Elder and vulnerable person abuse: A Cautionary tale

Greencrow says: Folks, this is a raw, cautionary tale about what can and all too commonly does happen to seniors and other vulnerable people in our society. They get preyed upon and exploited by financial and emotional predators. With the coming [all too fast] explosion of seniors in our society…due to the aging of the Boomer Generation...which RAH and I are both members of…this exploitation will no doubt become a major factor all humans will have to personally confront and be wary about.

We ALL age. We are all potential victims of these often psychopathic predators who will make our senior years a living hell…especially if we have any assets left over from our years of hard work, sacrifice and prudent finances. We seniors could ALL become “low hanging fruit” for these monsters, who lie in wait in our society.

WARNING: This is an emotionally raw story…as it must be, given that the victim was RAH’s own mother. Readers will remember that I have also spoken out emotionally about the systematic malpractice, negligence under the Plandemic “Hospital Protocols”--that led directly to my own older brother’s death in March, 2021. I have also spoken out about the forced [against my will] of Experimental mRNA vaxxxZination of my handicapped younger brother [without his informed knowledge and consent] in his staffed residence…and later his forced separation from me for several months under a punitive anti-vax mandate levied by the Provincial BC Government [since lifted, perhaps temporarily].

The moral of this cautionary tale is human society must always remain on guard/vigilant against these common exploitations and put legal safeguards in place to prevent them. One such legal safeguard would be that NOBODY CAN RESCIND/ALTER A POWER OF ATTORNEY AFTER A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS HAS BEEN MADE ON THE INDIVIDUAL INVOLVED. Without further ado, here is RAH’s story about what happened to his mother. Please read and I will have comments to follow:


RAH SAYS: Re: my late mother (R.I.P.)

Definitely raped financially and emotionally...I can’t prove she wasn’t raped physically…

She was a prisoner in the senior home…she was calling me several times a day suicidal till they removed her phone, denied me access and had a court order to keep me 100 meters away.

That’s why I mentioned her sisters’ physical rape in early 1970’s. That was ugly. At the time she had 5 young kids…but they caught the scumbag and he received Prison Justice. Her sister recovered…and died in Fall 2020…but my mother died alone as an abused senior.

My wife and I were out of town when we got the call [advising of my mother’s passing]. Her story, as described in this post, just scrapes the surface.

Like greencrow’s late brother [killed last March Plandemic “Hospital Protocols”] back East…as well as greencrow’s forcibly [without his informed knowledge and consent] vaxxxZinated brother Paul…we are ALL seniors who need to expose the zeitgeist that we are disposable…F*CK EM ALL!

I sent this e-mail (below)out today to various groups,media and politicians etc., etc.. Its game on. Feel free to post…much more to come. RAH



What I regard as “The White Rock “RAPE” Network” has existed since 2014 via my personal experience and major investigation, likely longer. It appears to be a well- oiled exploitation and abuse machine re: Seniors. It’s operating at a minimum due to public indifference (and possibly worse) of White Rock City Council and their local law enforcement.

NOTE: White Rock British Columbia‘s population is approximately only 20,000, yet has a Mayor paid approx. $70,000 and (5) Councillors paid approx. $35,000 each.

WTF? ..is this a small town MAFIA ??

I spent weeks in discussions with the aforementioned White Rock Civic authorities to resolve this…all for naught, but I have good suspicions I have stumbled on a Major Rats Nest...more so given that WHITE ROCKBC Canada has a large(and vulnerable) Seniors Population primed to be RAPE victims.

FYI: R.A.P.E. will be defined as :

Ripped – Off




RAH continues: I am a 63 year old senior, Male, First Generation Canadian…both Parents WW2 refugees. British Columbian born and raised, married for 36 years, with 3 adult children. My late mother’s sister, a mother of 5 young children at the time.. was physically raped in early 1970’s.The pain of this rape resonated throughout our extended family for years.

My mother, a senior, who lived alone…was also victimized. She had her independent lifestyle/future and finances RAPED while she was alive–from late 2014 till she passed away in Feb. 2018. She suffered a lot of emotional and physical abuse (dare I say tortured…) during this time. After her dementia diagnosis, in late 2014, she was exploited by my one sibling.

