Updated: Snake venom and Passion Week – “What is Truth?” – Pontius Pilate

Please watch: “Watch the Water” – Stew Peter/Dr. Brian Ardis documentary at the link below:


UPDATE: April 11, 2022 6:30 p.m. Well folks, that was one wild ride. The jist of what Dr. Brian Ardis told Stew Peters is that both Remdesivir [the Fauci drug to treat covid-19] AND the vaxxxZines AND the community water supplies are selectively targeted with synthetic snake venom mRNA…specifically venom mRNA from the King Cobra and Krait snakes. Ardis says that the FDA and the WHO [amongst other so-called “health” institutions] are in on the caper. Even though the trailers to the documentary hinted at snakes and water being involved…I never thought the crime would be so massive and so transparent. Snake venom? No discussion between Dr. Ardis and Stew about “spike proteins” being shed and/or what effect that might have on “innocent [unvaxxxzinated] bystanders” such as little moi.

Big Pharma has its tentacles woven throughout the crime and have selectively refined the murder technique so that a person will die of a cause related to an affliction they already have. Say if they have had cancer…it will reactivate that cancer…liver or kidney disease? Same thing. So the mass murders will go undetected. I have to think about this one for a bit. One question that did come to mind almost immediately: What about chemtrails? Could they have synthetic snake venom mRNA mixed into the aerosol in them as well? This would potentially be a very streamlined way of contaminating the water.

Looking forward to what FreakedOut has to say…and other readers as well. Please put comments in the comments section below if you have watched the documentary and have a response. Thanks.


The Truth Scene from Mel Gibsons “The Passion of the Christ”

Good morning readers. This week in April, 2022 is one of the most important weeks in the Christian calendar–Passion Week. Ever since I was a child brought up strictly in the Roman Catholic Religion, the lessons from the Apostle of St John on the Passion have had a deep impact on me. None more than the brief exchange between Jesus and the Roman Official Pontius Pilate about Truth. “What is Truth?” The question rings out as the most important question in the entire bible and perhaps ever thoughout history. Here are the details of the exchange as I was taught them many years ago.


Sunday School Lesson and Commentary

C. Jesus and the truth (John 18: 37). This verse says “Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”  Not fully grasping what “Jesus’” profound words meant in the previous verse, “Pilate” asked Him again “Art thou a king then?  Then “Jesus” answered him saying “Thou sayest that I am a king,” or more plainly, “You say that I am a king.”  Many scholars see “Jesus’” reply as confirmation that He was “a king.”  Although this interpretation may be possible, it’s more likely that Jesus is saying, “That’s your term,” or “those are your words.”  The LORD is clearly claiming kingship, but He does not claim the label of “king,” probably because His concept of “king” was widely misunderstood (see John 1:49; 6:15; 12:13).  But we today, can discern some of the meaning “Jesus” had in mind.  “Jesus” continued to say “To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth.”  The phrase “To this end” means “this is why” or “this is the reason” and is basically the same thing as the phrase “for this cause.”  Jesus was saying that the reason He “was born” and the reason He “came…into the world” was so that He “should bear witness (or testify) unto the truth.”  This was also prophesied by Isaiah (see Isaiah 55:4).  “Jesus” said that He “was born” which indicates His humanity, but He also said that He “came into the world,” which indicates His deity.  Given what John’s Gospel says about who “Jesus’” was, this is a profound statement confirming His pre-existence (see John 1:1-18; 3:13; 9:39).  The fact that the LORD “came…into the world” means that He had existed before His birth in Bethlehem, and John repeatedly brings up this important truth in his Gospel (see John 1:9-10; 3:17; 3:19; 9:39; 10:36; 12:46; 16:28; 17:18).  It is possible that “Pilate” was thinking that “Jesus” was claiming to be like any other child who “was born” a prince, in line to become king.  But even that thought was far-fetched since there was no kingly dynastic line in Israel.  All Israel’s leaders were appointed by Rome.  But “Jesus” not only told “Pilate” about His origin; He also explained His ministry which was “to bear witness unto the truth.”  The LORD’s kingdom was a spiritual kingdom of “truth,” and He won people to Him not by force, but through conviction and persuasion.  He spoke “the truth” of God’s Word, and all who were His people would respond to His call (see John 8:47; 10:27).  Unlike Rome whose weapon was the sword; “Jesus’” weapon was “the truth” of God, “the sword of the Spirit” (see Ephesians 6:17).  In the last part of this verse, “Jesus” said “Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”  The LORD said “everyone,” whether Jew or Gentile.  Notice the reversal of roles for “Jesus” here.  “Pilate” thinks of “Jesus” as a defendant, but “Jesus” has become a witness (see 1 Tim 6:13) for “the truth.”  So essentially, “Jesus” was asking “Pilate” to pass judgment not on Him as king of the Jews, but on Him as the revealer of “the truth.”  The LORD also declared who were the subjects of His kingdom when He said “Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”  Anyone who God, by His grace has delivered from the power of “the father of lies,” (see John 8:44), and readily receives “the truth” and submits to the power and influence of it, will hear Jesus’ “voice.”  They will become His subjects, and will demonstrate faith and true allegiance to Him.  “Every one” who loves “the truth” of God’s Word will hear the “voice” of “Jesus,” for there are no greater, no better, no more certain, nor sweeter “truths” than those that are found in Christ, by whom “grace and truth came” (see John 1:17).

