Putin has cancer? plus: Ukraine Update #2

Putin Reappears in Public after previous Western Media Slander Blitz

Good morning readers. It is another overcast, somber day on the Malahat. Good day to try to catch up on all the newZ and all the fabulous links that I have been receiving from contributors.

Yesterday, as RAH said in the comments to my previous post about the Chris Deering speech [BTW this post accrued almost 900 hits in a single day which is somewhat of a recent record], a rumour has surfaced on the Internet that Russian President Vladimir Putin has stomach cancer and Parkinson’s disease. While this rumour has not appeared in any of the Western Legacy Media [yet] or on RT, the Russian equivalent of the western legacy media, regular contributor Dennis did come up with a lot of links from various media reporting the same story. Here they are:





I have to admit I was irked when I first read this information. It brought to mind several similar highly co-ordinated Western media attack campaigns against Putin over the years. I am blessed/cursed with a reasonably good memory and can remember several similar-styled attacks. The most recent took place within the last five or so years and occurred around the same time of year [Spring]. I believe Putin likes to take a couple of weeks vacation outside of Moscow at this time. That could be why they time these attacks for this time of year…so that Putin cannot rest and recuperate from his prodigious workload.

The last time he “disappeared” for a couple of weeks, a rumour surfaced that he was visiting his young “gymnast” girlfriend and their newborn child[ren]. Does anyone else remember this? The rumour surfaced and went viral. Every day they were elaborating on the rumour…some even said the girlfriend had twins…or at least the aged leader and his 20-something lover had several very young children. All kinds of details were glossed onto the rumour. Then another detail was attached to the “girlfriend” rumour. Putin was sick. Yes, he was very sick and that is why he had disappeared.

Finally, after several weeks of silence, Putin surfaced and gave a press conference at the Kremlin, where he was meeting with a foreign head of state. Journalists asked him about the rumour[s] and he famously had this to say:

“Life would be very boring without gossip”

After that slap-down…and no-doubt embarrassing revelation–that the legacy media had spread relentless lies for a number of weeks–the media layed off Putin for a few years. But, I guess with the War on Ukraine, they’ve been prodded by the PerpZ to initiate yet another of what I call “Demand to Appear” media fake news scams.

Demand to Appear” is one of the “go-to” strategies of the one-trick-pony perpZ. They re-use the same old strategies time after time to the point of hackneyed boredom but this one never fails to work. Which is why they keep using it. It is a power play using their controlled media. It is also a “test” of their control of the media. If one of the media fails to report as ordered…they’re in trouble with their handlers. What happens is, the controlled media gangs up on the target, accusing him or her with such incendiary, shocking allegations that the target is compelled to respond. It is like they are being summoned before the “court of public opinion”. Like I say, it’s a power play and it usually works…but not on Vladimir Putin. At least as I related above, it backfired and the media ended up with egg on its face.

Of course, given life’s vagaries, Putin may be experiencing ill health...that’s life’s lottery and we’re all ticket-holders in it. But if he were sick…I believe it would be handled differently by the Russian state. Not leaked via some controlled opposition cesspool journalist.

On to other news about Russia and the War in Ukraine. Here are some links I gleaned off the Internet recently. Perhaps the map below showing Western [NATO] military dependence on….wait for it…Russian fossil fuels…was one of the triggers for the media “demand to appear” campaign launched against Putin. I also hear the Russian military has arrested many foreign mercenaries in Ukraine…including Canadians.


US Oil company EXXon having trouble getting it’s Russian Oil past Russian sanctions. Ooops!

Crock of Canadian CBC Shit

This Saker Link is very important and is a must read for crucial updates on the War in Ukraine…including videos of the fighting


Could this be yet another reason for the “Demand to Appear”?

Russian rouble hits more than 2-year high vs euro before steadying near 77

Finally, from this morning’s Russia Today [RT] We have Putin yesterday having a two hour telephone conversation with France’s Emmanuel Macron…where Putin told Macron how the West could extricate itself from the burgeoning economic, geopolitical and military morass the perpZ have dragged it into in Ukraine:


A two-hour [with translation] phone conversation with another world leader? Not bad for a man who’s suffering from stomach cancer and Parkinsons….But, anyhooooooooo….

Amazing that the Western Legacy Media gives US President Biden a pass on this blatant display of mid-stage dementia…yet takes fake run after fake run at Putin.

6 thoughts on “Putin has cancer? plus: Ukraine Update #2

  1. Greencrow,

    I viewed this rheumatologist interview with Steve Kirsch.

    Watch Steve Kirch and this Doctor.


    It’s horrific.

    I heard that this will be the generation without children.

    Then our House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Nasty Pelosi) flew to Ukraine to meet Zelensky. Why is a legislator meeting with Zelensky??

    $33,000,000,000 in US tax dollars to Ukraine! I’m sure there are kickbacks coming back to US Congress people.

    Maybe that is what Nancy was there for?


  2. Penny here is a good site by Andrei Martyanov. Andrei Martyanov is in a class by himself. A third wave baby boomer, born in the early 1960s in Baku, in the Caucasus, then part of the former Soviet Union, heโ€™s arguably the foremost military analyst in the Russian sphere โ€“ living and working in the United States, writing in English for a global audience and always excelling in his Reminiscence of the Future blog.

    Excellent military analyst!



    1. Hi Brian:

      Calling me Penny is a real compliment. She and i have been blogging colleagues for almost a decade. I defer to her when it comes to eastern Europe and Russian issues. Actually, I defer to her on most issues, lol.



  3. Re: SCOTUS and Abortion

    QUOTE from Bob:
    “….I heard that this will be the generation without children…..”

    My political bullshit decoder usually assesses what is on MSM then translates…

    Jim Stone deduced the SCOTUS revisiting the “Roe vs Wade” abortion issue is “masked” as fine tuning the Constitution……ie each state is granted the autonomy to decide the issue, ….which is true…..BUT the real agenda is the Vaxx damage will be so bad that many women will be infertile and/ or miscarry…..so abortion becomes a moot point…..and abortion clinics will fold.

    The ones who will actually get pregnant are those that are UNvaxxed and wish to be parents.

    Of course, the “Loonie Left” interprets this SCOTUS review as an attack on womens bodily autonomy, and yet these same morons will demand everyone be masked and vaxxed.

    Again…listen to the political bullshit then decode the REAL agenda


    1. Hi RAH:

      You must be following me on Twitter. I left several tweets there today saying just that. This is the last generation where women will be fertile enough to have children by normal processes. So the abortion issue will become moot. It is more urgent for the PerpZ to extinguish the concept of bodily sovereignty…in favour of Communism…deferment to the group in all things…the “group” of course, being really the Tyrannical Turvertian ruler behind the curtain.


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