Demand Letter sent to BC Attorney General

Well, I guess the Vancouver Canuck’s Hockey Season is over. Staggering along with the Covidian Cult Millstone around their necks…the local team had, prior to Christmas, managed to dig themselves out of a playoff-missing hole–and had won their last eight games. But that was too much for the Bullshitter…all those fans having fun? How’s a Communist takeover supposed to succeed under those conditions? So the fakery fuckery CovIDian cult fear porn was ramped up exponentially during and immediately after the Christmas holiday. The last two games have been postponed–probably due to new coach Bruce Boudreau not wearing his mask properly on TV. Meanwhile, all the American and other Canadian NHL hockey teams are continuing on with the season. British Columbian sports fans have been treated like an errant schoolboy…sent to the corner with a Dunce Cap on his head.

Which brings me to the need for some long overdue arrests and trials of some very corrupt British Columbian officials. To that end, contributor “Ron” sent me this “Demand letter” he stumbled across from a concerned British Columbian to the provincial Attorney General. Please read and I will have final comments to follow:


Attention: David Eby, Attorney General of BC


Copied to: John Horgan, Premier of BC Adrian Dix, Health Minister of BC Dr. Bonnie Henry, PHO

Via Email

October 1, 2021

RE: Urgent Legal Matters

Dear Sir,

As this province continues to plummet into crisis, discord and medical chaos, I write to serve notice to you that your conduct (or lack thereof), specifically as it relates to your statutory duties as Chief law enforcement officer for the province of British Columbia, can no longer be ignored.

The office of the Attorney General has obligations not only to the Lieutenant Governor, the Executive Council, and the administration of justice; but also, most importantly, to the people of British Columbia.

As Attorney General, either you have failed in your duties to properly advise the Executive Council or they have failed to listen. You are duty bound to have availed yourself of the vast amount of COVID related information, from all reliable sources—not just those convenient to one narrative.

You are duty bound, as legal advisor, to inform the Executive Counsel when their orders, or orders issued by those empowered by statute to make orders, infringe without lawful justification on the rights of those living in British Columbia. These rights include not only our Charter Rights, but also those found in the BC Human Rights Code—a Code with which you, as former head of the BC Civil Liberties Association, are very familiar.

In your capacity as AG, you are duty bound to inform yourself about the research, good and bad, associated with experimental drug programs like the one that is currently masquerading under the misleading label of being a ‘vaccine’.

This fraud—that is being forced on the population of BC through coercion, abuse of power, assault and battery, as well as misinformation and deceit—must cease. There is no denying this reality. Distressingly, for Dr. Bonnie Henry, Minister Dix, the Premier and others, there is too much reliable information from medical professionals, scientist and other jurisdictions now available to allow this insidious and dangerous experiment to continue.

Most reasonable British Columbians can easily affirm the growing skepticism, anger and failed confidence in those who ostensibly conned and coerced the populace into a false narrative with manufactured statistics and misinformation designed to force participation in a mass social experiment masquerading as a ‘pandemic’…

 As you know, there are certain laws that protect Canadians from those who abuse their public office and the public’s trust. Section 122 of the Criminal Code of Canada is one of those, it states:

Breach of trust by public officer

122. Every official who, in connection with the duties of his office, commits fraud or a breach of trust is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, whether or not the fraud or breach of trust would be an offence if it were committed in relation to a private person.…

The Attorney General Act of BC states:

 The Attorney General (a) is the official legal adviser of the Lieutenant Governor and the legal member of the Executive Council, (b) must see that the administration of public affairs is in accordance with law,

Your accountability doesn’t stop there. As mentioned above, Section 2(b) of the Attorney General Act demands that you ensure that the administration of public affairs in BC is “in accordance with the law.” Clearly, you have failed on this front, too; and our province is paying the price.

As AG you are also responsible for the lawful administration of the BC Human Rights Code and the protections therein. Section 3(1) of the BC Human Rights Code demands that you ensure that the purposes of that Code are actuated; specifically the purposes of the Code, which are:

(a) to foster a society in British Columbia in which there are no impediments to full and free participation in the economic, social, political and cultural life of British Columbia; (b) to promote a climate of understanding and mutual respect where all are equal in dignity and rights; (c) to prevent discrimination prohibited by this Code; (d) to identify and eliminate persistent patterns of inequality associated with discrimination prohibited by this Code; (e) to provide a means of redress for those persons who are discriminated against contrary to this Code. (f) and (g) [Repealed 2002-62-2.]

Section 4 of the Code provides protection to all British Columbians from oppressive orders, edicts or other “enactments” made by “public officers” or anyone else, designed to violate, trespass, neutralize, oppress, coerce or deny British Columbians from freely participating in the “economic, social, political and cultural life…” in British Columbia. Section 4 states: If there is a conflict between this Code and any other enactment, this Code prevails.

