Good morning warriors. Today is the day that will determine forever whether Canada will remain a free nation or will slip into the vortex of slavery. First of all, I am exhausted from days and days of relentless posting without a break. This post will be relatively short and then I will try and update throughout the day, taking breaks in between.

I have a feeling of foreboding folks. I know and I’ve known all along that they cannot give up and they cannot give in. They will use every means in their power to enslave all Canadians into their technocratic, biometric, Chinese-style communism today. The alternative for them is prison or worse. They have pushed us into a corner where we had to send truckers to Ottawa. But that is because they’re in a corner too. The next step happens today…duking it out in front of the Canadian Parliament bldgs where the bouncy castles once stood. By this time tomorrow we will either be slaves or free humans. Here are some links sent to me this morning.

The first link is the Freedom Convoy declaration of principles and roadmap to freedom published today, sent to all members of government in Canada, federal and provincial…and read out by Tamara Lich in the video below H/T FreakedOut:

Next, we have a snippet from the Parliamentary Question Period debate between NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Conservative Interim Leader Candice Bergen:

For anyone holding out hope that NDP leader Jagmeet Singh will forego his terrorist communistic roots [Singh is banned from entering India and the United States because he is considered a terrorist] the link above from CTV will disabuse them of such a naïve notion. NO! Singh is and always has been the worst and most subversive mole that was ever inserted into the Canadian political scene. He works directly for the Anal Schwab and nobody ELSE!

My concluding comments will follow:


February 17, 2022

Justin Trudeau has enacted the Emergency Powers Act [just like his “father” did 52 years earlier], against all who protest his dictates, including seizing peoples’ bank accounts.

Trudeau won’t allow these Canadian citizens to have a life in their own country, nor will he allow them to leave. These are Canadian families celebrating peacefully, as they honorably protest their government.

It is now evident that Trudeau is capable of anything.


They Deserve The Death Penalty For Crimes Against Humanity – Harry Vox

Your Enslavement Device – to be carried with you at all times


Something to think about — if this option remains available next week:


I have a delicious sense of vengence pour over me when I think about Trudeau’s own half brother, Kyle Kemper, remaining valiantly unvaxxxZinated and outspoken about his brother’s criminal mendacity. It kind of makes up for my entire family having fallen under the lethal sway of the Turvert:

Canada: Trudeau’s Own Family Abandons Him, ‘Enough is Enough, Step Down’ (Must Watch)


Meanwhile the “High Noon” of Human Freedom comes ever closer:

Over 100 police cars and multiple buses are reportedly en route to break up the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa


The primary leader of the Trucker’s Convoy, Metis Tamara Lich has given her last video interview before likely being hauled off to jail and permanent silence. Like Pastor Artur Powlowski, she will likely be held in solitary confinement…with God Knows What tortures been applied:

Tamara Lich, Founder of the Trucker Convoy – in what is likely her last address to her followers before being arrested. NOTE: Twitter will not allow me to upload this video…if anyone can send me a link to it I’ll put it here. Thanks!


From Dennis:

Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, said on Sunday the crisis in Ukraine is just a distraction, while the “real war” of interest to free people around the world is being fought over authoritarian coronavirus mandates in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

They just want you to look the other way.

Finally, In her last video address to Canadian Sentients, Trucker Convoy Leader Tamara Lich asked us to act from a place of love. She said that is the only way we could hope to win this coming battle tonight. Coincidentally, today’s message from “The Daily Addict” echos that message…Please read.

Stay tuned…and HOLD THE LINE.

16 thoughts on “Slavery

  1. This short video shows the Police are in UNmarked vehicles, implying their numbers are unknown but still a collective threat to freedom.

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  2. When the non-confidence vote is held the outcome will depend on which way the NDP vote. We all know that Singh is under Schwab’s influence and Schwab will want him to prop up the turd but consider this:

    If Singh’s NDP MPs vote to support the turd, I think this will happen:
    1. Singh be pilloried and will consequently lose his seat in the next election.
    2. He will then lose his position as leader of the NDP.
    3. He will no longer be of any use to Schwab and will no longer be a YGL.
    4. He will become a nobody.
    5. He may not be safe if he ventures out in public (his wife will not like that).

    If Singh’s NDP MPs vote non-confidence in the turd, I think this will happen:
    1. Singh is seen as a hero and enjoys high public status.
    2. He easily wins reelection in Burnaby which happens when the government falls.
    3. He retains his roll as leader of the NDP.
    4. He becomes official leader of the opposition (lots of status here) because the Liberals get a terrific ass womping and lose most of their seats like what happened to the conservatives after they brought in the GST.

    Which way will he vote? If he has any brains (he did graduate from law school) he will vote to pull the rug out from under the turd.

    What do you guys think?



    1. Hi Ron:

      Thanks for this analysis of Jagmeet Singh’s situation. I am hoping that some NDP break rank and vote along with the Conservatives. Then, even if Singh continues in his current communist path…he will be abandoned and powerless. There must be tremendous pressure being brought to bear on all politicians by business leaders in Canada. Surely they and the average bloke must be waking up…now that the liberals under the Turvert have stupidly shown their hand by freezing bank accounts. If there’s anything that will wake the Sheeple up its that.


      1. RAH,
        The Bloc have already said they will not support the turd and the conservatives certainly won’t support him so the vote result will be determined by which way the NDP votes. No?


  3. According to REBEL…re Ottawa protestors
    —-Pets will be confiscated…
    —–Children of protestors may be taken
    —–Checkpoints are being set up around Ottawa


    From Jim Stone:

    A few quick items:

    —-The arrests have started in Ottawa Lots of police, military backup.

    —-Canadian banks are having SERIOUS problems right now. Will they totally crash? I don’t know, but if I was in Canada I’d at least take what I could from the ATM (who could blame anyone for that) and make the problem worse.

    —-The police in Canada are now pointing guns at protesters while the Army is coming in. Looks like Trudeau is going to FINALLY cause Quebec to leave the union .


  4. From Ron:

    February 17, 2022 at 3:55 pm
    The Bloc have already said they will not support the turd and the conservatives certainly won’t support him so the vote result will be determined by which way the NDP votes. No?

    Thanks for this..
    …..wasn’t aware Bloc would boycott the turd…that’s a game changer…then we’ll see how NDP reacts…

    IMHO Jagmeet and NDP are Deadmeat if they support Turd and Co..


  5. Police arrest ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest organizer Chris Barber in Ottawa

    The arrest comes several weeks after the trucker-led convoy descended upon Ottawa’s downtown core.


  6. Trudeau’s finance minister, who happens to be a director of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, tells Canadians she is spying on their every financial move.

    Is Schwab trying to destabilize Canadian banks? I can’t think of anything that could destroy confidence in Canada faster.


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