Bullshitter’s “HELLth Mandates” have Vancouverites shitting in streets

Good morning readers. Another cold but sunny day on the Malahat. The purple crocuses are blooming in the open areas around the forest. Unexpected at this altitude but much appreciated. Yesterday I opened a can of worms by mentioning my suspicion [no more than that] that those at the very top of the food chain on this planet may not be human…mainly because so many people like actor/director/producer Mel Gibson have for centuries said this:

When so many people, over literally hundreds of years have said the same thing you have to at least look into it. The fact that it has never even been mentioned in the mainstream…much less investigated…is an indication to me at least that there’s something there. I don’t know if those at the top are biological reptilians…or just cold-blooded psychopathic “reptilians”. The entities described by Mel Gibson certainly are not human…that’s all I can say.

Back to earth. We have Justin Trudeau going on a rampage throughout Europe, licking the boots of the fascists–in such a rage–because of the palpable hatred of Canadians for him, as evidenced in our response to his dissing of the Trucker Convoy here in Canada. Make no mistake, folks, Trudeau is insane and has gone on a florid psychotic rampage. Who knows what he’s saying or doing in our name over there. He could be getting several of our major cities bombed with his warmongering/mouthing off.

Meanwhile, here in British Columbia we are suffering under the special punishment ordered up for this Province by the Turvert and his provincial WEF fellows. Look at the graph above and note that BC is still under extreme mandates while the Satanists have at least temporarily, loosened things up across the rest of Canada. Why is that? I posit that it’s because the Vancouver Police Department has not become brutish thugs and stomped on the regular protests going on…plus a high number of unvaxxxZinated plus a lot of elderly and disabled in this Province that they want to off. Yes, it’s likely a combination of things that have set the Algorithims off and therefore diktated that British Columbians be separated out and meted with draconian punishment…”until morale improves”


Greencrow continues. As a result of the continuing lockdowns and other repressions going on in this province…business are continuing to suffer greatly. Nobody goes out unless they absolutely have to. Everyone is under house arrest…except to go out and buy groceries and/or demonstrate every single weekend against the CovIDian Cult Mandates. Opposition to the mandates has become even more urgent since the PfiZer data came out. More doctors, like the one below, are speaking out about the harm done to the human body by the vaxxxZines over the short and long term:




VIDEO Grand Jury Exposing CRIMES against HUMANITY, MURDER, Preplanned GENOCIDE.

VIDEO: Day 1 Grand Jury Proceeding the Court of Public Opinion

Greencrow continues: As I have said since the beginning, IMO the only way out of this two year and counting horror show is by way of the law. As the old saying goes: “The Wheels of Justice grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine.” There are several legal actions going on here in Canada and across the world. Here in British Columbia, a rights group has actually sued the Bullshitter herself. She is slated to come before the court in June. So, IMO, she will either resign or be fired before then. You know the drill…they never want to go before the courts because they do not have a legal leg to stand on. Below are the videos of the Grand Jury that Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is conducting via video. Of course, this is being completely and studiously ignored by the criminally controlled mainstream media.

Download before it is Removed by these very same SCUMBAG LIARS.


VIDEO: Day 2 Session of the Grand Jury Proceeding the Court of Public Opinion: Historical Background

VIDEO: Day 3 Grand Jury Proceeding the Court of Public Opinion – Day 3

Download before it is Removed by these very same SCUMBAG LIARS.


To be added to a list of supporters please contact  



Greencrow concludes: One of the direct results of the closing in of the legal community on the Globalist/WEF CovIDian Cult Genocidal VaxxxZinators is that they have literally dropped the CovIDian caper like a hot potato and have now revved up to frenZy mode… focussing totally on their manufactured war on Russia. One would be forgiven for concluding that this was the end game all along. After all, as I said in my post yesterday…the parasites have gutted the West and must move shortly to a new host or “die” from lack of resources/blood/finances. They are eyeing Russia which, under Putin has risen from its own ransacked [by the Bolsheviks] state and is now one of the two superpowers they don’t currently own.

The Ukraine war is as phony as it’s “comic actor” president Zelensky. It is entirely manufactured–for the sole purpose of poking the resource-rich Russian bear. Ukraine has always been a corrupt place but now it has been rendered into a fetid swamp of neo-Nazi, money laundering, child trafficking foreign [NATO] mercenaries. The fact that our Prime Minister Turvert is now over in Europe embarrassing Canada by banging the drum for Ukraine’s protection…is proof positive that the war is entirely a confection of the evil ones.

