A word from the wise…

Good morning readers. Today’s post will mostly comprise some submissions from a fewof my regular “excellent sources”. I do go on Twitter regularly and get a lot of ideas from there as well. Today I posted a “Tweet” that commented on the recent pull back of the CovIDian Cult rituals/diktats in the UK. I said words to the effect:

“I predict the respite in the UK will not last longer than two weeks before another “lockdown”. The PerpZ cannot risk allowing the slaves to recover significantly psychologically because then the mass psychosis could dissipate.”

They have to keep on severely damaging the population psychologically like the teacher is doing in the story below:


And, allowing truth to be spoken in public like the woman does so eloquently in the video below is counter productive to Agenda 2030.

Some videos included here that really hit the mark…skip over the ads.

Greencrow continues: Speaking of tightening their grip again….This in from LPS5: anyone else have any news on this caper?

More From Jim Stone— Canada is putting up a barrier around the Parliament building in Ottawa just like the one at the white house….

Posted By: Watchman……. H/T LPS5
Date: Thursday, 20-Jan-2022 22:23:29

I am calling this “credible rumor” but cannot find any MSM source to back it up yet
There is only one reason why such barriers would go up. It is because they expect to need that barrier. Why would they expect to need that barrier? Is it because too many people are going to start dropping dead from the vax? Is it because there will be a war? I doubt that because such a barrier is useless against a real military, that type of barrier is for the little people . . . . .So what is it? Are they going to release the next plague? Are they going to turn the lights off? WHAT? Any way you cut it, having barriers go up in both the U.S. and Canada is ominous, it proves the barrier at the white house was not a fluke, and that the same fate is planned for both places. They are both expecting the same action. Why?My guess is there is going to be a LOT of rage soon, once people truly figure out what that vax was and that Covid was cover for an enormous con job. I have been in Ottawa several times and normally you can walk right up to the parliament building (for the Americans who don’t know that) it was even more exposed than the white house.

Greencrow continues: Here is a series of submissions by Dennis:

H/T Dennis

 by Eeyore

“In December 2021, Prof Christian Perronne participated in a “doctothon”, which brings together “doctors known for their positions contrary to the scientific community” he feels that the epidemic has practically disappeared in the countries which have not vaccinated their population (1)
Prof Christian Perronne speaking at the EU Parliament hearing on vaccinating children – Luxembourg 12 January 2022 :
two main messages – we have flouted science and we have flouted rights.


Dennis has a comment for RAH

“Ran into this wishful “headline”, and it reminds me of Rah. It rang a bell with me as I am a vindictive old bastard.”

“Nuremberg requisitions wood chippers and trash compactors as “there are simply too many collaborators for the gallows this time”


Greencrow concludes: Below is a photo of some International Criminals who — If there’s a God in Heaven — will some day become great fodder for a wood chipper or a log splitter. After all these demons are using the latest technology to torture humanity…why shouldn’t we use the latest technology to execute them for their crimes?

Finally, more photos and graphics to end the post.

The Ones Behind this will be First Up for the Woodchipper/Log Splitter
German Government Logic

Stay tuned…It promises to be “a hot time in the old town tonight”.

10 thoughts on “A word from the wise…

  1. Watch out for false flags jan.6 style when the convoy gets there , but its probably also there because Castro’s probably wetting his drama costume diaper, sucking his thumb and calling for daddy.


  2. Greencrow,

    They are scared now since Kazakhstan went Medieval on their so called masters.

    Kazakhstan is a very rich country and bigger than Europe!

    They know the end is near and are trying to escape their inevitable fate.

    I ask myself daily “What data are these authorities relying on to keep pushing ‘vaccines’??”

    They either rely on VAERS here in the US or have no data! It’s that simple.

    They are murdering people!

    I saw that woman tennis player collapse with a heart attack in the Australian Open. Her career is over with, years of dedication! and sacrifice!

    Black Sabbath’s THE WARNING.

    It’s an analogy – they took our political economy and WE WILL GET IT BACK. Hammer and Tongs, Pitch Forks, Tar and Feathers. The political economy took generations to create.


  3. Greencrow,

    I saw them in concert! MOUNTAIN.