Be advised: Irrefutably…..There is a network in White Rock, BC, Canada, whereby WHITE ROCK financial advisors have their vulnerable elderly/senior clients meet with WHITE ROCK lawyers, ……deceive them into signing legal documents that extinguish all existing legal documents (i.e., Powers Of Attorney “POA” )…and place all legal powers into the hands of ONE party…in this case my one sibling…and a “RAPE” cabal is now established .

In my case, my late mother had assigned myself and my sibling as JOINT Powers of Attorney’s in early 2013.

In late 2015, one year after her dementia diagnosis, the WHITE ROCK RAPE NETWORK victimized her. I have several videos of myself explaining to my vulnerable mother what happened. On two occasions she appears to be VERY upset about what happened. There’s no doubt she has been deceived and she fully realizes this. Be advised that I had no access to funds to challenge this, it simply snowballed from BAD to WORSE.


THUS: From this point forward [after changing the Power of Attorney], any Lawyer, Financial Advisor and ONE family can plunder the senior’s estate with impunity.

Cui Bono:

My mother’s WHITE ROCK Financial Advisor wanted to secure my mother as a client. Since 2014, they have been plundering my [financially] RAPED mother’s estate with fees, etc. Thus, the White Rock Lawyer, WHITE ROCK Financial Advisor, and my sibling have RAPED my late mother’s finances since Nov. 2014 and still to this day in April, 2022We are talking about hundreds of thousands of $$$$. Little, if any, accounting is provided despite numerous requests.

One example:

My sibling placed her adult son in my mothers newer (built 2000) single family home for 40+ months RENT FREE and ALL Utilities paid…estimated loss of revenue is in excess of $100,000.

My mother’s dementia was mild and she could have lived at her own home much cheaper with qualified care.

In my opinion at least, my sibling is clearly a sick, demented, psychotic individual to do this to her own vulnerable mother as she and her cabal concurrently attack me continually since 2014.

Also: My mothers estate was probated over 3 years ago,

…it should be concluded now, but the WHITE ROCK RAPE NETWORK appears to be determined to milk the estate dry. At this juncture over $700,000 + is missing and UNaccounted for. White Rock Council and RCMP have no interest in this matter, but in addition, I’ve had a veiled threat from a White Rock RCMP member to back off.

In my experienced opinion = WHITE ROCK is a very dangerous place for SENIORS

The VIMEO video below is one of many hours of videos that myself and a colleague made of this sordid saga. Many more (hours) are forthcoming. THEY ARE ALL VERY VERY DISTURBING.

VIMEO VIDEO:(Note: May be glitchy may need to reload and/or restart)

RE Video: The basic synopsis is this:

Seniors Home (South Surrey) and my siblings WHITE ROCK cabal kept my mother as a virtual prisoner at cost of over $6,500/month and denied me access. There is good evidence that Kickback$$$ are involved. Further to this, my sibling and her cabal set in motion a court order to deny me even close access to protest.

My tortured and exploited mother was denied access to me (and others) for over ONE YEAR prior to her death.

VIMEO VIDEO:(Note: May be glitchy ….may need to reload and/or restart)

WHITE ROCK is a very dangerous place for SENIORS and needs to be exposed.

You do not want your loved ones “RAPED” like my vulnerable elderly mother was.
PS:— I have done a 2 hour interview with an American Alt Media (that link is available upon request,….)— I am very open to discuss this RAPE NETWORK upon request.

At this juncture I request my name not be posted. (…….However, if your intent is to flip the script and attempt to twist this story, I politely request you do NOT contact me. I am doing this in the Public’s best interest as I strongly feel my RAPED elderly mother with dementia cannot [and will not] be the only RAPE victim in the White Rock, BC, or even across Canada area and elsewhere. It is clear there’s ZERO protection for vulnerable seniors–once corrupt cabals get their fangs and claws into them and their assets.—If we can stop ONE SENIOR RAPE it will be worth it.
This e-mail will be distributed far and wide. I have many more very disturbing videos that will be made public and have created 2 web sites. Stay Tuned !!!

WHITE ROCK is a v-e-r-y VERY dangerous place for SENIORS.



