UPDATED: The Morning After

Folks! Zero Hour is fast approaching. Hang onto your seats. When I say Zero Hour…I mean that split second moment in time…when the Sheeple finally wake up to the horror that has been done to them via the bioweapon injections! When they do wake up…as I have said before on this blog…the roar of anguish and anger they will make will be heard from Outer Space and will resound up to the Heavens!

Freedom Convoy Demonstrators Arrive on Parliament Hill Ottawa

NOTE: I am now going to turn this post into a running newstory with time stamped updates. This what I always do when the news is coming so fast that I am unable to do separate posts:

9:07 p.m. PST Jan 30, 2022 Folks I have had some possibly earthshaking information this evening about the Trucker Convoy Crisis in Canada. It was so mind boggling that I had to step away from my laptop and go and watch one of my favourite TV shows “Forged in Fire”. I do like when that Dave chap dressed in black subjects the forged swords to what he calls the “Keel Test” lol. If you haven’t watched Forged in Fire I suggest you do so. Well, the Turvert, Canada’s erstwhile Prime Minister was subjected to the Canadian version of the “Keel Test” over the past week and snapped like a badly forged sword with a warp in the metal. Unable to “take” what he had been dishing out over the past year to an abused nation…he turned tail and ran–when tens of thousands of road warrior truckers arrived in the nations capital. He literally has not been seen for days. Well…perhaps that’s not exactly true. I have received two versions of what might be playing out as I type. The first one is in the comments below and sent by RAH as well as others. According to Jim Stone there is a counter attack on the truckers planned. Read the details in RAH’s comments below. The second possibility was sent to me by USA GATCF Bureau Chief FreakedOut. In FreakedOut’s version, the Turvert has been spotted in the last 24 hours in Tofino on Vancouver Island. According to a local real estate agent…Turvert has purchased property in the bushes there and has literally disappeared into the dense foliage after being identified by at least five persons.

As far fetched as this version would appear…to me it makes the most sense. The Turvert is a callow coward and could not stand the heat in the cauldron kitchen that the Truckers delivered to his doorstep when they drove into town for their “High Noon” showdown. Well, whatever the case, this soap opera drama starring the third rate substitute drama teacher is catching the imagination of the world. Here is the report from RT:


Turvert on Vancouver Island????

Well, ain’t that a dilly, as we used to say back in the day. As regular readers know…I am living on Vancouver Island myself, but on the opposite coast on the Malahat. I do know about the small fishing/logging town of Tofino, of course and would have a warning to Mr Trudeau. Back in the 60’s and a few decades thereafter, Tofino was a hotbed of demonstrations by treehuggers. There are a lot of those in Tofino….which was a hippy community back in the 1970’s. It also has a very large indigenous population. I don’t think the locals will be too happy to have the Turvert in their midst…In fact, in closing this very speculative theory…may I say there is absolutely no where in Canada that the Turvert can hide. May I humbly suggest…Costa Rica??? Stay tuned.

Watch the latest Max Igan HERE…he has a good take on the Canadian Truck Convoy.

5:23 p.m. PST Jan 30, 2022 Another great video find from FreakedOut. Here he presents a young man travelling at high speed [perhaps on bicycle or motorcycle] through the convoy at night…talking about their mission and the reception they’re getting from Canadians. He says the truckers are doing this for all the world:

Live in Ottawa – Canadian Truckers lead the world towards freedom

4:22 p.m. PST Jan 30, 2022 – Dennis sent me this interesting graph that shows the most recent statistics for the “covAIDS”….How long can the MZM ignore this?

Graph showing CovID infections since March, 2020 to the end of December

2:40 p.m. PST Jan 30, 2022 Here is the Keean Bexte Twitter link to the press conference held earlier today by the Trucker Convoy Organizers. This is a must watch to learn what our freedom fighters are up against from the government/media wanna-be tyrants


Here is the latest report on the diabolical vaxxZines from RedVoiceMedia. Longtime trusted lawyer and activist American Thomas Renz spoke out yesterday about the deliberate poisoning of the US military with the vaxxZines:

This important development was brought to my attention by regular contributors Dennis and Bob in the comments.

