The Enchilada – aka the central bank digital currency

Can anyone Blame Putin For being Alarmed at the prospect of NATO taking over Ukraine???

Good morning readers. It is a dark. rainy day on the Malahat this Monday morning. But at least it’s a “warm” rain, unlike the subzero temperatures we had all last week…which got my arthritis all riled up. I am examining the MZM tea leaves this morning and there’s a lot of foreboding. I can always tell what way the opportunistic winds are blowing by how often I am summarily cut off the Internet. This morning already I’ve been cut off doZens of times. I was trying to watch that Reiner Fuellmich video I posted from Dennis yesterday and it completely seized up just as it was reaching a crescendo of truth.

Then Russia Today went off the air and when it came back on it was like it was being run/operated by a the eight bloodlines of a Londonium, UK think tank. OMG…every single headline was anti-Russia. Will we ever see the real Russia Today again? Or will this cloned bot inhabit the RT URL forevermore?

As regular readers know, I seldom go into the minutia/details on political events but prefer to fly high and get the bigger landscape picture. If readers want to know all the important details I suggest they subscribe to Penny for your thoughts my fellow Canadian blogger who hails from the Canadian butthole called Ontario. Penny has a good vantage point from there to see what the manufactured Globalist lies are–and to separate them from the truth. Here are Penny’s last two posts on the Ukraine manufactured crisis:

Greencrow, OTOH will eschew the Ukraine crisis for the moment and return to the suddenly unpopular topic of the CovIDian psyops and it’s main goal…the bringing in and implementation of the digital, biometric MOTB QR code ID.

IMO, the Ukraine crisis is in main part a desperation effort by the Globalists to cover up their [Plandemic Hoax] failure and need to re-calibrate this major operation/agenda. Here is the enchilada–this is the banksters finally coming out and doing what they’re probably wishing they had done in the first place–tell the citizens that they are going to impose a digital ID on them….in order for citizens to access their own money…and even to work or travel within their own country. Democracy has served its purpose, as has human freedom. We have now moved on to slavery and biometric coloniZation, folks:

Chris Sky with the skinny on the Digital ID:

Greencrow concludes: Yes, folks, RT is now dead…one, if not the first…casualty of the Globalist war on Russia. Here’s a dead link as prima facie evidence of it’s murder:


UPDATE: Does this link work? Russia Today comes and goes now. The WEFst can’t get rid of it entirely because then Russia will tit for tat get rid of CNN or some such Western Bullshit media outlet:


And, while Canadians are being “entertained” by the “Oh! what a lovely War” going on in Ukraine–and are having lies being shoved down their gullets like a Christmas goose in November–we have the real story.

Here are three legislative bills being similarly shoved through the Canadian “Parliament:

Bill C10 / C11: Media censorship bill that would eliminate alternative media

Bill C36: Hate speech bill that includes pre-crime & the ability to be taken to court for something you haven’t said. Vague open language.

Bill S-233 Guaranteed Basic income and Social Credit Score

Greencrow continues. Another good source to follow the War on Russia via Ukraine is my other blogging colleague, Northerntruthseeker. Here is his very good summary of the Globalist effort to take out Russia via Ukraine…from yesterday:

You see dear readers, Penny for your thoughts, Northerntruthseeker and little moi cut our blogging teeth on the Ukraine civil war that took place 2014-17. We know the skeletons in that closet…like how Ukraine President Zelensky is actually a professional actor [he shares his thespian roots with our own “substitute drama teacher” Turvert] who was hired by the WEFst to front their corrupt “economic hitman tactics” activities in Ukraine. Zelensky isn’t even a real political leader…he just plays one…again like the Turvert.

