“These are massive crimes” – PFIZER LATEST DATA DUMP

Here is the link to the site where the PfiZer Data Dump is:


Good morning readers. I have a huge topic to focus on today. Two days ago, the last tranche of the US court-ordered PfiZer’s public release of its CovID-19 research papers appeared in the alternate news and on the Internet. The Mainstream Legacy Media has not covered the devastating evidence contained in these papers of course. The criminal media and the Western Globalist puppet political regimes still want to sucker in as many clueless dopes as possible into taking as many “Boosters”–before the truth hits the fan.

What follows below is a compendium of links I have amassed from Twitter and also ones Dennis has sent me over the past two days.

First, from Twitter…a cut and paste segment relating to the lack of animal reproductive toxicity studies in PfiZer’s research and the consequent recommendation that the vaxxxZine NOT be given to pregnant women. As we are all aware, HELLth Authorities [including BC’s Bullshit Bonnie] all over the Western Globalist NATO countries have not only recommended but have mandated that pregnant women be given the vaxxxZine…to keep their jobs, etc.

Breastfeeding mothers are also warned in the PfiZer document not to take the vaxxxZine. Again, the HELLth Authorities criminally commanded otherwise. No wonder PfiZer wanted the “research study” evidence to be kept secret for 75 years!


Real Journalist/Independent Blogger Naomi Wolf has been at the forefront analyzing what this huge 80,000 page release of evidence means to the health of humanity.

Here, from Dennis: May 3, 2022

“These Are Massive Crimes” – Dr. Naomi Wolf Breaks Down the Upsetting Statistics on Pregnant Women

It’s hard to understand the compulsion of the sheeple to line up for an injection of a substance that they know zero about. What makes people insist on doing this, in spite of desperate warnings from friends and families for years?

Greencrow says: It is stunning to think that the Globalists thought they could get away with such a massive Crime Against Humanity. But wait, they did get away with it. The damage has been done–with the vast majority of White Christian Countries now genocided in slow motion towards species extinction. Here are some of the stats that have emerged showing damage done so far:


Plus Massive Vaccine Injury Cover-up

Greencrow continues: So, folks, the horses are out of the barn as evidence [from the perpetrator itself] of a ‘major crime in progress’ has been reported. Even so, the Criminals are still imposing their communist diktats against travel, at least here in Canada. Here’s the secret legislation the Canadian Turvert is trying to ram through government, which will prevent the judiciously unvaxxxZinated like myself from travelling by public transport anywhere in Canada or internationally…for at least three years. This Canadian Federal government Travel ban is nothing less than coercion, extortion and kidnapping/hostagetaking.

Greencrow continues. How can unvaxxxZinated Canadians comply with the government diktat to submit their bodies for a mandatory “vaccine”–when the injected substance is causing too many all around us to drop like flies? Here’s a typical example from a local BC news outlet:

53 year old female paramedic dies “suddenly” of undiagnosed heart condition.

CHEK news does not ask the elephant-in-room question…was she vaxxxZed???https://www.cheknews.ca/everyone-should-live-like-her-paramedic-honoured-by-hundreds-in-parksville-following-tragic-death-1021197/

Still, scientists worldwide who have earned the trust of the unvaxxxZinated over the past 2+ years continue to speak out. Here is former PfiZer vice president of research Mike Yeadon in a recent interview:

The next few links are thanks to Dennis


Greencrow continues: Speaking of Dr. Michael Yeadon, I am still waiting for his [and other alternative doctors [such as Sucharit Bhakdi, Judy Mikovits, Carrie Madej, Dr. Malone, Briddle and many others’] verdict on Drs. Brian Ardis/Braun snake venom mRNA in the covID vaxxines theory. Contrary to what others may say, the snake venom mRNA theory has not been debunked…it has only gone underground…until such time as real scientists/doctors have had a chance to look at it closely, do some research and come out with a verdict they are in agreement with. IMO, the longer the silence of the above doctors/scientists on this theory…the more the probability exists that it is the truth. I have not abandoned it one iota. I am just waiting for some dogs to bark.

