END GAME COMING FOR LYING MEDIA: Washington Post calls Truckers “Fascists”

The Overpasses in Canada have now become Famous Icons of Freedom all over the World

Latest video snippets from Parliament Hill today:

Latest drone overhead footage of Parliament Hill crowd estimated to be between 20,000 and 30,000 at this moment:

Good morning Beloved Pureblood Sentients!!! The day we have been longing for two long nightmarish years has finally come to pass. Our rescuers have arrived and are now securely in their positions on Parliament Hill:

Canadian Child Stands in Snow Holding Sign That Says Everything!

Below is my longtime blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker reporting today from the frozen primeval forests of Manitoba:


Here is the Live feed channel of Vancouver real journalist and activist LauraLynnTylerThompson. I was watching this earlier before beginning this post:


Folks…one of our main enemies in this battle for humanity are the mainstream media. One of the worst and more pernicious liars in the mainstream media in Canada is Global News…or, as I call it, Glow Bull NewZ. I had a run in with a Glow Bull NewZ reporter in 2020 or early 2021 when one of their “reporters” approached me at a Vancouver rally and asked my opinion on the lockdowns. Much like what this woman in the video below experienced…I was asked “leading” weasel word questions by someone who obviously did not respect anything I was going to say. That night on the Glow Bull NewZ, they showed me talking …but there was no sound as to what I was saying…just the talking head denigrating me and the rally. I literally had no voice and was merely used by Glow Bull NewZ as a backdrop. To make a long story short, I ended up complaining to the Canadian Regulatory Body that governs Television Broadcasting. Glow Bull was told to write me a personal letter as a result of my formal complaint. What I got, long after the deadline they were supposed to meet…was a boilerplate form letter stating empty policies. That’s Glow Bull in a nutshell…watch their tactics for yourself in the video below:

Canadian Woman asks Glow Bull WHY they lie so much…”Reporter” walks away into the snow…lol
Tucker Carlson interviews Eloquent Canadian Trucker – Discussion of Lying Mass Media

Yes, the Canadian media corruption has gone far beyond simply lying and spreading mass psychosis propaganda. Now they’ve created a separate reality for their Sheeple…that are today being called “Sleepers”. This large segment of the population has absolutely no idea what’s really going on and still think there are 1200 truckers in Ottawa, as an example. They certainly are unaware that they and their children have been lethally poisoned by bioweapon vaxxxZines and will all be dead in three to five years…according to over 1,000 or so Whistleblowing doctors and scientists speaking out from all over the world!

Yes, the Turvert has gone into hiding this morning “for security reasons” or so the lying MZM is telling the sheeple. Something about “testing” NEGATIVE for the imaginary virus…WHAT? WAIT?!

Trudeau self-isolating — after taking one of the above Tests

Here is some comic relief about the Turvert’s hilariously cowardly non public performance:

Comic Relief Discussion of the Timid Turd hiding his tail between his legs and Running for the Gatineau Hills!
Canadian National Anthem Finally Means Something Again

Here is another LIVE feed video of Ottawa today:

This was sent to me this morning by regular source Dennis:

By Jeffrey A. Tucker
Global Research, January 29, 2022
This is not really or just about vaccine mandates. It’s about what they represent: government taking possession of our lives.


“I’m not a civil libertarian lawyer”. Good!
The focus is on the data only.

“Crime, once exposed, has no refuge but in audacity.” —  Tacitus

“What is offensive is that they lie, and worship their own lying.” — Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment
“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” ~Henry David Thoreau


Greencrow concludes: Going to keep this post short so that I and everyone can follow today’s events live. Will report again at the end of the day. In the meantime, I leave you with the video snippet above with the Canadian National Anthem. Our national anthem finally means something to us again. If nothing else happens…well, that will at least be something. But the Truckers have promised Canadians that they are not leaving until their objectives are achieved…and for once…I believe.