Folks, the Mainstream Media has now gone into a Russia feeding frenZy. It is now a complete waste of time trying to find out what’s really going on by reading it. Even reading it “in reverse” like I normally do [reverse engineering…starting with ‘what happened’ and working back to find out Who? and Why?] is no longer possible…it is so entirely corrupted/falsified. You could always try and subscribe to longtime Russian commentator Michael Averko [see link below] like I do…see below…but forget about the mainstream until the feeding frenZy subsides at least:

Russia-Ukraine Coverage Update: What Western Mass Media Downplays

by Michael Averko Posted on

Greencrow continues: The biggest problem in all countries including Ukraine, US Canada, Australia etc. is the inability or unwillingness of the nationals of those countries to “take out the garbage”…the corrupt refuse of government/corporate greed and moral depravity.  We have the tools, i.e., democratic/legal institutions but lack the public awareness [due to our brainwashing education system] and the will [due to TV-media-induced mass psychosis] to use these tools. So it is the Sisyphean task of raising national awareness and determination–that now falls on the shoulders of the independent blogs and forums. So as we say up here in Kanada…keep on truckin’! Here, as promised in the headline above, is “The Enchilada” of the entire global crisis:

“Canada’s banks are perfectly situated to help lead the creation of a federated digital ID system between government and the private sector. The World Economic Forum agrees.” ~ Neil Parmenter President & CEO Canadian Bankers Association

the Coming “Central Bank Digital Currency”

Greencrow concludes: Again I refer all sentients back to the anonymous Liberal cabinet whistleblowers’ predictions about the mass vaccinations becoming mandatory and those who refuse being dragged off to gulags. As seen in the links above, the QR codes [which the Globalists hoped would become universal through the Plandemic psy-ops] are, in the minds of the psychopath globalists, absolutely essential to replace the current system after the imminent collapse of the financial system. This will give the PerpZ absolute and perpetual control over all humanity. The next few months are going to be rough as the fiat currency ends and the Globalists and Russian/Chinese alliance duke it out to see whose economic/financial/banking system rises like a Phoenix from the rubble.

Moral of the story? Don’t let the MZM Perception War annihilate your critical thinking skills:

4 thoughts on “The Enchilada – aka the central bank digital currency

  1. From Jim Stones site:

    The pandemic measures are to be declared globally binding

    An international pandemic agreement will be negotiated at the WHO in Geneva on March 1

    Negotiations on an international agreement on the prevention and control of pandemics will begin in Geneva on March 1st. The agreement is based on Article 19 of the WHO Constitution, according to which the WHO General Assembly can adopt binding agreements for all member states with a two-thirds majority. The article has only been used once in its 74-year history.

    The agreement is backed by the Bill & Melinda-Gates Foundation and US billionaire Marcel Arsenault, who announced in autumn 2021 that he would support global pandemic prevention with $200 million .

    Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO , speaks of a “unique opportunity to strengthen the global health architecture. The EU, which supports the project , expects from the agreement.

    —– increased, sustained and long-term political engagement at Heads of State and Government level
    —– clear processes and tasks
    —– strengthening the public and private sectors at all levels
    —— the integration of health issues in all relevant policy areas

    That all sounds pretty harmless. But observers expect that the WHO can use the pact to prescribe binding measures such as lockdowns, compulsory vaccinations or the central collection of data. The pact would give WHO direct leverage over the exercise of civil rights in member countries.

    ” Moderate ,” the movement critical of young people, on the other hand, wants to hold the referendum, as its President Nicolas Rimoldi explained on request. “The WHO Pandemic Pact will take precedence over the Federal Constitution and thus overturn it. With it, the WHO can introduce coercive measures such as lockdowns or compulsory vaccination without Switzerland having to influence it.” It is important that the civil rights movement unites against it.

    The preparations were started a year ago by the Global Health Center in Geneva with the support of Marcel Arsenault . For its part, the Global Health Center is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Pax Sapiens Foundation of Marcel Arsenault and Cynda Collins and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

    The further roadmap of the agreement will be determined on March 1st at the first meeting of the “Intergovernmental Negotiating Body” within the framework of the WHO. A first draft should be available in August this year. The WHO expects the agreement to be ratified in 2024


    Most truthers are aware of the PepZ tactics to create a custerf*ck of distractions.

    The Ukraine conflict arrived right on cue.

    This may be their brass ring


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