Greencrow concludes: As you can see from reading the above cautionary tale, this kind of exploitation, routinely assisted by predatory institutions and “authorities” can divide and destroy a family for generations. It is a very common tale but sadly people never think about it until it happens to them…generally in their later years when they have aged parents themselves…otherwise, they are oblivious to it and are naΓ―ve when the early symptoms of exploitation/abuse occur–until it’s too late.

As I have told RAH, I had a similar dynamic in my own family when each of my parents passed away. One family member “took over”, cancelled the existing Powers of Attorney and set herself up as chief Executor of both estates. Thankfully, there was relatively little money involved so the rest of the family reluctantly let her “fill her boots” with the power grab. The bitter feelings exist to this day.

One suggestion I have for a legal remedy to this kind of exploitation is that, once a Power of Attorney is signed, [hopefully, in the formative years of aging when the adult has full control of their faculties] IT CAN NEVER BE SET ASIDE! That law would solve a lot of problems. Moreover, the onus is on all of us to draw up and execute a will in order to settle all the matters of the estate as a priority. Draw up an airtight will and appoint Executors, Trustees and Powers of Attorney with the stipulation written into the document that one of the signers can never set aside the Power of Attorney without the WRITTEN agreement of the other!

In the end, the onus is on the individual to prevent this kind of disaster for their beneficiaries. In this case, as in many other social issues…KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

15 thoughts on “Elder and vulnerable person abuse: A Cautionary tale

  1. I was blessed to be able to stay with my mother during her last days.

    I was able to get most of her financials squared away.

    I became a trustee to her estate which is CRUCIAL!

    I never knew how important this is until she died.

    She probably has over a million dollars in assets that can pay income to an account accessible to my siblings (two semi-responsible and two complete derelicts). My two semi-responsible siblings can handle the other two.

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    1. I had to fight like hell.

      My brother in law was stealing from my mother. EVEN HER WEDDING RING.

      I couldn’t tell my mother this because it would be devastating.

      I got a laywer and this put most things right.

      My mother was confused about who this big man was. I said mom it’s your lawyer! FUNNY.

      I also had a mild heart attack due to work stress.

      I didn’t tell anyone. But two months of testing was hell.

      My advice- don’t have a heart attack.

      Also young people in my groups ask me for advice and my advice is- Don’t get old it’s a big mistake. You get old mentally far sooner than physically.

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      1. Your experience with your mother’s wedding ring shows how prevalent this abuse is Bob. My mother also promised me her wedding ring but my two siblings decided that she “didn’t mean it” and refused to give it to me. I have lots of rings, including so many I have given some away. And my siblings knew that because I gave one of my wedding bands to one of them. Yet they insisted I lied about my mother’s ring.

        Estate settlements destroy more families than anything else yet, as RAH says…Nobody talks about it.


  2. RAH here:
    Fully open to and questions anyone may have.

    Many may ask “How could this happen?”..well that’s the main point of this expose’.

    ANYONE, I repeat A-N-Y-O-N-E is vulnerable when scumbags pull these stunts. As stated..this ain’t their first rodeo…its way too slick..and in a small town of 20,000 I smell major cover-up

    This is just the tip of the iceberg….I have even more shocking video forthcoming..including my tortured mother in sheer mental agony feeling she was being punished and wanting to jump out the window. I have the Lawyer on video and Financial Planner on video..they will be done like dinner..I haven’t pulled that trigger yet

    I will discuss this with GreenCrow

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  3. Hi RAH: Can you list some early symptoms of this abuse that readers could identify if it happens to them in the future?

    One could be
    – Isolation of the Senior from other members of the family.


    1. Hi GC:

      My late mother divorced my late father back in 1980 and moved out to White Rock area back in late 1980’s. Very strong and independent woman who had a new single family home built in 2000.

      My one sibling used to be sweet person, a high achiever in sports, academics etc. etc.
      I suspect the divorce had a higher impact on her than me, as she went through a gauntlet of boyfriends who didn’t treat her well.

      Ultimately she hooked up with “M” .

      The irony is my mother ‘s youngest brother “R” married “G”…….”G” is the sister of “M”.
      My sister married “M” back in 1988.