          D. Pilate’s cynical question and verdict (John 18:38). This verse says “Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all.”  Hearing Jesus talk about “truth” prompted “Pilate” to say to Him “What is truth?” and then he immediately “went out again unto the Jews” who were still outside (see verse 28-29) no doubt expecting the governor to condemn Jesus.  But the fact that “Pilate” asked Jesus “What is truth?” and then went back outside to the crowd without hearing Jesus’ answer, seems to indicate that he wasn’t expecting an answer.  It may be that “Pilate” asked his question while sighing or sneering at Jesus as if no one, not even Jesus, really knew what “truth” actually was.  Note:  For centuries, Roman and Greek philosophers had discussed and debated this same question and had come to no real conclusions.  Therefore, “Pilate” appears to shrug off any response that Jesus would have given.  Of course, we don’t know with what attitude “Pilate” asked his question.  He may have been joking, but it’s more likely he asked the question sarcastically, and therefore wouldn’t stay for Jesus’ answer.  However, if he was sincere and wanted to know the answer, his actions didn’t show it because he didn’t wait to hear one.  At least “Pilate” had the courage to face the crowd when he went back out to them and declared his verdict.  He said “I find in Him no fault at all.”  The governor had heard enough to determine that Jesus was not a political threat, and therefore this interview with Jesus resulted in “Pilate” finding that there was “no fault at all” in Him.  This would be one of three times in John’s Gospel that “Pilate” declared that Jesus was innocent of any charges brought against Him.  The other two times occurred after Jesus was brought back to “Pilate” after he had sent him to Herod (see John 19:4, 6, and see the “Note” below). “Pilate” found no crimes in Jesus and so he was reluctant to put Him to death.  Ironically, it was this pagan Roman governor who tried to release Jesus, while “his (Jesus’) own” (see John 1:11) wanted Him to die.  However, when “Pilate” gave his verdict to the Jewish crowd, he didn’t get the response he undoubtedly hoped for.  Instead of accepting the governor’s decision, the crowd, led by the chief priests became “more fierce” against Jesus telling “Pilate” that He was stirring up all the people from Galilee to Jerusalem (see Luke 23:4-5).  “Pilate” was bound by his position to look after the interests of the Roman government, but he could not say that Rome was in any danger from anything our LORD Jesus had ever said or done.  Note:  Between John 18:38 and 39, John’s Gospel omits information that happened to Jesus that morning.  However, Luke records those events in Luke 23: 6-12).  This additional information provided by Luke is helpful because with only John’s account it’s not clear why “Pilate” doesn’t just release Jesus once he found him innocent.  As Luke describes the events that took place between John 18:38 and 39, he tells us that when “Pilate” heard the crowd mention Galilee (see Luke 23:6-7), it gave him an excuse to send Jesus to Herod.   “Pilate” came to the conclusion that since Galilee was under Herod’s authority he would send Jesus to Herod who, like “Pilate” was also in Jerusalem for the feast of Passover or Unleavened Bread (see Luke 23:7).  So “Pilate” sent Jesus to Herod, but that didn’t solve his problem, because Herod sent Jesus right back!  Although Herod was pleased to see Jesus hoping that He would perform some miracle, after questioning Him and getting no response, Herod and his soldiers mocked Jesus, put a “gorgeous robe” on Him and sent Him back to “Pilate” (see Luke 23:8-11).  The only good that came out of this back and forth was that these two rulers became friends (see Luke 23:12).  So “Pilate” still had to deal with Jesus and the Jews.  The fact that Herod had found nothing worthy of death in Jesus (see Luke 23:14-15) encouraged “Pilate” to confront the Jewish leaders and release Jesus.  He called the chief priests and rulers and told them again that he found no fault in Jesus, and neither had Herod so he  would punish Jesus and then release Him hoping to appease the crowd (see Luke 23:16) as we shall see in the next verse.  This is where we continue with John 18:39...”


