WEF/klaus schwab YET a[nother] cia project? + “Climate Change” = US military power

Henry Kissinger with mentored Klaus Schwab

Good morning readers. Today we’re climbing on the way-back machine and delving into the roots of the WEF with all it’s agendas…including, as we will see at the end of this post, the “climate change” agenda. As I’ve said since the 9/11 atrocity…although not recently…the PerpZ are akin to a “one trick pony”. Taken as a group, being all mentally ill psychopaths, they’re are not very smart. They tend to beat the same old ideas and strategies to death. Even when at risk of being discovered…due to being too formulaic and “lockstep”…they persist in this self defeating pattern. Why is this? Well Johnny Vedmore has looked into the roots of the WEF–and smells a CIA rat. Please read the entire linked article by Vedmore for historical details of the CIA roots in the WEF. Here’s a spoiler in the form of a quote from the conclusions to Vedmore’s analysis:


Here’s a must-read history behind the WEF, written by Johnny Vedmore:

What if the WEF was actually born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Henry Kissinger and pushed to fruition by John Kenneth Galbraith and the “real” Dr. Strangelove, Herman Kahn.

“….Schwab has become more than just a technocrat. He has been very vocal on his intention to fuse his physical and biological identities with future technology. He has become a living caricature of an evil bond-like villain, conducting secretive meetings with the elites, high up in the mountain-top chalets of Switzerland. I do not think that the image we have of Schwab is an accident. In the postwar years, something very unique happened in Western culture, when the government began using mainstream media as a tool to target the public with military grade psychological operations. The ruling Establishment would discover that marrying the drama of conflict scenarios with media such as film would be extremely useful, almost akin to creating self-propagating propaganda in some cases. Films like Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove were fantastic vehicles for people to understand the absurdity of thermonuclear disaster scenario planning.

If people perceive you as an all powerful evil villain then you may not gain the support of the common man, but you will gain the attention from those who seek power and wealth, or, how Klaus Schwab would refer to them, the “stakeholders” in society. This is very important to understand – the projection of extreme wealth and power will attract and bring the “stakeholders” of society to the World Economic Forum’s table. With those “stakeholders” on board, Klaus Schwab’s main ideological product, “stakeholder capitalism”, will see the transfer of power away from true democratic processes and onto a system of governance by a small preselected leadership group, who will be trained to continue the agenda set for them by the previous generation, as predicted by Herman Kahn. They will hold all the cards, whilst the common people will be left with just illusory pseudo-democratic processes, poverty, and constant absurd psychological operations to distract us all constantly. Klaus Schwab would soon become everything Herman Kahn had feared during his most pessimistic predictions. When the Club of Rome produced “The Limits to Growth” report, Herman Kahn would refute its findings and rally against its pessimism, whilst, at the same time, Klaus Schwab would make it central to his machinations and have their founder be the keynote speaker at his forum in Davos.

Our current geopolitical situation is seemingly regressing back towards the East vs West dynamic of the Cold War era. Again, with recent events in Ukraine, the mainstream media is regurgitating nuclear talking points which are completely paralleled to those of 60 to 70 years ago. I believe that there is a very obvious reason for our return to Cold War rhetoric – it’s a very obvious sign that Klaus Schwab and his backers are out of ideas. They appear to be returning to a geopolitical paradigm in which they feel safer and, most importantly, which will cause mass fear of thermonuclear war. This rinse and repeat cycle will always happen once an ideological movement is running out of original ideas. Since the late 1960s, Klaus Schwab has been trying to create the world which Herman Kahn predicted. But Kahn’s vision of the future, even though pretty accurate, is over half a century old. Schwab’s technocratic movement depends on the successful development of innovative technologies which will advance us towards a vision largely manufactured in 1967. Just by studying a more refined list of Kahn’s predictions, you can see every idea which Schwab promotes is almost entirely based on Kahn’s “Year 2000” and that documents vision of what our future may look like, predictions dating back to the late 60’s. But, what Schwab appears to ignore, whilst forcing this futuristic agenda on us all, is that many of Kahn’s predictions were also combined with warnings of the dangers which will be created from future technological advancements.

