Stop Trudeau’s Hate Crimes + “no vials are safe”

Good morning sentients! Light dusting of snow going on again in the deep mountainous woods of the Pacific North West. We’re bracing for another storm perhaps tomorrow night…timed to delay the re-opening of schools after the Christmas break…dontchaknow. The PerpZ DO NOT WANT THE CHILDREN TO GO TO SCHOOL. We see clear evidence of that in Ontario. I know that schools nowadays are terrible for children but the agenda is really to put more stress on the family unit and destroy this nucleus of potential sanity and decency in our society. And they don’t want the children to grow up with the benefits of normal socialization. Isolation is one of the keys to their pyramid of power scheme.

Below are a couple of great links sent to me by Dennis. Through this long debilitating war Dennis has been shoulder to shoulder with me in the trenches…along with my other wonderful sources, notably blogging colleagues Northerntruthseeker, Penny and “soul brothers” RAH and FreakedOut. Please check out his information below and I’ll have final comments to follow.

H/T Dennis

Knight Dennis – Avatar for Truth Warrior Dennis

From: Dr Mark Trozzi

January 8, 2022

While pushing the deadly injections and authoritarian agenda, Trudeau verbally attacks Canadians who have resisted criminal coercion. This hate speech is extremely dangerous, and very criminal! He seeks to marginalize the uninjected just as Hitler marginalized Jewish people, before advancing to rounding them up into camps. If this seems like a stretch to you, please study the history, and look at the camps Trudeau’s regime has already built across Canada. This sort of marginalization of a population’s subgroup is an old authoritarian totalitarian trick. It is not new; but it is illegal. We have to demand the rule of law in our country! Trudeau’s hate speech against Canadians who will not submitted to the forced injections, is criminal. It goes beyond the existing medical apartheid he has already created, and poses a very real and imminent threat to our security and safety.

Dennis also supplies the link to the Rumble Stew Peters video with the latest on the biometric genetically modifying injections being forced on all humanity by a small group of billionaire totalitarians.

Evidence: No Vials Are Safe, Full Stops: Terminate Covid-Injection Program Now


Greencrow continues: I was thinking the other day that the Truthers should start an initiative to elect, via a poll on the Internet, a slate of official leaders and spokespersons that could represent us to the self-appointed “Authorities”. Our leaders, having been officially, publicly and democratically elected would have much more credibility than the unelected billionaire tyrants like BeZos, GateZ, MuZk and Zuckerberg…not to mention the fraudulently selected political assets like the Turd and “Bidenhistime”.

If such an election were held in the near future I would nominate the following to be our leaders and representatives…others are encouraged to suggest their own choices:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – American lawyer and environmental/health activist

Dr. Reiner Fullmich – German-American lawyer

Stew Peters – Broadcaster journalist

Dr. Michael Yeadon – Whistleblowing former VP of PfiZer

Dr. Sucharit Bhakti – Top World Immunologist

Ricardo Delgado – Spanish journalist and science investigator – La Quinta Columna

RCMP Cpl Daniel Bulford – Canadian RCMP former sniper and founder of Mounties4Freedom

Theoren Fleury – Former NHL hockey player and long time activist for victims of sexual assault/abuse

Maxime Bernier – Leader of the Canadian Peoples Party of Canada

Greencrow concludes: The above are just a few names that came into my head when I had this idea. So many more warriors have stepped up to the plate and are battling in the trenches with us. I would be very interested in hearing what others think of this idea and who they would nominate for such a Truther Leadership Committee [TLC]. Stay tuned….

5 thoughts on “Stop Trudeau’s Hate Crimes + “no vials are safe”

  1. The retired hockey player noted above really does a disservice to humanity regurgitating cartoonish memes.

    The Bolshevik Revolution, WW1 and WW2 ultimate objectives were to destroy Western Civilization, establish Communism…secure a safehouse – base for Khazar Mafia via stolen Palestinian land.

    Post 1945, the Allied ” victors ” were infected with Cultural Marxism, a long term and terminal cancer…which has reared its ugly head and no vaccine can address.


  2. Historical Revisionism is a Bitch, ain’t it RAH?

    I am currently working according to WWII Historical Revisionism 3.0, wherein the Jews were used by other Jews as scapegoats and pawns for the “usual suspects” who may or may not have been/are Jewish.

    What clued me in is how the Jews in Israel are being used yet again in the VaxZination scam. More vaxZ injuries there than any other country [not that Israel, with its undefined borders, is a country]. When this horror show is all over over and the Nuremberg 2.0 is examining the entrails….. it will all be about how the Jews were specifically and exclusively targeted/victimiZed yet again. Reparations will be astronomical and never-ending. Everyone will forget how much you, I and the other non Jews also suffered.


  3. Hi GC

    To be honest….I’m more a Jim Stone follower with respect to these Khazars. I don’t believe they are getting anything that would harm them…it makes zero sense. We are being conned that they are suffering vaxx damage like the rest of world,…OY…more suffering for chosenites…..I’m not buying it.

    They have been lying cheating stealing murdering since end of WW2 , so why would they stop now?

    Just my 2 cents


    1. You mean there will be NO perpetual reparations???? What a waste of a Plandemic Global HOAX Crisis! Whatever happened to “Let’s give everyone a cut of the action?”


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