Turvert has rendered canadian military into Becoming trainers of rapists and nazis

Department of National Defense Building in Ottawa

Good afternoon readers. No wonder the Canadian military is keeping a super low profile these days. No wonder the Turvert flew in “UN goons” from Gawd knows where to confront the Trucker Convoy several weeks ago now…I mentioned at the time that the military probably refused such a noxious, illegal and unconstitutional assignment. From the recent report in the Ottawa Citizen. it appears that the federal government has been grossing out members of the military with disgusting/criminal assignments for quite a few years now. Please read the following, sent to me by Simon Hicks, and I will have comments to follow:


  1. Defence Watch

“Allegations of Canadian troops training neo-Nazis and war criminals sparks military review

A review into how Canada approves the foreign military personnel its trains should be ready by early next year but parts of the study will need to remain secret.

A review into how Canada approves the foreign military personnel it trains should be ready by early next year, but parts of the study will need to remain secret, according to the Department of National Defence.

The review follows concerns raised by Jewish groups of the alleged involvement of Canadian troops in training neo-Nazis in Ukraine as well as warnings by soldiers last year that some Iraqis who have received instruction from Canada were involved in torture and rape.

DND spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier said the review was started in late October. “This review will look holistically at all missions where the CAF conducts mentoring or capacity building functions with the armed forces of another nation,” he noted.

But Le Bouthillier indicated that some details of the review will remain secret as “the specifics of the process by which the CAF verifies the suitability of training candidates is subject to operational security restrictions.”

But critics point out the Canadian Forces does not actually conduct vetting of those foreign troops that it trains, which is at the heart of the problem. It leaves such vetting up to the nation providing the troops to be trained.

The review comes as a Jewish group in Ukraine is highlighting a new video of Ukrainian paratroopers singing a song to honour Stepan Bandera. Bandera was a anti-Semite and Nazi collaborator whose organization is linked to the murder of more than 100,000 Jews and Poles during the Second World War. He is revered in Ukrainian nationalist and far-right circles.

The Canadian military was warned in 2015 before starting its Ukraine training mission about the dangers of the far-right within the Ukrainian military ranks, but the senior leadership largely ignored those concerns.

On Monday, this newspaper revealed that in 2018 Canadian officials met with members of the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian unit linked to neo-Nazis. The officers and diplomats didn’t denounce the unit but were instead concerned the media would expose details of the get-together. The Canadians allowed themselves to be photographed with battalion members, which the Azov Battalion then used for its propaganda purposes.

In September a report from an institute at George Washington University in the United States revealed that Ukrainian soldiers with links to neo-Nazi movements, such as Azov, boasted they received training from Canada and other NATO countries.

In the past, senior defence and Canadian Forces leaders have been reluctant to condemn the glorification of Nazi collaborators in both Latvia and Ukraine, two countries where Canadian troops are conducting training.

In September 2019 Latvian Minister of Defence Artis Pabriks publicly praised members of the Latvian SS who fought for the Nazis, pointing out they are “the pride of the Latvian people and of the state” and Latvia would not “allow anyone to discredit their memory.”

Then-defence minister Harjit Sajjan, a close friend of Pabriks, refused to condemn the glorification of the SS unit and Canadian generals remained silent. The Latvian SS included those who had been involved in the murder of Jews during the Holocaust. In addition, members of the unit were among the last holdouts in defending the Nazi regime in Berlin.

Jewish groups, however, condemned Pabriks comments. “Given the fact that the (Latvian SS) fought for a victory of the Third Reich, the most genocidal regime in history, and that among those serving in it were active participants in the mass murder of Latvian Jewry, as well as of German and Austrian Jews deported by the Nazis to Riga, such comments are incomprehensible, let alone deeply offensive, coming from a senior minister of a country with full membership in the European Union and NATO,” Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center noted in his protest letter to the Latvian government.

Canada’s training mission to Iraq has also faced problems. Earlier this year this newspaper revealed that Canadian soldiers complained in 2018 to their commanders that the Iraqi troops they were training were war criminals who liked to show videos of their atrocities, including executing prisoners and raping a woman to death.

But, after reporting their concerns to the Canadian military leadership, the soldiers were told to continue the training and avoid watching the videos the Iraqis wanted to share with them, according to Canadian Forces documents.”


Greencrow comments. First of all, thanks to all who continued sending me links during my several days off to tend to my two granddaughters. You know I could not do this work without your support and suggestions. H/T to Simon Hicks for the excellent link above–which spotlights something we’ve all suspected– how corrupt the Canadian government of the Turvert and the Freeloader is…that it would be devoting our scarce Canadian military resources to training Ukrainian Nazi soldiers. We already know that our poor, beleaguered military has been forced to collude with international criminals and gangsters in Ukraine. We know that the Liberal government of Turvert cannot provide clean drinking water to hundreds of First Nations reserves across Canada, but can still send millions of dollars of military equipment to Ukraine…so the NaZis there can poke the Russian Bear…this is the real goal of the Ukraine War with Russia.

Why do the corrupt elite in Canada want to antagoniZe Russia to the point of risking a devastating and catastrophic nuclear war ON CANADA?! Because it has for hundreds of years been a goal of the Satanic Globalist overlords of Turvert and Freeloader to destroy Russia. Russia represents the largest uncorrupted nation in the world today in terms of size and still possessing some national sovereignty. Yes, Russia still owns it’s land and possessions…unlike Canada and the other “five eyes” vassal states of the west who have been gutted by the “Economic Hit Men” of the PerpZ.