I didn’t think I would have to update this post so soon but I just received this incredible video from FreakedOut. Please watch and share as widely as possible. Knowledge IS Power:

Freedom Convoy Demonstrators Arrive on Parliament Hill Ottawa


Justin Trudeau and his family flee Canadian capital Ottawa as up to 50,000 ‘Freedom Convoy’ anti-vaccine mandate truckers arrive at his office – days after he dismissed them as a ‘small fringe minority’

  • Justin Trudeau and his family have left their Ottawa home amid security concerns as demonstrators marched up and down the streets in front the Prime Minister’s office to rally against the vaccine mandate
  • Days earlier, he had called the truckers headed for the city a ‘small fringe minority’ before the convoy of hundreds of vehicles grew up to 45 miles long as it made its way to the capital . 
  • Protestors could be seen carrying copies of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, while others carried signs reading ‘God keep our land glorious and free,’ ‘Make Canada great again,’ and ‘we are here for our freedom’
  • The convoy set out from British Columbia on Sunday and was cheered by hundreds of Canadians as it made its 2,000-mile journey to protest vaccine mandates 

Good Morning readers. It is the morning after the day before and no doubt many are suffering from a psychological hangover. This brings to mind my former history as a “heavy social drinker”. I was never a falling-down drunk–but before quitting alcohol entirely in September of 2020, I was putting away about a bottle of white wine a day.

I thought of myself as a “functional drinker”. But when the added stress came, as the Plandemic Hoax moved into it’s narrowing and funneling “lockdown” phase…I was beginning to crack. I was disgusted with myself for passing out, instead of falling asleep in my bed at night. I was worried about the amount of money I was spending on booze…over $100 a week on my pensioner’s income was quite a chunk.

Most of all, I was embarrassed at not being there for my family, particularly my grandchildren. I did not want them growing up and saying “Grandma was an interesting conversationalist…when she was sober.” Or, “Grandma never had time for us…she was always too busy talking with the other adults.” I wanted to be THERE for my granddaughters and give them the benefit of my 75 years on this earth with it’s accumulated wisdom by dint of the school of hard knocks as well as two university degrees, a career in social services and especially my lifelong hobby/abilities as an artist, woodcarver and general crafts person.

So, on September 20, 2020, I quit drinking, cold turkey. I did it for my grandkids…if anyone wants to follow my example…find some children you can do it for…it works!

So I don’t drink alcohol any more and I have waaaaaay more self respect as a result. When I sound off with my family and go on a RANT…nobody can say it was “the booze talking”. Nobody can feel superior to me because I am fighting an addiction.

A few months ago I discovered a wonderful blog that I go to and read daily…as part of my sobriety program:

The Daily Addict – my Latest addiction

Connection Kills Addiction 1/5

Addicts and pain meds 1/30

The writer of The Daily Addict posts one short post a day. Each post touches briefly on one aspect of addiction/recovery. Every one of her/his posts strike a chord in me as a former addict. I highly recommend this blog to anyone who has struggled with addiction–and all the heavy baggage that comes with it.

Now, back to “The Morning After”–which is the fall-out from the huge build-up and cathartic demonstration of about 30,000 demonstrators in Ottawa and hundreds of thousands in cities across Canada. All told, there was an estimate of 50,000 trucks that made it to Ottawa and over a million who went out and demonstrated across Canada…pretty much what we had predicted beforehand…so we are not disappointed.

What we are disappointed in, is the response from the so-called “leadership” in Canada and in the Mainstream Media that is supposed to inform ALL Canadians of the truth. While our expectations were very low for these two entities…still, we underestimated their mule-ish stubborn obliviousness to the power and determination we showed them and their mendacious and childish response. Trudeau ran away and the Media lied like a rug.

