Sleeze, Sleeze and more Sleeze

Sleeze, Sleeze and more Sleeze

Good afternoon sentients. The above video is just one small indication of how totally corrupt politicians and government bureaucrats are. As RAH said in a comment…you will need to take a shower after watching the above small video snippet. The entire political, bureaucratic and institutional landscape currently can be described as “Sleeze, Sleeze and more Sleeze”.

Folks, longtime readers know that I am a crafts person and have been all my life. I paint, draw, carve wood, sculpt, sew, knit, crochet….and any other craft that comes my way. I’m not superb at any craft, but probably slightly better than most at several. The exception is knitting. While I love to knit for therapeutic relaxation, the lifelong mathematics dyslexia I have with numbers makes counting stitches and following intricate knitting patterns near impossible. So I’m limited to making simple woolen hats [toques] scarves and big poncho-style cozy sweaters. I’m making such a poncho sweater right now out of leftover wool. Something occurred to me yesterday while I was knitting. The Deep State Globalist Agenda might be similar to a great big knitted sweater…it can be totally unraveled by pulling on a single thread.

If such is the case…then an American by the name of Benjamin Gord stumbled upon that mythical single thread. At the end of January, 2022, Benjamin rolled his car outside of Flagstaff Arizona and ended up in hospital on a ventilator.

I’ve being going down the rabbit hole of what happened to Benjamin Gord thereafter in the Flagstaff Hospital with the invaluable assistance of GATCF USA Bureau Chief FreakedOut. FreakedOut and I are absolutely dumbfounded that the Mainstream Media has not so much as whispered a word about the strange case of Ben Gord….NOT!

The Mainstream media would never mention Ben’s case…as intriguing as it is….because it’s literally dripping with clues about their Elite Masters’ hatred of humanity…the larger depopulation agenda and the Satanic methodology of it all They are using our most sacred and essential institutions–our hospitals–to destroy us. I have posted about Ben’s Bizarre Hospitalization HERE, HERE and HERE. Then, just last night, FreakedOut wrote with yet another link to another interview Ben Gord has given, this time to longtime truther Jeff Rense:

Ben Gord’s original video made the a day or so after his kidnapping and rendition to Flagstaff Medical Hospital

“Hi gc,

Jeff & Erica – Car Crash Victim Describes How
He Woke Up In Hospital Covid Final Care Mode
Hear His Full Story – Incentivized Covid Murder
In US Hospitals? Beware!

I’m with Jeff, it TOTALLY creeps me out too!!! 



Listening to Ben Gord being interviewed by Jeff Rense has fleshed out a bit more of the story of his kidnapping, rendition and attack by hospital staff with a ventilator, IV drugs and catheter. Jeff Rense and Stew Peters, who interviewed Gord previously, both allege that the hospital, due to being financially incentivized, acted criminally in a failed attempt to end Gord’s life. They further allege similarly planned medical murders are taking place all over the West and this is genocide or as Jeff Rense calls it, mass murder.

By the Flagstaff hospital staff’s own admission, Gord was administered three potentially lethal drugs: Propofol, Fentanyl, and Morphine. Jeff and Gord agreed these drugs were probably used to “step down” his functioning so that the ventilator could be justified. The ventilator is well known to be an “end of life” protocol and those who go on it rarely survive.

Benjamin Gord disclosed to Jeff that he will soon be interviewed by “Plandemic” Documentary maker Mikki Willis. Willis apparently has told Gord that he is already going to Flagstaff to investigate “another case”.

It is telling that Gord is already getting the bureaucratic runaround by the Flagstaff Medical Hospital…dragging their heels providing him with his own medical records. One question the interviewers have not asked Gord yet; “Did the hospital give him a covID jab while he was under?” If true, that would be another factor to add to the already damning court case that Gord is now building and will be launching against the Flagstaff hospital.

Gord ends the interview with Rense by saying one reason he’s gone so public is to raise awareness of the dangers of going to hospital. I only wish my family had been aware of these “CovID Hospital Protocols” last February, about a year ago now, when my two years older brother went to Collingwood Veterans and Marine Hospital in Collingwood Ontario. My brother presented at the Collingwood hospital emergency for an inflamed prostate late one evening. It was the Emergency hospital staff who negligently perforated my brother’s urethra while inserting a catheter. This lead to sepsis, which remained untreated for weeks…and lead to his death in late March of 2022.

