Four Strong Winds

Ian and Sylvia Sing “Four Strong Winds” – An Unofficial Canadian Anthem of Alberta

Four Strong Winds”….Truckers Escape the Border Blockade on the Alberta/Montana Border from Tuesday

Good morning readers: Yesterday the tensions between the Truckers and their Canadian Government Overloards grew exponentially as the blockades solidify in Ottawa and continue near Coutts, Alberta on the Alberta/Montana border. I have several very important links to news reports from over the past 24 hours to share with you this morning. As I watched them last night and this morning I had that heavy feeling that history is being made and–biZarrely, due to the Decades Long embargo against Truth in the Canadian Mainstream media, MOST Canadians are completely oblivious that their democracy hangs by a slender thread in Ottawa.

First, here is a video of a press conference held by the Freedom Convoy Leaders this morning. You will see that they have dramatically tightened up their format when compared with the previous press conference given just after their arrival in Ottawa. Now they have a podium, a French translator…and a lawyer limiting the questions from the enemy Mainstream media. Please watch this historic video where Tamara Leitch, now the official leader of the Convoy…lays down the gauntlet by saying the convoy will be staying in Ottawa until the government negotiates an end to the mandates. Former RCMP Constable Daniel Bulford also addressed the group about security in the Capital.

Last night I watched what looked to me like a scene out of one of those Cohen Bothers movies like “Fargo”. In this video, the truckers are in their meeting place on the Montana/Alberta border when two RCMP cops come in and try to diktate to them the re-opening of the blockaded border. Stereotypically, there was a “good cop” and a “bad cop”. Both cops looked like they did not want to be doing what they were ordered by their superiors to do. The Truckers asked them pointedly “Do you guys have families?” Each side gave the other ultimatums. The Truckers told the cops they would not be complying with the order to move their trucks and, sooner or later, the RCMP themselves would have to take personal stands on the issues under dispute Please watch this historical confrontation–that will no doubt be debated for years:

A video I now call “Four Strong Winds” was sent to me last night by Truth Blogger Guru John Kaminski

“You do it our way or else.” The RCMP Showdown with the Truckers in Alberta

RCMP Police Confronting Truckers at Alberta/Montana Border

H/T John Kaminski


Of course, if the Canadian Media had been doing their jobs over the past decades or so Canada would not be in this crisis. What would Canadians think, for example, if they knew about the Tweet the Turvert sent [then quickly deleted] last Monday…shown below:

Trudeau’s Call for Hate Towards the UnvaxxxZinated

But Nooooooooooo. ALL the mainstream media are completely bought, lock, stock and barrel by the Globalist Perps…and do the bidding of their national puppet assets like the Turvert. Here is a report from the UK paper, The Daily Mail:

Canada’s state broadcaster spreads bizarre conspiracy theory that ‘Russian actors’ are behind 50,000-strong ‘Freedom Convoy’ of truckers protesting Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandate: Police threaten to ARREST truckers blockading the US border in Alberta

  • Canada’s foremost news network is spreading a conspiracy theory that ‘Russian actors’ are behind the ‘Freedom Convoy’ trucker vaccine mandate protests in Ottawa and at the US border
  • During a broadcast Friday on the Canada Broadcasting Corporation – which is funded by the Canadian government – anchor Nil Koksal offered Parliament member Marco Mendicino the theory
  • ‘There is concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things as this protest grows. Perhaps even instigating it from the outset,’ Koksal said, citing Canada’s support for Russia-enemy Ukraine as evidence
  •  Koksal’s comments quickly set off a storm of backlash on social media, with users criticizing the longtime CBC fixture for offering an unfounded theory based entirely on speculation as news
  • The Freedom Convoy, a coalition of 50,000 drivers protesting Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers, has been described as a grassroots movement and has no known ties to Russia
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police have threatened to arrest truckers blockading the US border in Alberta unless they leave by Tuesday, a lawyer representing the disgruntled drivers says 
  • Calgary-based civil liberties lawyer Chad Williamson revealed that Royal Canadian Mounted Police officials handed members of the so-called ‘ Freedom Convoy’ the ultimatum Tuesday
  • ‘The police have essentially shut down all negotiations, period,’ civil rights attorney Williamson said Tuesday
  • ‘They have indicated that they are going to seize equipment, and they’ve indicated that they are going to reopen the highway,’ he added  
  • Trudeau called dissenters in the Canadian capital and along the US border ‘hateful,’ ‘violent,’ and ‘racist,’ labeling them a ‘small, fringe minority’ 

Perhaps one of the many reasons the PerpZ want to wrap up the blockade in the shortest amount of time possible is because worldwide opposition is swelling by leaps and bounds every day and some big events are on the horizon, including lawyer Dr. Reiner Fullmich’s “International Tribunals”…this is going to be a “drill” for Nuremberg 2.0 where Trudeau and his international croneys will be in the docket. The drill International Tribunals promises to be a blockbuster…with real lawyers, real judges, real evidence and real criminals…including Anthony Fauci, Klaus “Anal” Schwab, Trudeau and many others. I am sure with the Turvert raising his ignominious profile so high this past week with his Tweet that the vaxxZed should not invite their unvaxxZed relatives to dinner or even talk with them…He will be high up on the “List of Accused”. BTW, real verdicts are going to be handed down at the end of the drill. I can hardly wait!


