updated – Trudeau farted in the [empty] EU parliament

The Fart Heard Round the World….

Internationally Reviled Trudeau addresses empty EU chamber in his most disgraceful foreign trip ever [to date]

Folks, there have been very few “good” days during the past two+ years of Turvertian Oppression here in Canada. This morning is however a relatively positive day on a relentlessly bleak and “punishing” horiZon. Turvert flew to Europe yesterday [again] to flounce around on the world stage which he thinks is worth his acting/drama talents…rather than waste them on the poor plebs here in Canada who are not even worth trampling with RCMP horses.

Sooooo….the Turd went to Europe and to the European Parliament which is located in Strasbourg, France. NOTE: Correction: Trudeau’s FART was let off in Brussels…not Strasbourg.

Folks…it’s impossible to tell this story without smirking at the irony of Turvert’s insane view of the world. I kid you NOT. Turvert went to the European Parliament to lecture the parliamentarians on Democracy! Yes, impossible to believe he would be so incredibly UNself-aware but that’s the truth!

So he entered the chamber which had a decent number of members sitting in their places. At least three MEP stood up and told Trudeau to go and take a flying leap. They dressed him down, told him he was a “disgrace” to democracy and a few other things…then most of them got up from their seats and walked out…leaving our Turd to speak to a virtually empty chamber. Here is what MEP representative Christine Anderson posted on Twitter:

Yes I can confirm that. Usually when a world leader speaks the house is packed. This time however, out of the 705 MEPs only about 50 or so even bothered to be present. 25 of those rose for the standing ovation, which MSM celebrated him for! Well, I was there, I know better!

SWEET! Here are some more links and photos I collected off Twitter. Please watch and I will have concluding comments to follow:

MEP Castigating Turd before mass walk out of EU Parliament
One MEP didn’t show up at all…just posted the above on his facebook page

The Toronto Sun was one of the very few Canadian news outlets to cover the truth about the catastrophic diplomatic Turvertian venture:


Editorial in Toronto Sun: Trudeau warns people to avoid leaders just like him:


True North report on the disaster

From The Counter Signal

Rebel News Report


And this from the news in India…where Jagmeet Singh has been banned from travelling:

Indian columnist calls Trudeau a “Mascot” Why didn’t we think of that name? lol

Greencrow continues: Remember when Trudeau went to India with a trunk load of flamboyant Indian costumes for himself and his entire family? Remember when he out-dressed even the Bollywood actors he posed for selfies with? Well, the Indians haven’t forgotten as seen in the op-ed above. That was the previous winner of the worst foreign trip by a PM ever. But this trip to Strasbourg [corrections: Brussels] has topped even that…because this time his trip to lecture on “Democracy” followed immediately his trampling of Democratic principles here in Canada in his disgraceful treatment of the Peaceful Truckers Convoy to Ottawa.

Yes, Trudeau’s speech to the European Parliament went over like a fart in an elevator!

Trudeau speaking to mostly empty chamber…the members were continuing to walk out as he voiced one hypocritic hyperbole after another…see the caption above…

Greencrow concludes: I encourage readers to look at the links in the reports above…particularly the three MEP’s who spoke in the chamber and basically told Turvert to fuck off and get out of their place of discussion.

The best speech was that by the Croatian judge who castigated Trudeau for “trampling women with horses”

and freeZing the bank accounts of single parents, preventing them from paying their mortgages and utilities bills.

Canadians know all about these despicable acts but we thought nobody else knew about them. Sometimes you have to hear the truth from an outsider before the impact strikes home.

Perhaps Trudeau has done us a favour by making an a$$ of himself over in Europe. Perhaps the bought and paid for Members of the Canadian Federal Parliament will realize they’ve tethered their OWN careers to a piece of smoldering shit…and will kick him off the public stage in a vote of Non Confidence. The sooner the better!


Footnote: Here is how the FART played out in the media coverage in the West vs in Europe. This from:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Brussels this week and was absolutely roasted by European parliamentarians.   Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic called out the Canadian prime minister for engaging in a “dictatorship of the worst kind” over his treatment of peaceful Freedom Convoy protestors in February.   At least three other MEPs echoed Kolakusic’s remarks, with Romanian MEP Cristian Terheș entirely boycotting Trudeau’s speech.   You would think Trudeau’s rude welcome to Europe would be the top headline in Canada.

Think again.    Here’s how the legacy media covered Trudeau’s trip to Europe:

A Canadian Press article titled “Trudeau’s address to European Parliament focuses on the rising threats to democracies” makes no mention of any of the MEPs who spoke out against Trudeau.   Similarly, Global News devoted a segment to Trudeau’s remarks focusing on the prime minister’s words and not the reaction to his presence in Brussels.   Meanwhile at the CBC, journalist Murray Brewster claimed that the prime minister received a “sustained ovation” from EU politicians despite the fact that the plenary where Trudeau spoke was largely empty.

