Stew Peters Interviews Dr. David Martin about why Trudeau Can’t back down

Stew Peters and Dr. David Martin discuss Justin Trudeau‘s Crimes of: 1) Price Fixing of the VaxxxZines; and 2) Covering up Canada’s Financial Interest in Pushing the VaxxxZines on everyone in spite of Health Risks

Watch the video here:

Good Afternoon Sentients, I have been following this crisis all day now and was convinced by Stew Peters and Dr. David Martin in the video interview above to post this and encourage everyone to share it as widely as possible. Meetings are going on at the highest levels of the police and judiciary in Canada, as I type, to decide whether to arrest the Criminal Conspirators, including Justin Trudeau, OR, arrest the Truckers Convoy for Freedom demonstrators. Stew says this is one of the most important moments in history. I am convinced he’s right. So watch and listen to this video carefully and then share it as widely as possible so that Canadians and everyone knows what the stakes are here.

Prima Facie Evidence of Trudeau’s Criminality – Arrest the F*cking Bastard Immediately!!!

7 thoughts on “Stew Peters Interviews Dr. David Martin about why Trudeau Can’t back down

  1. Greencrow,

    The epidemiological data from the US Department of Defense; and the CDC VAERS data; and actuarial data. Show premeditated murder and harm to millions from these ‘vaccines’.

    Even worse it affects people like us who depend on a political economy that took generations to build. And these dumb bastards gave into fear and crippled themselves and their families.

    Their families won’t get any life insurance payout because they committed suicide by taking the ‘vaccine’, essentially which is what their media whores and sock puppet politicians want.

    Great job ‘vaccinators’. You have plunged your children and family into poverty and hopelessness.

    It is now clear that the whole system needs to be obliterated, torn to the ground and the bastards hung on the nearest lamppost.


  2. From Jim Stone:
    This could get interesting..
    SUPER BOWL WARFARE OPPORTUNITY: Average normal price for a superbowl seat is now over $10,000
    AND GUESS WHAT: It is attended mostly by leftists.

    Question: Where did the poor little leftist victims come up with enough cash for THAT???

    The superbowl costs more than a new car for a family of 4. The truckers are considering jamming it up so bad no one can make it. Considering who’s money got spent, I SAY GO FOR IT!!!! THAT
    would be a beautiful piece of legit peaceful warfare. Participate also. Use your car.


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