      “M” is the most obnoxious arrogant egotistical person one could meet.
      His large family, in hindsight have strong evidence of emotional and sexual abuse.

      IMHO, my sibling has been emotionally abused by “M”…she is his FemBot.
      He will attack me out of the blue…and she will defend him.
      “M” once went down a slide at a restaurant…likley drunk..broke his arm , sued… won a settlement.

      Point is, ……..he and his dysfunctional family will not hesitate to use lawyers…so re my mother’s estate once I was fraudulently removed as joint POA, they have full access to my mothers estate funds to attack me. “M” is is the puppett master for my sibling. Moral and ethics are irrelevant.

      As I noted earlier their son was plunked into my mothers home for 40 months..rent free…all utilities paid. My others near new car was literally given to their daughter…they are raising loser kids in sync with loser parents.


  4. Hi GC…
    Defining point/crucial juncture

    As noted in past comments….one main problem was my father(single) became ill in Fall of 2013, I lived close to him…and he was my focus..my sibling lived about an hours drive away.

    —My mother (single, divorced from my father in 1980)was diagnosed with dementia a year later after being hospitalized with an injury.

    —She lived about an hour away from me.

    —-Doctors say she can’t live home “alone” = she needs a care home asap or she will be charged for her hospital stay.

    —My sibling and I go visit (2) care homes. Before I know it my sibling placed her in a care home I hadn’t seen.

    –My mother hated the place….but as noted earlier..my focus was on my dying father.
    He dies in Aug.2015

    NOW…my focus is on my mother..this appear to be the DEFINING POINT/CRUCIAL JUNCTURE.
    Here is where all the corruption started. I did nothing more than want financial statement, as well as made overtures that I wanted to perhaps move my mother to another care home as a responsible POA should do.

    THAT IS WHEN SHTF. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Evidence is irrefutable the Financial Planner, for whatever reason…felt he was going to lose a client
    (BTW..I had not voiced any such intention).
    In their paranoia…he had my sibling take my mother to a lawyers office and removed me as POA in Oct. 2015.

    This is now the 7th year they have exploited my mother assets.
    I have fired (2)lawyers who did nothing but exploit my assets.

    $700,000 is not accounted for…….. yet they are threatening to take me to court so my sibling can acquire a recreational property the family has owned for almost 50 years.???

    This is just a bad dream….
    …..but I had the foresight to create a library of very indicting and irrefutable videos that cover all bases.

    I am making these public now…and they will hang

    Stay Tuned !!!


  5. What to learn from my experience?

    Much of what occurred was bad timing…
    ……having (2) parents, divorced, living alone and far apart.
    My Dad became ill in late 2013….died Aug.2015
    My Mother diagnosed with dementia a year later in late 2014…died Feb . 2018

    If my dad hadn’t gotten ill..or died earlier….things may have been different.
    I would have been able to focus on my mother.

    I have NOTHING to be guilty over…I did my best….I have a lot of scars to PROVE IT.
    Re: Powers Of Attorney…to me it was just a formality…perhaps I was naive re “trust”.

    I should mention that re: my late fathers WILL….drafted in 1980 which we found in 2015, and I was named Sole Executor. I can tell my sibling resents this..even though she was not of legal age at the time. She and her husband have gone psychotic over this, even though my father’s WILL was out of my hands. Psycho analyzing this..it seems that they are trying to compensate for this?!? by ruling over my Mothers estate. ??!!!

    My wife and I learned from this, we have a WILL (updated)and POA drafted.
    Our estate goes to our 3 adult children evenly.

    Sit down with family….hash things out….and GET IT IN WRITING.
    Video it as well.

    As the saying goes….Keep friends close…and enemies closer.
    Keep a GOOD eye on treacherous family members.
    My parents never liked my siblings’ spouse, and now we are suffering the fallout.

    Regardless..justice will prevail…I am just getting warmed up !!!

    More Later…


  6. Hi RAH

    Lots of good advice in your comments. Getting it in writing and videotaping the family discussion are two excellent points. Give copies of all documents to all parties for their safekeeping and leave one with a Lawyer who is also named as Executor is another. Get a third party to administer the execution of the will. Lots of times members of the family will balk at this because they say “it costs so much money…I can do it for free”. Well, beware of deals like this. As in all areas of life. You get what you pay for.