There were a few exceptions in the media: Below is a report from The National Telegraph that breaks the jarring information that the QR codes are in fact the raison d’etre behind the CovID Plandemic These codes, which are required to go anywhere now…are actually able to track/trace the bearers of cell-phones everywhere they go:


Surely even the most sheeplefied of Canadians must pause when they contemplate 24/7 surveillance on all their activities by a “key to entrance” function on their cell phone–which can be turned off at any time. Helllooooooooo???!!!

Below are some more links I’ve collected while suffering my “Convoy Hangover” this morning…Please browse through them and I will have final comments at the end of this post.

The Lone Confederate Provocateur is identified in the crowd–and slinks away in humiliation. Who was he and how much was he paid?…you might well ask.

Below is a video where a trucker is checking in at the end of the evening and clears up a big misconception about Randy Hillier. Social Media Warrior Theo Fleury jumped on Randy during the demonstration for appearing to want to “breech the barricades” around the federal Parliament Buildings. Not so, says the trucker. Randy was only opening up a walkway so the demonstrators did not have to walk down an icy slope. Methinks Theo has an apology to make.

Frankly, I’m tired of the infighting in the leadership of the anti-mandate faction. Also, as a related question: “Whatever happened to Chris Sky?” I admire this young man and he did so much to raise awareness with his “We Will Not Comply” movement, He certainly deserved to be there at the demonstration and I would have appreciated hearing his voice. But, sadly, it would appear he was drummed out of the movement. Perhaps by the likes of Randy Hillier and Max Bernier. Unless I hear a cogent reason why Chris Sky was “cancelled”, this will be a black mark on those who drummed him out.

The leaders of the anti-vax movement would do well to study the history of non-profit movements in the West.

There actually are books written describing the pitfalls of getting involved in these social movements. The biggest problem is how some activists become very territorial about the power that comes their way when the movement takes off. They start being hyper-critical, overly politically correct, and exclusionary. Like I say, I read books when I was in social work school that described and warned against these common pitfalls.

I also know about them personally from my history of being a founder of a non-profit myself–when I was home with my kids for 12 years. I started a Family Place drop-in [Which apparently still provides services today] for parents and caregivers of small children. I put the ad in the local paper at my own expense…asking for joiners…held the first meeting in my home, organized a board of directors, applied for grants. appeared before city councils and eventually secured a venue for the Family Place.

Then I was the co-ordinator of the Family Place for two years. Suddenly, some connected people joined the board. These people were associated with a bigger charity. They worked to undermine me and take over the Family Place for their bigger charity. I was personally attacked [called a racist amongst other things] and drummed out of the organization that I had founded. A word to the wise is sufficient thereof.

But, I digress. Please browse through the following links:

Trucker clears up a controversy about MLA Randy Hillier
What happens when Power is taken to the Nth Degree
The Controlled Mainstream Media only has a few Options when Reporting on The Trucker Convoy

Greencrow concludes: Folks, what happened yesterday can be put into the perspective of what happened on the first day of the D-Day landing. Yesterday. we only gained a foothold in Ottawa. Now, the organizers must focus on and work to secure it–and lead their following in the right direction. It is an enormous task and fraught with the worst of dangers. They will need all our prayers and support.

My task in this effort is to bring my readers the latest news from the villified and squashed alternative media, along with my analysis with the wisdom gained over 75 years…and via my sobriety. Stay tuned.

16 thoughts on “UPDATED: The Morning After

  1. Thomas Renz’s testimony before a US Senate hearing.

    The man is a beast. An Ohio Buckeye.

    Still on Youtube!

    Invest in rope companies!


  2. Ohhhh the irony:

    PerpZ and MSM are getting desperate

    Claim Terry Fox statue was “defaced” ( had upside down Canadian Flag and anti mandate cardboard sign attached which can easily be removed ) Possibly false flagged?..

    Regardless…..Terry Fox had cancer… his leg amputated, …but was he a victim of Modern Medicine??. Its been documented that vaccines available when he was young had KNOWN cancer causing agents.
    Then he runs across Canada to raise money that went where???…back into the same corrupt medical system ??

    If Fox was alive now…would he have to be vaxxed???…would he have accepted being vaxxed???..would any treatment have to be delayed due to COVID ???

