Ukraine Update

PerpZ have transferred their White Helmet Terrorist mercenary proxies from Syria to Ukraine

Good morning readers. This promises to be an exciting weekend news wise. the Rolling Thunder biker rally is taking place in Ottawa and I will be covering that. In the meantime, here are some links related to the War in Ukraine. Last week saw some rumours that a nuclear strike was possible. Putin himself said that any interference in the Russian invasion of Ukraine would be met with a “lightning response”.

It is becoming clearer every day that Russia was forced into invading neighbouring Ukraine because of the bioweapons labs the West had set up there including the one mentioned in the tweet below:

US Biolab in Ukraine which has ability to poison the water systems affecting Russia.


Greencrow continues: Meanwhile, that old standby, the duplicitous “White Helmet” Instructors and “first responders” have now been re-deployed to Ukraine from Syria…where they conducted numerous false flag and gaslighting operations on the benighted Syrian citizens during the West’s attempted parasitical take-over of Syria. [thwarted by Russia]. Here is a report copied in full from RT:


White Helmets instructors deployed to Ukraine, Moscow claims

Kiev is plotting a false flag attack with weapons of mass destruction to frame Moscow, a senior Russian diplomat has alleged

“Ukrainian authorities and their foreign handlers are planning false-flag attacks involving weapons of mass destruction, Russia’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky said on Monday. For that purpose, instructors of the notorious Syria-based White Helmets group have already been deployed to Ukraine, the official told reporters.

The diplomat effectively reiterated the allegations raised over the weekend by the head of the Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, who said the supposed plans harbored by the Kiev regime include “three scenarios,” ranging from a false-flag attack on civilians, to “tactical” small-scale use of WMDs and open deployment of such weaponry on the battlefield.

To facilitate the allegedly looming false-flag attack, overseas “handlers” of the Kiev authorities have sent “instructors” of the notorious White Helmets group to Ukraine, Polyansky stated.

“There is a well-known model in which such provocations [involving chemical weapons] are used in other parts of the world. First, a so-called chemical incident is organized. Then pro-Western non-governmental organizations, especially the infamous White Helmets, stationed nearby, quickly arrive on the scene and collect, in violation of all the norms of the non-proliferation regime, questionable ‘evidence’, and then feed this story to the Western media. We all know this technology,” Polyansky said.

The White Helmets group, co-founded by late British mercenary and presumed ex-intelligence officer James Le Mesurier, rose to international notoriety amid the years-long conflict in Syria.

The group, advertising itself as ‘Syrian Civil Defense’, has operated exclusively in areas controlled by assorted jihadist groups opposing President Bashar Assad’s government. The White Helmets have been involved in multiple purported ‘chemical incidents’ blamed on government troops and used by Western nations to carry out strikes against the Syrian military and its allies.

Polyansky stressed that Moscow harbors no plans to use any kind of WMDs in Ukraine. While Russia does not even possess any chemical or biological weapons, using them would not make any military sense, the diplomat went on.

“What is the point of using them in Ukraine in an immediate vicinity of our border? We will get nothing that could not be achieved through conventional means,” he said.

Russia attacked its neighbor following Ukraine’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, signed in 2014, and Moscow’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. The German and French brokered Minsk Protocols were designed to give the breakaway regions special status within the Ukrainian state.

The Kremlin has since demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join the US-led NATO military bloc. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked and has denied claims it was planning to retake the two republics by force.”


Greencrow continues: Another reason for the Russian invasion was to liberate the Ukrainian people from the corruption and exploitation that takes place where-ever Western Military Industrial Imperialism rears it’s ugly head. Here’s a Tweet that reminds us that Ukraine has been rendered into a child/sex trafficking Honey Pot. It is also a money laundering hub.



Greencrow continues: A day or so ago US President Biden requested billions of dollars for Ukraine saying that the war effort had run out of money.

How Americans can watch their tax dollars be funneled out of the country to such a corrupt cesspool as Ukraine is anyone’s guess…

but, hey, Trudeau is also sending Canadian taxpayer dollars that are being massively printed and are pegged to Rainbow Unicorn Farts to Ukraine. Sadly, American and Canadian children will be saddled with debt for generations.

Trudeau’s national debt compared with all previous Prime Ministers


Meanwhile, over in Europe, Imperial Fighting Force NATO is promising that the war on Russia will be fought for “months and years”:


NATO ready to support Ukraine ‘for months and years’ of fighting

The bloc also aims to move the country to “more modern NATO standard weapons,” the alliance’s Secretary General said

“…Ukraine’s potential NATO membership and the alliance’s expansion eastwards have been named by Moscow as one of the key reasons for the launch of its military operation. Russia views such developments as direct threats to its security and insists on a neutral status for Ukraine. After rounds of negotiations Kiev requests international security guarantees in exchange for the neutral status. As for now, the talks between Russia and Ukraine have apparently stalled. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently accused London and Washington of telling Kiev to backtrack on previously achieved agreements with Russia…”

Greencrow concludes: As I said in my post of yesterday, the CIA might well be behind the WEF and its Agenda 21 which includes the Plandemic, the VaxxxZine Depopulation and the One World Government. It is the One World Government tentacle of the Globalist Agenda that is the real reason for the War in Ukraine. Russia refused to cede it’s sovereignty and hand over it’s resources to the parasites. It is as simple as that. This war is so the parasitical perpZ can latch onto another host [the US being hollowed out and bankrupt] and start sucking the blood out of it. Putin has refused to allow that to happen. Ukraine is being used as a battering ram to breach the Russian ramparts erected by Putin. That’s the big picture of the War in Ukraine.