    Maybe you can be a Mississippi Queen! You need to get WAY OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE

    Go to New Orleans! Bob Dylan said it best “I like a lot of places, but I like New Orleans better”.


  4. QUOTE:

    “…..I said words to the effect:

    “I predict the respite in the UK will not last longer than two weeks before another “lockdown”. The PerpZ cannot risk allowing the slaves to recover significantly psychologically because then the mass psychosis could dissipate.”…..”


    Strongly agree.
    A lot of backtracking mind f*ckery going on globally.

    Some postulate a really bad bioweapon will be released.

    Others submit the covid scam has blown apart and the PerpZ are trying to exit as gracefully as possible.

    IMHO, the table is set for them to make a final push for all the marbles very soon.If they blow this chance WOOD CHIPPERS located in aisle 666 !

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    1. Good question:
      It’s their usual tactic.

      However, with vaxxes, would a traditional international war of “X” allies versus “Y” allies grab public’s attention while vaxx damage rolls out..or is this more a pretext for Martial Law and the UN /One World Gov’t to be engaged globally.

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  5. B.C. cancels provincial assessments for Grade 10 and 12 students amid COVID-19 staff shortage



    My “educated guess”..no pun intended..is that the test results would be disastrous given a proper learning environment has been destroyed over the Covid scam. Parents would not tolerate this and this may wake them up to chose between their childrens future or fear porn.

    This is yet another cover up by the Gov’t

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  6. From Jim Stone:

    My Father in law got Astrazeneca. I mentioned this over Christmas and how he got kicked out of my house (fortunately by someone else) over it. He then got my brother in law (who he was living with) sick with Covid despite my brother in law having the Sputnik vax. Father in law tested negative. So he ran away to the family on the bus and EVERYONE rejected him. He then got stuck in a small town bus station at 1 AM which **FORCED** a family member in that town to take him in. Within a week, that household came down with Covid. One kid got super sick and I sent Ivermectin, with which he recovered. Father in law is now an absolute pariah

    He refuses to believe he caused it all, including my brother in law, because “he tested negative”. But the results confirm he is a super spreader after AtstraZeneca, NO QUESTION. He got 4 people total VERY sick and 7 at least noticed something. Even I noticed something but I had the ivermectin right there and took it right away. Everyone is more than pissed because EVERYONE told him not to get AstraZeneca or any DNA vax, he went and did it, and is now pushing a sickness that would be titled “god knows what” off on the family. Totally inconsiderately to boot. He’s going to end up spending his last days under a damn bridge over this, he totally soiled his existence by not listening, and then not only getting the shot, by getting anyone he comes in close contact with sick JUST LIKE EVERYONE WARNED HIM WOULD HAPPEN. EVERY LAST ONE knew this would happen.

    Now what about the family he may have ruined with his damn shedding? They are more than angry with him for trapping them into a social situation that forced them to take him in. What is going to happen to them long term?…….”


    Here in BC, I still don’t know anyone that has had “Covid”, but have heard a few stories of post Vaxx death. However, I have family in the new York/New Jersey area who said there are/were a lot of “illnesses”.(yes they are vaxxed ).

    Jim Stone has a graph where he extrapolates CDC data and he predicts the deaths graph goes “hockey stick” exponential in April.

    “….A reader wrote and said “We are already over a million dead, Rense has the numbers”
    My response: I have said repeatedly we have to have 10 – 20 million dead already if the job stats are legit, a number arrived upon based on a near depression level economy, with far fewer jobs available that still cannot be filled to the tune of at least 10 million. Less jobs, and they still cannot be filled.

    My chart was based on probably fraudulent data from the CDC which lowballed it, calculated forward. There’s no way we are going to be able to overlook the number of dead by April/May….”

    The PerpZ have a short window to do pull off their cull agenda…Spring 2022 sounds about right.

    Finally Jim Stone Re Canadian Truckers vaxx mandate…he notes that the Canadian mandate started last week…and they can protest all they want..because the US vaxx mandate for truckers starts TODAY, so cleverly timed to box them in so Canadian truckers protest is a moot point unless sufficient pressure occurs and BOTH US and Canada rescind the vaxx mandate.

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