video linked above…I strongly suggest that you do so. But be forewarned…it’s a trip down the blackest rabbit hole ever created so far by the Satanic perpZ. But, without further ado, here is RAH’s material, including the seminal Stew Peters/Dr. Jane Ruby interview report..and RAH’s comments. RAH will also be adding more perspective in future comments to this post; 


 9:00 Minute mark would make a great screen shot..

This is the screen shot recommended by RAH above

The above batch number is the most lethal of all the lethal batch numbers distributed for your HELLth by Big Pharma.

Hey folks, If you think your vaxxed friend might appreciate this…please
pass it on. The info they need should be on their VaxZ pass.  



Greencrow continues: Coinkydynkally coinciding with the Fullmich material being published, we had two volleys of hatred launched in our [the sentients] direction by two national “leaders” aka trained seal perp assets: France’s Macron and Canada’s Turd. Here is the Turd effort to create/perpetrate a “Rwanda Massacre” in Canada.

Trudeau Dehumanizes the Unvaccinated Population


Greencrow continues: Yes, as I declared at the outset of this post…the International Global Perp conspiracy has ratcheted up a couple of notches…most particularly in response IMO to the Fullmich revelations that RAH has presented above. Now they are desperate to set one faction of humanity against the other…Sheeple macheting Sentients to death in the streets–like what happened in Rwanda in 1994 is their wet dream. But, ever the cautious optimist…I don’t think it’s working for them…at least not yet. Humans, being the resilient species that we are…are not coalescing into two warring factions as quickly as they had hoped. Below is a song/rant by BC journalist/musician Matt Brevner as one indication that unity/resistance amongst the two groups of humanity is springing up like mushrooms all over the pile of shit/manure they’ve spread by way of their criminally complicit MZM.

Matt Brevner music

There are also many petitions circulating on the Internet…like the one from UBC Professor Dr. Pelech circulating this morning requesting that the Canadian Parliament call a halt to the vaxZination of pregnant women and children…Helllooooowwww!

…and this form letter to Canadian “Justice” Minister David Lametti that I personally completed and e-mailed off to him yesterday. You are encouraged to sign the above petition and to complete and mail off your own personal demand for justice to Lametti–that he charge the Turd with the hate crime of publicly calling for the oppression of a recognized minority of the Canadian Population–i.e., sentients:


The Honorable David Lametti

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6


I, FIRST/LAST NAME, being a resident of Canada hereby state:

That on/or about December 29, 2021, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, stated on a public television broadcast in Quebec, that those who have not been vaccinated are very often “Misogynists and Racists”, he then stated that “They don’t believe in science/progress”. Finally, Mr. Trudeau when on to make the statement “This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: Do we tolerate these people? “and “that they take up some space.”

As a citizen of Canada who resides in the Province of PROVINCE, and who is identifiable when proof of vaccine is requested or when I may participate in lawful, peaceful gatherings; these comments have now left me FEARING FOR MY SAFETY, AFRAID TO GO OUT IN PUBLIC, FEARFUL OF REPRISALS, FEARFUL THAT I MAY BE SUBJECT TO VIOLENCE, EXPERIENCING……[fill in your own details of your own personal effects of the Federal governments’ oppression here]

These egregious statements were made for the purpose of promoting hatred and violence against an identifiable group, specifically; individuals who have not received any or all Covid-19 Vaccination doses.

I am asking that charges, pursuant to The Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46) s. 319(1) and 319(2) be laid and proceeded upon immediately.

Signed this date_________________ in the city of____________________ Province of______________





Phone Number:_____________________________


Greencrow concludes: Yes, as we used to type robotically in typing class…“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.” Or, was it: “The quick brown fox jumped over the slow, laZy dog?” Well, one of those anyway…lol

It is now time for all sentients to rise up and do what, apparently, we’ve been called upon to do numerous times throughout the million+ years of human species evolution…lead our kind out of the hell hole created for us by the Satanic forces of the universe. As our acknowledged and acclaimed leader, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., said in his Christmas message to us: “Nobody ever complied their way out of totalitarianism”.

9 thoughts on “RAH exclusive: Latest on Dambusters new info on vaxZines + Shameful TURD behaviour

  1. Hi GC:

    The last couple of years have been stressful, moreso for Truthers…but I do sense the PerpZ dam is bursting. We are in the home stretch for humanity…but they are clearly getting desperate. In my case…..the stress has been channeled into more calm objective analysis to enjoy seeing Perpz squirm in various fashions.

    Trudeau and Macron should be first in line for Nuremberg 2.0.

    Makow did a story that Turdeau is a classic MK Ultra candidate. His mother had serious mental health issues and Pierre Trudeau has been accussed of being a pedophile.
    What could go wrong ?

    ***** NOTE: Anyone see Turdeau get his booster…exactly like previous shots .. via camera angle you never see the needle enter.

    Macron is a rape victim…for those not aware he was seduced as a teenager by his teacher who is now his wife.

    Yet…..these clowns sit in judgement over us ???
    F*ck OFF

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I spoke about the “apple not falling from the mental health issues tree” re the Turd and his mother Maggie many times when he first entered the Canadian political scene. As someone old enough to have been shocked and saddened by Maggie’s sordid carryings on…and child abandonment…while her children were in their tender years….I knew that the Turd must have been seriously damaged…and the inheritor of some very dubious genes.

    Now it has all come full circle. The sickening results of his upbringing and DNA have been inflicted like a vicious slash wound…across the fabric of our Canadian society.


    1. My late father knew some of Maggies SFU profs…suffice it to say she was a wingnut.
      Her maiden name is ” SINCLAIR” …a high profile Illuminati name.

      Her role was to be what is referred to as a “brood mare”, whose role is to provide offspring for older spouse.

      Ultimately disposable.


  3. The turd is panicking because the sheep are cluing into the fact that omnicron is comparable to a cold in severity and the shots have zero efficacy against it, not to mention the side effects. Their narrative is failing and they know it. If the provinces require a booster shot to maintain their vaxpass, like Quebec is doing, and the booster uptake is low, which I think it will be, then their plan collapses.

    Macron’s comment about the unvaxxed will probably cause him to lose the upcoming April election in France. He was only leading by a few percentage points prior to the comment. I hope he loses – good riddance!

    It’s too bad we have such duds (I am looking at you O’toole), except for Max, leading the opposition parties in Canada.

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    1. Global is a major Bullshit Manufacturer. Reading the “report” between the lines it sounds like a lot of staff are quitting due to not wanting to be genetically modified.


      1. Hi GC

        I refrained from commenting on Global story till now as there is lots to digest,
        The common factors are the Public Service.

        Are the absences due to:
        …. “Covid” diagnosis???
        ….or protest???
        ….or ____???

        Does it matter ?
        Maybe its all of the above and more.

        I look at our pre-Covid society as a continuum.
        Its wasn’t perfect, but it ran as smoothly as was possible.

        However, these continual disruptions in both the private and public sector are wreaking havoc as peoples lives and futures are becoming a tortuous day– by- day existence with zero predictability.

        Examples are it is heartbreaking to see people with various illnesses (such as cancer) have critical treatment delayed due to Covid scam and moving from good prognosis to very bad.

        IMHO, the PerpZ had all this war -gamed, they seeded enough disruption and the rest took care of itself and they sat back and laughed as sheeple panicked.

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    1. After reading the report my take is that she’s trying to play “Good Cop” against Ontario’s “Bad Cop”. She knows that they’ve slated the weaponiZed Weather option against BC at the moment to do the dirty work.


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