Bonnie Henry says I can no longer visit my brother Paul at his Burnaby, BC residence

My Brother Paul and I – in Photo Taken Before the CovIDian Cult Tyranny was launched

Good morning beloved Sentients. WordPress is being heavily censored this morning. This is the first time this has happened since I came on this platform several months ago. RAH’s YouTube URL’s were deleted from his comments and I tried to restore them without success. The videos were both of legal resistance to the illegal and undemocratic Tyranny that is now being imposed on our land.

Folks, I never thought I would see the day when I would be forbidden to visit my developmentally disabled brother Paul, pictured in the photo with me above. I have known Paul since his birth 63 years ago and we have been very close all our lives. At the moment, I am one of just two family members here in Vancouver that Paul has. I have been suddenly forbidden to visit him by “Dr” [Mengele?] Bonnie “the Bullshitter” Henry. This is because I am unvaxxxZinated. I was just told so by the Person in Charge at his staffed residence in Burnaby, BC during a telephone conversation last night. This person in charge is fully vaxxxZinated, yet came down with “CovID” last January, causing the entire staffed residence to again go into lockdown.

History Will Record this Entity as being the Biggest Mass Murderer in BC History

Now she is telling me that I cannot visit Paul even though I have not been sick once since the Plandemic HOAX Genocide Global “Reset” started two years ago. If that is not insanity I don’t know what is.

Frankly, I am at a complete loss what to do. I never dreamed it would go this far. After all, even in the darkest days of the Soviet Union the government never forbid old people from visiting their last remaining relatives. There needs to be a new lexicon to describe what’s going on. The words we have available to us in English do not adequately describe this kind of oppression. It is beyond Satanic….like I say…there are NO words at this point and we need to come up with some soon.

Below are a few links to videos showing the resistance. But in these videos, the brave resisters speaking up are using the old words. The politician and the police are not adequately describing the horror that is going on. But it is worth listening to them all the same…they are doing their best to speak out for justice, truth, freedom…and humanity given the current lexicon available to them. I have also added a few humourous breaks in the human tragedy unfolding–for contrast and relief.

Below, is a humourous video showing a vaxxxZed so-called “comedian” bragging about getting “all” the jabs. Then, suddenly she faints on stage…getting the biggest laugh of her career! Those micro-bloodclots have a way of sneaking up on the vaxxxZed! H/T FreakedOut

Here is another humourous clip. Ottawa protesters carrying empty Jerry cans because the police threatened to arrest anyone carrying fuel cans to the Truckers.

Finally, here are two videos of Canadian police officers speaking out for truth, justice and democracy. These are two very brave men and Canadians should be very proud to have even a few conscientious objectors emerge out of the swamp of compromised, corrupted thugs that will soon be arresting the freedom fighters and hauling them off to the long prepared quarantine internment camps.

Greencrow concludes: Folks, I am still in a state of shock at having, after over 60 years, been denied access to my disabled brother. My parents would wish they were dead if they were alive and saw this turn of events.

This is the Insanity We’re Living Under “Will Trudeau Fall?”
Trudeau speaking with forked tongue in the Canadian House of Commons

16 thoughts on “Bonnie Henry says I can no longer visit my brother Paul at his Burnaby, BC residence

  1. Greencrow,

    I visited my Mother yesterday.

    Still doing well. But she just likes candy and eggs.

    94 years old! I stayed with her in the hospital overnight tag teaming with my sisters.

    If people don’t realize this then they should, Reiner Fullmich has a real Grand Jury. Otherwise their proceedings don’t make sense.

    Thomas Renz is now talking murder!

    He was on Bannon’s War Room.

    Bannon went white with fear.


  2. B.C. expands health-care vaccine mandate to include doctors, dentists and other regulated professionals

    “…….B.C. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has announced that the province’s vaccine mandate for health-care workers will now include dentists, chiropractors and other health practitioners regulated by B.C.’s health-care colleges.

    Henry made the announcement at a news conference on Wednesday. The vaccination deadline under the new order is Mar. 24 for all health-care practitioners who were not covered by an initial order on Oct. 26.