But the greencrow likes to fly high and get the even bigger picture. The parasitical infestation/attack on Russia is only one tentacle of the Globalist Agenda 2030. The others include, as I have often mentioned, the Depopulation/enslavement/theft of private land–plus the digital currency/social credit communist scheme to replace the bankrupt dollar.

For humanity to survive the evil WEF perps, all of these interlocking/lockstep agendas must fail. Therefore, I am counting on Russia to thwart the leeches of the West in their attempt to attach themselves to Russia. Denied of blood, the leeches will die. Then humanity will live.

That’s the BIG, BIG picture. Stay tuned.

Money Down the Drain is the Same No Matter What Proxy It’s Given To

4 thoughts on “Ukraine Update

  1. I think the Americans are soon going to be so sorry that they let the 2020 Presidential Election theft stand. Now they have a demented tyrannical war monger for president that could well get them into a nuclear war with Russia. If Trump were president I doubt if he would be backing NATO against Russia even though the US is a NATO member. Without US backing the rest of the NATO countries would not dare provoke a war with Russia.

    After understanding the issues in Ukraine I think Russia was justified taking this action. Putin will not back down and he seems to be the only sane rational world leader right now. If Biden and the rest of the brain dead western leaders think they can instigate regime change in Russia without WW3 they are crazy.

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  2. Ron says:

    “…he [Putin} seems to be the only sane rational world leader right now…”

    So true. The others are a clown circus. Especially the “Five EyeZ”. Since Putin came to power it seems he’s been playing a waiting game with the West. Waiting for the West to go broke–and thus be unable to pay for endless wars for the “Usual Suspects”.

    Now the West has gone over the deep end and is wildly printing money…the only real way out of this, so they think, is to cause a nuclear war, gamble on surviving [in their underground bunkers] and hope to bring “Order out of Chaos”.

    For that strategy to work, the PerpZ would need to evade Putin’s “lightning quick” seek-and-destroy weaponry. It’s a gamble all right.. Putin has had years to find their secret nests. He used to be KGB intelligence, as we’re all aware.


  3. Greencrow,

    As a side note I worked in the Alaskan panhandle for a while.

    We flew in bush planes to get to where we needed to go. We could see into the northern British Columbian coast. It was astounding. I could not believe that this place could actually exist.

    One time we had an 80 year old pilot and the engine cut out. Didn’t phase him a bit! I, of course, was peeing myself. Landed in Prince of Wales Island.

    On another note a person on our Alaskan crew hooked up with this native american lady. An absolute knockout beautiful. The catch was she was married! Didn’t matter, while her husband was gone this person and her cleaned out her house and loaded a US Government vehicle and took off!

    Now the Biden Administration has proposed a Ministry of Truth with some insane woman to lead it. She actually is on the Internet singing a song entitled ‘Who do I Have to F### to Get to the Top’!

    The CIA HQ is near where I live. The whole place is strange. The fence around the CIA HQ has signs on it that just have the word NO printed on them. Multi million dollar properties all over.

    The CIA is near the Mather Gorge of the Potomac River. Probably the most dangerous river in the world. That’s where world class kayakers train.

    We still have idiots here who are flying the Ukrainian flag and have Black Lives Matter signs out.

    Yes the five eyes and the banks should be eliminated. The money printing may not be able to keep pace with human progress. As an engineer after graduating 5,000 psi concrete (Pounds per Square Inch) which is a measure of strength was the absolute maximum. Then it went to 8,000 psi, 10,000 psi, then 20, 000 psi! For most practical applications 10,000 psi is it, but for special applications 30,000 psi is achievable.

    Even more astounding is that the computer revolution made previously engineering problems too difficult to solve, very easy to solve.

    Of course the ‘technocratic ‘ retards are using this vast power to control us.

    Can it get worse? Probably!


  4. There is not much new that the DS web of deceit is doing that they haven’t done before.
    The only disturbing difference is now they have become so emboldened that they do the dastardly deeds right out in the open, as though couldn’t really give a rat’s-arse who complains. It’s abundantly clear that they DO NOT care what we think.
    Therefore, they will not stop pushing until the people, that is; the majority of people realise that when an irresolute force is pushing them over the cliff, it will be only an equal, or greater force which is going to prevent we/me/you from being pushed ‘over-the-cliff’. These monsters will only understand unyielding force.


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