Government corruption kills


One of Gabriel Wortman’s victim’s families put up this memorial along the side of the highway near the route of the killer[s] where Heather O’Brian and others died.

The judicial inquiry into deranged denturist Gabriel Wortman’s murder of 22 Nova Scotians on April 18, 2020 is turning into a hot mess.

Good Sunday morning folks. There was a surprising and un-forecasted snow storm here on the Malahat last night. As luck would have it, just yesterday I planted my first plant on our property which we purchased last May 2021. I planted a “Pussy Willow” plant that I bought at the local grocery store a month or so ago. It said right on the attached card: “Wait until all frost is past before planting the willow”. Well, this morning I looked outside to see about five inches of snow topping the tiny plant!

Pussy Willow Plant

The temperature is now right at “0” and the snow is beginning to turn to rain so I am just going to have to trust in God that the willow survives. This snow storm is likely part of a very cold front moving across Canada and predicted to seriously impact the Prairies. Coinkadynkally, Al Gore is supposed to be giving a “climate change” fear-mongering porn TED talk in Vancouver shortly.

As I leave the fate of my willow plant in the hands of God, ironically, humanity is going to have to turn to God more and more if we are going to survive as a species from this current Satanic attack that is underway against us. Folks, this is the shocking truth from the MSN story above:

Nova Scotia Massacre Still Not Being properly Investigated after Two years. Does Corruption goes all the way to the very top of Canadian political will?

If anyone doubts that humanity is under a demonic attack, please read the story linked above and published in the mainstream news [MSN] yesterday. Things have got so bad, even the mainstream news can’t ignore what is going on any longer. So-called journalists, like the one who penned the story above, are beginning to break through the iron-clad wall of lies that the criminally complicit owners of the media have erected and successfully maintained for several years. Here are a few quotes from the story:


At the heart of the problem seems to be the commission’s mandate that its work be “trauma-informed.” That’s a useful concept when it guides police interviews with sexual assault complainants. It’s foolhardy when applied to a factual inquiry into a mass murder covering 22 killings at 16 locations over 13 hours.

The family of murder victim Heather O’Brien responded with fury when the commission’s summary of evidence elided one particularly unpleasant fact: Data from O’Brien’s Fitbit showed that her heart continued to beat many hours after RCMP Const. Ian Fahie, who attended the aftermath of her shooting, had wrongly concluded that she was dead — and shooed away paramedics because an active shooter incident was underway.

“Const. Fahie is the lower ranking officer in this situation,” wrote Darcey Dobson, O’Brien’s daughter, on Facebook. “He has nothing to gain by lying. More likely he has a lot to lose for telling the truth.”

Commission counsel Roger Burrill explained that he glossed over the Fitbit detail because he thought people might find it “disturbing.”

Imagine that — who would have thought that an honest and competent investigation into the murder of 22 citizens might turn up anything disturbing.

Consistent with this approach, the commission refuses to mention Gabriel Wortman’s name in its documents and its own statements at public hearings. It’s as if his name has magical powers, and by its erasure, everything will be better.


Greencrow continues: Nova Scotia has always been a cesspool of government and institutional corruption. I am particularly aware of this because I lived in Halifax for a year in 1969 and came up close and personal with government corruption that rocked my world…but I’ll save that story for another day, if ever. Suffice it to say that nothing surprises me when it comes to government corruption in Nova Scotia.

I am going to cut to the chase here and say that this RCMP corruption goes right to the top of Canadian governance. I see the stinky hand on the Turvert all over this. I believe the massacre was actually a “drill” or blackmail operation–with the goal of subverting and corrupting the police agencies, and justice officials in Nova Scotia even more…so they could then be used in setting dangerous, illegal and criminal precedents all across Canada. Attacking the weakest link–to bring the entire security/judicial system down nationwide.

Let’s be frank. The Turvertian handlers, who actually don’t even live in Canada but are international mafia, want to destroy our national system of policing and justice so they can then say “We can no longer police Canada. We need to bring in a foreign [mercenary] police force“. Or, perhaps the police who were involved in the cover-up will now be given high rank and powerful positions, the perpZ knowing they have been successfully corrupted/blackmailed/coerced into silence about what happened on April 18th 2020. This is the standard modus operendi used by PerpZ all over the world to corrupt all elected and other persons with power/authority.

Thinking about Heather O’Brian, a wife and mother lying critically injured and dying on that highway for hours unattended makes me realize that the PerpZ do not regard humans as more than ants to be squashed under their feet. This is the mentality we are up against folks. This is the ethos that has penetrated and permeated all our governmental and social/cultural institutions. If justice is denied to Heather’s family then eventually it will be denied to ALL Canadians.

