updated: That Jaberooo moment

German TV Talking Head has a “Jaberoo Moment” then passes out–after telling everyone to get vaxxxzinated – This kind of shocking event gets routinely scrubbed from the Mainstream Media H/T FreakedOut


UPDATED: 5:30 PM pst February 16, 2022 – Saw this on Librti

Good morning sentients. A few posts ago I spoke about the necessity of us coming up with a new Lexicon, new words and phrases to adequately describe the nightmare we’re currently living through. Borrowing from George Orwell can only take us so far. What’s going on now is far worse than anything Orwell described. Did Orwell describe having our children forceably injected with organ/natural immunity-destroying substances in his book ‘1984’? I think not.

A great Twitter video showing the German woman in the above photo extoling the virtues of vaxxzines–just before going bug-eyed and then passing out before the cameras–circulated on Twitter last night. It’s what FreakedOut calls “A Jaberoo Moment”. The vaxxxZed person stares wide-eyed at the camera and then collapses. That video is apparently now gone forever from Twitter. UPDATE: But regular contributor/warrior Dennis found it elsewhere. Here it is:




We see videos of “Jaberoo Moments” on the Internet almost daily now. Athletes on the playing field, “comedians” on the Improv stage. Politicians during debate. Yet, almost as soon as these Jaberoo moment videos appear, they’re scrubbed from the Internet. The PerpZ do not want the Sheeple to see the ever-increasing “Jaberoo Moments” …at least…not before they’ve all had their “Booooooooostersssss”.

“It’s so cold in Canada right now the bank accounts have frozen” – Twitter joke

Yes, folks yesterday, the Globalist PerpZ started the financial slavery part of the “Great Reset” in earnest–with the doxing of contributors to the Truckers and the freezing of their bank accounts. As I’ve said previously. close up it looks spontaneous, reactive and chaotic. But the greencrow flies high and gets the bigger picture. The Australian government, for instance, grabbed emergency powers a month or so ago. No, folks, all this is going in steady, methodical “Lockstep”. The grabbing of emergency powers by the Canadian government was long planned. These powers will never be given up so long as the Turvert is occupying the Prime Minister Office of Canada. So, what do we do now?

First of all, we need to focus on why we are resisting. It is not for us. Particularly for me…at 75 years of age I do not have much longer on this mortal coil. I am doing it for my granddaughters. I am doing it for the smiling, hopeful face of the little girl below.

Little Girl now Aspires to be a Trucker when she grows up

Below, are some very important links sent to me by contributors over the past few hours. Please have a look through them and I will have final comments to follow:


Dennis sent me the following links:

People Are Waking to Govt Deceit and Control

Dr. Hoffe Speaks about a “War of Good Against Evil our weapon is Love

This is part of the Dr. Trozzi page. A Rumble link is here. Deserves to stand on its own.


FreakedOut says: This should creep you out gc, amazing pictures of the contents of the bioweapon juice and particles in the blood of the vaxxed. The folks at La Quinta Columna are being proven right by more labs around the world. 😲😲😝 Looks like electronic circuitry!! [NOTE: gc advises to click on the link below and look at the photos. Is this something you want in your own or your childrens’ bodies?]

 [Journalist Stew Peters] Having young children to care for is probably VERY distressing these days knowing what he knows about hospitals and the MIC.

He just posted this interview with Atty Ali Shultz about a new born who tested “positive” for the COVAIDS and was separated from the parents after birth. It shook me to the core, as did it probably shook Stew too. This happened in ARIZONA, remember Ben Gord? [The fellow who woke up in hospital with a vent tube down his throat, etc.]

Baby Murder Protocol: Infants Separated From Parents, Given Remdesivir By Medical Industrial Complex


Potentially murdering a newborn due to a BOGUS test for a NOTHING burger disease!?!?!?

Good luck to any parents going to a hospital to give birth. Crazy!! 


John Kaminski sent me the following:




Greencrow continues: It’s important to note that yesterday, Russia’s Putin pulled the rug out from under those who were considering a “Plan C” – i.e., a nice convenient foreign war for distraction and to send troops out of the country during a civil war. Yes, a “civil war” that is now taking place in Canada. More about that later:


Several contributors sent me links to the Twitter video of the US FDA CEO being caught admitting that the FDA was being bribed to approve the PfiZer vaxxxine…and is plotting to mandate a shot a year of it for all babies and children. This will rake in billionZ of dollars for the Big Pharma perpZ.

“A Recurring Fountain Of Revenue”: FDA Exec Admits Biden Planning Annual Shots, Including Toddlers

FDA Executive discloses PfiZer fraud with untested vaxxxzines being pumped into our children for billions of dollars

Twitter will not allow upload of videos anymore.

Twitter is now severely censoring videos from being cut and pasted on blogs.

Below is a rumble video FreakedOut sent last night. Stew Peters interviews well-known British Columbian activist about what went down on the Canadian/US border south of Vancouver over the course of last weekend:


Odessa tells it like it is to Stew and is to be commended for well representing the dissidents here in BC. I met Odessa personally several times while marching [on nine separate occasions] with the anti-lockdown movement in downtown Vancouver a year or so ago. Odessa runs a very tight ship. Once she came right up to me and closely scrutinized a sign I had made about conveniently deceased PCR Inventor Kary Mullis. Thank God it passed muster. If she didn’t like it I would have had to discard it. That’s the clout that Odessa has here in southern BC.

Speaking of the Lower Mainland. Yesterday, the Mainstream Media made a big issue of a much smaller demonstration that took place in the Gastown area of Vancouver. The long standing metal statue of Gassy Jack Deighton, one of the original pioneers and founders of Vancouver was torn down by First Nations women.