After asking Jesus “What is Truth?” the question that has turned the world upside down over the past century…Pilate simply walks away without listening for the answer. This is the same avoidance attitude that is bringing humanity to the brink of extinction during the era of the Satanic “Great Reset” we are enduring at the moment. The Sheeple ask the question of the Mainstream Media “What is Truth?” and are being lied to. If Sentients try to tell Sheeple the truth…they simply walk away without listening to the answer.

In the following links I will present the Truth about the current existential crisis as I see it. Coincidentally, or perhaps not…during this Passion Week when the question of all time was first asked…sentients are all waiting on tenterhooks for Stew Peters and Dr. Brian Ardis to reveal “The True Origins of the Coronavirus” in their documentary “Watch the Water” which is to be aired on Stew’s channel tonight.


What is the truth that will be revealed by Stew Peters and Dr Brian Ardis? Will it support any of the theories put forward in the links I have gathered below? Will it support the shocking information that Dana Ashlie imparted in the video below where she said that:

6G could destroy the air, water and all living organisms on this planet?

Well Known Truther/Videographer Miss Dana Ashlie
Dana Ashlie’s seminal video on 5 and 6G and how they affect the air we breatheH/T FreakedOut
People have been brainwashed to blame all their symptoms on the vaxxxZines

And People in BC are still being fired over Covid vaccines (Ft. Harley Sims)

Candice Malcolm Show – Why is British Columbia so Punitive re Maintaining Vax Mandates?

Greencrow continues: Truthseeker Candice Malcolm asks why British Columbia is Maintaining the Vax Mandates while other jurisdictions have lifted them. These illegal mandates are punishing hundreds of thousands of British Columbians in spite of lawyers blowing the provincial governments’ case out of the water.

So Bonnie Henry the Career Liar continues unabated and nobody knows why. Will the answer to this question also be revealed by Stew and Brian in their “Watch the Water” documentary tonight? Will it have anything to do with the health impacts [especially to the huge senior population of BC] of the rollout of 5 and 6G as explained by Dana Ashlie above?

Greencrow continues: Doctors and scientists have been prevented from telling the truth about the physical harm of the 5 and 6G Rollout and/or any other aspect of the Covid-19 narrative by the PerpZ–as a strategy of protecting the Perp agenda based on lies. Many doctors and scientists, to protect their career...have like Pontius Pilate did over 2000 years ago, simply walked away from The Truth.

Greencrow asks:

Could the entire vaxxxZine controversy have been concocted to cover up the damage to our species and our planet being caused by the 5 and 6G rollout?

This is a question I have been asking for a few weeks now, ever since both I and my blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker were struck with a strange illness. Neither of us has been vaxxxZinated…while both of us [like most other humans in the West] have subjected our bodies to exposure to 5 and 6G WIFI. Are we both guinea pigs in a global experiment? Are the adverse events now being automatically attributed to the vaxxxZine [as in the report by Dr. Trozzi below] actually being caused by 5 and 6G?


H/T Dennis:

Dr Mark Trozzi  April 6, 2022

The attorneys that represent ICAN are representing the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the FDA to obtain Pfizer’s covid vaccine documents.  They recently secured an unredacted copy of a previously produced post-authorization adverse event report. The lifted redactions reveal that within weeks of Pfizer’s vaccine being administered pursuant to emergency use authorization, Pfizer, apparently unexpectedly, had to hire 600 full time employees “to help alleviate the large increase of adverse event reports” being received by the company.

Greencrow again asks: Is the explosion of cancers and other illnesses actually being caused by the mutation of our DNA – caused by never-ending exposure to 5 and 6G radiation?

Doctors and scientists on all continents are reporting the same thing. An explosion of new and recurring cancers post covid injections.