    1. Hi GC:

      The plot thickens

      Re the Joint POA….

      ——My late mother’s financial advisor called me in late Sept.2015 to discuss the Joint POA..”he” had questions if I was actually Joint(ie EQUAL) POA. He said that his corporate lawyers assess it.

      —THEN…..A few days later..this White Rock lawyer e -mails me out of the blue in early Oct.2015.

      —-Then the financial advisor calls soon after the lawyers email and states that their corporate lawyers have determined I am EQUAL POA. ……I think yeah whatever …..but he will send me a document re this EQUAL POA. (+++ NOTE: TO DATE I NEVER EVER RECIEVED THIS DOCUMENT .! ++)

      —-Nothing till late Oct.2015.
      THEN I get this document mailed to me by lawyer called “Representation Agreement”..approx. 11 pages long……full of all legal gobbledeygook. It is dated Oct. 30,2015. and very difficult to decipher..clearly by design
      My mothers(with dementia) signature is throughout it.

      It effectively cancels all POA…then installs my sibling as SOLE POA

      What had happened is my sibling took my mother to this scumbag lawyer in late Oct 2015 and had her sign this Representation Agreement. My elderly mother had to walk up 20 sets of stairs to get to office.no elevator.

      Prior to this,pre -dementia, my mother had used a notary and another lawyer for her POA and WILL.

      Again..where did this F*cking lawyer come in except via outside influence aka financial planner ?

      In other words..my mother had never chosen this lawyer, he was imposed on her by my sibling and her financial advisor while she was very fragile and extremely vulnerable. I have an upcoming video where I show her the 11 page document, what it did and she is very upset, and she recalls being coerced to sign it.

      So..the crime scene analysis is
      ………the financial planner contacts me.. questions the Joint POA…it is verified I am Joint POA……
      I am lied to…this was simply a planned distraction to buy time and RAPE my mother with dementia later that month .. by deceiving her to sign a document that ultimately ruined her remaining years as I had been removed as one of her chosen POA’s and her only protection left.

      It gets MUCH MUCH worse…


    2. My Dad passed away in 2015.
      My mom’s cousin “W” passed away in early 2021

      My late Dad was named Co -Executor of “W”;s estate.
      Not a big deal..it required me to sign that my Dad had passed to have “W”‘s estate to move forward.

      I may also suggest to get GOOD LEGAL advice to protect assets from Tax Man
      Research “Joint Tenancy” etc…as a means to avoid /reduce Estate Taxes.
      Here in BC…this tactic avoids probate fees which are around 3% of the estate value and the WILL is never published in Courts records

      As GC advised GET GOOD LEGAL ADVICE.!!!
      I hate to say it, but I think society’s ethics and morals will only get worse.

      People you think you know and trust will easily become “estate werewolves” and come out with “claws and fangs” when estate assets are on the table.

      Later I will discuss “COMMITTEESHIP”

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  7. This treatment of the elderly and vulnerable is truly one disturbing issue of our times. Very sad.😒

    On a similar note, I wanted to point out some great points Crownuts makes in his latest video that, IMHO, would apply to this issue RAH and Greencrow have just brought up. He goes DEEP! Listen closely.

    He says: “there’s divinity in everybody, they’re just not looking in the right places…” πŸ‘πŸ‘



    Crownuts also comments about the effect of a “child’s smile” on people.

    Well, how about a 10 month old child’s smile considering all he’s been though with being medically kidnapped and all. Baby Cyrus has an amazing smile, scroll down in this article to see his smiles:


    If that smile doesn’t help heal the SOUL I don’t know what will.

    Great informative post RAH and Greencrow, keep’em coming!πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  8. Thanks FreakedOut. Crownuts is always cogent. I will copy his link into my next post which is about a horrific miscarriage of justice going on in Canada as we speak.


  9. Amazing statements, thanks for sharing and may Lord heal your wounds.

    We live in society which worships material assets, we as individuals accepted conversion of our souls and spirits into assets measured in $’s.

    Now we pay for our mistakes.


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