As you are aware, our laws are not made in ignorance. As British Columbians we acknowledge that our right to engage, without impediment in our civil society is a protected right. Our protected right to full participation, including going to restaurants without declaring our status within an experimental program, trumps the oppressive and unlawful orders of Dr. Bonnie Henry (a public official within the meaning of Section 122 of the Criminal Code of Canada). In closing, please also consider the requirement in section 3(1)(e). It is time that a properly-funded and staffed entity is available to those seeking redress.

The BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) has been recognized as being unfair and partial, and the current situation of backlog is denying British Columbians access to justice. This must change. Those members assigned to hear matters can no longer be driven by their political ideology or personal agendas. Instead, a proper application of the law must be the determiner in matters brought before the Tribunal.

Lastly, there is no argument available at this point to justify the conduct of Dr. Bonny Henry. The dangers and harm associated with the ‘vaccine’ indisputably outweigh the benefits, most critically where children are involved. This devastatingly harmful social, psychological and medical experiment must cease, or appropriate consequences will be sought.

The Crown, under your administration is compromised. Your compliance and deficiency of action in your duties inspires no confidence in your performance as AG. As you know the Criminal Code of Canada provides the people of Canada with the ability to bypass the Crown. I have enough evidence in my possession to justify the laying of Private Information charges on numerous public officers. If you fail to act immediately, I will proceed with a Private Information and if successful I will seek a special prosecutor in this circumstance. My witness list of experts is impressive, and the stories of those harmed compelling.

It is time to end the insidious lunacy, assaults (battery), abuse and the unlawful conduct of “public officials.” I implore the Executive Council to initiate an immediate pause on all COVID related orders, expand their advisory base and meet with those health care professionals who are better informed, independent and balanced in their knowledge of COVID, COVID testing, COVID treatments, immunization, immunization protocols and chemicals—and other unknown substances being injected into the bodies of those you are responsible for protecting.

I am attaching THE COVID-19 CANADIAN COVID CARE ALLIANCE (CCCA) DECLARATION, published September 24, 2021. I believe you can easily access the necessary experts through this organization to give you a better-informed and balanced understanding of COVID related matters.

Please act in a timely manner, enough damage has been done.

Sincerely yours,

Original signed by: Kari Simpson Executive Director, Culture Guard Campaign Chair

Suite #101 22678 – 28th Avenue, Langley BC, Canada V2Z 3B2 Phone: 604 277-2201 Email: Website:

The above is part of a seven page letter which can be seen in full via website: CultureGuard.comCategoriesCurrent EditionPost navigationRisk of Cancer from mRNA injections in ChildrenParents – Protect Your Children


Greencrow continues: It’s funny but I remember a Kari Simpson from my years working for the British Columbian government in social services. Wonder if it’s the same person. The Letter above is very well written and direct…but British Columbians…and all Canadians… are overly tired of the judicial foot dragging bringing these horror show monsters before the courts. It’s long past time some arrests were made! The stench of corruption is rising up like an overflowing sewer!

13 thoughts on “Demand Letter sent to BC Attorney General

  1. Kari Simpson is a valuable ally.
    She is well versed in the law.
    I’ve seen her advocate for faith groups that had bylaw bullies try to intimidate them and are forced to back down.

    The letter is dated Oct 1, 2021
    That’s over 3 months ago.
    I think I’ve seen Eby once since then ?
    Regardless, nothing has changed..its gotten worse

    Sorry, the legal and medical profession are corrupted beyond repair.
    Part of the solution is realizing this.



  2. I just watched an interview of Kari Simpson from October 19, 2021 on Librti. She talked about her letter and said she will be laying the Private Information charges mid November. She also talked about totalitarian surveillance and tracking systems that the Canadian government has funded and are under development. She is very knowledgeable about what is going on and what is coming down the pipe. After hearing what she had to say, I started thinking the vaxpass is only the thin edge of the wedge. I also think the turd is going to try taking us down the same road that China is going down right now. I remember him saying awhile ago that he admired the way the Chinese government controlled their citizens.

    You can watch the interview here:


  3. HI RAH and Ron
    Yes, the Kari Simpson letter was written last October and things have gotten far worse since then but still not action. The absolute paralysis/corruption of all our institutions is mind boggling. People are beginning to die in great numbers due to this horror. We don’t have the final suicide and “overdose” [IMO closely related] numbers for 2021 yet but I bet they will be about a quarter higher than 2020.

    Genocide is under way and nobody seems to be driving the bus. As you say RAH we haven’t heard squat from Eby for months. Who or WHAT will wake people up to what’s going on and where this is going?!!!.


