Dr. Brian Ardis’s “snake thesis” update Plus: The war on OUR Children

The Ancient Snake Symbol of Medicine has just taken on a Whole New Symbolic Meaning

Good morning brilliant sentients! Today is the day after the day we discovered why we were so blessed with the intelligence not to take the experimental mRNA Gene Therapy CovID-19 vaxxxZine. If you read yesterday’s post about the Stew Peters interview with Dr. Brian Ardis, which I will recopy below, together with watching this other seminal Mike Adams interview with Dr. Brian Ardis, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. If you have not yet watched the two interviews, stop everything, go and get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, sit down and watch the two interviews so you will be up to speed. None of this will make sense if you don’t know the background.

Everyone is in a state of shock this morning after yesterday’s revelations…you can feel the shock vibrations rolling across the firmament if you have spidey senses like I do. Last night I went to bed and thought about the immense implications of this theory. I would say the most important will be the response of the cornered and accused perpZ. Their usual response to these kinds of revelations about their Satanic evil is a huge, distracting False Flag. Just yesterday I received an e-mail from a regular source that warned of an upcoming nuclear bomb going off in a major US city that will be blamed on the Russians. With the news of last night…this would, in addition to providing a pretext for a war between the US and Russia be exactly the kind of distraction of the magnitude needed to cover up the snake venom vaxxxZine story.

The difference between the Stew Peters and Mike Adams interviews is the attention to detail. Ardis touches more on the spiritual aspects with Stew and more on the scientific evidence with Mike. Watching both interviews is important to glean the totality of the monstrous bioweapon attack on humanity–its methods and motivations.

Some of the wider implications are:

If this synthetic snake mRNA is in the water, could it also be in chemtrails aerosol being pumped into the skies? Then it would come down in rain and poison the soil and water as well as the air we breathe.

It appears that the “spike proteins” being shedded by the vaxxxZed are actually the venom molecules. To what extent does this “shedding” theory apply with this new information taken into account? Innocent [unvaxxxZed] bystanders need to know.

Some relatively good news would be that there are antidotes to snake venom and Ardis goes into these with Stew and Mike. Although once the snake venom starts replicating in the DNA of the victims…how can that replication be turned off?

The spiritual implications of this discovery by Ardis are enormous. I’m thinking about how many of us “innocent UnvaxxxZed bystanders” reported that our vaxxxZed friends and family seemed suddenly colder after they were vaxxxZed. Kind of…dare I say it…”reptilian” in their approach. Ardis and Adams agreed that this is a deliberate effort to make humanity more reptilian through mutation. Without going into all the details available about aliens who some believe live among us…some of these aliens have been referred to as “reptiles”. Are these species already mutated former humanoids?

Ardis says the chance of illness from the vaxxxZines increases exponentially with every successive vaxxxZine dose. The immediate chore is to stop the innoculations ASAP! But, note how some Satanic leaders like our Canadian Turvurt are pushing the vaxxxZines harder than ever. He has spent our entire Canadian economy on vaxxxZines and is personally invested in them through the Canadian company Acuitas.

BTW, we will have to again revisit the Canadian research company Acuitas and Dr. David Martin’s information about mRNA patents to see if there is any gonnection with the snake oil mRNA vaxxxZines.

Modern Day Snake Oil Salesman

I am very much looking forward to the input in comments of others. Readers may have totally divergent views of this bombshell…all views will be appreciated in the comments below. In the meantime, Please read the snippet I have copied from yesterday’s post with the relevant links below. Also read some other important links I have posted to do with the relentless war on our Children. As Brian Ardis told Stew Peters…Remdesivir [which Ardis believes is laced with snake mRNA] is now being officially ordered by the US FDA to be given to infants in hospitals who are admitted with what they used to call CovID but which we now can call snake venom poisoning. Stay tuned.


Yesterday’s GATCF post

Please watch: “Watch the Water” – Stew Peter/Dr. Brian Ardis documentary at the link below:


UPDATE: April 11, 2022 6:30 p.m. Well folks, that was one wild ride. The jist of what Dr. Brian Ardis told Stew Peters is that both Remdesivir [the Fauci drug to treat covid-19] AND the vaxxxZines AND the community water supplies are selectively targeted with synthetic snake venom mRNA…specifically venom mRNA from the King Cobra and Krait snakes. Ardis says that the FDA and the WHO [amongst other so-called “health” institutions] are in on the caper. Even though the trailers to the documentary hinted at snakes and water being involved…I never thought the crime would be so massive and so transparent. Snake venom? No discussion between Dr. Ardis and Stew about “spike proteins” being shed and/or what effect that might have on “innocent [unvaxxxzinated] bystanders” such as little moi.

