Trucker convoy alert; UN Troops landing in North Bay Ont? Police Percussion Grenades in ottawa + “ROADRUNNER” CONVOY IN qUEBEC CITY

Folks! HellZApoppin in Canada now. Breaking news every couple of minutes on Twitter:

Greencrow reported earlier that the Trucker Convoy had rolled down the highway and was now in Quebec City. Tonight, Quebec City is Canada’s new Party Central”.

Before the Quebec Phase of the Trucker Convoy begins in earnest, I would like to take a moment to thank Rebel News Reporter Lincoln Jay. He heroically covered the Chateau Laurier Hotel stand off in Ottawa yesterday between demonstrators and police for at least five hours. At the end of the evening he was still videotaping as he was walked back to his hotel down the comparatively empty streets in the dark, bitter cold…tears streaming down his cheeks from emotional exhaustion at what he had witnessed. If the Pulitzer prize still means anything [which I doubt, given the stinking morass the legacy media has dragged everything connected with journalism into] Lincoln Jay could get it this year.

Lincoln Jay single handedly restored the concept of true journalistic reporting yesterday

Here are some other important items:

Below is an IMPORTANT ALERT about February 21st!

The above GAB video seems authentic.

and this from Pastor Artur Powlowski who is in solitary

The Indigenous Woman Elder who was trampled by the RCMP horse is alive and in hospital with a dislocated shoulder:

Keean Bexte Tweets: “The woman who was trampled by Trudeau’s officers is not dead. Thank god. Her shoulder was dislocated and she is in hospital. Care to correct the “no injuries” statement,” @OttawaPolice


UPDATE: North Bay Ontario…reporter suspects UN military planes are landing there.

LOL…Pretty soon they’ll change the name of the Freedom Truckers’ Convoy to the “Road Runner” Convoy. Wiley Coyote no sooner chased the Truckers out of Ottawa than they showed up in Quebec City…Beep! Beep! lolololol

So this is the latest spin. Foreign interference in Canada. Does that mean they have to call in the UN to stop foreign interference? WTF is going on with the lunatic in charge?

Look into the eyes of those who swore to “Serve and Protect” Canadian citizens including defend our constitution and Charter right to peacefully demonstrate:

RCMP Cpl Daniel Bulford: “Any Way, We Win!”

I am not saying “former” Constable Bulford because he should never have had to resign and if we win…he will get his job back…with back pay and a distinctive service award.

16 thoughts on “Trucker convoy alert; UN Troops landing in North Bay Ont? Police Percussion Grenades in ottawa + “ROADRUNNER” CONVOY IN qUEBEC CITY

  1. Hey, I loved the Wile E Coyote character and the roadrunner cartoon for the fact that it defied every law of Physics possible! Especially with the roadrunner starting and stopping on a dime, for that alone with the massive g force involved would have had the bird’s brain explode…


  2. But seriously.. That convoy in Quebec is only one of many right now… There are ones in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and right in your neck of the woods in Vancouver!

    None here in Winnipeg though as we are presently suffering from a blizzard and -25C temperatures..

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    1. I had the Viva feed on as that occurred. Neither hubby or I could figure out what the heck it was
      Viva commented he felt it in his body he could feel it (not exact words, but, that’s the idea)


    2. GC I’ve left a comment that didn’t post
      Had that viva feed on in real time- Neither hubby or I could figure out what the loud noise was.
      Now we know


  3. I have had to “eat crow”, Greencrow, so to speak, as I have definitive proof now sent my way that Roberta Paulsen is still very much alive and did not die last night…

    I have updated my most recent article accordingly to cover this change and to issue an apology for my being misled by bad information…

    And thanks again for the updates… I am already out of work as you know so February 21st will be just ‘another day’ to yours truly… But I will send emails out to my Canadian fellow patriots to spread the news and try to join in on the ‘refuse work day’ due to the criminality of TURDEAU for this Monday.

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    1. I was tricked as well NTS. I trusted Keean Bexte as a source. So much is happening now. Here’s a great and positive tweet to end the night with:

      Also, very important we share the GAB message from the trucker about the General Strike starting Monday. We need to keep posting about this all day tomorrow.


  4. Greencrow,

    The US Truckers are coming to DC.

    I’m across the Potomac River from DC.

    I plan to be there.

    Knowing DC the protest will be peaceful. The orginizations vested in peaceful first amendment protest are too many to even count.

    Poopy pants Biden won’t be there.

    He won’t even live in the White House!

    He stays in Delaware.


  5. I was lucky.

    I was able to retire before the SHTF.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to make the very hard choices working people have to make now.

    Especially young people, who don’t understand how horrible their lives are going to be.

    I told my ‘friends’ that if they try forcibly ‘vaccinate’ your children – shoot them. These ‘friends’ are no more.

    Apparently having their children poisoned is ok with them.

    I was able to keep my mother from getting vaccinated. She’s doing good at 95 years old. She still lives in her old house.

    I hope she doesn’t get doxxed! Trudeau may send a goon on horseback to trample her.


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