Hospitals should now be renamed “Murder Inc.”

Good morning readers. Regular visitors to this blog will recognize the subject of this post as being very personal and emotionally raw for me. My 78 year old brother was murdered in March of 2021 by Collingwood General and Marine Hospital in Collingwood Ontario. He went into Emergency there one night complaining of an inflamed prostate. He was never able to go anywhere else again. I have reviewed the details of his murder [as much as I know about them anyway] many times on this blog. But, today, I present a very similar story about the murder of someone else’s brother. Please read this post written by Donald Jeffries and I will have a final brief comment to follow:


Losing my Brother to the Medical Industrial Complex

When Philosophy and Research Become Personal

Donald Jeffries H/T Dennis

On January 6, the last time I wrote here on Substack, my older brother Ricky called me in the early afternoon from the hospital. He said he had fallen out of bed, but couldn’t explain how. He called 9/11 and of course the first thing they did when he entered the hospital is give him a COVID test. Just as predictably, it came back positive.

Ricky had no symptoms whatsoever. He was perfectly healthy. There were no injuries from the fall. Instead of sending him home, and maybe advising him to quarantine himself, they immediately began tests. Tests are the lifeblood of our horrific Medical Industrial Complex. Like corrupt car repair shops, they have to find something to stay in business. Within a day or two, they had amended his diagnosis to COVID pneumonia. He still sounded pretty normal, and I wasn’t that alarmed.

Once the COVID diagnosis was made, there was no chance for me to see my brother. The hospital permitted no visitors to COVID patients. Eventually, I couldn’t even talk to him on the phone, because the machines in the room made it hard for him to hear what I was saying. So there was little I could do. I told two different doctors and two different nurses that I absolutely forbid the use of Remdesivir. They argued, but agreed to go with my wishes.

On January 18, I discovered that they had begun giving him Remdesivir against my explicit instructions, on January 15. That just happened to coincide with when Ricky began to really spiral downwards. They stopped when I ordered them to, but obviously the damage had already been done. They also refused my request to give him Ivermection. I was told “Ivermection isn’t allowed at this facility.” He died on January 20, my niece’s birthday.

My brother’s death was so unexpected, so head scratching, that it was essentially as if he’d just dropped dead. To go from being healthier than the vast majority of seventy three year old men, to dead in two weeks is an indictment of the healthcare “professionals” who were supposed to be caring for him. How does that possibly happen? What kind of “care” essentially kills someone in two weeks? The idea behind a hospital stay is that you’re in the ideal hands- professionals who know best.

There is zero doubt in my mind that my brother would be alive and well today if he’d never called 9/11 that morning. The hospital stay killed him, not any deadly virus. They saw a seventy three year old guy, who had not been vaccinated, and they got their $13,000 bonus for a COVID diagnosis. And his non-vaxxed status assured that he’d be fast tracked for death. Family members have had the classlessness to blame his death on the fact he didn’t get the vaccine. And to essentially hold me responsible for him not being vaccinated.

Ricky’s death would have devastated me regardless, because I was basically his caretaker. He had mental and emotional issues that were never really quantified, but he definitely needed someone to look out for him, which I tried to do. But the fact he died supposedly from COVID-19, the psyop I’ve written and talked so much about, makes it even harder to deal with. I’m sure there are those out there- probably even within my own family- snickering, “See, he said it was a hoax, and now his brother’s dead from it.”

Maybe if I’d been able to visit him during those two weeks, and to understand what was happening to him, I might be handling this better. But the last time I saw him was on Sunday, January 2, when we had our weekly ritual of lunch at Red Lobster. I had grown to love that ritual, and he did, too. I will probably not be able to eat at Red Lobster again. At any rate, that was it. Eighteen days later he was dead, from a virus that I firmly believe has been politicized and never isolated or concretely identified.

Actually, I did see Ricky again, on the day he died. They called me early in the morning, and said that now I could visit him, since he was the end of life stage. Quite a policy there- you can see your loved one when they’re about to die. After being required to don three masks, a face shield, a patient gown, and gloves, my wife and I spent three agonizing hours in his room, watching him slowly wither away. I told him I loved him a hundred times, but he showed no cognizance that we were there.

So that’s how I said goodbye to the sibling I was closest to, and had by far the closest relationship with. My life was intertwined with his in a multitude of ways, which becomes clearer as I go through all his papers and settle his affairs. It’s frightening to consider that a life can be lost, on the basis of an unnecessary 9/11 call, and a bogus PCR test that yields a 90 percent false positive rate. That’s all it took, along with a policy that forbid me to visit him and be more directly involved.