As Schwab reaches the end of his life, he appears to be desperate to push forward a radical futurist agenda with the obvious potential for global disaster. I believe that the World Economic Forum is reaching its maximum level of expansion before its inevitable collapse, because eventually those people who love their own national identities will stand up against the immediate threat to their specific cultures and they will fight back against the globalist rule. Quite simply, you cannot make everyone a globalist, no matter how much brainwashing is applied. There is a natural contradiction between national freedom and globalist rule, which make the two completely incompatible.

As a very pertinent final thought, Herman Kahn would write something extremely significant during the same year in which Schwab would leave Harvard. In the aforementioned Hudson Institute document of 1967 entitled, Ancillary Pilot Study for the Educational Policy Research Program: Final Report, Khan writes:

It has become increasingly clear that our technological and even our economic achievements are mixed blessings. Through progress issues arise such as the accumulation, augmentation, and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; the loss of privacy and solitude; the Increase of governmental and/or private power over individuals; the loss of human scale and perspective and the dehumanization of social life or even of the psychobiological self; the growth of dangerously, vulnerable, deceptive, or degradable centralizations of administrative or technological systems; the creation of other new capabilities, so inherently dangerous as to seriously risk disastrous abuse; and the acceleration of changes that are too rapid or cataclysmic to permit successful adjustment. Perhaps most crucial, choices are posed that are too large, complex, important, uncertain, or comprehensive to be safely left to fallible humans.”


Greencrow continues: It is highly informative and useful to see how someone like Klaus Schwab got his start…hanging around the skirts of evil mastermind Henry Kissinger and his CIA-funded group of vampire/psychopaths. When we gonnect the “Young Globalists” political puppet mentorees with that old CIA-funded group Bob’s your Uncle! It all makes perfect sense. We know the perpZ and we know their dead-end tricks. All we have to do now is root them out of all positions of power and I believe that is already happening…witness the popular uprisings going on all over the Western World.


Unusual Cloud Formation over Victoria, BC on April 16, 2022

Greencrow continues: The above photo appeared on Twitter a few days ago. I went to the local Victoria MZM and their report on the phenomena was basically a “Move along, nothing to see here folks.” skirting all the “elephant in the room” questions that would arise in the mind of the average sentient.

As I have said many times on this blog…climate change is real…but only because it is now routinely manufactured by the perps–sourced out of some evil hub[s] somewhere on earth. There’s no doubt a “control central”–where laZers and EMP’s, controlled by computer geeks and AI, fabricate all of the extreme weather patterns we’re experiencing–targeting certain geographic locations/demographics with weather weaponry.

What WAS that perfect circle that suddenly appeared, then disappeared, in the skies? If I was forced to haZard a guess I would say it was some toxic chemical being injected into the atmosphere like a CovID vaxxxZine. Injected into a target spot from whence it is disbursed throughout the organism. Is this why my allergies are acting up and I have unusual and never before felt pains and aches throughout my body? Well, folks roll your eyeZ if you want…but my explanation is far better than the “move along and don’t look” admonitions of the MZM.

Below is a report I gleaned a week or so ago from RT. It is about how the US military long ago cornered the market on “climate change” to use as it sees fit for it’s military power agenda. Please read and I will have concluding comments to follow:


From RT, report copied in full due to the PerpZ eliminating RT from their Microsoft Internet:


Documents show disingenuous American manipulation in order to maintain hegemony


Declassified files released by the US National Security Archive reveal the extent of paranoid and aggressive American backroom bullying in negotiations over the Kyoto Protocol, a historic 1990s agreement that obliged almost every country in the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in an attempt to thwart the onset of global warming.

In particular, Washington sought to ensure the Pentagon was exempt from emissions targets. This desire was understandable – after all, research by Durham and Lancaster University published in 2019 revealed the US military is “one of the largest climate polluters in history, consuming more liquid fuels and emitting more CO2 than most countries.” If it was a nation state, it would be the world’s 47th largest greenhouse gas emitter. 

Still, President Joe Biden has declared climate change to be the biggest threat to national security, although a cynic might suggest the real fear is that environmental destruction could mean that the US defense budget – $768 billion this year alone – might be scaled back slightly. That was certainly the case in the leadup to the Protocol’s signing in December 1997.

A confidential State Department cable from late 1997 advised UN Ambassador Mark Hambley to seek a “national security exemption relating to military activities that are directly in support of peacekeeping,” despite acknowledging the Federal government and its “defense installations and training operations” were the “single biggest user of energy” by the US.

