Notice to Readers + Canada and our planet needs to be Liberated–and soon!

Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Christya Freeland holding Ukrainian Nazi Banner

Good evening readers. This post will be brief. I am still recovering from the cold/flu I caught from my fully vaxxxZed family last week. Still feeling slightly weak. Recovering steadily, however. Another reason I haven’t put up a post for a couple of days is that I was absolutely gobsmacked at the Turvert’s audacity and obnoxiousness in inviting the other Grade “B” actor on the public stage, Ukraine puppet Zelensky to speak before the Canadian parliament. This, after ignoring, beating up and freeZing the bank accounts of the taxpaying Canadian Truckers who peacefully demonstrated in Ottawa for three weeks over the illegal and criminal CovIDian Cult mandates.

Apparently, the video speech of Zelensky played to a packed [rare] House of Commons–when none of them had the time or inclination to meet with their employers…the taxpaying Canadian Truckers’ Convoy.

Barfarama! The corruption in Ottawa is now beyond the pale. We are headed for oblivion. Below, as a case in point. We have Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister, openly holding a Ukraine Nazi banner. Days after the disgusting Turd of a PM was shaming opposition MP’s for “standing with swastikas”. “Gaslighter” is the Turvert’s middle name. Please read the report below and I will continue thereafter:



Greencrow continues: For those readers who want accurate news on the Russian liberation from Nazism operation now going on in Ukraine, please refer to my fellow bloggers, Northerntruthseeker and Penny for your thoughts – linked below. In her latest post, Penny discusses the ongoing peace talks between Russia and Ukraine–which peace negotiations are never mentioned by the warmongering “Let’s You and Him Fight!” West.



Greencrow continues: In my previous post I connected the dotZ between the three-pronged agenda of the Western Globalist political puppets. These WEF-ers are in cahoots with the criminally complicit and Globalist owned Mainstream Legacy Media– and are basically creating a new terror psy-op to replace the winding down, failed covID psy-op. The three inter-related [lock-step] psy-ops are:

The CovIDian Cult – vaxxxZination scam/genocide

Constant War…currently, War on Russia in Ukraine

Financial/cultural/social meltdown – leading to a “reset” that includes a 24/7 surveillance biometric ID that will harvest everyone’s personal data and will pay these slaves a social credit score stipend, based on their subservience to the Globalist elites

All of the three prongs listed above are, to a lesser or greater extent–illusions. The three psy-ops rely on lies, hologram media-staged videos with crisis actors…relentless brainwashing and repetition, isolation, division, gaslighting, terror strategies like “sirens in the night” I mentioned in my last post. Folks, we are are truly in a matrix now and it is very difficult to tell fake from reality. When the Globalists have successfully reached their goals, escape/freedom will be impossible. Humanity will be caught forever like a fly in a spider’s web.

Over the past few days I have been fighting/opposing all the above agenda by going on Twitter Perhaps I am able to reach a much broader audience there…or, with all the algorithmic shadow-banning…perhaps that’s yet another illusion. It’s almost impossible to tell anymore whether we’re reaching the huge, broad based audience that was promised when the Internet arrived or, whether we’re speaking to a mere handful, a token audience. My suspicion is the latter.

In any case, as I said at the outset of this post, due to family matters, I will be away from my computer for the next few days. I might be able to post from time to time if there’s a “breaking news” story…but I’ll will likely be far too busy providing a enrichment experience for my two grandchildren.

While away, I’ll leave a tantalizing rabbit hole for the very brave to go down. A couple of posts ago, I speculated that the entities at the top, rather than being Jewish, like many in the alternative community believe, are actually not even human…but, could be, as David Icke has said, alien reptilians. Well, FreakedOut took that suggestion and did a bit of research. Yesterday, he sent me a very intriguing video link that I have watched most of already. This video was made in 1994, almost 20 years ago but Alex Collier’s predictive capacity is absolutely stunning. Two thirds the way through–Collier describes a global scenario that is playing out today down to almost the finest detail. Shockingly, if any of what he says is true, it makes sense of some of the senseless behaviour of the elites during the past decade or so. It casts recent geopolitical events in an entirely new light and answers a lot of questions that have stumped rational thinkers…such as “Why are they always terrorizing us?” What is their motivation? Spoiler alert–the answer to that, according to Alex Collier, is “greed”.

So get yourself a big cup of coffee or tea, make yourself comfortable and prepare to have your mind completely blown by hour+ video below.

Alex Collier in 1994 describes exactly what is going on now–and names who is behind it. You will be shocked!

Greencrow concludes. When I was a child protection social worker back in the early 2000’s I had many opportunities to hone my skills at determining whether someone was telling the truth or not–by studying their body language and their speech. I applied these skills to Alex Collier in the video above and, surprising even to me, it appears he’s telling what he believes to be the truth. Collier isn’t the first one I’ve heard tell these kinds of stories about aliens among us. David Icke is just one of many I’ve heard say similar things. Perhaps it is time sentients started to think “out of the box”. As Alex Collier says, “Humanity needs to grow up” as a species [before it’s too late] and accept responsibility for what’s going on on this planet and, if necessary, band together to kick out the aliens forever. It’s at least worth consideration, we’re on the brink of destruction–and nothing else has worked. Stay tuned.