    IMHO…Fox’s memory is be defaced by desperate PerpZ that are equally desperate grasping at straws as the walls accelerate closing in.


  3. Beware Justin Castro:

    Recall faux daddy Pierre Trudeau introduced the War Measures Act in early 1970’s…..

    Makows site posted that Pierre Trudeau was about to be outed with pedophile allegations,…..the accuser was a Canadian politician(ex – journalist) Pierre Laporte ..who was ultimately murdered by an alleged Quebec terrorist group(FLQ).

    Don’t put it past a desperate Justin Castro(who is now a cornered rat) to pull some sort of similar stunt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi RAH:

      I am going to pull a little age rank here. I was around and in my 20’s when Justin was conceived. Pierre and Maggie were a big item at the time and everyone knew everything about them. Justin was conceived virtually on Pierre and Maggie’s wedding night…look at the dates and do the math. Justin is not the child of Fidel Castro. To say as much, IMO, is a serious slander on a dead man…Fidel Castro.

      When I look at Justin, particularly his mouth…I very much see the resemblance between him and Pierre. I met Pierre in person at a reception when he was campaigning. Pierre IMO would be appalled at his son’s abject stupidity. But Pierre would not be surprised…as I am not surprised. Maggie is a serious wing nut and very mentally ill. The apple did not fall from the tree…but the tree was Maggie and the seed was from Pierre.

      I also remember the FLQ crisis and Pierre LaPorte was killed by a group of operatives who fled to Cuba and stayed there for years. They were then pardoned which was a huge surprise to Canadians and brought back to Canada. The ringleader went on to have a career in politics, so I believe. Amazing but true. If I were to hazard a guess as to who was behind the FLQ situation…I would say the “Usual Suspects” operating out of New York who ended up funding the Bloc Quebecois and almost driving Canada asunder during the Quebec Liberation Referendum Crisis.

      BTW, Pierre Trudeau fought for Canada during that crisis, as well as the Meech Lake Constitutional Crisis a decade or so later. Pierre Trudeau IMO, was an honourable and patriotic Canadian. Sadly, like many parents….he fathered a very stupid, corrupt and gullible child. I know exactly how that happens in life.


  4. Hi GC:

    No worries..we all have opinions and based on what we feel is ” The Truth “.

    I was within 10 ft of Pierre Trudeau when he spoke at UBC in late 1970’s..what an arrogant obnoxious prick. All he did was insult people.

    Before I graduated High School I realized the Trudeau agenda was to destroy Canada.
    ..Justin is simply the exclamation mark to Pierre’s goal.

    I’ve not found any evidence to reverse my views posted earlier.
    I’ll leave it at that.


    1. Hi RAH
      Pierre was far from perfect and alienated people, particularly Westerners

      But if you were following the Quebec Referendum crisis and later the Meech Lake Accord Constitutional crisis…would you not agree that Pierre fought for Canada during those two existential crises?


      1. Perhaps the last truly “National” Canadian PM was Lester Pearson.

        When Pierre Trudeau was PM..he had advisors like Jack Austin who told him that all he had to do was focus on votes from Quebec and Ontario to win elections……F#ck the rest of Canada..especially the West.

        Over last 10 years…Transfer payments to “have not” Quebec are over $100 Billion….mostly from Alberta.

        Quebec is nothing but a nuisance to Confederation …by design..a holdover from Louisiana Purchase when Napoleon was indebted to Rothschilds and had to sell French territories in North America. It was imbedded as a card to be played later in geo – politics..which Pierre Trudeau did later with his to “two founding nations” multi- cultural BS.

        As Theo Fleury said…we currently have a ” Uni Party” in Canada…ie Liberals+Conservatives+NDP+Greens=COMMUNISM
        ….the Opposition = The Truckers and supporters.

        The Truckers and their supporters are our LAST hope…


  5. LOL regarding the slander of a dead man–Fidel Castro [may he rest in peace] being the father of Justin Trudeau

    Pierre and Maggie were married on March 4 1971

    Justin was born nine months later on December 25, 1971

    I rest my case.


