Crownuts: foreign mercenaries brought in by trudeau? + political analysis by andrew scheer

Crownuts says it’s mainly mercenaries [Private Military Contracts] who are facing the demonstrators in Ottawa – they are not Canadians but are likely from Central and South America and Eastern Europe

Good Sunday morning beloved Sentients. Again, I hope to make this post short with updates throughout the day. Recently I started getting e-mails from a source that calls him/herself “setsah”. Setsah has sent me two extremely juicy morsels today. The first one is a rant by “Crownuts” who hails from BC. [no relation to greencrow, lol].

Crownuts – speaks about Who the Police are who are now confronting the Demonstrators in Ottawa

Crownuts says something I’ve been saying for days now—the police in Ottawa are very likely foreign mercenaries and NOT Canadians. Crownuts says the perpZ have taken over the handling of the Trucker Convoy Crisis and the “mastermind” [aka Satanic psychopath] in charge is former Bank of Canada President and now Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. Crownuts says Carney is a particularly evil psychopath who has brought in the foreign mercenaries. Listen to the details Crownuts gives about these mercenaries…same ilk who fought for big bucks in Iraq. Crownuts says that in future all wars against humans and/or humanimals [the mRNA vaxxxZed] will be fought by foreign corporate owned and run mercenaries.

UPDATE: Just this morning we have an update on further police occupation of Ottawa. Police trucks and vehicles have streamed into the city. Listen to this report from Instagram:

Bridge City News from Instagram reports on invasion of Ottawa by military vehicles

Next we have former Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer who gives a very good and listenable analysis of the current political situation in Ottawa as we head into next week – doubtless the most pivotal week in Canadian political history:

Former Conservative Leader and current Sask. MP Andrew Scheer with an adept analysis of the current political situation in Canada going into next week’s vote on the Emergency Act

Andrew Scheer is a career politician…having been an Ottawa political aid right out of university before running for parliament. He’s a likable man and I agree with most of what he’s ever had to say. He has been a formidable opponent of the Turvert for at least a decade. But I would never vote for Andrew because he should have never run as Leader of the Opposition because he is a dual citizen American/Canadian. Having a dual citizen as Prime Minister of Canada is as bad as it would be in any other country under the sun. Forgodsakes! And when confronted with his dual citizenship…Scheer never did relinquish his American citizenship to my knowledge but I might stand corrected on this.

Last, we have another important update on the vaxxxZine injury issue. While the bodies of the vaxxxzed are piling up in morgues all over the world…and while the Sheeple/Humanimals are still totally ignorant of the extremely harmful nature of the Experimental mRNA Gene “Therapy” injections…Australia has quietly begun compensating the vaxxxZed injured. Out of taxpayer funds dontchaknow.


Greencrow concludes: Yes, apparently PfiZer and other Big Pharma drug company stocks are plummeting. I don’t know this as a fact because I studiously avoid checking the stock market shell game. But according to some who do…the stocks are plummeting because the indemnity from liability the drug companies have managed to finagle from all the countries collapses if fraud can be proved.

So, folks, in the coming week, please keep an eye on the slow but relentless growth of awareness about the dangers of the vaxxxZines; the Political developments in Ottawa vis a vis the vote on the Emergencies Act…and finally…more information that will be coming out about WHO THE SOLDIERS ARE WHO ARE CONFRONTING CANADIANS IN OTTAWA. Somebody or somebodies are sure to kidnap one of these soldiers, rip off his mask and “grill” him about who he is and where he came from.

Finally and most importantly, remember that next week the truckers have called a General Strike. Please watch the video at the link below for details:

If you are working and able to participate in this General Strike please do so. If you can avoid going to the store and purchasing anything for a week…do that…as your bit to grind the economy to a halt.

In the meantime, stay tuned and HOLD THE LINE.

12 thoughts on “Crownuts: foreign mercenaries brought in by trudeau? + political analysis by andrew scheer

  1. Greetings from snowy Northwestern Ontario. I did some research on C-FXLH UN plane! it is being stored, since 2019! Ty for posting and all your work!


  2. Greencrow,

    I just viewed Crownuts’ video.

    I think he’s right. You Canadians have been invaded.

    These ‘police’ in Ottawa do not look right at all.

    I just watched Dr Hoffe’s latest video (I can’t remeber where though). The man is a FORCE.

    The thing is these supremely evil people tell us what they want.

    David Rockefeller’s chilling NWO qoute
    comes to mind. It’s succint and clear as can be about what ‘they’ want.

    “The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

    David Rockefeller

    Of course he’s dead and in hell.

    I have a friend from Vietnam and he asked me “What else do they (global NWO) want?”. My answer “They want MORE”.

    If you want to watch a really entertaining TV show – It’s called Moonshiners. It’s about US Appalachian Hill people distilling their ‘shine’.

    True ‘shine’ is in mason jars or gallon plastic jugs. The best ‘shine’ sells for $150 a gallon.

    Now I have the answer to “What color are Crow’s nuts?” – their green.


  3. BREAKING from Russell “Texas” Bentley out of Ukraine. War has erupted!
    “Artillery, mortars and machine guns working both ways from North, South, and West tonight around dinner time on a Sunday afternoon.”


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