13 thoughts on “Notice to Readers + Canada and our planet needs to be Liberated–and soon!

  1. Re: Turd and Zelensky
    As across canada’s longest border is a country with well established track of agression and with still active “War Code Red” it is very stupid to pick a fight with other neighbouring country which almost never loses war.
    Only explanation is desire to have this former country called canada leveled.
    God have mercy upon us!

    PS: lack of alertness to this situation is shocking, this is not hockey night canada you retards!

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    1. Hi No Name:

      The Turvert and his Freeloader sidekick have gone so far beyond the pale in their criminality that I have basically run out of words to describe them. They and others need to be arrested by our military for Grand Treason and many other crimes. Yet, I just got an email reminding me that Pastor Arthur Pawlowski has been held in solitary confinement for weeks now simply for speaking freely according to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

      I agree with you–Canada is in a very deep crisis and it’s not Hockey Night in Canada anymore.


  2. You really have to watch the Alex Collier video twice to try and wrap your head around what he’s saying. 😲
    There’s another guy out there who seems to have some interesting info on “aliens” and his name is Phil Schneider:
    “Phil Schneider on reptilians (underground bases secret deals with the government ect)…”

    According to Alex Collier, humanity needs to “grow up” and evolve to reach a higher state of consciousness. The concepts of “density”(state of being) and “higher levels of vibration”(unconditional love) are put forth. Telepathic communication is also talked about along with UNKNOWN innate abilities of the human species.

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  3. Hi FreakedOut:

    Thanks very much for these links. Humanity has now reached such a state in the “Globalist” crisis that we have to broaden our investigation into exactly who our enemies are. They are such moral lowlifes that it is a legitimate question to ask if they are even humans.

    Sometimes in the past when I’ve introduced a topic on this blog I suddenly notice that it is also being raised throughout the Internet. I think they call this the 100 monkeys syndrome or something. We’ll see in the next few days whether this holds true in this case.

    The concept I raised two posts ago about humanity being immersed in geopolitical “illusions” is the main thing I’m seeing now. The War on Ukraine is about 90% illusion, IMO. The CovIDian Caper the same…90% total illusion/fabrication.

    So if we introduce the concept of alien entities driving the inhumanity…can we be laughed at when all the newZ on the TV is 90% illusion?

    I think not.

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  4. Greencrow,

    Joe ‘Poopypants’ Biden screwed up again!

    The Saudis are thinking about ditching the petro dollar. They are in active negotions with the Chinese Communist Party.

    I can’t tell the younger generations how horrible their lives are going to be anymore.

    Ed Dowd knows that over 60,000 millennials have been murdered by this ‘vaccine’.

    I had to stay with my mother last night. Another medical mistake. She went into constant seizures because of a horrible antibiotic they gave her.

    I am looking for an accupuncturist that can treat her urinary problems.


  5. Re: Reptilians, Aliens etc.

    IMHO, simply another distraction.
    If someone developed a test that actually identified them…what good is it going to do?

    People will still act like deer in headlights chewing their cud.


  6. RAH
    One thing that Alex Collier said I thought you might be interested in. He said the reptilian aliens made the offer to the Germans first but the Germans told them to get lost. Then they made the offer to the Americans [exchange of technology in return for “working with them”] and the Americans accepted.

    Who knows what’s true/real anymore. All I know is that everything in geopolitics now is 90% illusion.

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    1. If you move to the 54:30 MM in the Alex Collier video he talks about the 1933 Germans and how they were approached by the hostile “greys” and the Germans told them to get lost and that the Germans were already in touch with a group called the “Gizeh Intelligence”.


  7. Quote:

    ” He said the reptilian aliens made the offer to the Germans first but the Germans told them to get lost. ”

    Probably talked to my immediate family…who told them to Fek Off and go back to Khazaria.

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  8. Humanities Conundrum:

    My late Father- in- law( brilliant old school but worked his way up from high school to senior management position)….and my Brother- in -law(brilliant engineer with patents to his name) were philosophizing re: their farm upbringing and “cattle”.

    They deduced most livestock fences were built poorly via design….(ie barbed wire, a few clips etc)…….. and if the cattle(or just one smart cow) would challenge the fence.. with minimal effort…1000 + lbs of force per cow…their prison would be down in a heartbeat and the cattle would escape.

    Translate that analogy into 2 -legged cattle..,approx. 7 billion on Planet ZOG


  9. I have a little turtle pet that I rescued from the bicycle trail here.

    They DO NOT LIKE BEING caged. If they know they are being caged and controlled they will go insane and die.

    Some species cannot even be touched.

    If they have a proper living space then they are fine. They could live in a very nasty environment and be very happy.


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