Rotten cops and rotten politicians

The Freeloader checks her shoes [?] in the front row of the Canadian House of Commons H/T Snippits

Good morning readers. According to Twitter, there’s a false flag police operation going on right now in downtown Ottawa. I was watching it for the past 10 minutes or so LIVE on Druthers. It is a beastly cold day in Ottawa and the city is shut down tighter than a tax-payer funded drum. Yet there are cops swarming all over an empty and baricaded street, stopping all vehicular and pedestrian movement and telling everyone who asks that there’s a shooter up on the roof of one of the nearby buildings and there’s a “bank robbery” in progress. Yet, all the police are just lolling around like extras on a movie set…which they most likely really are.

The best part are the comments from the Druthers film crew…openly dismissing the entire caper as a “false flag” and yelling at the police that it’s time for their “coffee break”. It is all indicative of the complete breakdown of reality that we are now experiencing in society. Nobody believes anything or anyone anymore. Suspicion and cynicism rule the day. This is of course, also according to the PerpZ agenda. Nobody has principles, nobody acts for the greater good. Everyone is corrupt so corruption is “normaliZed”. It’s the “new Normal” they promised us more than two years ago now.

The government confirms a Declaration of a Public Order Emergency and then goes on holidays for five days. Got it. What a clown show. The House of Commons is adjourned until February 28th. We have a national crisis. Our PM has invoked the Emergencies Act solely for political purposes and the House is adjourned. What a farce.

Below is a brief video snippet of the “UN” plane spotted in North Bay Ontario [80 miles from where I was born and grew up in Sudbury, Ontario]. Yes, the plane is real folks, no matter what “John” the conTROLL bot said in this blog’s comments yesterday. And it is free of snow/ice, so it can’t be being “stored” there since 2019 lololol which is what he said.

It Appears that the Rumours are True

Police were brought to Ottawa from all across Canada and likely from Central/South America and eastern Europe as Crownuts said in his video. The police who clamped down on the legally protesting Truckers were a mixture of illegally commandeered Canadian police and mercenaries owned by the usual snake-in-the-grass corporate suspects. All that happened in Ottawa and across Canada was long planned and rolled out like clockwork. The demonstration, the GoFundMe swindle and the bank seizures are all part of the Lockstep plan to depopulate the mostly white populations of western countries, digitally brand and enslave the survivors and technologically colonize their bodies for fun and profit. The planning for this apocalypse goes back decades to the founding of the WEF and its “Young Global Leaders” program.

Turvert and Jagmeet both assets of the WEF

Through its Young Global Leaders program, the World Economic Forum has been instrumental in shaping a world order that undermines all democratic principles. For several decades, this program has nurtured compliant leaders acting as WEF agents in governments around the world. The consequences are far-reaching and may turn out to be devastating for humanity. 

The VaxxxZine Caper aspect of the Globalist agenda with the corruption involved is ably described by Dr. David Martin in the video at the link below

So now the Truckers Convoy Demonstration phase of the lockstep Psy-op is coming to a close. Nobody, however, is talking about the general strike called by some truckers that is supposed to be taking place all over North America all this week. We will see how that pans out. In the meantime….

Canadian Democracy/Constitution/Charter of Rights and Freedoms collapsing like a cheap suit…no lawyers in sight to represent the victims or preserve justice.

Tamara Lich protest organizer denied bail by judge who ran as a Liberal candidate

Justice in Canada

Some photos are showing up on Twitter that indicate the mercenary involvement in the Truckers Convoy psy-op. Two are presented below where guns are drawn contrary to the orders given to the Canadian police protocol in handling peaceful, legal demonstrations…which the Truckers Convoy was. The police in the photos below were likely foreign mercenaries…who are brought in to break the rules that the perpZ cannot get the police to break…yet, at least.

Police Deny they Arrested anyone at gunpoint – Here are the photos
Foreign Mercenary attacks, injures Canadian Journalist

UPDATE: FreakedOut just advised me in the comments that fellow British Columbian vlogger Dan Dicks was beaten with a baton at the front lines the other day. Here’s his video report on the nasty encounter that left him with a possible cracked rib:


Protester describes what happened to him when he was legally protesting at a peaceful demonstration

Russia Today is a source I generally go to to find out what is actually going on in Canada.

