updated: BC Weather Forecast Calls For 72 Hours Of Rain & ‘Other Factors At Play Will Cause Havoc’


and from the Vancouver Sun


UPDATED: Greencrow says: I received a couple of comments to this post which said “You’re all batshit craZy.” Perhaps I should have supported my thesis that the PerpZ can and do weaponiZe our weather with a few of the hundreds of thousands of links in support. Here’s one that just showed up in my e-mail basket this morning from longtime climate/environmental activist Arthur Firstenberg:

The link above reveals that the PTB have installed cell phone towers on the ocean floor and use this technology to monitor [and control/change] the weather. BTW, I deleted the inflammatory comments because anyone who doesn’t understand by now that they’re capable of controlling and weaponiZing the weather is IMO, TOO STUPID TO LIVE!

Another weaponized weather system approaching. This is a war like no other that has ever taken place on this planet….silence on the part of our so-called Ministry of Defense…silence on the part of the MZM….Even in the alternative community. Nobody, except little moi, wants to be the little boy who shouts out “The King is Wearing No Clothes” from the side of the parade. Nobody wants to admit, even to themselves…the Satanic level of evil behind these attacks.

There will have to be some heavy duty whistleblowers from the “inside” who dare to speak up on behalf of humanity and the environment before this environmental destruction is stopped. It is all being conducted to support the notion of “Climate Change” and the “carbon tax”–both of which are just as phony and fraudulent as the CovIDian Hoax has been. The CovIDian Cult HOAX/genocide and the Climate Change/Carbon Tax weather weaponization are all being done for the same ends. Both MUST be stopped.

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