  6. Alert everyone, Greencrow.. There are very possibly agent provocateurs now in the rally crowd that may be up to no good..

    Better that everyone is alerted and safe, rather than sorry… IF these bastards do attempt anything either tonight or tomorrow, at least the public will be aware of who is really responsible..


  7. From Jim Stone site:

    Re Truck Convoy and Protest:


    UPDATE: 8:30 Ottawa time and nothing has happened yet. Perhaps people sending out notifications of foul play was enough. Waiting . . . .
    Update: There are now reports that people gave the obvious agents a little personal talk and that throughout the day smaller numbers of them have been called out and forced to leave. The people there are NOT STUPID. That is an enormous advantage. That won’t stop the agents from entering the Parliament to stage something out of sight though. So now we wait . . . .

    I had a quickly produced and very good report on the other machine and they blocked it. For some reason despite the same errors, I got through with the machine I am using for the American based server. I wanted to keep all that separate but this is an emergency, HEADS UP OTTAWA, THERE IS A GOVERNMENT SPONSORED BLACK OP UNDERWAY THAT STARTED RIGHT BEFORE SUNSET GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT THEY WILL DO, BUT THEY WERE DRESSED JUST LIKE THE AGENTS WHO DID THE BOSTON BOMBING, AND THERE ARE TONS OF THEM.

    Commies will often back off when exposed before doing their dirty deed, hopefully this helps, POST POST AND REPOST. All the details are on the other machine but there’s simply no time for doing this twice. HEADS UP!!!!



    Jim Stone tends to get good info, vett through it and post it if he feels it has merit.

    IMHO Turdeau is in hiding..is desperate ….and his Globalist Perpz handlers are likely filling their diapers .and will pull out all stops.

    We have discussed some sort of False Flag would be their only option.
    Is this it???
    Stay Tuned !!!


  8. From Jim Stone:


    “………I saw this rumor last night but did not repeat it because I did not think it was plausible. However, the explanation is that he ran as far away as he could in Canada because if he landed abroad that would make news and he’s globally hated. The safest place then would be Vancouver Island. That makes sense now, and he’s evidently in a town called Tofino and was spotted because his obvious security detail gave him away.

    How stupid is that??? All Turdeau needs to do to be safe is put on a facemask, wear sunglasses, and walk right through the protest. NO ONE would figure out it was him. But no coward would EVER do that.

    Additionally, it appears the Canadian government is attempting to block the truckers where they are by parking heavy equipment in the road to prevent them from leaving. I don’t know how practical that’s going to end up being unless Canada has a Tienanman square type event planned and considering they opted to kill millions with a shot which is what this whole damn protest is about, I would not put that past them. Obviously that many are not dead yet but just wait until May…..”



    Good analysis.

    Recall Turdeau was video’d last Fall in Tofino…avoiding the First Nations event.
    It appears this was not a “one of” vacation…he owns property there.

    To get there requires boat…vehicle…. or access the local airport..the implication is he flew there.
    So..when SHTF…Turdeau “turtles” and bails like a coward.

    Tofino population is around 2,000, so word spreads fast..morseo if a security detail is present.
    Oh well..he’s at least as close to China as possible in Canada.

    Be intriguing if locals surrounded where he is staying with a crowd and /or a truck convoy.

    Baadddd move Justin,,but good move for 35 million Canadians.
    Resign you MoFo or swing from a lampost


    1. Hi RAH
      With the latest news from Ottawa that Turvert has decided to wait the Truckers out and not confront them with his phony “dog ate my homework” excuse of contracting the imaginary covID even though he’s supposedly triple vaxxxZed…The Tofino story is looking even more credible.

      I’m going to discuss this further in my post of today. But, having gone on Twitter this morning and felt the pulse of the sheeple…they’re lapping up this latest lie hook, line and sinker.

      The Trucker Organization is going to have to play it very smart to defeat and rid Canada of this fucking evil bastard.


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