The above report is from the perspective of an outsider looking in on what happened in Canada during the past three weeks. When the rest of the world looks at what went down and thinks about it…Canadians were PEACEFULLY protesting having to wear breath suppressants [masks], being kicked out of their jobs, not being able to see their family and having needles with experimental substances jabbed into them against their will. What Canadians were asking for are the fundamental rights and freedoms normally taken for granted in the West. These have been suddenly swiped away by our kidnappers and jailers here in Canada now. We can no longer call them politicians and police. They are now kidnappers and jailers.

So, last night Canadians asked our Members of Parliament in Ottawa to take out the garbage. That is all we asked them to do. They refused. So now the fetid garbage…which includes raw sewage and rotting carcasses… is stinking up our country and will soon become a health risk/haZard.

The reason our tax-payer funded politicians would not take out the garbage by voting non-confidence in the Tervert and his ilk is because our politicians do not take orders from us, the people. They don’t even take orders from anyone in Canada. All our governing politicians and many of our judges are owned by foreign snakes-in-the-grass usual suspects. Below is the agenda our politicians have been created, trained, and mind controlled to follow:

Yesterday when I saw the video below of Putin playing “Oh Canada” on the piano I thought it might be real. Then I recognized the scene from years ago when Putin did play the piano for the camera. Then I understood the message behind this video being put on Twitter. The conTROLLbots are trying to associate Canada’s National Anthem with Russia/Putin. They don’t want us to sing it any more. Just like the police are now arresting motorists for flying the Canadian flag out their car windows.

Faked video of Putin playing Oh Canada which showed up on Twitter yesterday

When the Turvert was first selected as Prime Minister of Canada he crowed that he was the first Prime Minister of a “post national state”. This is what he meant, folks. At the time, most Canadians had no idea what he was talking about. Now we have it repeatedly and relentlessly rubbed in our faces. Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Rotten cops and rotten politicians

  1. Rape:….

    Back in the early 1970’s my late mothers late younger sister was at a family function.
    This usual jovial person was very somber.
    I was a young teenager at time…. but realized something was not right.

    Later I was informed that this mother of 5 pre – teen children had been RAPED by an intruder into her own home. This almost destroyed their family.

    Fast Forward to Feb 2022, Ottawa, the truck convoy…..this past weekend……and “gov’t” response .

    I hope the average Canadian soberly reflects on what has occurred.
    If they don’t realize that 36 Million + Canadians were literally and figuratively RAPED… they deserve everything that’s coming.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi RAH. Yes, we were raped. Worse than that, we have now been kidnapped and are being held hostage in our own country by foreign intruders. While so imprisoned we are being regularly beaten and severely mentally/physically/economically/environmentally abused.

    I want to call out to the world…HELP! Help us! But I know from reading history that nobody will come to our rescue. We must fight our kidnappers/abusers and free ourselves.


    1. Hi GC:

      I watched the events in Ottawa unfold live over weekend.
      FFS…the Emergency Act unfolded “de facto”….the actual “de jure” vote was moot and a waste of time.

      Are Canadians in DUH mode?

      The Tories and the Bloc should have told Turdeau to f*ck off and instead marched to parliament buildings last week and demanded they have access……as opposed to the cowardly abandonment and going through the intelligence- insulting debate optics .

      This mindf*ck circus needs to end asap with h*ads on platters…the only advantage is the line has been drawn and we can never EVER trust authority figures until a major purge commences.

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      1. RAH says:
        “…The Tories and the Bloc should have told Turdeau to f*ck off and instead marched to parliament buildings last week and demanded they have access…” Back in the old days, they would have…and they did! I remember when my MP, Ian Waddell went and grabbed the parliamentary mace and got reprimanded by the speaker for even touching this precious object of Democracy.

        Now, “mace” means something entirely different in Ottawa. And former MP Ian Waddell, 78, was one of the many who’ve died suddenly in the past year “shortly after getting the vaccine”. Ian was perfectly healthy but died in his sleep. Nobody even suspected or speculated that Ian may have died of vaccine poisoning…except little moi.

        It finally occurred to me this morning what has happened. Canadians have been kidnapped and are being held hostage in our own country. Turdeau is the kidnapper and the hostage taker but he’s only a hit man, a paid thug criminal. The real criminals live elsewhere…probably floating around the seven seas on their huge yachts….waiting for the apocalyptic depop to be over so they can come ashore and claim some of the “free’ land/spoils.


  3. Hi FreakedOut. They will push the tensions as high as possible to take the heat off their collapsing CovIDian Cult agenda at home. Putin, as usual, is playing them like a virtuoso violinist.


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