Demonstrators in Switzerland used child coffins in a protest to demonstrate the number of children being killed by the VaxxxZines

Watch the video of the demonstration HERE. H/T FreakedOut

Heartbreaking: Mother takes photo of son to Mall to demonstrate against epidemic of suicides due to the CovIDian Cult Lockdowns, mandatory vaxxxZination and other associated rituals

UPDATES: 7:53 p.m. February 2, 2022 Folks, covering this crisis is very exhausting. I was going to post a series of updates this afternoon but ended up having a nap instead. Lucky for me, FreakedOut is younger and more on task. Here’s what he found about how small minded the local Ottawa perp assets are…which will, IMO, not serve them well in the long run:

“From Canadian David Wolfe on Telegram:

The city of Ottawa is not allowing porta-Potties be set up downtown, from what I was told they denied the permit request by the Convoy! They have also closed all Public restrooms, Rideau Center is closed and many smaller businesses are closed or not allowing use of their washroom! Let Mayor Jim Watson and the city of Ottawa know this is unacceptable!! They are public servants and they are supposed to work for the people!!! Paid for by OUR tax dollars! They are going after the go fund me to pay for police presence, despite the protest  being very peaceful. Contact Jim Watson ASAP and let him know you do not agree with our public tax dollars being used to;
1. sue the trucker convoy which you support,
2. pay for excess police presence

AND demand that they allow the public washrooms on parliament to be opened as well as porta-potties to be set up!!!

👉Contact💥💥💥💥 information for Mayor Jim Watson

110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1
Jim.Watson@ottawa.ca (link sends e-mail)
Web: http://www.JimWatsonOttawa.ca (link is external)

I have all kinds of URL’s to present today but things again are moving so fast that I think I will just breeze through them and then set up this post to be a timeline with latest developments at the top of the post. As the title suggests…this CovIDian Cult nightmare is all about the elitist perpZ trying, like the snake in the Garden of Eden, to be “more powerful than God” the Creator. They want to create transhumans–for fun and profit. See the link below:


Military lawyer says genetic changes from COVID vaccines are creating a new human ‘species’ under the law

Tue Feb 1, 2022
Todd Callender believes the creation of a synthetic DNA molecule creates a new genome with its own ‘intellectual property rights.’

Greencrow continues: Whatever is in the patented, mystery vaxxxZine concoctions…It’s pretty powerful stuff:

Covid vaccine vial contents found to be highly toxic when spilled – imagine the damage caused when injected


Becoming a “new man” is nothing new in the evolution of humanity. Humans have always wanted to redefine themselves. Here is a British Columbian who, in a letter to a local newspaper, sardonically describes his emergence, via the Plandemic, into a ‘new man’ I have copied his letter to the Kelowna Now in full because I think it sums up the agendas of Globalist war on Humanity better than most op-eds:

Thanks to Dr. Bonnie Henry I am a “new Man”


All letters to the editor published by KelownaNow reflect only the opinions of the readers who submit them, and not necessarily those of KelownaNow or its staff. Letters can be submitted to news@kelownanow.com

Thank you, Dr. Bonnie Henry!

Today, I am a new man. I used to think that COVID-19 was a disease 99.7 per cent of people recovered from. I also believed that face masks, social distancing and random plexiglass shields couldn’t stop it from getting around the population. And don’t freak out, but I was even starting to think that the vaccines were largely ineffective and could maybe (possibly) even be dangerous. Crazy, right?about:blank

Please, forgive me. I now realize that it was cynical and unfair to believe any pharmaceutical company might cut a corner or fudge some research just to cash in on one of the largest government paydays in human history.

Yes, they have blanket immunity from all lawsuits but I’m sure that does not stop them from standing behind every, single thing they produce 100 per cent. Anyway, I digress. I’m here to admit that I was wrong.

Now, to be fair, I did arrive at a lot of these mistaken beliefs due to COVID cranks like Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Byram Bridle (plus other notable alarmists). Talk about a good reason to zap free speech from social media! On top of that, I personally got a little lost studying charts and graphs buried in the appendixes of the various reports and studies put out by the CDC and the WHO, not to mention research and trial info supplied by Pfizer, Moderna and the rest.