***A 2007 Brookings Institution paper surmised that the Pentagon was responsible for 93% of all US government fuel consumption.***

Yet, numerous documents included in the National Security Archive tranche show US officials, in particular Bill Clinton, were briefed that the true figure was a mere fraction of this.  This false picture was then served up to the media, lawmakers, and the public in justifying the Pentagon emission exemption.

For example, in a March 1998 briefing, key White House advisers told the Oval Office resident that the Department of Defense accounts for just 1.4% of total carbon emissions, with military operations and training contributing just 0.8%. Meanwhile, a State Department paper two months earlier challenging domestic criticisms of the Protocol declared US military emissions “amount to less than one-half of one percent of total US greenhouse gas emissions.”

These figures are completely absurd, given the DOD was using around 30,000 gigawatt hours of electricity annually in 2006, and 46 billion gallons of fuel on average each year at the time of the study – more than double all US civilian airlines from 2004 to 2020.

Clearly, it is impossible to reconcile a commitment to seriously tackling greenhouse gas emissions with a determination to maintain an expansive globe-spanning network of trucks, planes, and ships. This contradiction-in-terms is summed up neatly in a document outlining US approaches to Russia on establishing a national security sidestep in the Kyoto Protocol.

“Our delegation would appreciate the support of all members of this body in examining how we can protect world peace while preserving our planet through some kind of national security or national emergency provision,” officials stated on October 31, 1997. “We have an obligation to the world community, our individual nations, and ultimately to the men and women who serve in our military forces to carefully consider how we address military operations in this Protocol.”

Washington had other means of ensuring acquiescence to its national security-dominated agenda. An early December 1997 memo authored by Hambley indicates that Japanese delegates to Kyoto had asked him to reconsider the US position – “We looked at this idea briefly and were not impressed,” the diplomat records. As such, he proposed to offer “emissions carrots” to Tokyo and “developing countries” more widely to “buy their acceptance.”

The same memo details negotiating sessions, noting that Pentagon representatives were directly involved in the discussions, and when it came to the exemptions they “have carefully orchestrated this issue which, in any case, looks very problematic.”  

Another tactic the US deployed was to use the New Zealand delegate Daryl Dunn to introduce the idea of a follow-on process to the Kyoto discussions, thus rendering any agreement merely provisional, and subject to further, future negotiation.  

A separate memo by Hambley notes how the US pushed Dunn into making this unpopular suggestion, and Dunn commented that he was reminded of the popular BBC sitcom ‘Yes, Minister’, “in which the Minister, who routinely proposed to undertake risky or merely stupid endeavors, was encouraged to do so by his senior advisors only to return from the battle in bloodied form.”  Dunn, the memo records, “was concerned about becoming the Minister.”  

This combination of bribing, begging, and bullying resulted in a coalition of the willing.  Japan and a number of other nations reliant on the US military – including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland – pledged support for national security exemptions to emission targets.

However, other Kyoto participants, including China, Russia, and even the UK, were less convinced. Hambley despaired in a December 5th memo of “unusually bitter attacks” levelled at the US over its efforts to cloak all talks of saving the planet in national security double-speak.

As luck would have it though, four days later the Kyoto committee accepted exemptions that included joint military efforts between countries, meaning emissions arising from such operations didn’t need to be reported as part of national totals. Crucially, this extended to aviation and “bunker fuels” used by fighter jets, warships, and military vehicles outside national borders.

The US was clearly getting its way and then some in Kyoto – but even these significant concessions weren’t enough in certain quarters.  When word of the agreed-upon protocols was received on American shores, dissent rippled through the political ranks.  

A letter sent by a group of Republican lawmakers to then-President Bill Clinton in January 1998 argued that “the vast bulk of our military’s domestic training and operations will fall under the Protocol’s limits,” which could therefore “generate pressure from the UN to curtail the training and operations that have made our armed forces second to none.” Evidently, maintaining

Washington’s “full spectrum dominance” was considered much more vital than trying to save the planet it is dominant over.

This attitude is also pervasive in a highly critical White House Office of Environmental Initiatives appraisal of the Protocol’s terms, which notes that it “only” exempts “multinational and humanitarian” military efforts from reporting.  “That will inevitably put pressure on us to limit unilateral military action, such as in Grenada, Panama or Libya, the document’s nameless author despairs.