  4. Hi GC

    Very inspirational

    From Jim Stone

    RUMOR: People of Khazakstan arresting vax center people
    I think this is true, but the MSM is saying the people are rebelling over high gas prices. The government has been expelled. The rumor is that the vax destroyed so many people that there was a huge rebellion over a mandatory vax mandate and everyone working at the vax centers got arrested, and the homes of government officials were burned. They have either been arrested or have fled the country.
    My take is that the official story does not make sense, and that the rebellion probably really was over the vax mandates. The MSM cannot allow this to be known, it will instead crush the truth to prevent Kazakhstan from leading by example.

    From Tim Truth

    Revolution In Kazakhstan: People Detain Military & Seize Vehicles/ Equipment. Shot Heard Round World


    We don’t advocate violence…but there is an olde military saying

    ” If you want PEACE..prepare for WAR “


    1. Kazakhstan was just another attempt for color revolution mimicking Maidan few years ago or 1968 Czechoslovakia. CSTO (reminiscence of Warsaw Pact) put an end to it to a great disapointment of the NATO.
      Yes, propane prices rocketed as new western inspired pricing kicked in but that nor cov. was the primary reason.
      West sneaked in some 20k of well trained and armed mercenaries, they are now being liquidated.
      Expect harsh anti-russ propaganda and RF hardenning its defensive position even firmer especially after current rejection of security guarantee by the west. Yes, the bear is further pushed into corner.
      Hey Canada, dont think for a moment we are innocent in this conflict nor we are off the limits for being neutralized.
      Actually if the hot conflict starts we are totally at the mercy (lifespan one afternoon) and our cov. problems disappear instantly.
      Further consider elimination of INF treaty by previous administration or operation Code Red for good measures.
      Dont say I didnt warn you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks No Name

        No surprise….the PerpZ global bag of tricks will always have the fuse lit to trigger conflict/s.

        Then the western nations infected with full blown cultural marxism will invade them to spread democracy.


  5. Thanks for that info RAH. I have been watching the situation in Kazakhstan and would absolutely not be surprised to find it is related to the vaxZine mandates. We need to find out more and keep our eyes on this glimmer of hope.


  6. Hi GC

    Massive Protest Against Insane Government Oppression In Netherlands. Police Brutally Attack



    Submitted this video based on Netherlands is a small country and the citizens rallied en masse. Unfortunately, I highly doubt countries like Canada would ever come close to this protest attendance. Hence, we should keep in mind how ugly it may get in Canada.

    PS RE: The Nethertlands protest,,,,strategically, they should disable the police vehicles. (I would focus at air in tires). IMHO police that act like this have lost any legal authority/immunity and have become a criminal/terrorist class. If they have no vehicles to escape in, they are at the mercy of the mob and will think twice re acting in such despicable manner. Call it attitude adjustment.


    1. Looks like the Dutch should have plenty of video evidence of the criminal activities of the police and should act accordingly during future protests. This can include: bringing batons, baseball bats, pepper spray, shields…etc. Maybe form protective squads connected by two way radios.
      Obviously, these cop goon squads have been told to inflict as much pain/injury as possible to try and dissuade any future protests, but you know how it is when the human Spirit is rising.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed and, as I said…it is essential to identify all the police. There should be close-up photos of their uniform ID taken. Citizens have a fundamental right to know who is in uniform exercising authority in their streets!


  7. Will have a look. Haven’t heard from my Netherlands correspondent for some time, sadly.

    I am taking to heart what Dr. Reiner Fullmich said about the vaxZination experiments globally…specifically he said that all the Pharmaceutical Companies were acting in concert to conduct “experiments within experiments” vis a vis lethality and dosage in “batch numbers”.

    As a crow I flew high and connected the dotZ between this methodology and the political/military oppression going on globally. I believe that in this case there are also “experiments within experiments” going on. For instance in the Netherlands they use police on horseback and attack dogs against the crowds. Not so in Canada where I believe they’re using weather weaponiZation and lockdowns. In Australia they’re gone full fascist…not so in the USA where they’re going very slowly.

    In the case of the police…the truth and liberty activists should investigate who are the police exactly…get their real identifications/badge numbers. Are they mercenaries? If so, this is truly unconstitutional…not that that matters to the PerpZ of course.


  8. IMHO we civilians have to WAR GAME this matter.

    We have to deduce certain variables.
    The civil service(police etc) that still remains employed are not likely our allies.
    We also have to think “local”, that is more within our control.

    Here in BC…the PerpZ will commence an attack on our children as school starts tomorrow.
    They claim ” in school ” learning is best…but have seeded enough fear porn re “Omicron” that is pretty clear this will shift to “on- line” learning…and of course seduce enough children to get their “jab”.
    So predictable.


    This is a very disturbing video a friend sent me.

    I don’t know the exact context, but I think it is clear the children are terrified and don’t want to be separated from their family by Gov’t THUGS. Again, is this reflective of the current calibre of Civil Service ???

    ” This is why you never register your kids with the government – Fuck all to do with covid”


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