Back when the drunken Yeltsin was still the President of Russia and the entirely corrupted Gorbachev before him…the PerpZ had Russia by the short and curlies. They had set up financial infrastructure to gut Russia, like they had so many countries prior and since. Well, Yeltsin, drunkard that he was, still had a modicum of patriotism flowing through his almost 100% vodka-filled veins. He called the young KGB upstart, go-getter Vladimir Putin into his office, and to Putin’s absolute shock…told Putin he was going to resign and leave the Presidency to Putin! This was a great moment in the modern history of Russia. In the capable hands of the wunderkind Putin, Russia was able to pick itself up from the financial ditch where it had been dragged by Gorbachev and then Yeltsin, and reinvent itself into the world power it is today. Early in the Putin Russian Restoration, Putin kicked out the western financiers who were poised to gut it’s resources, he nationalized the oil industry. He also went into Chechia and solved the Russia-weakening uprising the PerpZ had arranged to happen there…much as the one they’re currently running in Ukraine.

Now the PerpZ have decided for several reasons, not the least of which is the failure of the CovIDian Cult vaxxZine genocide HOAX, that they must finally, for once and for all, before it is too late and many of them [like Soros and Schwab] are dead of old age, to attack Russia, destroy it’s sovereignty and steal it’s resources to stave off their imminent financial collapse. The failure of their pipe dream of commercializing the sale of human biometric data is driving this sudden diversion towards Russia. They are also using the Ukraine war as a distraction from the collapse of the covIDian vaxxxZine Caper and all the genocide/vaxxxZine injuries it has caused.

The corrupt “Young Globalist Leader” Turvert and his henchman the Sorosian Freeloader are up to their eyeballs in the demoralization and criminalization of the Canadian military. If they could not order the military out onto the streets of Canada to push Experimental mRNA vaxxxZines into Canadians’ arms…as they publicly stated was their intention at the outset of the caper more than two years ago…then they would send the military off to the Nazi badlands of Ukraine–where the Canadian military would not be able to fulfill it’s mission of Defending Canada by supporting the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms here. They would send the Canadian military abroad and task it with disgusting and time-wasting criminal activities to deplete and demoralize it.

Reading the above report in the Ottawa Citizen makes me want to barf. The federal government is forcing our soldiers to train rapists and Nazis?! When, here at home nobody is defending our most sacred personal, medical and constitutional freedoms. This is corruption to the nth degree.

When I came back online this afternoon after being totally offline for over two days, I hoped that the Turvert would be gone. Justin Trudeau and his entire government…indeed the entire parliament is like a huge decaying salmon lying on the kitchen counter…stinking up the entire house!

The report on the criminal misuse of our military is just one more indication that the Turvert and all his ilk need to be thrown out with the trash/buried in the back yard for fertilizer. Stay tuned.

And sent their soldiers off on illegal and criminal assignments while freedoms were stolen back home.

6 thoughts on “Turvert has rendered canadian military into Becoming trainers of rapists and nazis

  1. FFS…

    History is double edged s”WHORED

    If your ancestor’s died in WW1 and WW2..blame the (((usual suspects))) and their Allied bitches.

    What we are experiencing now is a Kosher continuum centuries old…….

    If you can’t interpret/extrapolate what I am submitting……OMG


  2. I wouldn’t be overly concerned about any significant benefit of canada rendered training to nazi units as the CAF do not have any significant fighting history nor skills.
    Please realize that Normandy coast was defended by a dozen or two lesser German divisions as oppose to some 200 ellite ones on the Eastern front, battle of the Bulge was cherry on a cake.
    Where canadians were victorious is in bringing home more veneral desease trophies outdoing americans.
    As many claim to know we have highly priced sharp shooters whom we sent abroad as offensive assasins against minute anemies, a legendary sharp shooter named Wali lasted 20 minutes in his trumpeted latest and last assignment in Mauriopol, leaving behind his young family.
    Our weapons such as armoured vehicles on assignment in Yemen, you be the judge.
    Where the CAF support to nazis counts is in projected propaganda and walking in red stilettos.


  3. Dr Stefan Lanka:


    Academic(School) medicine has been and is the most important pillar of support of all dictatorships and governments which do not want to submit to written law, to constitutions, to human rights, that is, to the democratically legitimized social contract. This explains too why school medicine really can and is allowed to do anything that pleases it, and in this is subjected to no control whatsoever. If we do not overcome this, we will all perish by this school medicine.[27.10.2005] Interview with Stefan Lanka on “bird flu” and some related subjects

    The school medicine protagonists/practitioners need the paralysing, stupid-making and destructive fear of disease causing phantom viruses as a central basis for their existence:

    Firstly, in order to harm many people with vaccinations, in order to build up for themselves a clientele of chronically ill and ailing objects who will put up with anything being done to them.

    Secondly, in order not to have to admit that they are failing totally in their treatment of chronic illnesses and have killed and are killing more people than all wars so far have made possible. Every school medicine practitioner is conscious of this, but only very few dare to speak about it. Therefore it’s no wonder either that among professional groups, it is that of the school medicine practitioners that has the highest suicide rate, far surpassing other professional groups.

    Thirdly, the school medicine practitioners need the paralysing and stupid-making fear of diabolical viruses, in order to conceal their historical origin as an oppression and killing instrument of the Vatican’s when it was struggling to rise in the world, having developed out of the usurping West Roman army.

    Very potent words that nail it.


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