The covid-injections cause numerous harms to the immune system (see: onetwothree). This includes suppression of cancer fighting CD8 T cells (see: onetwo) as demonstrated in 100% of people tested pre and post covid-injections.

Around the world, doctors are reporting an explosion in new, rare, and recurring cancers following the injections. Many stable cancer patients experience sudden recurrence or rapid progression, with many dying.

The cover up is organized including the centralization of the “adverse events and death reporting systems” to controlled globalist entities. For instance, many European physicians are now told they must direct their attempts to report adverse events and death, to a European Union entity, rather than provincial or national authorities.   

Meanwhile, workers are being thrown out of work due to a narrative that might just be a cover up of the truth about what is really causing all the adverse events and deaths Why is This?

Greencrow concludes: Readers: I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to watch the Dana Ashlie video linked above that was sent to me by FreakedOut. In this video, Dana explains in clear language exactly what the truth of the past two years very likely is. Will she be supported tonight by Stew Peters and Dr. Brian Ardis in their video? We will have to wait and see. In the meantime, John Kaminski sent me the video below this morning. It made me wonder once again whether there’s a connection between all the elements of the Perp Agenda and that connection might be chemtrails. Perhaps the chemtrails operation supports and/or augments the 5 and 6G rollout. Perhaps the chemtrail aerosols exacerbate the harm already being done to our water and air.


So, dear readers, as we experience the events of this very important Passion Week 2022, especially with the release of the Stew Peters and Dr. Ardis documentary: “Watch the Water” tonight. Let’s remember what Jesus said in his conversation with Pilate…arguably the most important words ever spoken on this Planet. Jesus said that he came to earth to bring humanity the Truth. We just need to ask that question: “What is Truth?” and NOT WALK AWAY FROM THE ANSWER! Whatever that answer may be. Stay Tuned.

Christ Crushes Snake – Scene from Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”

5 thoughts on “Updated: Snake venom and Passion Week – “What is Truth?” – Pontius Pilate

  1. The Stew Peters interview of Dr. Ardis was shocking. Mike Adams also interviewed Dr. Ardis on the same topic and posted that video at the same time as the Stew Peters interview was posted. Both videos should be watched as each one shows some information that is not in the other. There is no doubt that this is diabolical mass murder, especially what is being done to children. This blows my mind.


    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks for the link Ron, the additional info presented helps out.👍
    Also, Mike Adams put up a shorter 12 minute video with more info on the “water connection”(municipal water) which is worth a listen:

    “WATER WARNING: Municipal water systems may be distribution vector for pandemic toxins”


    My municipality water is from a well AND I use a Berkey water filtration system, so hopefully I’ll be safe from toxins of any kind.

    It seems like Dr Brian Ardis provided an interesting piece of the puzzle to me, being a more exact description of how the two main bioweapons Remdesivir and the Toxic jabs the PerpZ are using to depopulate the planet work. Also explaining the various symptoms people who have had “COVID” have had and what caused them.

    Factoring in what Dana Ashlie reports on in her very informative video on 5G, and EMF’s in general, along with Dr Ardis’s expose, it seems clearer to me how there’s a CONTROL/DNA modification mechanism(EMF’s) and a murder weapon(s) being put in place to achieve the goals of the perpZ for their New world Order BS.

    As a side note: the Telecom companies will always turn up new 5G equipment in the most densely populated areas of society first, namely cities, and this is where you’ll find the highest levels of EMF’s.
    So, higher levels of EMF’s in cities and TAINTED municipal water supplies, a recipe for disaster.😲

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    1. Greencrow,

      As a long time US Federal Government public servant, I know the truth takes not only courage but a lot of effort and struggle.

      An example was a situation where 10’s of millions of tax payer resources were at stake and I wanted support from senior leadership in my agency. It was better for their careers to lie and these tax dollars to be wasted than to back me up.

      But when it came to abusing the working level and damaging our reputations they had no problem. Again to further a lie. The lie was formulated to blame shift for agency failures. Us – the working level – suffer while they benefit.

      I watched both the Brighteon and Stew Peters – Dr Ardis interviews. It makes sense to me that they would genetically engineer snake venom using a virus. The venom they would develop would be probably much more toxic than any venom ever known.

      The tactic of putting people on unpaid leave for not being vaccinated would be great for some people. It counts as time served!


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