I don’t know how many doctors and nurses are actual monsters. Maybe they believe they’re providing the best treatment possible. They certainly trust what their education, and the medical establishment, tells them. But while they may not be monsters, the system the serve- the Medical Industrial Complex- is monstrous. Medical practitioners are the third leading cause of death in America. Hospitals kill more people than anything except cancer and heart disease.

I spent forty four years working for the Medical Industrial Complex. I have more than enough material to write a book about it. I heard nurses mutter “I wish he’d die” in response to some poor soul screaming in agony. I saw a nurse joke with a surgeon about “not trying too hard” before operating on a child, because her unit was already filled with patients. I heard constant tales of surgeons leaving scalpels inside patients, or operating on the wrong limb- that’s why they circle what area is to be operated on now with a magic marker. Is that what you’d expect of “the best and brightest?”

I have stayed away from doctors as much as I can. My brother, on the other hand, made appointments for the slightest imaginable malady, had regular blood work done, and was up for any and every test they proposed. He put his trust in them, and they ultimately failed him in the most tragic way possible. From what I’ve seen of “healthcare professionals,” one would be better off visiting a witch doctor. They don’t heal; they create permanent patients, addicted to the poisons of Big Pharma.

I keep fantasizing about going back in time, to the morning my brother fell out of bed somehow, and stopping him from calling 9/11. Would he have developed COVID, or cold/flu symptoms? I’ll never know. And that is the hardest thing to accept. What really triggered things will remain a mystery. His heart was fine, as were all his other vital organs. He didn’t have diabetes, or high blood pressure. He didn’t even have a trace of arthritis. He never smoke or drank, or ate fried foods; Ricky was incredibly careful about his health.

Yesterday, when my wife and I went back for the second time to clean out his apartment, the guy in the apartment next to him asked about Ricky. He was shocked to hear he’d passed away, but he volunteered information that just makes this all the more bizarre. He claimed that he heard a commotion at around 2 or 3 a.m., and my brother was arguing with the EMTs, saying he never called them, and was fine. Ricky never said anything to me about this, so I have no idea what it means. But it adds yet another layer to the puzzlement which consumes me.

Continued at the link above


Greencrow concludes: Just one more indication that the step in the Agenda21 which is written in many whistleblower documents as “Get Rid of the Old Men” is true.

I kid you not. That is actually a step in the Agenda21 depopulation plan. When I first read it I was incredulous…why would they want to get rid of “Old Men”? Then after reading of at least a doZen instances where old men were offed in hospitals I reasoned: Old men on average are likely the richest people in society. The Plunder “bang for the buck” of offing them makes the inconvenience of plotting and carrying out their murder under the eyes of their friends and family worth the bother. Old men who live alone, like my brother and the brother of the author in the story above, are even softer targets. More easily isolatable.

But, dear readers, the old men are the low hanging fruit in our society. They are the first to go but definitely will not be the last. Already we’ve heard the monstrous tale of Ben Gord who lives in AriZona. He’s the ‘not so old’ man who lives alone and was kidnapped from the scene of his car accident and taken to the local hospital–after being drugged unconscious via a paramedic’s injection. In the hospital, while unconscious, he was hooked up to a ventilator, IV full of very powerful drugs, and a catheter. It was only by the grace of God he woke up in time to save himself–by fleeing the hospital on foot and in great pain.

So, those who think that this targeting of lonely old men is not a threat to them or any member of their circle this should be a final wake up call. They are routinely killing people in the hospitals. Don’t go there for any reason. Especially if you are a pureblood. Stay tuned.

30 thoughts on “Hospitals should now be renamed “Murder Inc.”

  1. As we speak… wife was going to take her best friend to a Dr appointment this morning…she has been ill for weeks and not eating (yes…she was vaxxed)

    Last night she was seriously ill and had to be taken to emergency….her spouse is not allowed to visit her.

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  2. True stories. Stay out of hospitals. They murder for money.

    On Wed, Feb 23, 2022 at 4:04 PM Greencrow as the crow flies wrote:

    > greencrow21 posted: ” Good morning readers. Regular visitors to this blog > will recognize the subject of this post as being very personal and > emotionally raw for me. My 78 year old brother was murdered in March of > 2021 by Collingwood Veterans and Marine Hospital in Colli” >


    1. I changed the name from Collingwood Veterans and Marine Hospital to Collingwood General Hospital after looking it up online. I was told by my brother’s girlfriend that it was called Collingwood Veterans…at the time of his murder.