Marchers topple ‘pedophile’ Gassy Jack’s statue in Vancouver’s Gastown


They pulled the statue down because Gassy Jack was a known pedophile, who married a 12-year-old First Nations woman who had a son by him then ran away at 15.


All I have to say about that demonstration is–there’s another pedophile…and this one is still running loose…and running amok…in the highest position of power in the land.

The Turvert signed a 2 million dollar non-disclosure agreement with the family of an underaged girl years ago. He was also stripped of his teaching license after he molested the female minor while in his capacity as a substitute teacher. Years from now, will a statue of the Turvert be toppled by outraged women? Stay tuned.

NOTE: Northerntruthseeker’s post of today has another video interview of Kyle Kemper, Trudeau’s half brother, who makes an allusion right at the end of the interview, to possible blackmail. IMO, this is SOP for all politicians at that level. They are virtually all being blackmailed.

But, back to the CovIDian FRAUD/HOAX/Genocide caper that is being pulled on humanity. It seems like there’s evidence galore all around…enough to put Big Pharma big wigs and their political assets away for life:

But history has shown a war to be a great cover for elite crime and corruption. Folks, make no mistake about it. We are now in a war. The greatest war ever fought in the history of Humanity…for the survival of our species. The fog of war will be one of our greatest challenges. Here is a story that deceptively says we’ve already won:


But we have not won. Not by a long shot…we haven’t even had the major battles yet.

Last night or early this morning my spideys came to me and told me that what is occurring may seem like a civil war…between the sentients and the vaxxxzed. But that’s an illusion. The war is between the sentients and the Global Technocrats–who control the national political puppet assets and the criminally corrupted media. Pundits may try to pass it off as a civil war but sentients must keep our eyes open to the bigger picture and constantly refer back to the Lockstep that is going on in Australia, New Zealand and the UK amongst other countries. That is why something I saw on Twitter last night is of signal importance. The Resistance is calling for a global strike for seven days, starting on February 21st, 2022. That’s next Monday.

Global Strike Called to end Global Tyranny H/T FreakedOut

I have heard that truckers worldwide will be going on strike soon but am not sure whether the two are connected. Yes, folks, this will take at the very least a global strike that could last for weeks or months to bring the perps to heal. So keep your eyes out for more news about this. In the meantime a few more important links sent to me this morning and then I will sign off:.

This is how they’re imploding the economy


From Dennis:

Dr Mark Trozzi

February 16, 2022

Trudeau’s Betrayal, Truckers’ Resolve, Emergencies Act, Ford’s 180, Suing Corrupt Officials, and the great Dr Hoffe.

Trudeau not arrested yet.

Unfortunately, Canada’s arch criminals Justin Trudeau and his accomplices such as Chrystia Freeland, have not been arrested, yet. We are praying fervently for justice; and we beseech the RCMP, other police, Canadian military, and ethical or repentant politicians to stand with the people, to stand for our constitution and the rule of law, to defend human rights, and to refuse absolutely to be pawns of these psychopaths any longer.

Dr Tozzi is one of the few Canadian Doctors who has held firm to his Hippocratic Oath
Just an Hour or so ago the Trucker Convoy gave a Press Conference please see link below to watch


Greencrow concludes: Yes folks, we are at war now. This coming weekend will be the first major battle of that war. In the video above the former police and military representatives request all Canadians try to come to Ottawa to stand on guard for our Nation in its direst moment in history. Needless to say I echo this request if you are in the Ontario vicinity. I will be standing on guard up here in the Malahat and will be providing war correspondent reports/updates as they occur. I can rely on my fellow warrior sources and two bureau chiefs: RAH and FreakedOut to hold the fort alongside me as this weekend progresses. Updates [including any more “Jabarooo moments”] will be posted at the top of this post throughout the day. Stay tuned and:


They can’t steal our smiles:

16 thoughts on “updated: That Jaberooo moment

      1. From a Telegram channel named “Real Canadian Convoy”. It appears to be a real Pro Convoy channel
        with lots of good posts. I learned about this channel from another Canadian named David Wolfe(@Telegram… “David Avocado Wolfe”, who is a Canadian nutritionist whom I’ve been following for awhile now… a real Canadian Patriot.


    1. I saw that on Twitter FreakedOut. IMO this guy is just a patsy and is taking the fall for some highly placed security agency/political entities. Just like when Lee Harvey Oswald said to the cameras “I am just a patsy”.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Probably very true Greencrow!

        On another note, the Turvert may be getting ready to make his next move against the Ottawa Rally Patriots:

        This important message is being talked about on the LIVE YouTube feed I’m watching right now.


  1. https://pennyforyourthoughts2.ca/2022/02/16/canadian-premiers-us-governors-say-drop-the-mandate/

    “Alberta’s Jason Kenney and Scott Moe of Saskatchewan have signed a public letter urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Joe Biden to reverse the decision.

    Sixteen U.S. governors of states ranging from Georgia to Alaska have also signed the letter.”
    Hoping the tide is turning? We’ll see how much of a tyrant Trudeau is.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Penny: i watched Scott’s video and saw the part where Trudeau made his exit. This is at least the third time in two weeks he’s walked out in a huff. Most sociopaths cannot take others telling them anything about their behaviour. Note how he’s always apologizing to random historical figures/groups as a virtue signal–but never apologizes to anyone.currently living.

    Did you see the video NTS put up with the interview of Trudeau’s half brother Kyle Kemper? Very interesting. Kemper says Trudeau can’t back down because it’s not really his policies he’s pushing but those from above. And at the end of the interview Kemper also alludes to possible blackmail as a reason for Trudeau’s behaviour.


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