Yesterday, the PerpZ cancelled Russia Today off the Western Internet. That signals their intention to pull off false flags with impunity in Ukraine. I saw a headline just this morning…”Russia bombs Ukraine Hospital.” OMG…It’s starting. Forget the CovIDian Cult. Forget that you are basically under house arrest here in British Columbia. Forget that your finances are now in an inflationary shambles and gas is over $2,00 a litre. Forget that you have lost all your friends and family members to the Turvert’s Satanic “divide and conquer” campaign over the past two years. Forget that Vancouver is now now degenerating into an economically failed metropolis–Mad Max of crime and feces in the streets. Forget everything folks because…..

Russia just bombed a Maternity hospital [TM]

You Hate Russians Now!”

9 thoughts on “Bullshitter’s “HELLth Mandates” have Vancouverites shitting in streets

    1. Thanks very much Bob…

      I find many long videos a bit much, but this one grabbed me all the way through and give it SOLID GOLD rating.

      Ms. Wolf and Mr. Dowd run the gamut that covers all bases from Law, Medicine, Wall Street, Gov’t…Gov’t regulators…and tie it all together extremely well.

      I am going to watch it again….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am getting in line for tort and criminal money.

        The world does not have enough lawyers to make people whole.

        I haven’t had the ‘vaccine’ but the toll on my mental health is ‘enormous’. Not that my mental health was very good to begin with.

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  1. Dr. Bullshite and Dickhead have a presser today.

    Supposedly it will deal with Mask and Vaccine card issue.
    Will they be lifted?

    From what I am seeing elsewhere, it may NOT matter.
    David Menzies at Rebel did this story:

    Why are some Ontario businesses keeping the vaccine pass alive ?
    Rebel News visits the Times Square Diner in Toronto to ask why they’re still demanding vaccine information from potential customers.


    It struck me that businesses and clients have been so fear- porned ( by design ) in Pavlovian fashion that they will STILL insist on masks and vaxx passes regardless what health authorities mandate.

    Menzies tries to ask parties at this restaurant the logic of THEIR choice to keep masks and vaxx passport, but the staff and clients have been so brainwashed they will still continue these practices. This would imply these same idiots will line up for endless vaxxes and boosters…on top of the compounding damage continued mask wearing creates.

    I can’t see that this phenomenon of mask wearing and vaxx passes will not exist elsewhere.
    I’ll bet the authorities had war gamed this as inevitable and it gives them an ” out “.

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  2. Hi RAH let’s see if the governments tell the police to enforce the “No Masks/passports” the way they told the police to enforce the Mask/passports last year. Now it seems to suddenly be a matter of “personal freedom” see how that works?

    The thing that Menzies and other real journalist investigators have to do is see whether these restaurants are receiving a government financial incentive to enforce the mask/passports. Remember how employers were given $4,000 a pop for each employee they forced into getting the HIV/AIDS causing injections? These secret financial incentives given out of our taxpayer dollars…are all over the place…employers, hospitals,,,perhaps the police…who knows?


    1. Hi GC:

      Good point/s, but IMHO at this juncture they are moot points.

      IMHO many businesses are struggling…and put in a state of mass psychosis as Dr. Desmet so expertly lectured on…aka they cannot think and plan objectively and cognitively, they are like people drowning….scared , in panic and flailing to stay afloat.

      I’ve posted previously that I do not want to beat up on businesses that had forced mandates(no choice) and some people wanted to punish with protests etc.

      However, if Dr. Bullshite and Dickhead lift restrictions…and if some businesses wish to keep mask mandate and Vaxx Passports….they should be actively boycotted VERSUS those business that do NOT require masks nor require vaxx passports should be placed on a MASTER LIST and strongly supported.

      aka $$$ Money Talks $$$..Vote with your $$$$$


  3. Hi Greencrow;

    I would certainly like to see the law put those who are puppets of the WEF and who have done so much damage to society behind bars – however I really don’t know if justice will have time to play out before the next “crisis” is brought to bear on society.

    On a more personal note, it is wonderful to see the young people begin to move out into the world again. I spoke to you of my daughter a while ago. Sports has begun again, and she has quickly regained her enthusiasm. Likewise, my 24 year old son is heading to town tonight for a meal in a restaurant with friends (unvaccinated) for the first time in a couple of years.

    Only a real traitor to the people would keep the restrictions in place at this point in the game.
    I feel for the people of your province.

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    1. One thing I learned about as a child protection social worker is the amazing resiliency of children. They may have experienced terrible things but if moved to a healthy, loving environment they immediately blossom. Happy to hear your children are now flourishing We can only hope and pray the likes of the Turvert will be arrested and removed prior to next Fall [or sooner] when some anticipate the re-imposition of mandated [undemocratic] HELLth lockdowns.


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