  3. Hi ,
    I enjoy your column /blog for a while since early autumn of last year.
    My grandma on my mom’s side Never Trusted doctors or hospitals.
    So that made my suspiciousness level towards them (doctors , nurses, Hospitals ) be on alert.
    Here’s 3 articles.
    1 is the amount of money for each state per Covid-19 Case.
    And other 2 about how hospital actually are doing more harm than good , and I agree don’t go to the hospital , especially during this Weird pandemic.

    Jimmy Jukebox

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  4. Hi Jimmy:

    You’re right…it is primarily about the money for the hospitals involved. But the bigger agenda is global depopulation and that would require extending the policy broadly and not just to the elderly. I hear that miscarriages and stillbirths are through the roof.


    1. Hi ,
      Oh Yes I Definitely agree with you it’s a DePopulation Agenda.
      Culling The Herd.
      Here’s some interesting articles about vaccines.
      Dr. Moulden , Proved All Vaccines Lower Blood Oxygen Levels.

      Even in 1903 Charles Higgins wrote a book called: The history of vaccines
      “And dedicated it to the United States government asking the government To Stop Vaccinating American Military Soldiers.”
      By 1918 Spanish Flu happened and was Eventually Traced To An Experimental Flu Vaccine In Fort Riley Kansas.
      Robert Steiner in 1905 or 1915 time period Predicated 1 day Vaccines Will Be Used To Destroy The Human Soul.
      They also kill off the old people cause Old People Know Real History IF they are awake , Cause they lived it.


  5. QUOTE:

    “……I kid you not. That is actually a step in the Agenda21 depopulation plan. When I first read it I was incredulous…why would they want to get rid of “Old Men”? Then after reading of at least a doZen instances where old men were offed in hospitals

    I reasoned: Old men on average are likely the richest people in society……”


    A while ago an MD was interviewed and he stated that THE greatest cost by individuals to the health care system are during the LAST 2 years of life. My late father was MURDERED with a morphine overdose less than 8 hours after entering a hospice. The Boomers are getting old en masse..perhaps COVID is simply the “exit strategy” ???

    Re Richest?…here in BC we have Probate Fee…which is applied to estates…at rate of 1.4%.
    On a Million Dollar estate( easy to be at just with real estate values)…that’s $14,000..and that doesn’t include liquid assets like cash in bank, investments etc.
    So..if total value of estate is $3 Million…thats $42,000 to BC gov’t just in Probate Fees.

    Then the assets are sold…and we in BC have a Property Transfer tax for purchasers of real estate…so the sale of estate home would garner Gov’t tens of thousands of $$$ more. Then there are all the other vultures out there like lawyers, various bureaucrats, etc .etc.

    Given all the above…. there should be ZERO doubt that “the system” wants you dead asap so it can feed off your carca$$.


  6. Another bizarre story of a hospital murder!
    Ricky says he did NOT call the EMT’s?!?! Well, WHO called them??
    Don Jeffries says:
    “He had mental and emotional issues that were never really quantified, but he definitely needed someone to look out for him, which I tried to do.”

    To speculate here; maybe he experienced a moment of confusion after falling out of bed and called 911?
    This is weird!


    1. Hi Freakedout2…

      I thought the same.
      Was this perhaps a bogus ” wellness check ” ?

      This begets the question if “clients” are being actively hunted, ….moreso as word gets out hospitals are becoming hell holes.


      1. Yeah RAH, maybe a neighbor next door heard the fall and got concerned knowing he’s elderly(with issues) and may need help? EMT’s show up with another “quick draw needle” loaded with sedative. Maybe he was in an altered state due to possible psych meds(?) he was on?

        One things for sure, people like Rick are easy prey!

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  7. Greencrow,

    My sisters and I tagged teamed to stay with my mother during her hospital stay. 24/7!

    All she had was severe constipation.

    They came in every two or three hours to take her ‘vitals’ all night.

    The life insurance industry doesn’t lie.

    People are going to die in the millions soon.


    1. Thanks Penny:

      I’m caught between shocked…… yet not surprised.

      My hope is there is a MAJOR backlash asap and we clean house asap.


