NO Right of MP Recall in Canada?


Unholy Alliance – Stabbed Canada in the Back – Canada as a Democracy is Dead and the Whole World Knows It!

Good afternoon readers. The past two and a half years have been a nightmare for most if not all Canadians. With each passing week it becomes clearer that the source of this misery can be traced back to one person, Justin Trudeau. Never in the course of human events have so many been made so miserable by so few…in deed if he were not the PM absolutely NONE of the catastrophic events of the past two + years would have happened.

Now he has made an unholy alliance with NDP “leader” Jagmeet Singh, an avowed communist terrorist, who is banned in two huge nations–the US and India. That is but one small indication of how Canada has plummeted from being a respected democracy to being a Tyranny reviled all over the world. Listen to the Member of the European Parliament speak today. He nails it! Most Canadians do not know the extent of the destruction to our country the way this man describes it:

Greencrow continues: You have to ask yourself why the Turvert insists on wearing that filthy black face mask even though the covIDian cult face masking mandate has been dropped in Canada and throughout the world. Is it because he hates the natural white colour of his own skin? With his psychotic history, I am beginning to connect the dotZ between his early racist blackface escapades, his perversion for wearing a black face mask–and his dastardly alliance with Jagmeet Singh. The Turvert is clinically insane…anything is possible in terms of his motivations.

What options do Canadians have now that we have been summarily sentenced to a total of ten years of heavy punishment, being at the whim of a Tyrant that makes Caligula look like a Sunday School teacher. Trudeau has locked millions of Canadians in Canada so we cannot escape his insane whims by leaving our country. He has set up a system which will cut off access to health and social programs to the unvaxxxZinated. He has been spending our tax dollars like a drunken sailor…giving millionZ of it to the Nazi-occupied Ukraine–which Putin/Russia WILL liberate [unlike Canada]. He has been steadily eroding our rights and freedoms and his venal corruption knows no bounds.

Some governments have had the foresight to build a recall mechanism into their governance in the [previously] unlikely event an elected official and/or the entire party or government went completely off the rails into despotism–like the Liberals have under the Turvert. Sadly and stupidly, Canadians were so naïve as to think this disaster would never befall us. Well, it has. The first order of business should democracy ever be restored in the future will be to legislate recall mechanism so this will never happen again. Here is a link to a working paper on such a necessary tool of democracy:

Greencrow continues: We now know what the diabolically insane Satanist Trudeau has in store for Canada and the world…if he can get away with it. His agenda is to provoke World War III with Russia so as to usher in a permanent Globalist Government run by his fellow inmates of his Davos Insane Asylum.


H/T Simon Hicks

“TPTB definitely poked & prodded the bear into a war, with the Ukraine issue, that they needed to proceed with their wicked agenda. Russia has stood against the world bank & their schemes & was a huge detriment toTPTB agenda. At the last UN/WEF meeting, Putin said that he doesn’t subscribe to their way of the ‘great reset’ & will not support it. Hopefully Russia, China, India etc (BRICS) will set their agenda back some years. No matter what happens with the outcome of this war, US/NATO will NOT be the superpower that it has been for many decades….the $ will be done…we don’t have to look too far as in Argentina.”


Greencrow continues: The following links are to Russia Today which was one of the few outlets where you could get the other side of the WWIII agenda the Turvert is building his necessary war upon. Now RT is unavailable on Microsoft…due to the Turvert’s censorship of free speech…which will ultimately end in the elimination of all opposition sites including this blog. Please read and view the video below and I’ll have final comments to follow:



The West is “provoking” a world war by using Ukraine as a “proxy” against Russia, writer Yves Engler shouted as he hijacked the minister’s speech

Writer and activist Yves Engler interrupted a speech by Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly, accusing the authorities in Ottawa of escalating the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and increasing the risk of it turning into a global confrontation.

Engler shared a clip of himself confronting the foreign minister on Twitter on Tuesday.

Brave Activist Shouts Truth To Power to One of the Turvert’s Co-conspirators

Greencrow concludes: Yes, if Canadians only had a provision in our Constitution for Recall of elected officials on the basis of malfeasance…the entire Canadian Parliament could be got rid of. They have all acquiesced in the criminal nightmare brought upon Canadians by the Turvert. Not one federal MP has spoken out against it. They ALL need to go.

As Truth activist Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich has said, all the governments in the West today neither represent nor serve citizens. They all work for the tiny 1% elite who have massive depopulation and theft on their insane minds. Humanity must, as Fuellmich has advised, set up parallel governments that represent us. I have urged for this to happen many times on this blog and most recently when the Truckers were in Ottawa. I urged them to identify several leaders who could negotiated with the government. What happened? Well several leaders were put in jail and had their bank accounts froZen. They were vulnerable–mainly because they were stuck in Ottawa and at the mercy of the goons.

I hereby re-state this suggestion and suggest that leaders be nominated from across our land and be elected via an On-line vote. I suggest/nay URGE that All Canadians set up an alternative online Parliament where we can grow in numbers and democratic power and present SOME KIND OF ALTERNATIVE to he black horiZon that the Turvert has planned for us. Freedom, Democracy and Parliament are not physical highgrounds in Ottawa or in the provincial capitals of our land. These three ideals are states of the human mind and eternal yearning and rights. They can never be wiped out…only repressed for a limited time. Stay tuned,


No. IF we ever get our democracy back…we will NOT make this [taking it for granted] mistake again!

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