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Good Sunday Morning Readers. Below are three very important links sent to me this morning by regular contributor “Dennis”. Each one more valuable than the last. This is a great way to “immunize” yourself from the disgusting raw sewage being pumped out 24/7 by the Western main$tream media for the past couple of weeks ever since the vendetta against Russia was launched. BTW they have now denied access to Russia Today on the Internet. My last “go to” source for real news [including news about what’s going on in Canada] has been “forbidden”. Are we not living in a communist-occupied country now folks? Well, read on and thanks Dennis for providing these important sanity/immunity boosts!!!

H/T Dennis

February 24, 2022

Joe Lauria

During a grand jury hearing held by an international group of attorneys, including Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Alex Thompson, a veteran of Britain’s equivalent of the U.S.’s National Security Agency details how London is the power center of the world and how the handful of elites who control it—along with their Wall Street proxies in the U.S.—have been working to gather the world’s population, or “livestock” as they refer to the world’s people, under their rule, using wars, psychological operations and crises (manufactured or otherwise), like the pandemic, to further their one-world government agenda.

Sophie Scholl Interrogation

Based on the actual transcript of her interrogation. If we do not learn from history ——— 

February 26, 2022

 – The Current Western Propaganda for Ukraine Is Epic in Scale

9 thoughts on “A Truthiness elexir from Dennis

  1. Re: Putin:

    One of many reasons I do NOT trust him is his denying the FACT NYC (((Bankers))) started the Bolshevik Revolution, WW1 and WW2….and how Russian soldiers brutally raped German civilians.

    Yeah..it’s nice he’s purging Ukraine…blah blah blah……but he is far from any honourable person.

    The fact he has been in his role for 22+ years is more an indictment than merit.


      1. I do not believe Vladimir Putin is a graduate of the Klaus Schwab WEF Young Global Leaders. If you have proof please provide a link. Putin was a member of the KGB before he went into politics. He was stationed in Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall. Then he was a bureaucrat for the Mayor of St. Petersberg and was mentored by him. I don’t know when Putin had time to take the Young Global Leaders course. Yes, like all the world’s leaders he was courted by Klaus to see if he could be enticed into selling out his country, like the Turvert has, as a for instance. But, obviously Klause failed to convince Putin that his country wasn’t worth his [Putin’s] loyalty.


  2. Greencrow, You have exposed my simple comment and it gets complicated. I haven’t gone through the young global list of 1600 . Vlad might be there or not. There are claims that there are 4000 grads so there might be some unpublished names…none of which proves it of course.
    Klaus brags that “even” Putin is a member . (he doesn’t use ”even” with anybody else)
    In Putin’s speech to the WEF in Jan 2021 he speaks of his friendship since 1992, refers to K as “Dear Klaus” and seems to be pretty much on board with the agenda so your point is well taken but mine is that there is ample reason to withhold our trust. Here is the speech.


  3. Don’t ever forget that Klaus Schwab is a deciple of Satan and thus mixes truth and fiction into a witches’ brew to deceive. I believe Putin’s achievement of almost single-handedly restoring Christianity to Russia is proof that, while he may have “played chess” with Satan Klaus on more than one occasion…he is/was not a factotem. He was, is and always will be a Russian.


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