Resistance comes in many forms

BC Blogger “Crownuts” calls our truth movement “the largest social movement in human history” H/T FreakedOut

Good morning Sentient activists. Today Twitter is going wild. All the truth is pouring out like someone vomiting after drinking a 6 ounZer of vodka after a spaggetti dinner. The perpZ are trying to keep it under control by embedding glitches to slow it down…but it seems unstoppable. Folks it looks like WordPress has been hacked this morning and my composing platform severely compromised. I am going to publish this post with all its errors and glitches just to get it up and then will edit it from there. Your patience is appreciated.

Watch the video above where “Crownuts” reassures us of our power as a species and calls us that we are an unstoppable force for social change.

Folks, it feels like the we’re all sitting on a powder keg. All this truth is spilling out onto the alternative media…Stuff like this–where a doctor speaks out urgently about babies being killed in their mother’s wombs by the so-called vaxZines.

Look for this link further down as WordPress glitched my composing this morning.

Henry Makow asks: Have Canadians Run Out Of Time?

Theo Fleury: Can someone tell me the difference between Don Cherry’s “You People” and Justin Trudeau’s “These People” one doesn’t have a job anymore and the other is a PM ????


Watch the moving interview with an Iranian refugee, Medhi, aged 24 who has been stuck in the Australian Refugee Prison system for nine years….

‘I’m stuck in Australia’s refugee hotel with Novak Djokovic – and it’s hell’  — RT Op-ed

As mentioned above…watch this American doctor risk his career to save unborn babies from vaxxZine genocide.

This is what it’s all about, folks, compliance. It is all a psychological war to get us to comply ourselves to early deaths–for fun and profit for them.

Greencrow concludes: In a follow-up to what Crownuts says in the video above about how the long time truthers need to step into leadership positions, Here is the list of potential leaders of our movement that I posted a few days ago…with additions suggested to me by a regular reader. Other additions are appreciated!

List of potential leaders of our Truth Movement to act as representatives at future meetings of the tyranny that now occupies our countries and purports to lead us:

From my earlier post “..I was thinking the other day that the Truthers should start an initiative to elect, via a poll on the Internet, a slate of official leaders and spokespersons that could represent us to the self-appointed “Authorities”. Our leaders, having been officially, publicly and democratically elected would have much more credibility than the unelected billionaire tyrants like BeZos, GateZ, MuZk and Zuckerberg…not to mention the fraudulently selected political assets like the Turd and “Bidenhistime”.

If such an election were held in the near future I would nominate the following to be our leaders and representatives…others are encouraged to suggest their own choices:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – American lawyer and environmental/health activist

Dr. Reiner Fullmich – German-American lawyer

Stew Peters – Broadcaster journalist

Dr. Michael Yeadon – Whistleblowing former VP of PfiZer

Dr. Sucharit Bhakti – Top World Immunologist

Ricardo Delgado – Spanish journalist and science investigator – La Quinta Columna

RCMP Cpl Daniel Bulford – Canadian RCMP former sniper and founder of Mounties4Freedom

Theoren Fleury – Former NHL hockey player and long time activist for victims of sexual assault/abuse

Maxime Bernier – Leader of the Canadian Peoples Party of Canada

These additions were sent to me by reader LPS5

Good morning gc, I read your post yesterday and would like to add a few names to your list of potential nominees to help right this up side down world we live in . Thank you for all you do keep up the great work.

Dr. Steven Malthouse, courageous truth teller ,researcher and debunker of scientific fraud . Canada.

Dr.Charles Hoffe, courageous truth teller , researcher and bebunker of scientific fraud . Canada.

Mrs. Anna Von Reitz, Lawful scholar, champion of truth freedom and justice ( and down to earth grandmother). American.

Max Igan, freedom fighter, podcast host ,Australia (exiled in Mexico)

Dr. Jim Willie (alias), statistician (doctorate In math), truth teller . American expatriate in Cost Rica.

Richie Allen, broadcaster/radio host and truth teller . U.K

Dr. Richard Sauder Ph.D, Researcher of U.S. under ground activities, sounder of a alarm of nuclear issues for decades. American exiled in Ecuador.

Doug Force, law researcher and patriot . Canada

Jeff Rense, broadcaster, truth researcher for decades. U.S.

Richard D. Hall, Electrical engineer , researcher, presenter/host online truth show , presenter/host live truth conferences. U.K.

Dr. Ted Broer, psychologist , nutritionist/health advocate ,truth researcher/speaker, podcast host. U.S.

Henry Makow, former professor , Blogger/website host , truth researcher ,advocate for traditional family values. Canada .

Mike Adams, computer expert ,health advocate , scientist ,researcher, truth advocate, broadcaster/host U.S. among many .

Last but definitely not least.
Greencrowasthecrowflies (alias) , retired social worker, advocate for real social issues ,truth researcher advocate and promoter , superb critical thinker , down to earth grandmother. Canada .

Greencrow concludes: Readers, I had a terrible time formatting and publishing this post this morning. This is IMO a sign that the heat is definitely on. Please forgive the errors and repetitions. What you see on screen regarding the links is NOT how I posted it. I will continue to edit and correct. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Resistance comes in many forms

  1. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

    “Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it.” Gandhi


  2. Legault has got to go.
    Doug Ford too
    Same as Trudeau.
    Their minds aren’t right.
    They’ve created such a fright.
    Over a virus that’s nearly 100 percent survivable.
    To push a vaxx that is experimental
    Using the people as lab rats
    Made possible by inducing mass psychosis
    We need to spread mass sanity
    To avoid any further calamity
    And awake from this frightmare!

    Penny feeling rather poetic 🙂


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