Big Pharma has its tentacles woven throughout the crime and have selectively refined the murder technique so that a person will die of a cause related to an affliction they already have. Say if they have had cancer…it will reactivate that cancer…liver or kidney disease? Same thing. So the mass murders will go undetected. I have to think about this one for a bit. One question that did come to mind almost immediately: What about chemtrails? Could they have synthetic snake venom mRNA mixed into the aerosol in them as well? This would potentially be a very streamlined way of contaminating the water.

Looking forward to what FreakedOut has to say…and other readers as well. Please put comments in the comments section below if you have watched the documentary and have a response. Thanks.

Greencrow Contines: Readers please read these links I have saved which show there is a relentless brutal war on humanity’s children. If there is any indication of how Satanic the perpetrators are it is their agenda as evidenced in all of the links below:


From Simon Hicks

The source purports to be Moderna tipsters. They openly state the information “is uncorroborated. Very much worth a hard look!

Lasting Legacy of Trojan Horses

An anonymous tip from December of 2020 aged exceptionally well, with bad repercussions for the female fertility in girls born to both Covid-19 vaccinee parents.

Andreas OehlerMar 1117108

Although it has been reported on by Igor Chudov a few days ago, I would like to add a bit more beef to this uncorroborated (so far) information, as it is the news no one wants to believe, but it deserves further investigation for the reasons outlined below.

I'm an industrial engineer at Moderna and the other one of us is a process development engineer. I'm sure the same thing is happening with Pfizer-BioNTech. It was hard to put things together based on the small quantities of additions happening in manual step (highly unorthodox for a continuous process production). The explanation we got was highly sensitive trade secret adjuvants being added. Digging in deeper showed how sensitive it actually was.
Most people's understanding of this novel vaccine type is that it works as follows:

  1. Make mRNA coding for S protein
  2. Make lipid nanoparticle delivery system
  3. Profit

How it actually works from what we've uncovered:

  1. Make mRNA coding for S protein
  2. Make mRNA coding for mutant versions of CYP19A1 and CDKN1B in smaller amounts
  3. Make sure that while delivery system for (1) mostly ends up in liver, most of (2) ends up in the gonads
  4. Make sure form and quantity of additive upregulating LINE-1 reverse transcription activity makes it hard to detect among legit adjuvants
  5. Effects from (2) integrated by (4) are recessive; mildly oncogenic effects in vaccine recipients unlikely to be noticed for many years
  6. (5) recessive but since most of population vaccinated, in next generation female offspring have premature ovarian failure


The key points of this information are that –

  1. Only about 50% of the mRNA in the vax codes for the Spike; the remainder has unknown effects
  2. The ingredients are kept a strict secret even from those operating the manufacturing plants
  3. mRNA for mutant versions of proteins CYP19A1, and CDKN1B are also added to the vaccine. These mutant versions cause loss of fertility.
  4. Adjuvenants are added that upregulate LINE-1, causing reverse transcription of the above mentioned mRNA for CYP19A1 and CDKN1B, so that these mutations become integrated into the DNA and passed on to the next generation.
  5. LNPs specifically target the Liver and Gonads (as found by the Japanese study)

So there you have it. A concise summary of a means of depopulation, that would become effective in causing ovarian failure now, and especially in the next generation of women

I checked the effects of upregulation of CYP19A1, and found that it DOES target reproduction – CYP19A1


Greencrow concludes: Please read the last link about ModeRNA keeping the new information about the snake venom “adjuvant” in mind. They are not mutually exclusive. As FreakedOut says in his comments in yesterday’s post. Although this snake venom information is a huge bombshell revelation…it is still just a piece in the puZZle. The existential War on Humanity is a multi-pronged affair that likely includes 5/6G radiation, weather modification, bioweapon attacks, famine, tyrannical lockdowns like we’re now seeing in Shanghai, China and possibly other factors–some of which might be as big if not bigger than yesterday’s revelation. The only thing we know for sure, and as Ardis, Peters and Adams all agreed:

Everything they tell us is lies…every single thing.

