just updated: coverage of trucker blockades and Ambassador bridge stand off

Just Yesterday [February 11, 2022] Canadian Armed Forces Vets declared solidarity with Truckers on Parliament Hill

UPDATE: 4:09 p.m. PST February 12, 2022 From Twitter: “Just in case y’all missed it, the police stood down on pushing the #AmbassadorBridgeBlockade back. Day 6, holding strong. Even the Moroun family, who owns the bridge, are asking Canada to drop mandates, US as well. I didn’t have that on my bingo card 😏✊ #HonkHonk”

UPDATE: 3:03 pm PST Saturday, February 12, 2022 Rebel News David Menzies reporting from The Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario on the Canada/US border. David Menzies says that as evening comes, more and more protestors are coming to the bridge to join the Truckers. The police, who seemed poised to strike earlier in the afternoon, for some strange reason have backed off at least temporarily. But they are towing away vehicles. Sadly I am unable to upload the video. I will see if I can put it into the comments so check down there.

UPDATE: 2:42 pm PST Saturday, February 12, 2022 H/T RAH from Twitter – Canadian Military Veteran chases CBC Lying Media away from National War Memorial in Ottawa. Then veteran gets hugged by passers-by as he continues to clean the steps of the memorial. IMO, folks, they’ve raised the wrong hackles. This is just the beginning of the Canadian military veterans [and enlisted] declaration of war on the Criminal Conspiracy Currently Occupying the Government in Ottawa:

Not able to upload this video from Twitter but the URL sent by RAH is down in the comments

12:30 p.m. PST Saturday, February 12, 2022 This from Twitter:

Toronto Star has published ~48 articles that reference Confederate flags abt the convoy

AFAIK only 2 Confederate flags were seen, only on Day 1:
-on a car that drove around downtown in circles
-one carried by an unidentifiable fully masked guy who was told to leave by protesters


UPDATE: 1:05 pm PST Saturday, February 12, 2022 Dennis sent the following:

“Military? Looks like protection for Arbutus Pharma and Acuitas Therapeutics investments to me. Our insane dictator will follow his orders.” see photos below…videos now unavailable due to censorship:

12:13 pm pst Saturday, February 12, 2022 Twitter seems to have been restored [ability to post videos] at least for the moment. Let’s try this one from the Ottawa War Memorial:

Screenshot from Keean Bexte’s video of the veterans tearing down the metal fence the government put up around the National War Memorial in Ottawa. The Governments’ Conspirator Media told the Sheeple that the veterans and protesters were “peeing” on the memorial.

Nope. Not allowed. I wanted to post a video from Keean Bexte’s Twitter account where the veterans removed the government barricade around the National War Memorial. The government put up the metal barricade, saying that the protestors were peeing on the memorial. Can you imagine the childishness their lies have stooped to? When is adulting going to return to the discourse???

Folks, the Canadians blocking the Ambassador Bridge are standing there to prevent the Pentagon from sending American Tanks to Ottawa. Twitter is again being interfered with by the PerpZ so your patience is very much appreciated.

UPDATE: Twitter is not allowing videos to be copied and pasted on independent blogs. Please go directly to Twitter to watch in real time what is going on.

Let’s try this:



WINDSOR [AMBASSADOR BRIDGE] UPDATE: Approx. 200-250 protesters have arrived on foot.

Glow-Bull Report with their typical terror porn report:

Tactical units and sniper teams now set up. Disgusting that they are prepared to go full out on protesters instead of rescinding their unscientific, unethical #vaccinemandates. While so many other provinces & countries have done so, @fordnation has decided to attack the people😢

Twitter [or some other entity] now will not allow me to post videos from Twitter


Meanwhile, in Canberra, Australia the Australians are finally totally finished with the CovIDian Cultists and have massed the largest gathering in Australian memory:

Thousands of protesters swarm Australian parliament (VIDEOS)

The demonstrators, who have been in Canberra over a week, want an immediate end to Covid restrictions


Watch on Twitter:

Meanwhile, back in Canada the congenitally lying media is preparing the Sheeple for the inevitability that Trudeau will soon be thrown to the wolves by his WEF handlers. NOTE that they HAVE to tell a lie in every report. This time it’s the lie that Canadians are turning against the Truckers. In fact, the opposite is true:

‘This could cost him his job’: A blockaded Canada turning on Trudeau, poll finds


Folks, as a moment of reprieve from the horror show being brought to you by almost all Canadian politicians and their Big Pharma/WEF handlers…I give you this link to some beautiful photography sent to me this morning by Simon Hicks:


16 thoughts on “just updated: coverage of trucker blockades and Ambassador bridge stand off

    1. Hi David:

      I first saw that Buffalo Chronicle Report about the Tervert’s historical brush with the law regarding his pedophilia two or more years ago now. Teflon Turvert has survived with many people knowing he is a pedophile and I don’t know whether reposting that link will do any good at this stage of the game.