The in-house environment office’s paper also offers extraordinarily candid insight into the paranoid mindset of US planners.  For example, financial incentives for countries meeting emissions targets were viewed in sinister, zero-sum terms – “a sham” through which “billions of dollars” could potentially be transferred to countries like Russia, and “rogue nations” such as Iran, Iraq, or Libya, while also forcing targets on Washington that were “too tough” and “not tough enough” on others.

The memo, located in the Clinton Presidential Library, laments, “Won’t this Protocol inevitably come to impair US sovereignty?” The author then went full conspiracy theory, asking, “Won’t we inevitably be turning over decisions about American energy usage, and therefore the American economy, to international bodies dominated by the developing countries, perhaps acting in concert with the EU?  What verification procedures are there to ensure that other countries honor their obligations? How will the Protocol be enforced?”


Greencrow concludes. The Globalist 2030 Agenda has many prongs of action including:

  • military grade psychological/biological warfare operations to destroy human freedom such as mandatory vaxxxZination and social distancing
  • Financial reset to solve the bankruptcy of the vampire Breton Woods financial PonZi Scheme and; to colonialiZe[enslave] the human body and harvest data…in order to eventually depopulate billions of humans and replace them with AI
  • Use secret/advanced weather weaponization to control and depopulate humanity; move humans off the land and into 24/7 surveillance urban centres. Pay for this technology/warfare via a “Climate Tax” – thus making humanity pay for it’s own extortion/demise.

There are doubtless many other facets of the Globalist “Great Reset” scheme but the above three are the ones touched on in this post. The insights gleaned from the two links in this post are:

1) the CIA likely is the source [once again] of all the misery of the Great Reset. The PerpZ have woven a very complex distraction…including creating Klaus Schwab–a “bond-like villain” of European/German heritage…but The Great Reset is at root the brainchild of the same old CIA that the murdered President John F Kennedy who was planning to: “…Splinter the CIA Into a Thousand Pieces”…shortly before he was unceremoniously shot down like a dog in the streets of Dallas. JFK’s assassination remains a crime that is still unsolved in the US. This is an indelible stain on the reputation of the US throughout the world. Until the CIA’s role in the JFK’s assassination is officially accepted and JFK’s goal of destroying the CIA is achieved–the untold misery resulting from the CIA agenda will continue to plague the world.

2) The CIA is the throne of Satan on this earth. It is now unleashing military power via climate control and weaponiZed weather that targets not only the “enemies du jour” of the US–but Americans themselves! Only when the American people recognize this, rise up as one in the streets of Washington and crush it—will humanity be free of the “military grade psychological and climatological tortures” we are now being subjected to. The CIA is waging a war on humanity. Stay tuned for the outcome.

12 thoughts on “WEF/klaus schwab YET a[nother] cia project? + “Climate Change” = US military power

  1. Re JFK…..lies…propoganda etc etc.

    GC quote:

    “……JFK’s assassination remains a crime that is still unsolved in the US. …”

    Actually the late Michael Collins Piper submitted the Israelis re kingpins in this assassination, based on JFK attempts to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons program.This infuriated Israeli PM Ben Gurion who resigned in June 1963. JFK was murdered 5 months later.


    W-H-O shot JFK ?????
    Simple analysis IMMUNE from trauma,propoganda and MSM lies = JACKIE KENNEDY(no..not a joke)
    It is absolutlely clear JACKIE KENNEDY shot the final bullet..it is in plain view IF..I repeat IF you pay attention.


    UNZ web site had an excellent article re JFK..NASA and moon landings.
    JFK was caught up with Russian cold war and their alleged manned space flight.

    Sending a man to the moon was simply propoganda..and in discussions with objective experts made JFK realize it was a pipe dream with extremely LOW chance of success. JFK was even in talks with Khruschev for a joint space program as an olive branch to lessen tensions but even .Khruschev realized it was a pipe dream but wished the USA well.

    Anyway…LBJ became president and was fully on board to perpetuate the moon landing propoganda fraud. There is an abundance of evidence and analysis that the moon landing was a fraud ,….yet millions still believe over 50+ years later, and in serious denial to anything to the contrary.


  2. Hi RAH:

    Your theory that Jacqueline Kennedy killed her husband–in front of the entire US [and her own infant children]–is yet another reason why a real investigation into this seminal tragedy and defining blot on the US escutcheon needs to be re-opened. Preferably while those of us, like myself, who were alive and sentient at the time–and know the details/dynamics of the episode first hand…are still around to evaluate ALL the theories.