27 thoughts on “Dr. Brian Ardis’s “snake thesis” update Plus: The war on OUR Children

  1. Mind blowing what Ardis has uncovered over time. Totally plausible. Now for it to be confirmed by some blood and tissue samples would be good. Also to have Malone, McCullough, Alexander and the like take this story on would be great. Hold on Mrs Toad, the ride is about to get really wild.

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  2. Hi OkanaganGoddess:

    Not so much a ride as a flaming handbasket to hell in many respects. I would love to see what the Spanish research group La Quinta Columna thinks of this thesis. More than a lot of alternative researchers they have the capacity to pull this theory apart biochemically and look more closely at it.


    1. Interesting you mentioned La Quinta Columna Greencrow as I haven’t seen anything coming from them on the Rumble channel “Orwell City” for about a month.
      They’re usually pretty prolific with new discoveries/info on the bioweapon shots and other SCAMDEMIC related stuff.

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      1. Oh Oh…perhaps they’ve been shut down. Happens all the time. Speaking of which…the Chinese/American researcher who was shot just before publishing some material on this thesis. I’d like to know more about the circumstances surrounding his death. Also, Humanity has the Right to see his Research!


    1. Another good interview with Dr Ardis!👍👍

      Around the 20:00MM he goes into remedies for “COVID” and brings up many popular alternative and effective ones like ivermectin (anti-parasitic) and hydroxychloroquine. I want to add MMS(chlorine dioxide) because it EXCELS as an anti-parasitic and is proven very effective against the Malaria
      parasite.💪 Very cheap too!👍👍

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  3. Before you all go haywire over “snake venom”, pushed by CONtrolled opposition — a supposition worth CONsidering! — check out Jim Stone’s take and that of Clif High, with whom some of you may have acquaintance. Don’t serve as one unit of a vast, “alternative” echo chamber for DOOM PORN!

    Just a cautionary note.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Alan,
      I think you missed some of Greencrow’s points on how the snake venom disclosure is part of a piece of the puzzle of the big picture being a multi pronged attack on Sentient humanity.
      Nobodies going “haywire” over snake venom here.

      IMHO, I consider both Jim Stone and Clif High limited hangouts. Clif High seems to be a Hopium addict dude. I’ve monitored both for years.

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    2. I’ll have a look at all theories and that’s what I’m calling this snake venom thesis at this point–a theory. But, I would MUCH rather Dr. Michael Yeadon and/or Dr. Sucharit Bhakti have a look at it than Jim Stone…who I have never put much stock in. Clif High is also not a top source of mine.

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  4. That snake venom stuff is some mind-blowing info to say the least! As a Christian I took note of Dr. Ardis’s mention of the spiritual component of our globalist enemies’ use of a snake, in its satanic attack on God’s handwork (us).

    On a side note, Alan I hear you about controlled opposition – gate keepers are everywhere and always among us, and we need to be wary of that. But I would just add that Jim Stone and Clif high are likely gate keepers as well IMHO.


  5. Greencrow,

    The thing that worries me more than anything is that people will have to eventually take justice into their own hands and trust in Government will be destroyed.

    The thing with God is God will always take you back. With Satan one slip up and you are gone. That’s what’s happening now. The Faucis, Trudeaus, Xis know that they are on brink.

    The Shanghai holocaust will tell the world that the time to stand up is now.

    The carnage that’s coming for these murdering criminals is very close.

    Chris Hedges (War Correspondent, Doctor of Divinity) states that these tyrants never know the time or the place of their demise and it happens in the blink of an eye.

    I know people are becoming ill from these ‘vaccines’ because at my grocery store people are just disappearing.

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  6. Quote from Henry Makow:

    “Doctor Alleges That the COVID-19 Illness Is from a Poison Based on Snake Venom Put in the Water Supply

    I doubt very much they could find enough snake venom for this purpose, but
    everyone seems entranced by this story.”

    The thought of being able to come up with enough snake venom to poison a water supply crossed my mind too. We know they have plenty of barrels of fluoride to dump in reservoirs.
    Need more info on this idea, if anyone has any ideas?

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    1. It can’t happen.

      I was on a team with US Department of Transportation (DOT) and US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). We looked at water and air systems and poisons would be diluted and scrubbed out very quickly.

      The DHS people’s opinion was that the level of effort to poison water and air systems wasn’t worth it for a major city.

      In fact even large truck bombs could not shut down large urban transportation systems for long. Maybe a few months.

      I was involved in one disaster where a flood wiped out a bridge. The urban transportation agency had a ready to assemble temporary bridge in their storage yard. Hauled it out and in less than two weeks the road was open.