And here’s how international media outlets covered Trudeau.   Can you spot the difference?   Croatia’s daily newspaper Večernji list featured an article dedicated to Kolakusic’s remarks titled “Kolakusic condemns Trudeau before EU parliament: ‘Canada has become a dictatorship of the worst kind because of you’.”   One of Australia’s most prominent broadcasters, Sky News, also devoted a segment to Trudeau’s thrashing at the EU.   French journalist Gaspar Bazinet also wrote an article on the controversy for the outlet News 24.   I did a full analysis comparing Canada’s legacy media to the international media’s coverage of Trudeau’s trip to Brussels. Read it here.

gc, can you trust the legacy media in Canada?   If it wasn’t for independent media outlets like True North, Canadians would have no idea what’s actually going on when it comes to how our government operates.   Unfortunately, this is the state of Canadian media – too many legacy media outlets are beholden to the government as a result of the millions of dollars in government handouts to the media.   If you value real journalism, please consider supporting independent media by making a donation today.   Thank you,   Cosmin Dzsurdzsa  Senior Researcher”

14 thoughts on “updated – Trudeau farted in the [empty] EU parliament

  1. Well, you are in really good form today GC! Just beautiful.
    “paid for Members of the Canadian Federal Parliament will realize they’ve tethered their OWN careers to a piece of smoldering shit”

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  2. Greencrow,

    I wish I could tell young people how horible their lives are going to be.

    Our freedoms come from God. They are not granted by government and cannot be taken away by government.

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    1. Nicely and properly put GC. Love the comment on the balance of the corrupted reps. in Ottawa.
      (Is that an oopsie in reference to the RCMP horses???- Toronto Mounted to the best of my knowledge. My retired Ottawa contact tells me Ottawa quit horses several years ago. Also, is not the EU HQ in Brussels, or did the Turds faux pas happen in Strasborg?

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  3. Hi Gord McIntosh:

    I heard that the horses may have belonged to another group of goons. It’s highly doubtful that the RCMP would have used their famous “Musical Ride” horses for such a despicable act. I would not be surprised if the horses and the riders were flown in from outside of Canada.

    And we still don’t know what happened to the other person trampled by the horses, “the man in the tan coloured jacket”. A news video was shot from the Chateau Laurier Hotel showing police dragging a lifeless body away through the snow shortly after the horse attack on the trucker demonstrators. Does anyone think that the investigation of the police crackdown of the Truckers’ Convoy Demonstrations now going on in Ottawa will even broach the topic of the missing victim? I think not. This parliamentary investigation is probably just as corrupt as the investigation into the Nova Scotia mass killings now dragging on in Halifax.

    As far as the exact location where Trudeau let the Fart off that travelled around the world. I looked up on Google where the EU was located and it said Strasbourg. My husband and I drove through Strasbourg many years ago and saw the EU parliament buildings–so I ASSuMEd it was there. Having looked up the EU Parliament on Google I see that Plenary Sessions of the Parliament are held both in Strasbourg and in Brussels. The FART session apparently took place in Brussels.



    1. The horses used by riot squads are BIG and intimidating…4- legged tanks…they almost appear to be clydesdales. Saw similar breed used in Calgary.

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  4. Unifor won’t disclose COVID rapid testing company at heart of Jerry Dias controversy

    If the bribe handed to former Unifor president Jerry Dias was bad enough that the union sacked him, surely it’s bad enough to disclose who paid the bribe?


    Ezra makes a good point re why the bribing company wasn’t named….methinks the rot will explode onto the public scene..this is just the start.

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  5. HI RAH
    I also would love to see the rot explode but there’s so much rot…and so little time. I don’t think Canada can survive even another few weeks of the Turvert.


    1. Hi GC:

      Re UNIFOR scam:

      UNIFOR is a huge union..over 300,000 members in Canada and represents a wide range of diverse sectors both public and private. ie autoworkers, bus drivers…unreal list

      Here in BC it also represents Global BC media…not sure about other BC media


      What the Coronavirus (COVID-19) means for media workers

      “…..With 12,000 journalists and media workers in television, newspapers, magazines, news websites and film production, Unifor is Canada’s largest media union. Most of Unifor’s media sector members are located in the Ontario (60%) and Western (32%) regions. Quebec represents 5% of all industry members, followed by the Atlantic Region (3%). ”

      The disgraced Unifor union president had a huge influence on his members and the ability to steer them into the all things Covid. What a scumbag traitor. UNIFOR’s grip on media should be cause for alarm.

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      1. Hi RAH:
        The failure of the Union Movement to represent and protect workers from the genocidal CovID-19 HOAX/Scam is one of the many hundreds of tips of iceberg corruption In Canada. Corruption from the top down in every single element of our society and government. There has not been one element that has remained free…well…perhaps the independent bloggers…but that’s about all.

        Wonder who whistleblew or ratted the Unifor President out? We need to exterminate these rats one by one…and you know who should go first!


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