      1. I expect there will be a back lash. I’m already emailing the dolts in charge and will be doing more tomorrow- there are local protests planned here- I’ll be there


    2. Hi Penny I saw that just before I shut my laptop down to go and get a few things done. Just off the top…this sudden about face resulted from:

      a) Him finding out the Senate wasn’t going to pass a Commons bill for probably the first time in history;

      b) Hearing that some NDP back benchers, after gettine and earful from their constituents over the past couple of days…were going to join forces and bring down the government;

      c) The police were going to arrest some of their own for brutality during the Truckers demonstration

      d) the Canadian Army/military was going to go public with their opposition to the mandates…in all of this crisis they’re STILL the dog that hasn’t barked.

      e) combination of the above


      1. Here is another one:

        f) a run on the big chartered banks. I bet billions were moved to small regional financial institutions and the big boys didn’t like it and started leaning on the turd.

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      2. Hey GC
        I agree it was not going to pass Senate- Added another video to my post from Senator Donald Plett
        It’s about and hour and 15 minutes and he’s tears a strip off the Libs and NDP
        It’s an awesome speech
        apparently there was a run on the banks which had the potential to be destabilizing.
        Trudeau showed his true tyrannical colours
        I’ve already email the lib in charge here- I can just imagine how many constituents he is going to hear from- He shamed himself, the buffoon


  8. Update:

    My wife’s best friend has been diagnosed as testing POSITIVE for COVID and will remain in hospital.

    Todays lead Global BC story…

    Scandal re North Van Firefighters( I though it was some sex or drug scandal.)..
    ……..BUT 2 firefighters lied about their vaxx status…ie had to show by late January 2022.

    Lead story…..???? WTF???

    Rapid tests available soon.

    ……I am going to get friends to get their freebie ones , get together…….. and test all sorts of NON Human items like fruit etc.


  9. Penny:

    Watching that Senator Plett speech…… is awesome.
    He is like a detective dissecting a crime scene.
    WTF was the Gov’t thinking ???

    I think what happened is 38+ million Canadians were traumatized and under spell of Turdeau, Freeland, Singh etc…but when the dust settled …..reality prevailed and struck people like a sledgehammer.

    There need to be consequences…..starting with resignations and moving to criminal charges.


  10. Greencrow,

    I plan on being at the DC trucker protest.

    I have my bicycle helmet and flack jacket.

    Being hair challenged a ‘wood’ shampoo would be especially painful.

    Think of Max Igan without facial hair.

    Off subject, having spent countless days in the Virginia and West Virginia wilderness. I’ve never seen them (Moonshiners!). I have appreciated their products though.


  11. I watched Sen. Plett’s speech and replies last night. He is quite extraordinary. It’s the first time I’d ever tuned into SenVu and I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the high degree of civility in that chamber. (I have watched many hours of ParlVu over the years.) They don’t even have to go through that charade of addressing Mr. Speaker all the time. I didn’t have time to watch the entire debate to get a rough idea of how many votes would be yea or nay but perhaps insiders in the Trudeau cabinet weren’t certain they would get their usual “rubber stamp”. As far as I can tell the revoking of the act means the senators will not conclude the debate with a vote. Is that right? About the only unsettling part of the senate debate was that they were all wearing masks (some even when they had the floor). It’s not a good look for anyone, particularly for those who are supposed to be the sombre voice of our parliamentary system.

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    1. Sorry for such an off-topic comment. I find it difficult to find words to express the horror and deep sadness I experience when I read Murder Inc. stories. These go back for decades I believe. It makes me relive and question the hospital deaths of my mother, father and brother in a 10 year period beginning in 1994. These revelations shatter one’s perceptions and like Humpty Dumpty they will never be put back together again.

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      1. Hi ,
        I think it was the website : The light in The Darkness by Jonathan Kleck ,
        That pointed out doctors and the medical field are basically the old alchemy people from ancient times.
        He said something about the pin / cross with 2 snakes intertwined around it that sorta proves the medical establishment is up to no good.
        Here’s 1 or 2 of his articles.

        Jonathan Kleck Gets Very Deep into The Bible.


    2. History will record masking as one of the sacred rituals of the Satanic CovIDian cult. The wise would be moreso to avoid getting their photograph taken with a mask on. Centuries from now it could be used to include them in with the Satanic cultists.


  12. Thank you everyone who commented to this post. It served as a good reminder to me as a veteran blogger of the importance of “leaving space” for readers. Sometimes [often] the comments are better than the post itself and this is one such instance.


  13. The single snake on a pole is a reference to the Blble story in the Book of Numbers. The two snakes on a pole (the caduceus) represent the Greek god Hermes, and is a symbol of COMMERCE. And it is pretty clear that modern medicine is all about the money.


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