      I have seen many lies and disinformation about the Tervert…including the lie that he is the son of Fidel Castro. I have said on this blog and elsewhere that that allegation is a scurrilous blasphemy on the deceased Fidel Castro. At 75 years of age I remember Castro’s Cuban revolution and how the young [including me at that time] were inspired at Castro’s bravery in taking on the CIA and the Pentagon which had already made mince meat of many Central American, Caribbean and South American nations. Castro managed to save Cuba from the mass slaughters and catastrophic child thefts that went on in those countries. He managed to forge an alliance with Russia to preserve his economy and he managed to do one thing that no other country has ever done. Create an entire class of doctors and medical specialists that not only served the Cubans…but could be exported to other nearby countries and thus preserve the health of those people.

      Castro fought off many CIA assassination attempts, including the one that led directly to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. There was a strong ex pat Cuban contingent in the CIA assassination squad that murdered Kennedy. Castro was never sexually profligate…during his life he never had a word of sexual scandal made against him. But, like many others, including John and Robert Kennedy, his reputation as a man and as a father has been snatched post mortem and dragged through the social media sewer.

      From all that I know about Fidel Castro, he would never have touched the mentally unstable and promiscuous Maggie. He was absolutely NOT that stupid of a man!

      So the responsibility for spawning the catastrophic current PM sadly rests with Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Maggie Sinclair,

      The fact that the Turvert does not deny making a 2 million dollar settlement with the family of the underaged girl speaks volumes. The fact that he was a [substitute] teacher at the time and was subsequently fired and stripped of his teaching license…says even more.

      What speaks the loudest, however, is the silence of the criminally complicit Mainstream Media in not covering this scandal years ago. They wanted a blackmailable frontman. And that is what the Turvert is.


    2. Greencrow,

      Thomas Renz now has the US Department of Defense epidemiological data to prove murder.

      Renz has other data to dovetail into this data.

      As a long time US Department of Transportation official you can’t fake data.

      The US DOD is trying to. Except meta data is persistent. That means changes to a data record, even total deletion is time stamped.

      The US DOD is claiming that the shocking increase in adverse health events in epidemiological data (In their flagship database) is just a ‘glitch’ in the data.

      What stupid bastards.

      Now they are falsifying government data, murdering people, crippling people, committing acts of terrorism, etc.

      Get a law degree. The legal remedies will go on for generations.

      Also, I can’t really be too apologetic for my bizarre humor. It’s just who I am.

      I take care of a baby turtle and they will eat anything. Even Trudeau!


  1. Hi RAH

    “…Alberta’s Critical Infrastructure Defence Act”…lol. Who ever heard of this act until the governments started dis-assembling our nation piece by piece. This is good news. A day in the disinfecting light of an open court should do Alberta…and Canada…some good! Bravo Pastor Artur!!!


  2. Greencrow,

    Here in the amazingly beautiful US State of Virginia things are changing!

    I have ‘moonlight’ canoe date in May on the C&O canal.

    Your own Canadian songster!

    At my age I will never forgive these bastards. Being single and mostly alone doesn’t bother me too much anymore. I just had to accept the stupidity.

    Before the Cofraud I was constantly meeting up with people and traveling. Now it’s very rare.

    I know a woman who is totally terrified of the Cofraud. She won’t dine indoors to this day.

    I told my doctor I don’t trust any vaccine even though I know most work.


      1. Greencrow,

        Bubles’ cover is second rate I admit.

        But Muscle Shoals is it!

        Back on subject. There is no turning back now. The data is set in stone.

        Why people as dumb as Trudeau or Biden would plow forward to their doom and their families doom is so strange.

        My turtle does the Moon Dance!


    1. Thanks for these RAH for some reason I cannot post Twitter videos on the blog but they can be posted onto the Comments. IMO the biggest development that they’re desperately trying to distract from is the support for the Truckers by Canadian military veterans and enlisted. This is a huge development and we will see some momentous events in the next days and weeks.


  3. Greencrow,

    Bubles’ cover is second rate I admit.

    But Muscle Shoals is it!

    Back on subject. There is no turning back now. The data is set in stone.

    Why people as dumb as Trudeau or Biden would plow forward to their doom and their families doom is so strange.

    My turtle does the Moon Dance!


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