Updated: Trudeau did not inform his caucus about his “secret” agreement with Jagmeet Singh

March 30, 2022 Good morning sentients. Repositioning to the Malahat complete. Beautifully sunny spring morning here….now that the Atmospheric River of Barf has passed over our province. The Turvurt brought his illegal Globalist cabal here yesterday afternoon for a taxpayer-funded, Liberal fundraising schmooooooZe at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Vancouver. Here’s Press for Truth videoblogger Dan Dick‘s Tweet on the reception the criminal dictator got:

Here’s Rebel News Drea Humphries Tweet on the Turgid Turvertian visit:

Back to the breaking news of late yesterday evening…where we find out that the Turvert never even bothered to inform his spineless Federal Liberal Sheeple Caucus about his criminally illegal, democracy destroying mendacious “secret” agreement with the banned [from travelling to the US and India] Khalistan terrorist, Jagmeet Singh:

Folks, this is shocking. Well, nothing about the Turvert is truly shocking anymore. He jumped the shark several years ago at least. But if this is true then the Liberal caucus does not have any reason to support this unholy alliance with the NDP. None of the Liberal MP’s assented or committed to the dastardly act.

The honoUrable statesman-like thing for the members of the Liberal caucus to do now would be to join with the Conservative Party, bring in a confidence vote and get rid of the most hated man in Canadian history…just like that! Please read the following news from Truth North and I will have more comments to follow:


Some Liberal MPs unhappy with Liberal-NDP pact

Some anonymous Liberal MPs are expressing disapproval over the recent “confidence and supply agreement” between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh that will see the NDP prop up Trudeau’s Liberals until 2025.

According to the Hill Times, Trudeau and his cabinet did not consult the Liberal caucus in the decision-making process surrounding the deal with the NDP announced Mar. 22. Sources say that the only forewarning about the agreement was an abnormally scheduled caucus meeting. 

In an apparent effort to stifle debate within the Liberal caucus, Liberal national caucus chair Brenda Shanahan reportedly scheduled the meeting two hours before it occurred while packing the caucus meeting agenda so that discussion on the agreement could be limited. 

While Jagmeet Singh allowed his NDP caucus to vote on the agreement, Trudeau apparently did not. 

“There’s the irony that this was kept from members of caucus until it actually was a fait accompli,” one disgruntled Liberal MP said  “And the irony here is, even though if the details of that nature were kept from our caucus, NDP MPs actually got to have a say on it. So that juxtaposition, in my opinion, is very, very troubling. 

“But that’s how our government has been behaving since 2015.”

Since that year – the only Liberal majority under Trudeau – the Liberal Party has earned a smaller share of the popular vote with each subsequent election. Some Liberal MPs are reportedly worried that abandoning the centre of the political spectrum and cooperating with the far-left NDP party could lead the Conservative Party to victory. 

One Liberal MP commenting on the Liberal Party’s drift to the left said, “(a)lready the Liberal Party has been too far left. Now, it’s official, we have joined this ultra-left.” 

As Trudeau’s party continues to move in a more left-wing direction, MPs are concerned that ‘blue liberals’ will find a home with the Conservative Party even if a right-wing candidate becomes the CPC leader. 

“The more you move to the left, the more you start to lose some blue Liberals,” one Liberal MP said. “That’s been a big problem for Liberals since 2015.”

While Canadians are trying to figure out the implications of the “confidence and supply agreement,” Liberal MPs are apparently unsure just to what extent the Liberals and NDP are to cooperate in committee work, drafting bills and more.

The agreement ensures that the NDP supports the Liberal Party as long as the Liberals commit to implementing national dental care and pharma care programs. According to the sources who spoke to the Hill Times, Liberal MPs are also raising concerns about adding to the already growing budgets and deficits exacerbated by pandemic spending programs.

The agreement between the Liberals and NDP pledges to increase spending on social programs, with no plan on how the government will pay for them. 

With inflation climbing to 5.7% – the highest in more than thirty years – and with government debts and deficits breaking records, there is real concern that increased spending will add to inflationary pressures. 


Greencrow concludes: This just might be the “Hail Mary pass” Canadians have been hoping for. A way to boot the ba$tard out of office ASAP and not have to look at him or listen to his obnoxious brainless hauteur for another three years. Will the Liberals finally begin to represent the citizens they were sent to Ottawa to work for? Or, will they choose to continue to ride on the “To Hell in a Handbasket” criminal and corrupt coat tails of the almost cartoon-like villain–Justin “FUCK” Trudeau, who is bent on destroying Canada, at the behest of his Globalist masters. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Updated: Trudeau did not inform his caucus about his “secret” agreement with Jagmeet Singh

  1. Greencrow,

    I heard there are 70,000 law suits just here in the US due to the ‘vaccine’ mandates.

    Once the tort template is established these bastards will be flayed alive.

    Get a lawyer! I have one here in the US. I plan on my pound of flesh.

    If your interested let me know. I don’t think my lawyer is too versed in tort. But he will learn very quickly.

    I had a bad head cold for three days. Never got in my lungs. I took Z-stack and it worked.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Bob:

    Sounds like you caught the dreaded “Omicron”. : 0 Great that it didn’t get into your lungs. I still have a very slight cough and a “heavy” feeling in my lungs at times. But my old tried and true natural immune system did NOT let me down. Now, like any used muscle…it is stronger for having been exercised.

    I have said many times on this blog the most likely resolution to this mammoth and catastrophic assault on our society, our constitution and our freedoms will be via the court system. All the tools are there…We just need them to be implemented by lawyers and Judges. When enough lawyers and judges are impacted personally by the vaxxxZine injuries…there will be a response. Whether it will be in time? That remains to be seen.


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