    The Oct. 26 mandate covered all workers in acute care and long-term care settings, with Henry, at the time, announcing she was working with the province’s 19 regulatory colleges on the new order.

    “It is the vaccine mandate in health care that has made a huge difference in our ability to manage through this wave,” she said Wednesday. “This is going to be a serious respiratory illness that’s going to be with us at least for another year.”

    There are currently 19 health regulatory colleges operating in BC:

    BC College of Nurses and Midwives
    BC College of Social Workers
    College of Chiropractors of BC
    College of Dental Hygienists of BC
    College of Dental Surgeons of BC
    College of Dental Technicians of BC
    College of Denturists of BC
    College of Dietitians of BC
    College of Massage Therapists of BC
    College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC
    College of Occupational Therapists of BC
    College of Opticians of BC
    College of Optometrists of BC
    College of Pharmacists of BC
    College of Physical Therapists of BC
    College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC
    College of Psychologists of BC
    College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC
    College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of BC


    Looks like Dr. Bullshite is trying to tighten the noose even more.
    One of many things that will evolve is those professionals noted above and co-opted will likely insist their clients be vaxxed

    …no shoes …….no vaxx = no service

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    1. Thanks Penny:

      The poor mother nailed it….what occurred was by design ,…..not by accident.
      I have more respect for blatant evil than scumbags like frauds such as Trudeau who try to deceive us like they even remotely give a shit.

      This is pure evil.


  3. ::: All public servants, and all who are paid by the public for a service, need to demand an immediate end to Dr. Bonnie Hitlery’s reign of terror and mismanagement, as her elected officials, like Dix and Horgan, hide behind her Fluvogs.

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    1. Hi Donna;

      It seems that Bonnie “The Bullshitter” is now “Chief Hellth Authority for Life”. Nothing and nobody seems capable of dislodging this new age Dr. Mengele. Meanwhile her hands are dripping with the blood of her victims…all the suicides, all the “overdoses” [IMO also suicides] all the murdered in the old age homes all the murdered in the hospitals under the “Covid Protocols”. She is a mass murderer the likes humanity has never seen…and she’s only getting started!!!


  4. ::: All public servants, and all who are paid by the public for a service, need to demand an immediate end to Dr. Bonnie Hitlery’s reign of terror and mismanagement, as her elected officials, like Dix and Horgan, hide behind her Fluvogs.


  5. Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario open letter to Ford full of radicalized rhetoric
    EFTO president Karen Brown believes the Freedom Convoy is ‘white supremacist violence.’



    There were the primary terrorists such as Public Health Officers….then the secondary etc level of scumbags such as these parties who could have been good allies but instead exacerbate the situation with their vomit inducing diatribes.

    I am very concerned re:the impact on our youth going forward.



  6. Greencrow,

    Now I am too afraid to go to my doctor or dentist.

    I would get vaccines (shingles, flu,etc.), but now I don’t trust them.

    How about this humor. I have a baby Eastern Box Turtle and she is much smarter than humans. I’ve tried to mask her a few times. She pulls the mask off immediately. I guess EBTs like to breath.

    You don’t have Eastern Box Turtles in BC. But they are fascinating animals. Mine is now used to me and she gives me what I call the ‘eyeball’ when she’s hungry. That ‘eyeball’ doesn’t blink and doesn’t move for hours, until I feed her. Your truckers need a big ‘EYEBALL’ on Trudeau.


  7. Hey GC
    I’ve added something at the bottom of the blog where one can sign up with email too- same as you have. AT least I think it is?
    and there is some bad news brought to us by Doug Ford- I’ll be posting it shortly


  8. Very sorry to learn that you are no longer able to visit with your brother.
    The truckers are displaying the kind of society we want Canada to be; safe, responsible, peaceful, accepting, respectful, etc..
    I really don’t understand those who think it’s acceptable to keep families/ friends apart. It truly is anti-human.
    My father’s generation fought in WWII, and I remember them saying it’s not a sin to kill a communist because they are less than human. For many years I thought that was pretty harsh, but now I understand; there are people who are not able to relate to other humans in a loving/caring way.
    Whoa to the world when these sociopaths rise into any position of authority.

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