New UPdates: Scott Quiner murder…

Good afternoon sentients. After I posted the information about Scott Quiner that FreakedOut posted below I received a flood of other links and information from what is now looking like a “family” of resistance warriors not unlike how Stew Peters describes his audience. I have posted the links underneath the cross that I put up in respect of Scott and his family:

NOTE: I am considering contacting Stew Peters to put my brother’s March 2021 murder case on the list that Stew Peters is compiling of similar hospital protocol deaths world wide. It’s a difficult decision for me because having moved to BC 45 years ago, I was not nearby in Ontario during the time my brother was being murdered. I received all my information second hand from his partner of 12 years who was not allowed to be with him in the hospital due to the lockdown going on in Ontario at that time. She did not know all the details going on because my brothers adult daughter was the “next of kin” and she lives in New York. So there are some real gaps in the chain of communication as to what happened to him and when. Amazingly, however. I did smell a rat right from the first report that I had about my brother being hospitalized. I asked my brother’s partner whether he was on IV and she kept saying “No”. That’s when I knew they were trying to starve him to death [in addition to the gross medical malpractice they committed during a common medical procedure]. I asked my family–through my brothers partner–to demand an inquest/investigation into his death but nobody in Ontario or New York has the intellect or courage to “rock the boat”. I will be contacting Stew to at least add my brother’s name to the list of victims…and I will do it to honour Anne Quiner and her courageous fight for her husband Scott!

The sign of REAL Christianity will always be the Cross

These links are from Dennis:

Flood OF Hospital Death Reports: Thousands Cry Out As Loved Ones are Murdered

This from LPS5

Good day gc, I wasn’t going to send you this but in light of the events I guess I should. Oh and I’m sorry about the comments yesterday about “your” prime minister lol I guess I just got caught up in it all .


And 1 more for good measure because I’m here

This from Dennis:


Another case similar to Scott Quiner

And, finally, this success story submitted by FreakedOut where Stew Peters reports on another man rescued from the “Hospital Protocols Death Row”

From Stew (01/22/22 @ 12:55AM):
“48 hours ago, Charles Hughes’ life was on the line.

God stepped in and called us to action.

Once again, you responded.

Charles Hughes is home now, and the zombie “doctor” satanic anti-whites will not have the chance to murder him for money, because you let them know that the whole world was watching.

“Nurse Mike” said Charles was a “limp noodle”, and that he was “going home to die”.

That smile says otherwise. That’s the smile of a single dad home with the three children that love him and need him.

God bless you all. Your fight humbles me.”

Charles Hughes Update from Stew Peters

Earlier today FreakedOut wrote me with some very sad news:


“Terrible news gc….

From Stew [Peters]:
“It’s not easy to bring you this news.

Scott Quiner has passed, and is with Jesus, in Heaven.

Please lift up the Quiner family in prayer. Please pray for Anne and for Scott’s children.

Just a few minutes ago, Scott succumbed to the horrific injuries inflicted by the satanic killers at Mercy Hospital who abused, poisoned and tortured Scott, as they punished him for being unvaccinated.

The Texas doctor is certain that the fatal injuries inflicted on Scott by Mercy Hospital were solely responsible for his death, and that had he arrived in TX just a couple weeks earlier, Scott would have made a full recovery.

I pray that Scott’s murder will be eye-opening for the world, and that the way his life here on Earth ended will be used as a shining light of truth that will illuminate the demonic darkness currently looming over America, and the rest of the world.

We must continue to honor God, work hard every day to do His will, and lift each other up.

Take it to the Cross.”

So heart broken!! 😢


Greencrow responds: “Hi FreakedOut:

Yes, that is indeed heartbreaking news for everyone involved.  Just like when my brother [ ] was murdered…I feel the pain that the family must be experiencing.  Now the perpZ will crow that the Merciless hospital was right all along.

But Stew and everyone who knows about the Hospital “protocols” must redouble our efforts to save someone before the PerpZ have their way and murder again.  We must stop allowing our hospitals to be used as their “killing fields.”


And a word about Scott’s wife Anne Quiner. She should be comforted by the knowledge that she did humanity a service by fighting for Scott. She raised awareness of what is going on and the enormity of the Crimes Against Humanity that are now being routinely committed in our hospitals. Bravo Anne!

3 thoughts on “New UPdates: Scott Quiner murder…

  1. The US is not the only ones murdering people in mass. This whole thing is just beyond sickening. The same thing is happening in Canada only they seem to be better at keeping it all a secret. People are coming out now however. Especially those who got vaxed and injured. Our old folks were killed right from day one. Not one of them died of so called covid.
    The Death Document – Evidence the UK Government Authorised “Mass Murder” of the Elderly and Vulnerable by Midazolam Injection and Then Blamed COVID-19 – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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  2. The Charles Hughes case is UNreal…Normally, such abuse is reserved for older people…seniors…….often deemed useless eaters.

    A relatively healthy 33 year old single father of 3, and a paramedic, goes into the hospital , and is then made a pawn in the Covid scam Ca$h Cow. He has (2) negative tests…yet is told he can’t leave as he would be deemed a “public health threat”. He is now a prisoner and morphs to a hostage of health care system.

    They then subject him to irrational useless and potentially deadly treatments, following a protocol with generous fiscal payments.

    Anyone that has even remotely studied the issue realizes the protocol Mr Hughes was subjected to is a death sentence by design…pre meditated…err pre medicated
    MURDER !!!


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