Another development to note is the support the Truckers are getting in Ottawa. The following video shows some Toronto area businesswomen of Polish heritage travelling up to Ottawa with truckloads of delicious sandwiches made with Polish sausages. In the video below, a spokeswoman for the group says the Polish immigrants remember what government tyranny was like in the old Soviet Union and want to make sure it doesn’t rear its hideous head here in Canada. She does say, however, that as bad as things got in Soviet Poland…the Communist leaders never prevented the people from going to church…like what is now happening here in Canada


Another act of generosity. Strangers came in the night and placed dozens of bags of food on a truckers’ flatbed. Watch the video:

Peter Paul and Mary Sing “The Rising of the Moon” – a song about the Irish Rebels who raised their “pitchforks” against their British Oppressors–in the 1600’s and again in the early 1900’s. This ancient quarrel is still part of my cultural DNA as a descendant of those Irish Fighters.

Greencrow concludes: As I watched the videos at the top of this post and particularly the tense confrontation that took place in Alberta at the Trucker Convoy meeting place between the RCMP and the truckers, I thought back to the ancient quarrels that took place between the British Monarchy and the Irish citizens after Oliver Cromwell came to Ireland in the 1600’s and burned the Irish villagers in their churches…replacing them on their land with Scottish highlanders. IMO, this is the same kind of quarrel and, as I watched the two sides exchange words…I thought how the truckers and the police are both victims of the government and the globalists. As the truckers told the RCMP…they are really on the same side. Stay tuned.

Op-ed in Lew Rockwell on Trudeau’s leadership H/T Dennis

Justin Trudeau is a Bungler and Menace to His Nation

By Vasko Kohlmayer

The Stakes are very high as this bombshell report from globalresearch suggests. The PfiZer vaxxZines are very dangerous…but the Canadian government is still the biggest toxic drug pusher per capita in the history of humanity…14 vaxxxZines for every Canadian all paid for by your tax dollars…and the Turvert gets a cut of every vaxxine injected because of his personal financial investment in Acuitas…a mRNA company.

See details below:

RACKETEERING: Trudeau HID THE FACT that Canada gets kickbacks every time Pfizer or Moderna vials are sold, because Acuitas & Arbutis pharmaceuticals from British Columbia invented the lipid nanoparticle licensed to inject the PATHOGEN into EVERYBODY…Trudeau ordered 10X more vials than Canada’s sum population. Buried a 32-year-old friend yesterday, double-jabbed and full of blood clots. 3 DOUBLE-JABBED family members are ALL sick with COVID. Search Antibody Dependent Enhancement on DuckDuckGo. WAKE UP! Thank You Trucker Warrior-Angels: HOLD!

7 thoughts on “Four Strong Winds

  1. Enjoyed the press conference with Tamara Leitch.
    I also enjoyed seeing Laura Lynn go after the MZM hyena liars, thought she was going to do a WWF body slam on some of them, calling them out for their lies.👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi FreakedOut. Must have missed that Laura Lynn bit in the video…can you resend the link? I’d like to have a look. I met Laura LynnTyler Thomson many times during the Rallies I attended in Vancouver.


      1. Here’s the longer version of the video in Epoch Times, go to the 26:50MM timestamp to see Laura Lynn go after the MZM rats, very nice!😲💪👍
        Before that there is an interview going on with Dr Paul Alexander.

        LIVE: Freedom Convoy Leaders Speak About Protest Against Mandates


  2. Re:”RCMP Police Confronting Truckers at Alberta/Montana Border”

    The two uniformed men delivered ultimatum from behind curtain anonymous boss in form of uttering verbal threats. Their adherance to their 3 part oath should be questioned as I strongly suspect they were rcmp oath breakers now only impersonators of rcmp officers. Once they delivered the ultimatum any and all communication should have seized and the two individuals should be expelled from property.
    Key question is under what particular law are the threats uttered and whom in particular they represent.

    Easy test of rcmp impersonator. Show Canadian pasport the first page and demand what is written on it.


  3. Hey Greencrow, I hate Trudeau for everything he’s done to Canadians, but that tweet doesn’t sound like it was written by him at all. Reread the first paragraph. It sounds like it was written by someone who’s mocking him. All the lockdown-supporters are looking for any reason to discredit us, no matter how small. Unless you’ve seen evidence to confirm that he did indeed post that, I’d suggest you take it down as it’s unlikely it’s legitimate.


    1. Hi Fred:

      If you listen and watch the interview with Trudeau’s half brother Kyle Kemper, Kemper says that Trudeau does not write his own Tweets. I suppose he has staff doing that for him. Be that as it may…it is his official account and he is responsible for what goes out on it.
      Why should I take it down? These are in fact Trudeaus views. We know from other posts of his and policies that he is trying to put the screws to the unvaxxxZinated. He wants to isolate us and render us second class citizens in our own country. The post stays up.


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