Djokovik makes Australia look like…wait for it…A Penal colony

Greatest Tennis Player in the World takes on the Globalist Genocidal Maniacs
Novak Djokovic back in detention, continues to fight deportation

Good morning readers. There’s a tsunami warning for Vancouver Island this morning. LOL….a day without an environmental crisis is a day without a Perp Circle Jerk…or something like that.

The Official Lie is that there was a volcano eruption off the Island of Tonga. More likely there was one of their frequent under water nuclear explosions…like the ones in the Marianas Trench a decade or so ago that contributed to the Fukushima disaster.

Here are some other headlines from this morning that are worth a glance. Concluding comments to follow:


“Sovereign land” –  restaurant owner stands up for humanity

Medically Exempted man going about his business in Costco gets arrested by SWAT team

And, in other news:

“Ottawa hospital paying immigrant nurses $200 per hr (3x what a nurse with 25 years experience gets paid) while hundreds of staff on “leave” because they have chosen to not take an experimental mRNA jab that doesn’t preclude from either contracting or transmitting the virus.”

“When the supply chain crashes, expect a state of emergency to be declared by the federal government, invoking the Emergencies Act. Orders/regulations will be made pursuant to s. 8(1)(e) – the distribution and availability of essential goods, services and resources…Rations”

Greencrow concludes: So, folks we can all see where this is going….they want to cut the control group unvaxxZed off from our food and financial resources—they’re that terrified that their culling ploy will start in earnest [the vaxxZed will start dropping] before we’re NOT around to compare health stats with. Stay tuned:


NewZ Update:

Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe gets COVID-19 after removing mask at news conference

The 14 people who were at the briefing — including the province’s chief medical health officer — were told to self-monitor for symptoms

Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe gets COVID-19 after removing mask at news conference | National Post

12 thoughts on “Djokovik makes Australia look like…wait for it…A Penal colony

  1. Greencrow,

    The Governor in the US State of Virginia banned the mask for little children in schools.

    Things are changing.

    I heard a very humorous quip about our demented pervert corrupt Biden. “Just leave the door open at the White House and he will wander away and never be seen again.”

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  2. IMHO….the strategy should be to identify the abusive authorities and track down where they live.
    This can be done legally.

    Once each cop,bylaw officer etc is ID’d….protests move to their residences/neighbourhoods and they are SHAMED.

    This sends a message through the ranks
    …we are in a WAR….all’s fair..

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    1. The necessity to remain anonymous during the Communist Oppression/Tyranny phase of the Plandemic Global Depopulation/Reset is 100% behind the masking cult ritual. We need to demand badge numbers as is our right of any police caught on film abusing their authority!


      1. The GC braintrust should keep an eye on Feds cross border trucker vax mandate.

        Turdeau and Co. is setting us up for Holomodor 2.0


  3. I found a good meme at Librti last night …

    Be careful about following the masses. The “m” is sometimes silent.

    I had to copy and paste this comment in because the message box only shows the top half of the words I type and only one line at a time. So this will be a test to see if it posts correctly at least.

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  4. The decimation of our militaries is under way and it makes me think back to the days of the Communist Bolsheviks who managed to disarm most of the Russian people, what happened next? Unimaginable crimes against humanity!

    LIVE: Purging Patriots from the Military: THE PROOF

    I’m really starting to think they want to bring in total AI control of all militaries around the world and use the 5G/6G network to remote control any and all military equipment. Remember “Skynet” from the movie Terminator?

    The 2 hour 21minute Rumble video I’ve linked interviews one Air Force fighter pilot who got pericarditis.
    The Clot Shots do NOT mix with a pilot that has to wear a “G” suit to fly a plane.

    Meanwhile, America enjoys their Pro football play-off games.


  5. The GC braintrust should keep an eye on Feds cross border trucker vax mandate.

    Turdeau and Co. is setting us up for Holomodor 2.0


  6. Re: Trucker vaxx mandate,

    “Truckers in Canada are now saying “Starve to death” because we’re shutting down all trucking in Canada beginning January 23 and we will not return to work until ALL the mandates are permanently removed.”

    Read more here:

    Stock up while you can. The fight is getting started. Finally!


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