Great analysis of the status quo

Eyesiswatching podcast – very good commentary

Correction: The above video link was sent to me not by regular contributor Dennis but by great Canadian blogger/newspaper editor [The Cariboo Sentinel]/activist Arthur Topham.

Good afternoon readers. The above podcast with Steve Eyes [sp?] is over an hour long but is well worth listening to. This guy has a way of connecting the dotZ even better than little moi. And he has the techie abilities to quantum leap me in presentation. I agree with everything he says. Steve runs the gamut from historical perspective and deep background to educated guesses as to what’s coming down the pike. Below is a much shorter, but just as acerbic, analysis of the status quo here with the lockdown in Canada–from a down home BC man in his 80’s. I often wonder what my now deceased parents would think of the bullshit that’s being thrown at us by the governments. My mother being one of the free-est spirits I’ve ever known would not be able to tolerate the mask mandate for sure. My father may have gone along in the beginning and perhaps even gotten vaxxed–but he had a low tolerance for political corruption…so the rot that is now the norm would probably kill him…if he were not already dead…having died at the age of 100.

I believe that the PTB probably timed this appocalyptic genocide to roll out after the generation [called “the golden generation” here in Canada] was gone. They could only pull it off with the compliance of the totally brainwashed by TV generations that followed. Please listen to this elderly gentleman and I will continue below:

This man is in his 80’s and really knows what’s going on

I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning with my family. My two adult sons, their partners my two granddaughters and my husband were all [rare occurrence] in one place at the same time. It had to be a park bench in downtown Vancouver…because all the adults are vaxxZed except me…so we could not go to a restaurant. During the conversation…the others shared that they and many of their family, friends and acquaintances had come down with “covID” over the Christmas holidays. Some of the “VovIDs” are still quarantining. What a joke! The family seemed to think this was all normal and were impatient with me when I called attention to the glaring anomaly…that I had not got the CovID yet. I asked the dreaded question: “What if it’s NOT covid but an adverse reaction to the vaxxZine?” The terse response: “We don’t want to talk about covID”. No. They wanted to talk about covid…they just didn’t want to contemplate the Elephant in the Room about covid and their vaxxZinations…that’s all.

WHO’s On First?

But with so many vaxxZed people coming down with covID…the perpZ definitely have to pull a big distraction. There’s no doubt in my mind that something HUGE is going to happen within the next week or two…certainly prior to the trucker’s strike that’s discussed below. One hesitation I have about this threatened strike is that the Truckers were supposed to save the day in Australia. Well, that certainly did not happen! Australia is now under a more oppressive tyranny than any country in the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [USSR} during its heyday. Witness what happened to the #1 Tennis player in the world:

Djokovic cannot visit Aust for 3 years. We are the only country that thinks it’s ok to lock out the No. 1 tennis player on the brink of being best in world, not because he’s a health risk, but because he “might” make the 90+% of its citizens already vaxxed not get a booster.

Watch this video of an Australian woman being thrown in the back of a paddy wagon for “not showing her vaxxZine papers” in a restaurant.

Sorry folks…I cannot find that video on Twitter anymore…but it is a clear indication how disgustingly LOW the once free nation of Australia has sunk. I hope there is a massive world wide boycott of the Australian Open and am calling for one here and now on this blog.

Re: the coming Trucker vaxx mandate

The big distraction “pivot” that’s sure to come within the next two weeks may well be related to the threatened Trucker’s strike that is set for January 23, 2022. The government is sure to blame the Unvaxed for the disruption of the food supply chain and will likely use that lie to bring in mandatory vaxxZinations/martial law/quarantining/more draconian lockdowns…or any combination of the aforementioned. This just in from FreakedOut:


Regular contributor “Ron” commented:

“Truckers in Canada are now saying “Starve to death” because we’re shutting down all trucking in Canada beginning January 23 and we will not return to work until ALL the mandates are permanently removed.”

Then FreakedOut who lives on the US east coast just down from New Brunswick said this:

Thanks Ron, here’s some more…


Read more here:

Stock up while you can. The fight is getting started. Finally!

And speaking of “stocking up”

And, finally, as a testament to the innate goodness that can be found in the human spirit…this creature of God [a monkey] by the side of the road in India got better medical care than my brother did who died in the Collingwood Veterans and Marine Hospital, Collingwood, Ontario, last March, 2021 of deliberate gross malpractice and covID “Hospital Protocols”:

3 thoughts on “Great analysis of the status quo

  1. Greencrow,

    Have you viewed JP Sears videos?

    The man is out of control! But very funny.

    Here in Virginia I haven’t been in the miracle Shenandoah or the Blue Ridge since this crap started.

    You Canadians have to go a long way to beat the absolute disgrace of our Biden. A demented corrupt pedophile.

    Trudeau still has time! He can catch up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Bob. I do watch JP Sears regularly and like what he has to say. Biden is demented…not pathologically insane like the Turd. The Turd is far more evil that Bidenhistime…IMO.


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