  3. Additionally, the Michael Collins Piper theory that Israel assassinated JFK does not obviate the role of the CIA. Which begs the questions…Does the CIA own Israel?…or does Israel own the CIA? Either way, the CIA has been behind every single horrific event in my 75 year lifetime.


    1. Hi GC:

      Re JFK assassination..
      ..I’m not claiming the CIA was not involved….they must have been ….or at minimum been aware.
      IMHO nothing globally happens without input, permission, co-operation and/or command of the (((usual suspects))) !

      It was clearly a well co -ordinated event with many players.
      JFK’s assassination was also a ritual killing as Dallas is located the 33 degree latitude as is Disneyland and Waco Texas( hint hint). A Masonic hall was nearby.

      Many have stated one motive was to mega traumatize the nation(and world) as the USA was becoming a very prosperous post War nation with high hopes and optimism (pre Vietnam)and in 1963 the LAST BOOMERS were born. BTW:I just saw a demographic that in Canada only 25% of the population is BOOMERS.

      Peoples sense of trust and security was shattered by design by JFK assassination.
      Concurrently, the CIA -led hippy movement (GOOGLE Dave McGowan) was taking route as yet another seductive Pied Piper to undermine society. To end this hippy psy-opp, the CIA and crew staged the Manson Murders(GOOGLE Miles Mathis) so that MSM made the people scared of any/all hippies.

      Then of course the fake MOON LANDING..so ..during 1960’s the people were on a roller coaster of psy-opp emotions,…simply psy- warfare.


  4. Greencrow,

    The JFK assassination is too deep a rabbit hole for me.

    People have spent a good part of their lives on it.

    No doubt the CIA was involved. JFK fired Dulles and Bissell after the Bay of Pigs disaster.

    I was a very young child when JFK was assassinated. I confused ‘sniper’ with ‘spider’, hence my arachnophobia!

    I have no doubt climate manipulation occurs. To what scale – I don’t know.

    It has been unusually cold in NOVA. It was in the mid 30s Fahrenheit.

    The mention of Kissinger makes me think of Melvin Laird (US Department of Defense Secretary) during the Vietnam War.

    Nixon became a political sphinx, both promising to end the war and to achieve peace with honor.

    Laird had Kissinger. He was withdrawing US troops as fast as could. But Kissinger was conducting the inhuman bombing of Cambodia and Vietnam.

    Lê Đức Thọ the North’s negotiator at the Paris talks knew Laird’s actions meant the north had won. Kissinger knew too, but kept the bombing going.

    A fascinating story.

    Now we have Biden! Completely corrupt. Giving the Ukraine 33 billion in aid. And completely senile.


  5. RAH says:

    “….I’m not claiming the CIA was not involved….they must have been ….or at minimum been aware…”

    Jim Garrison did a lot of sleuthing about the gonnection between the CIA and the Kennedy killingS.

    The CIA did all the legwork. Have you looked into the role of CIA assassination mastermind James Jesus Angleton?


    Did you know that patsy Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset and still on the payroll at the time of his death? So many gonnections, so little time.


    What irks me the most is the CIA’s proclivity to assassinate it’s victims over and over again. First they assassinate them physically and then, post mortem, they assassinate them reputationally. This happened with both Kennedy brothers, with Martin Luther King and many other victims.

    Even Fidel Castro, one of the CIA’s would be victims, is now being reputationally assassinated post mortem. Some idiots are claiming, without a smidgen of evidence…that he’s the father of the Turd! What an insult! I say, let Fidel rest in peace..

    Finally, speaking of Jacqueline Kennedy…I followed her life very closely and suspect she was also assassinated with a “fast acting cancer” by the CIA.. I suspect they hastened her death.in order that they could then kill JFK Jr….[which they then did via shooting down his private jet] without another horrific national mourning trauma…as had happened with JFK.. Then, after her death, of course they also assassinated her reputationally–by claiming she was [gag] involved in the JFK assassination herself! The Zapruder film of the assassination documents every single movement of Jacqueline and I have seen it hundreds of times. There is absolutely no evidence she killed him.

    But, hey, it’s a story only the CIA could think up and spread.


