Canada – The Democracy – is dead!

Communist Infiltrator Jagmeet Singh has joined with Trudeau to Subvert Canadian Democracy Forever

Good morning readers. Browsing the Internet and my e-mails first thing this morning I got the good news. Then I got the bad news. The Good News was that, worldwide, humanity is waking up to how close our species is to losing our precious freedoms given to us by our creator. We are on the absolute brink! Much of humanity is fighting back however, including thousands coast to coast to coast in our own formerly free nation of Canada. Last weekend there were huge demonstrations simply in the name of freedom world wide. See the above link for details.

Now for the BAD news.

Penny for your thoughts–one of the best alternate blogs in Canada–posted an obituary for Canada that was published by the Criminal Co-Conspirator involved in the death of our nation–the CTV. Please read this obituary below and I will have more comments to follow:

Tyrant Trudeau and Sycophant Singh Cement “leadership” deal

And CTV has the inside scoop- Of course

According to one Liberal source who attended an emergency caucus meeting on the subject on Monday night, the agreement is being referred to as “making Parliament work,” but essentially is a confidence-and-supply agreement.

It really is a confidence and supply government- having nothing to do with Parliament working. In the sense of functioning for the people and the benefit of this nation.

A separate source told CTV News that NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was running the agreement by his MPs on Monday night.

Both Trudeau and Singh have scheduled media availabilities for Tuesday morning.

Obviously both leaders are aware this is a done deal hence scheduling the media in advance.

Given the Liberals are in a minority position, this agreement would inject years of federal stability allowing Trudeau’s cabinet to continue advancing their priorities without concern of falling on a confidence vote.

Liberal party priorities are not the people’s priorities. That should be plainly obvious to anyone with eyes to see.

Hmmm.. wonder if this the priorities are connected to the World Economic Forum?

The mood in the Liberal caucus meeting where this deal was discussed was described as “positive” by one source.

Since 2019 when the Liberals were reduced to a minority, the NDP have often been the government’s main ally, voting to support their initiatives, but that support had never been formalized.

Given the last federal election was in 2021—seeing the Liberals maintain minority standing in the House of Commons— the next scheduled vote would happen in October 2025.

Reacting to the news of a potential deal, interim Conservative Leader Candice Bergen called the agreement “nothing more than a callous attempt by Trudeau to hold on to power,” and “backdoor socialism.”

“This is an NDP-Liberal attempt at government by blackmail. Nation-building is replaced by vote-buying; secret deal-making over parliamentary debate; and opportunism over accountability,” Bergen said.

Can’t argue that!


Greencrow continues: I’m sure that the founders of our nation would never have allowed such a black [loop]hole to tyranny to exist in our Constitution. No constitution should allow two parties to collude together to rule for years without a mandate from the people. The Turvert was reported…


…to have eked out a minority…propped up by the Communist-led NDP.

No majority of Canadians voted for Trudeau…no majority of Canadians voted for Singh…Both are deeply hated by Canadians as was shown in the national support for the Truckers as they travelled across Canada from all directions to Ottawa. Hundreds of thousands cheered them on from the bridges. The Turvert and the Communist Singh could not get enough followers to fill a phone booth if they tried. They are both nationally detested. Trudeau is polling at only 16% popularity across Canada! So what do they do? They criminally collude to subvert our parliamentary system folks. If the military and/or the Supreme Court of Canada-–both with the power to protect our democracy–do not stand up and shout


To this criminal collusion to commit high treason…then we are fucked folks. Canada is fucking OVER!

These two need to be arrested and jailed—not given more powers indefinitely to completely remake our nation in their Chinese Communist Template. I visited China in 2018 and while I found it a vast and interesting country…the tour guides told us about the tyranny that makes it so “orderly”. The citizens are severely restricted in their movements around the nation and are surveilled by technology 24/7. We do NOT want to go there…but that’s where these two ba$tards are dragging us.

The first thing they’ll do once they have their fucking “deal” is pass those horrific pieces of legislation they have hanging in the wings…you know the ones. They severely curtail freedom on the Internet [my blog will be GONE] and they force mandatory biometric identification on everyone in order to qualify for their “social credit score” economy.

This is the End folks. I am so disgusted I don’t know whether I can even continue to blog and slog through this sewage filth every day.

5 thoughts on “Canada – The Democracy – is dead!

  1. Hi GC:

    IMHO…this NDP/Liberal deal is simply final consummation of what was unwritten.
    When did the Federal NDP ever vote against Liberals ?

    In last Federal election, only 1 out of 6 votes went to Liberals.
    BTW..Federal NDP have 25 seats….13 of them are in BC.
    Recall Horgans BC NDP cut a deal with (3)Greens to acquire a one vote majority.
    Ex NDP MP Svend Robinson is appalled at current NDP, stating they have abandoned their traditional base..the working class.

    As other truthers realized..Canada has the “Uniparty”..there is no real opposition anymore. Conservatives and Bloc did a token opposition to Emergencies Act, but look at them all cheering on the Ukrainian President.

    Keep in mind the flip side is the Conservatives and Bloc MP jobs are also secured for next 3+years.
    Do they “really care” ?
    I think not.

    This Singh/Trudeau deal is simply a formal signal to rest of world that ….barring a revolution…. 38+ million Canadians will have more globalist communism shoved down their throats unabated.

    Even without this deal nothing else would have changed..the die have been cast..

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  2. Three comments related to this excellent article.
    1. Canada ceased to be a parliamentary democracy after Beverley McClaughlin and her court converted it to judicial autocracy.
    2. Trudeau has never been interested in Canada. His years of toadying to international interests are aimed at securing a comfortable place in the WEF’s world government. Both he and The NDP leader are fulsomely praised on the WEF web site – and his appointed Deputy PM is a Trustee of the WEF and a graduate of its Global Leaders School.
    3. Where does this leave Alberta? Confederation has always been a rotten deal for them but how would they feel about being a downtrodden province in a vassal state of the UN? And what other provinces would follow them out?

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  3. Hi Dan:

    Beverley McLoughlin is another one of Justin Trudeau’s cohorts in the looting and destruction of Canada. Canada cannot survive another six months, never mind three years of the Turvert! He is unable to run for PM again because he was chased out of each and every population center he campaigned in in the last selection. Fuck Trudeau! rang out accross the land. So, what does he do? he cancels selections entirely and makes himself King!

    Hang the ba$tard for corruption and high treason, I say!


  4. Greencrow,

    Reiner Fullmich stated that governments are not our governments.

    We need to start thinking about a parallel system being set up.

    The US Department of Defense’s epidemiological data base shows a huge increase in morbidity and mortality following the mandatory jabs.

    The US DOD is now claiming it’s a glitch in the data.

    Thomas Renz states the US DOD is either completely incompetent or committing criminal fraud.


  5. Hi Bob

    Criminal Fraud–and much worse–rules the day with the entities that call themselves our governments. Reiner Fuellmich is right…the governments no longer [if they ever did] represent or serve us. How long will it be before the stats the insurance agencies are now reporting about excess deaths amongst the young will resonate with the public? Perhaps another year…not more.


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