      Tricking people to poison themselves is much easier.

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  7. Hi FreakedOut and Bob:

    Yes the matter of supply of the snake bioweapon has occurred to me as well. Perhaps this is one clue

    Bioweapon laboratories in Ukraine as well as other places throughout the world. But the bottom line is there are not nearly enough poisonous snakes in the world to meet the need. So there must have been some synthesizing of the genetic material in the snake venom. Remember that even Big Pharma has admitted the mRNA fragments are “synthetic”. If that’s the case…then Bob’s your Uncle.

    Not you, Bob…another Bob…lol


  8. Here is today’s update from Mike Adams. He discusses the use of venom in pharmaceutical drugs and the plausibility of using municipal water to distribute a drug. He thinks it is possible to use water. Also, once venom peptides have been isolated they can be synthesized and manufactured on a large scale.

    I seen a picture of one of the bio-weapons plants in Ukraine that the US was funding and operating and it looked like a large chemical plant. Could that be where they were manufacturing the “drug”?


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  9. Hi Ron:

    Thanks so much for providing our blog readers with these valuable links. Hopefully these exposes will get everyone thinking about what he or she can do to stop the nightmare. Prayer is not the least of the activities, IMO.


  10. Here’s the Mike Adams article on the snake venom disclosure:

    “VenomTech company announces massive library of SNAKE VENOM peptides for pharmaceutical development; “nanocarriers” stabilize snake venom in WATER (PubMed)”


    Let me quote Mike from the article:

    “The only people lashing out against Dr. Ardis’ claims about snake venom in covid-19 vaccine formulations or snake venom peptide exposure through various environmental vectors (water, air, contact surfaces) are people who are uninformed about the widespread use of snake venom peptides in medical research and drug delivery systems.”

    “Water, Air and Contact Surfaces”?

    I suppose if they can poison us with chemtrail crap why not water supplies?

    In addition to all the ABOVE ground biolabs I sure would like to know what they’re doing in all those Deep Underground Military Bunkers(DUMBs) that the late Phil Schneider has mentioned in his lectures. Probably not setting up Microbrews for beer.

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  11. Hi FreakedOut
    Thanks for the link. I did listen to it and became even more convinced that Ardis’s theory has legs. Manufacturing the shit over in Ukraine…possibly to use on the Russians would not surprise me in the least. Will copy your comment above and add it to the post I’m working on now,


  12. To contaminate an urban water supply would be extremely difficult.

    You are looking at billions of gallons a day that is treated with chlorine.

    Then there are access problems. A large truck with snake mRna venom or actuall venom in a container to dump into the water supply!?

    It makes more sense to poison people directly by fooling their feeble minds into getting injected with this poison.

    I believe this is a snake venom bioweapon. But the water story doesn’t make sense to me.


  13. How about some Uranium with that snake venom?

    “Unsafe Levels Of Uranium Present In American Public Drinking Water: University Study”


    Quoting the article:
    “Uranium becomes part of water by leaching from rocks and soil.”


    “The study pointed out that uranium, a naturally occurring radioactive metal, is an “important risk factor” for the development of chronic disease even at low concentrations. Previous studies have associated exposure to uranium with medical conditions like lung cancer, kidney damage, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease…”

    Wonderful….what’s next?😝🤮


  14. One thing that comes to mind with this Dr Ardis disclosure is the concept of Antoine Bechamp’s “Terrain Theory”.

    It’s been suggested that all disease( Dis-ease) is caused by two things: TOXICITY and DEFIECENCY

    If memory serves me correctly, I do seem to remember Dr Judy Mikovits mentioning that COVID is a “blood disorder”.

    Here’s another interview of Dr Brian Ardis by Steve and Jana Ben-nun @IsraeliNewsLive on iConnectfx, it’s worth another hour of your time to listen to.

    “Dots Are Connected No More Mystery”


    A little info on Steve’s background: he’s a researcher of ancient documents, like the dead sea scrolls, so he can sometimes provide valuable input on how historical info can apply to today’s events.

    The subject of MELATONIN is brought up too and you want to hear it! I know melatonin is a very powerful anti-oxidant produced by the body(pineal gland) and is involved in the bodies repair by destroying free radicals.

    Melatonin is covered in this excellent documentary on EMF’s (@ 1 hour, 7 minutes mark):

    Resonance Beings of Frequency documentary film

    I believe Greencrow has posted this documentary before….TAKE NOTES! 😊


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