So much of what happened to my brother is reflected in Ben Gord’s story. The isolation, the negligence and malpractice…the denial of nourishment…the use of drugs and a ventilator…yes, at the end my brother was in the ICU and on a ventilator.

The talk of possible blood clots…yes, my brother suffered from a very damaging blood clot as a result of the malpractice. I knew my brother was being harmed by the hospital before he died. After his death I asked family back East to request an investigation…they did not see the necessity for one.

It was video blogger Amazing Polly who spelled out exactly what was/is going on in the Ontario Hospitals under the CovID Protocols and, after watching her videos on the topic, I became convinced my brother was deliberately murdered. Like Jeff Rense says…the hospitals stand to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for every death under the protocols and particularly with the use of the ventilator and “certain drugs”.

No doubt Collingwood Veterans and Marine Hospital made tens of thousands at least by killing my brother. Now, with Ben Gord stumbling upon the single thread that, if pulled correctly via a huge lawsuit against the hospital…could just unravel the entire criminal operation…leading right to the top. This is an international crime operation/scam/depopulation/genocide and it needs to be stopped!!!

Not unrelated, here is a video from Twitter about a nurse, fired from a hospital for not kowtowing to the CovID vaxxxZination Protocol, confronting one of the criminally complict media assets:

But, ever since the Trucker Convoy arrived in Ottawa and the real men finally stepped forward to defend humanity, the worm is beginning to turn. Witness today in the national news, we see two Liberal backbenchers have now belatedly come out against the Turvert. All I can do is ask:

Where was Liberal MP Joel Lightbound over the last two years–when Trudeau was tightening the noose around the necks of the unvaxxxZinated? Cutting us off from fundamental freedoms and isolating us from friends and family? That’s all i want to know about him.

Meanwhile, the vaxxxZed continue to become sickened by the toxic Experimental synthetic mRNA brew they allowed to be injected into their bodies. The following link is a bit of black humoUr. A “comedian” is in the middle of an anti-vaxxx rant and is bragging about all the jabs she’s taken–when she suddenly keels over unconscious. Another clip you’ll never see on the MZM.

Below, again from Twitter, a woman in the Ottawa street confronts the criminally complicit media for lying about the impact the Trucker Convoy has had on the city. She makes some very good points.

Finally, we have a post by Paul Craig Roberts. The entire world is now looking to Canada to save humanity from the Satanic Purveyors of the CovIDian Plandemic HOAX/toxic vaxxxZine caper: H/T Dennis

Paul Craig Roberts

I am all for the Canadian Truckers. They have carried three provinces of Canada and a judge with them, but I doubt it will be as easy as they think. They have declared war on the ruling elite just as Trump did, and we know what happened to Trump. But the truckers and their supporters are many, and they are determined. I never expected this strength of resistance from Canadians. My respect for the Canadian people has sky-rocketed.

Greencrow concludes: While the world looks to Canada, I look to American Ben Gord…who now carries on his shoulders the heavy responsibility for pulling on that thread that will unravel the CovIDian Cult Hospital Protocols, that will stop the killings for fun and profit, and will finally bring belated justice to victims–such as my two years older brother–whose voice cries out for justice in my dreams at night.

Add Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the PCR test Dr. Kary Mullis to this list

8 thoughts on “Sleeze, Sleeze and more Sleeze

  1. No doubt Greencrow, the sleaze factor is through the roof!😲😝
    Can’t wait for all you Canadian Patriots to get your hands on all the scum and bring them to justice.

    Lots of Love and Admiration to nurse Kristin Nagle for her incredible efforts to expose this COVID farce. Caring for her young family while fighting off the goons from the COVIDIAN Cult has got to be a drain!

    I’d like to take a trip out to the Arizona hospital that tried to kill Ben Gord and get in their faces.

    I also hope Ben is watching his back and carrying some self defense measures. What an absolute miracle he overcame the sedatives he was on and became TOTALLY alert and conscious. Somebody was watching over him that day!

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    1. Yes, Ben’s sudden awareness under the circumstances seems miraculous. Miracles can often be doors or windows of opportunity but it is up to us to walk or climb through them. The Gord Incident needs to be investigated by the likes of Thomas Renz and/or Robert F. Kennedy jr.

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