You and What Army?
Russia Today Reports on the Canadian Demonstration – Does not Mention CBC saying “Russia behind It”.
Canadian Mainstream Media veering wildly between calling Truckers Convoy White Supremacists and/or Puppet of Russia this is what one young woman has to say

Meanwhile…this video just in from Austria, Germany. This is what the Truckers are really fighting against:

10 thoughts on “END GAME COMING FOR LYING MEDIA: Washington Post calls Truckers “Fascists”

  1. Great post, young lady..

    And yes, it has been cold up here in the tundra of Manitoba.. When spring comes, I will definitely have to shave some of my fur and cut my nails….

    People are awake now..Hopefully…. I just hope that the masses see that this event in Canada MUST be mirrored everywhere across the world to end the criminal psychopaths’ tyranny

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Re Truck Convoy

    A few points:

    Awesome..Congrats..we are so proud of those participating.
    Moreso as it is VERY cold yet they show up and prevail..morseo those out in public.

    As was to be expected where is our ” multicultural ” society support ???
    I am guessing that over 90% of the truckers and other protestors are of “European descent” as we increasingly become a minority.

    As I have submitted many times in this Communist takeover, we need to focus on the UNelected Public Health Officers. Pressure them to quit…then the dominos fall .

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  3. From Jim Stone:

    The real truth about the trucker rally in Ottawa

    “……Ottawa has turned off the street view streams and put old footage in their place.

    Trolls are posting, lying, saying they are there and it is only a few hundred fringe nutcases. However, others managed to post drone footage, and this is what it looks like:
    Have you ever seen swarms of ants where they just pile up on the ground? How their movement looks like? That is what this protest looks like on the drone footage, God only knows how many people are there but it is an enormous number and they look like an ant swarm for as far as the drone can see.

    I have seen drone footage of lots of protests, and of the attendance at inaugurations and they don’t look like what is going on in Ottawa, it is EPIC.

    They shut down the roads going into Ottawa to try to stifle the protest and as the drone flew around people had gotten out of cars on the highways for as far as the eye could see and walked in (live feed). I don’t know how many cars don’t even have a driver anymore. Those walking in from the highway were approaching in numbers so dense that even they looked like an ant swarm as they approached.

    It is probably multiple millions.
    So Turdeau bugged out, he’s not even in Ottawa anymore. The CBC actually stated that, he left this morning when it was clear the protest might end up being the biggest ever held anywhere, in any country………”

    I’ve read various reports of stunts pulled by Gov’t and their flunkies.
    As I posted previously…we’ve had 2+ years of lies and bullshit and the Perpz have run out of tricks.

    The General Public that is awake are savvy to these tricks and will have zero tolerance, to the point the Perpz had best let nature take its course and don’t dare interfere. I’ll bet the organizers are documenting each and every cop..soldier etc.

    We’ve only just begun to fight !!!

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  4. Hi RAH:

    Keean Bexte reported from on the ground at Parliament Hill that there were 20,000, 30,000 outside around noon their time. Don’t know how many have arrived since.
    At the very least, Canada has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest outdoor gathering in -25 degree Celsius weather!
    Hopefully, the lies the CBC and Glow Bull and the other MZM are telling today is their last gasp. Drone footage of the size of the crowd and the interviews with the participants will stand the test of time and will prove:

    1) The size of the crowd

    2) The demographics/ethnicity of the crowd [all ages, sex and colours]

    3) Most importantly, the peaceful yet totally resolved and determined nature of the crowd.

    Finally, the MIA nature of the Turvert’s response to the Truckers Convoy is prima facie evidence that he is:

    A) A coward

    B) Infantile

    C) GONE!


  5. I was there in early afternoon, it was packed and people were still coming in. Had to leave as it was too much (and too cold) for the little ones. They needed to see though that their parents are not the only ones who are against these mandates. A large part of the population of Ottawa is truly hopeless… I hope the truckers stay as long as it takes, we will try to support them as we can.

    One man in the crowd told my son “you’re a very lucky young man”. I suppose that’s what it’s really about, protecting the next generation from this insanity.

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    1. That’s how I felt when i saw parents with youngsters at the rallies I attended in Vancouver last year. Those kids will be protected from the deadly vaxxxZines…unlike my granddaughters whose parents are sadly, vaxxZed sheeple.


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