Arrest The Turvert at the airport — to save canada

Regardless” – H/T John Kaminski

In the short video below, the Turvert says it’s okay to override the Charter of Rights and Freedoms rights of a minority for the sake of the majority. Again, he lies. What is happening is–he’s trashing the Constitution AND the Charter rights of the MAJORITY of Canadians for the benefit of a small minority of corrupt elite.

Regardless – H/T John Kaminski

Good morning fellow sentients. Two days ago, for the first time in over two years, I came down with a cold. I think I caught it from my fully vaxxxZed family who came to visit two weeks ago today and all except the youngest had a cough. I was okay up until two days ago but then came down with exactly the same symptoms as they had. Luckily, because I can no longer go to the doctor, I prepared for this likelihood when we moved into our cabin retreat. I have all the regular cough and cold medications and also MMS which was recommended to me by FreakedOut. So far, I have availed myself of Tylenol [arthritis] for aches and pains, Listerine for scratchy throat, oatmeal ginger biscuits for upset stomach and Zinc lozenges for sinus/throat. If things get worse I have other Plan “B” strategies.

I keep telling myself that as that great Canadian Truther/Naturopathic doctor, Amandha Vollmer, taught us at the beginning of the CovIDian Cult psy-op–humans, like other mammals and even birds–need to shed off old cells from time to time and it was only the Rockefellers at the beginning of the 1900’s who turned this natural shedding into disease…which then became the moneymaking Big Pharma industry. Kudos to you Amandha…for setting my mind at ease. Also, I used to keep and raise birds and learned a lot about biology from them. Twice a year, birds go into a “molting” phase where they shed their old feathers and cells. During this time, they are listless, appear “sick”. But it is a totally natural process.

Hubby has not been here at the cabin for two weeks because he’s back in Vancouver working on our home reno there. He’s coming back today. As he’s twice vaxxxZed [no booster–I’ve asked him not to get the booster until we redo our Wills…lol] I wonder how he will do with all the “cold” germs that are now here. Stay tuned for that one, folks.

But putting my “cold/cough” aside for a moment, although this is not totally unrelated, I will turn to the geopolitical events which have reached an even more dangerous creZendo than previously…far beyond anything I ever thought possible even for the Turvert. With his [mis]handling of the Trucker Convoy still fresh in the bellies of Canadians…and with inflation breaking a 40 year record…the Turvert rushed off to Europe with his NaZi Deputy Prime Minister/Finance minister riding shotgun. He is currently deep into his latest acting role as “Wartime Prime Minister” stopping for staged photo-ops all over Europe, bending a knee [while maskless] with soldiers in God knows where…and generally making a complete fool of himself..

…But a very dangerous fool—as he is not only poking the Russian bear—he is spearing it with all sorts of threats, bluster, and other very UNCanadian behaviour. The Turvert has absolutely ruined Canada’s diplomatic reputation world-wide for all time. We will never recover from this:

Putin will ‘lose’ Ukraine war, Trudeau says, as Canada ups aid funding

Meanwhile here in Canada, the truth keep bubbling up, like blood in a murder mystery, through the floorboards:

Greencrow continues: What to do about our dangerously insane Prime Minister? As I have said in previous posts, my mind goes to some very dark places indeed when I think about what his fate should be. Others can call for assassination of leaders they don’t like…even US Senators can publicly call for assassination:


Greencrow continues: Wait! I forgot! Readers can’t even access the above URL anymore because Russia Today has been taken off the Internet.[more about that later] Yes, Senators can call openly for the assassination of Putin…but if any similar suggestions were made for other leaders…well…we all know what happens to dissidents here in Canada. At the least, they get their bank accounts froZen and at the most, like peaceful protester Trucker Convoy founder Tamara Lich, they find themselves in the slammer for a couple of weeks.

So, the narrowing down of our access to alternative geopolitical views accellerates along with the subliminal TV brainwashing, see below:

Greencrow concludes: Are there any bright lights on the horiZon? Well, yes. Yesterday I found this intriguing tweet about an upcoming “Massive News Public Announcement”:

When I first saw the above I had a rush of hope. Hope is a rare commodity these days and I have had my hopes dashed so many times over the past two+ years that I had to read the tweet several times. I noted it relates to the most corrupt organization in the world today–the CDC. I had to caution myself with the query: “How could ANY uncorrupted whistleblowers have remained in the CDC over the past two years?” Surely they must be as rare as finding diamonds in a mound of horse shit. Well, folks, we only have one more sleep before we find out whether the above link has any legs.

In the meantime, someone on Twitter suggested the browser below “” as an alternative browser to access all the websites that have now become “verbotten” on the Internet: as your browser.

So, this morning I downloaded it and…whatthehell…within minutes I was again able to access Russia Today! BINGO!

No wonder RT has been banned! Here is its headline today:

“West has defaulted on its financial obligations to Russia – Finance Minister – A full-scale economic war has been launched against the country, Anton Siluanov says” apparently global trade is also seriously affected.

The perpZ have locked down the alternative press so that Western citizens will not know that the global economy is being deliberately imploded and the political and media warmongers are going “Full Monty” in their efforts to drag an unwilling public into an all out thermonuclear war with Russia/China. It’s like Julian Assange said so many years ago:

This is a war to the death folks…and it could all be avoided here in Canada if there were just a simple arrest made on an airport tarmac. Stay tuned.

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  1. GC,

    I always use the Firefox browser and have had no trouble accessing So just now, for a test, I tried accessing the site using Microsoft Edge and I got the following message.

    403 – Forbidden . That’s an error.

    It’s Microsoft that’s doing the censoring.

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