But who was I kidding? I was just some guy who thought he could read and understand stuff. You might laugh, but I even made the mistake of seeking out detail and stats from other countries. It sounds silly now, but I really thought studying places like Israel, Ireland, Denmark, the UK, etc. (all 90+ per cent double-vaxxed – plus boosters) might give some hints as to where we were headed. Stupid! Again, I was trying to understand things for myself instead of just waiting for you to tell me what I needed to know. Dumb, dumb, dumb! Lockdowns, limitations and what businesses get to stay open (or not) is something for professionals like you to decide, not uninformed mouth-breathers like me.

I should have known better. Listening to doctors and researchers unapproved by the authorities just leads to filling up on “misinformation.” It’s kind of like that whole trucker convoy thing going on. Before, I would have thought it was just a bunch of Canadian truck drivers rolling on to Ottawa to support unity by protesting the divisive vaccine mandates and onerous border rules. Now? Let’s just say I’m going to wait and see what our Prime Minister and the legacy news media tell me to think before I make any decisions. See? I’m learning. I can do what I’m told.

Don’t hate me! I really thought listening to “outsider doctors” made sense, especially because they didn’t seem to have anything to gain.

Now, as those morons seem to be the only ones getting fired, losing their medical licences and having their hospital privileges revoked it’s becoming crystal clear that the truly smart doctor is one who knows how to keep his mouth shut.

Bad doctors rock the boat, agitating selfishly for their patients. I swear, this notion that science is some sort of back-and-forth process that mere citizens get to observe and comment on is nonsense. Talk about junk science. GOOD science is never disputed, it’s settled. That’s how you know it’s good.

Now, some have challenged me to explain why vaccinated people seem to be ending up sick and in hospital at least as much (if not more) than unvaxxed folks, especially lately. And before, I might have tried to answer. Now? Let’s just say the best response to any question about vaccine efficacy is to just get vaccinated. Just do it! They are safe and effective. You said so. And if two vaccines are what it takes for us to be safe, then two it is. And if a booster is required, then so be it. Another one? Absolutely. Every six months? Why not? Dr. Bonnie knows best. Period. I’m done freestyling my information accumulation. Your words are my words.

Vaccines have evolved. It used to be you mainly took them for things like yellow fever or small pox or measles and then you didn’t have to get them again. Not anymore. The new vaxxes are so good that you take them more often. You know that old saying “you can’t have too much of a good thing?”

Well, I think COVID vaccines are sort of like that.

And don’t get me started on vaccine passports. Before, I thought they were scary harbingers of a totalitarian, government-controlled and centrally monitored future. Now? I wish they could do even more. Wouldn’t it be great if they tracked ALL health choices made by everyone?

No more playing Russian roulette with your life. You could go into a mall or visit a restaurant or get on a plane comfortable in the knowledge that every health choice ever made by someone nearby is a government approved health choice. From vaccinations to cold sores to birth control to regular hand washing, we could track – and enforce – it all.

Dr. Bonnie will be like Santa Claus. She’ll know exactly who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, and then deal with them accordingly.

So, thank you, Dr. Henry for clarifying my world. No more unverified, unapproved voices.

Only official, government-stamped sources and professional, classic media for me. I now know better than to question what is done to keep me safe.

In fact, I’m certain your gentle words of simple wisdom will occupy a prominent place in my mind going forward. Be kind, be calm, be safe.

Or else, right?

Jarrod Thalheimer



Greencrow continues: Far from being a vehicle to transhumanize men into a better product, more and more information is coming out that the vaxxxZines are actually depopulation bioweapons to kill, maim and sterilize the majority of humans living on this planet. Here’s one of the latest reports that is based on PfiZer’s own research into it’s Experimental Gene Therapy. This information was only made public after strenuous efforts by PfiZer to keep it secret were foiled by FOI requests:

BOMBSHELL Pfizer FOIA Proves Covid-Jab’s a Bioweapon & Government Know They’re Committing Genocide


Greencrow continues: It seems impossible for the sheeple to believe that the PerpZ could possibly be so unspeakably evil. They continue to cup their hands over their ears and shut their eyes…all the while calling pureblood sentients tinfoil hat conspirators. Well, before I forget to mention it, there never was a bigger conspiracy theory to hit the airwaves than the idea floated by the national taxpayer-funded Canadian broadcaster, the CBC, when it posited the notion last weekend that Russia/Putin was behind the Truckers! LOL. I wonder how many sheeple bought that one.

