British Columbia Weather Warning

BC Weather Warning: Atmospheric River of Barf predicted for 4:30 p.m. to begin over the Fairmont Hotel in Downtown Vancouver

Good morning Sentients: Repositioning Day today so this will necessarily be a short post. Still very worried about Northerntruthseeker. This is the longest he has been silent in the nearly 10 years we’ve been blogging colleagues since 2013.

This afternoon British Columbia will be subjected to further crushing under the heel of the Turvertian jackboot. He’s coming to make another one of his unctuous, intellectually vacuous but highly incendiary and nationally dangerous speeches beginning around 4:30 pm at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

Theo Flurey says it best on Twitter this morning;

Anyone who wonders what crimes the above pictured entity is guilty of please watch the following video:

Or read this report about over 500 athletes dead from Cardiac arrest resulting from the shot–so far.

Although his perp handlers will try to curate the event as best they can, British Columbians will no doubt show up in force to show the Turvert exactly how Canadians feel about him going around the world embarrassing, humiliating our country and destroying our international reputation built up for almost two centuries…as if it was his own personal football to kick around a muddy field.

Greencrow concludes: I’ll try to update this highly disturbing story as the day progresses and certainly later on this evening after the Atmospheric River of Barf has passed over British Columbia. Stay Tuned.

5 thoughts on “British Columbia Weather Warning

  1. Re: Turdeau in Vancouver

    My interpretation/analysis (and I hope I’m wrong) is that some sort of event/false flag psy-opp is either planned or baited.

    VPD has been very neutral re protests…yet combined Dr Bullshite ,Whoregan and Dickhead are the last jurisdictions in Canada to remove restrictions such as Vax Pas.

    Turdeau coming to Vancouver makes no sense unless a bigger backroom agenda is in play.


    1. Isn’t that Singh territory? BC, I mean. You scratch my back I scratch yours?
      I hope North comes back soon too.

      and btw Ukraine admitted they have wmd’s- chemical. biological. radiological
      they offered Russia a guarantee at negotiations today- That’s an admission my friends

      “The Ukrainian written proposals include a ban on the production and deployment of weapons of mass destruction….”


      “The U.S. military refers to WMD as: Chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear weapons capable of a high order of destruction or causing mass casualties”

      Get’s on thinking about the GoF creation of covid


      1. Hi Penny:

        The majority of NDP MP’s are from BC… ie 13 out of 25

        …..maybe Turdeau is on some sort of a$$ ki$$ tour to thank them and Jagmeet for their contribution to communism …errr ” democracy “.


  2. Singh was parachuted in from Ontario where he lived until he needed a seat in the HOC. We feel no affinity or loyalty for him at all. I believe the last three selections were entirely frauded across Canada.


  3. Unreal….

    Dr. Malthouse license is suspended ….pending an investigation.???

    BC Human Rights commissioner feels mask mandates should be mandatory as to do the opposite is discriminatory ???

    Oh F*ck….

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