    1. The meat of the Z film was clipped by the preps, for our own protection as it was to disturbing for us lowly peons to witness.
      When asked, his whereabouts on that fateful day Poppy Bush replied” I do not recall” . Rumor has it that is why John John named his mag George.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi GC:

      Replying to your post

      Yes fully aware of Jim Garrison, his investigation certainly exposed a lot of peripheral issues. connected to JFK.

      Oswald was a multi tasking CIA stooge..he was intimately involved in the medical labs in New Orleans area where Perpz (GOOGLE ” Dr Marys Monkey”) cancer research found HOW to create vaccines that would CREATE cancer, which of course Big Pharma business model was to NOT cure but create clients in perpetuity.


      I’ll defer re: debating Justin Trudeau’s REAL daddy…
      I think you know where I stand.


      .If we agree the (((Zapruder))) film is real (given it wasn’t released for years) the evidence is irrefutable she dealt JFK the killer shot. This was an almost perfect psy-opp using magician tricks of mis –direction that has fooled people for decades.

      ( JFK and Jackie was an arranged marriage..she was CIA and a certifiable slut…. )

      NOTE:Look at the video again…I will break it down later.

      A “hint” is that all the cars passengers and driver were in on it, and no way they would risk a sniper or snipers shots missing JFK and /or hitting them as collateral damage.

      It had to be a POINT BLANK SHOT…..the video clearly shows it.
      Why did Jackie immediately crawl to back of the limo……isn’t it obvious why ???

      Re JFK JR.

      The theory was he was a viable threat to George Bush Jr presidential aspirations. Bush apparently was in the vicinity of the crash.

      I’ve read analysis that have concluded JFK JR had a co-pilot that was MK ULTRA who purposely crashed the plane. Recall JFK JR had a cast. The evidence recorded showed an almost vertical dive.

      The cover -up included searching areas far from the crash…while they extracted the MK ULTRA Co- Pilot.


    3. Greencrow,

      I do hikes that have trails close to the CIA HQ in Langley Virginia. The fence guarding the CIA Facilities only has a sign that says NO!

      The whole area is very strange.

      Multi million dollar properties all over.

      Near the Potomac River which may be the most dangerous river in the world.

      It gets very narrow thru the Mather Gorge and the water velocity is much greater than almost any river in the world.


  6. Trauma and Propaganda.

    RE WAR OF THE WORLDS broadcast by Orson Wells which created mass panic as they believed it was real?…intentional?

    Jan Irvin researched Princeton archives and discovered it was an intentional psy-opp to pulse how gullible the General Public would be.

    Nuclear Weapons ?

    Sorry, I don’t believe they exist, they are another fear porn psy-op.

    Nagasaki and Hiroshima NUKED in WW 2 ???
    An objective analysis of the aftermath indicate the cities were firebombed.

    Concrete and metal structured we not vaporized.
    Wood was a common building material, nukes have an alleged horizontal blast radius.
    The destruction patterns show burnt buildings collapsing vertically into their own footprint, with roads clearly visible in grid patterns ….that is not consistent with alleged nukes and debris scattered horizontally..

    Further to this ..
    IF Nagasaki and Hiroshima were actually NUKED, the alleged radioactivity would make them deadly and UNinhabitable for decades, yet they were quickly rebuilt and repopulated . WTF??

    WAR OF THE WORLDS broadcast was an engineered psy-opp a “TEST ” for control.

    Nuclear Weapons boogeyman is almost 80 years old yet still has General Public in sheer fear. .


  7. Hi RAH

    Do you have any evidence other than old photos re Fidel being the father of the Turd? If so, I think you owe it to our readers to provide it. Same thing with Jackie Kennedy. What a travesty!


    1. Hi GC:

      That’s a big topic…perhaps we should dedicate more time and blog space in future ?
      The issue should be more like proof Justin isn’t Castro son and proof Jackie didn’t whack JFK.

      Many have assessed and found time lines consistent for Maggie and Castro to have met and her getting knocked her up based on Justins birth date. In other words they were together 9 months previously to his birth.

      Castro was 6 ft 1″ stocky build
      Justin is 6 ft 2″ stocky build

      Pierre Trudeau 5 ft 10″ runt

      Regardless, At this juncture , it is irrelevant who Justin’s daddy is, his actions are on par with Castro and other dictators.

      Jackie?…again watch the Zapruder film…what is Jackie doing when she is approaching JFK..her hand is UNDER his chin … look closely, I repeat closely at what happens next.

      Previous to assassination Jackie actually produced a movie about an assassination.


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