Back to reality. What IS going to happen to the vaxxxZinated if the 1000’s of whistleblowing doctors and scientists, like former PfiZer VP Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Sucharit Bhakti, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Dr. Kary Mullis.[..yes deceased Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Mullis WAS a whistleblower against the arch-Perp-Puppet, Tony Fauci, before he was offed three or four months prior to the Wuhun bioweapon roll-out in January, 2020.] as well as many others are correct in their assessment of its lethality? The estimate for survival after vaxxxZination with the synthetic mRNA is three to five years. Where are they planning to hide the millions of maimed and dying vaxxZed in the interim between the injections and the mass die-off? Well, one British Columbian has an idea:

Concentration Camps popping up everywhere are for the vaxxx injured/dying? Crownuts has an idea: H/T FreakedOut

Crownuts says that quarantine camps are actually future storage warehouses for the dying vaxxZed,

Well, I’d better sign off and continue preparing for the big dump of snow that has been predicted for coastal BC. Interestingly…as a crow who likes to connect the dotZ…I just discovered an interesting gonnection between graphene [the PerpZ “go to” ingrediant in practically everything these days] and weather weaponiZation:


Look up “graphene ice nucleation” to learn more…

It takes some heat to form ice! – Nature Research

https://chemistrycommunity.nature.com › posts › interfacial-motion-of-water-reveals-a-kinetic-barrier-to-ice-nucleation

Ice nucleation on graphene

As soon as we started to put water down on a graphene surface in our experiments, we realised that the behaviour was very different to our previous study. We also saw…”


BREAKING NEWS: Conservative MPs vote to remove Erin O’Toole as leader:


Greencrow continues: LOL.. Thank the Truckers already! The first head of the three-headed Medusa Parliamentary monster was been decapitated in Ottawa this morning…see above for details:

Now we just need to wait peacefully and patiently with the Truckers–while the other two heads are slit and fall from from their Hydra-like corpus…particularly the one belonging to the lying sack of shit below:

H/T Simon Hicks

POLL: Do you support the convoy of truckers protesting vaccine restrictions in Canada?



Thank you for voting!

Yes 83.47%  (33,672 votes)  No 16.53%  (6,670 votes) 

The lies vs. The Truth

Greencrow concludes: Canadian truckers give us reason to hope: ‘Thank you from the bottom of our hearts’ H/T FreakedOut

Two Canadian women thank the Truckers for intervening to stop the human carnage that has been escalating for Two Years:


Folks…don’t forget to stay tuned and check back to this post throughout the day as the greencrow keeps her finger on the pulse of the newZ with regular updates and breaking news as it happens.

10 thoughts on “A NEW MAN?

  1. I do wonder how long this protest is going to carry on for? I get the feeling the Turvert Regime is going to drag it out in a war of wits, see who can endure the longest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Re Tow Truck Drivers etc.

      When we have such support at the periphery…this is an awesome sign.

      They “get it” ….and realize that if they co-operate with PerpZ….they will be branded as TRAITORS.

      They have chosen to be on the right side of history,..victory is on the horizon.


      1. Could you imagine the OUTRAGE of Canadians…and the entire world….if the RCMP arrested all the truckers in Coutts and hauled them off!?!? 😲 Talk about send everyone over the edge.
        Let FREEDOM ring!!


  2. Re Erin O’Toole being turfed.

    IMHO…his ass getting handed to him on a platter is GREAT….I posted previously that Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Green are UNI-Party..the Opposition is Truckers and Protestors.

    O’Toole was a f*cking disaster, and his party realized that this scumbag had to go, which was likely based on feedback from grassroots.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have been engaged in a Twitter debate on the viability of Pierre Poilievre as a leadership candidate. I say that Pierre never spoke up against the vaxxx mandate or passports for two years and so should not be trusted. Problem is, not one conservative spoke up about these fundamental rights and freedoms…so the CPC does NOT have a viable candidate in all of Canada!


      1. IMHO..the Conservatives initially had cowardice re Covid issue…..and STFU.

        However…my call is they(finally) woke up from their trance and realized that if they don’t distance themselves from O’Toole and Trudeau…..their party will be nuked and/or they will be swinging from lamposts beside Turdeau and acolytes.

        Key is Turdeau being increasingly marginalized……and this is a good start.


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