Take the CBC for example. Remember how it systematically and relentlessly lied about the Trucker Convoy when it went to Ottawa to protest against the illegal and destructive vaxxxZine mandates? If the sentient public has any say in the matter the CBC should be defunded and deconstructed. Not only is it no longer doing its duty to bring the country together via communication and information…it is tearing it apart through spreading lies upon lies…

CBC Pulls False Convoy Story

CBC Pulls False Convoy Story

Greencrow concludes: Yes, folks, things have gotten so bad that even individuals within the Perp-controlled walls are starting to think twice about what they’re doing and write articles such as the two reports above. Below, JP Sears hits one out of the park with his latest video. He Zooms in close to the main frontmen of the CovIDian cult attack/”Great Reset”Klaus Schwab and his henchman Noah Harari.

Keep in mind that as evil and repugnant Klaus Schwab and Noah Harari are, they are merely frontmen. We don’t know who the real masterminds of this evil are. The creators and funders always remain anonymous. Below we have Crownuts reminding us of what is at stake here. Our human divinity. Yes, every single human being has divinity within. It is only when the majority of humans on this planet become aware of this fundamental truth…that we will be saved from those who would abandon Heather O’Brian on the side of the highway to die a slow death…her Fitbit being the only witness to her suffering.

Crownuts talks about the Divinity within all of Us. H/T FreakedOut

8 thoughts on “Government corruption kills

  1. Hi GC:

    re Vancouver TED talk….

    We were in downtown Vancouver yesterday by the Convention Center where Bill Gates and Al Gore are scheduled to speak.

    Much of the area was cordoned off from public with tall fencing with view screening.
    Didn’t see any protestors.

    Another observation was the general public…previous visits had the area like a ghost town.
    However, saw larger crowds and over 90% were NOT masked.

    We ate at Cactus Club and it was packed..No masks Nor Vaxx passes required/requested.

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  2. Here is a very interesting MacLeans article from 2020 on the Nova Scotia murders. It’s no wonder the RCMP don’t want the truth to come out. They should be forced to testify under oath otherwise their statements mean nothing.

    “The withdrawal of $475,000 in cash by the man who killed 22 Nova Scotians in April matches the method the RCMP uses to send money to confidential informants and agents, sources say.”

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    1. Here is another MacLeans article on the Nova Scotia murders. It looks like Wortman may have been working as an RCMP agent and had infiltrated the Hell’s Angels. Also, according to this article, it looks like the RCMP inadvertently blew his cover. If true, this would have enraged him. The HA don’t treat informants very kindly.

      “However, according to one law-enforcement source, Wortman often spent time with Hells Angels, and he had at least one associate with links to organized crime.”


    2. Hi Ron:

      Sadly I don’t trust anything that’s written in MacLeans anymore. Back in the 60’s and 70’s it used to be a reliable news magazine and i read it regularly. The cover up of this mass murder has been going on for long and goes so deep that the truth would probably shock the living daylights out of Canadians if they knew. Just like the Picton Pig Farm murders of sex trade workers back in the 1990’s would. Police and bikers were involved in that operation too. Initiation rites…probably one factor in both crimes,


      1. Hi GC:

        Back in late 1990’s, CKNW had a new radio host named Peter Warren.

        He had a main focus on missing women…at that juncture over 50 +women from Vancouver DTES were missing. What is going on? I had no reason to feel this was BS……but WTF is going on ? 2004…SHTF re Pickton Farm

        Long story short….lots of info that RCMP are in like dirty shirts and fully aware of what went on (..this is Epstein-ish….) and Pickton is just a scapegoat. Picktons family business was (pig)farming and demolition..they are prime candidates for body disposal .

        There is a development in Richmond called ODLINWOOD…developed by City of Richmond BC..whereby Pickton’s brought fill material……hmmmmmm

        There is always a point the SHTF..the evidence is irrefutable and the scapegoat is made public asap “Case Closed”……like Lee Harvey Oswald

        Much like Clifford Olsen… I know people in his age group and social class that grew up with him, he was a criminal psycho… and he should have been on radar screen waaaayyy before the Regina Clowns arrested him.

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  3. The RCMP are a disgrace….and should be disbanded.

    They are the equivalent of FBI …they are the mafioso thugs for the Gov’t.

    The good news is they may collapse via increasingly lower recruitment numbers and as gc posted 1/3 of those that are being trained quit before graduation.

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    1. hI RAH

      The problem is the PerpZ want the RCMP distroyed too…so they can replace it with foreign [possible Chinese] mercenaries. Problem, Reaction, Solution is the usual dynamic in these operations.

      The RCMP has been systematically corrupted and destroyed by the same perpZ who’ve brought us the CovIDian Plandemic and other Agenda 30 Great Reset PlotZ. Ergo, whatever replaces them will be infinitely worse. There are still some good RCMP. Cpl. Daniel Bulford] is one. Bulford had to step away due to the vax mandate. This is another strategy they’re using to strip the RCMP of good, moral and brave cops.

      When we defeat these bastards I want Cpl Bulford brought back to take that corrupt weakling Brenda Luckie’s job as head of the RCMP.


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