In the meantime…here is European Parliament member Christine Anderson with more statistics on the devastation being caused by the vaxxxZines:

European MEP Christine Anderson: “Vaccines” Caused 23 Times More Deaths…”

US Military Doctor Testifies She Was Ordered by govn administration to ‘Cover Up’ Vaccine Injuries

Dr. Theresa Long, medical officer with the United States military, has testified in court that she was ordered by a superior to suppress Covid-19 vaccine injuries following the Biden regime’s mandate


“This is only the tip of a much bigger iceberg. You’ll find this is the case right across government. While the federal government was threatening and blackmailing American workers with mandatory vaccines, the main agency tasked with creating the crisis narrative has been exposed for double standards. This is hardly surprising to anyone who has been paying attention. Remember, it was the CDC, a valuable tool of Big Pharma, who were constantly producing the misleading COVID and vaccine claims and statistics, while diligently hiding any evidence which might have confounded the government’s dubious official narratives about an ‘out-of-control, deadly pandemic’ and ‘safe and effective’ experimental mRNA COVID gene therapy vaccines.” 

Greencrow continues: What the stupid sheeple are not curious enough to wander out of their cloistered TV enclaves to discover is that those in the pharmaceutical industry and many other criminal accomplices HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE DEADLY SHOTS THEMSELVES!!!

Zachary Stieber from Epoch Times reports…


Here is what Dr Paul Alexander said on  April 29, 2022 PRIOR to the latest damning evidence from PfiZer:

Its JAILING time! How important is new information that Pfizer/FDA hid data on vaccine risk after you take the shot? How important? As my friend Doug would say, pretty ‘f-in’ important, stop vax now!

I cannot say it any other way to the American, Canadian, UK, Australian, all people, that these vaccines are ineffective, do not work, & are killing you; 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

This is what you MUST understand now and challenge the government, challenge the CDC, NIH, FDA, Fauci, Walensky, Biden, all of them, Francis Collins, challenge the Canadian government and Theresa Tam and Howard Njoo, Dough Ford, all of them failed and their injection policies harmed Canadians, challenge Doug Ford for the deaths due to the lockdowns and injections; all under Trump admin too who did this, all of them, for they knew and must have known the injection was a fraud and harmful, they knew the initial 95% relative risk reduction was a lie, the data was a fraud! If what they did caused deaths, we must imprison many of them!

What is emerging now? What do we know based on the new Pfizer data that they tried to hide for 75 years?


Greencrow concludes: Folks, over the past two and a half years, there have been dozens of times where I thought: “This is IT! There’s NO WAY they can keep THIS devastating information from the Sheeple. This must be the day the nightmare ends. But, tragically for humanity, I have been wrong every time I made that optimistic assumption. Every time, the news was like water off a duck’s back. I would test the information on my twice vaxxxZed husband and invariably he would scoff and say “That’s fake news”. Then he would get his trusty cell phone out and show me where, whatever it was I said, had been debunked by ‘The Fact Checkers”.

The sad truth is, my husband and my two adult sons were inoculated against the truth long before they were fake inoculated against the fake covID virus. Even this morning, I considered whether I would tell my husband about the early analysis of the latest PfiZer tranche of information posted above–but decided not to waste my time, energy, and the currently functional/positive ambience of our household. It’s just not worth it to get hit with the scolding, scalding, dismissal of anything and every thing I have to say about the Plandemic/vaxxxZine. The damage has already been done anyway.

History will record that our civilization died, not due to a war or other cataclysmic event…but due to a military grade brainwashing…via a series of small “justs”.

20 thoughts on ““These are massive crimes” – PFIZER LATEST DATA DUMP

  1. Greencrow,

    I told my friends if they come to your door to ‘vaccinate’ your children SHOOT THEM.

    I got texts back – Bob you need help; Get help soon!

    I told them – You are willing to let your child be poisoned and I NEED HELP?!

    Naomi Wolf is big time so things are starting to change.

    I got really angry about the military vax mandate and I called Loyd Austin (US Secretary of Defense) a house nigger, which he is. Just following orders, didn’t look at any meaningful mortality/morbidity data. Boy did I get raked over the coals.

    And what high level executive in the US Government would do anything Biden says? He’s completely depraved, corrupt, and mentally incapacitated.

    If they had a microscopic bit of morals they would retire or resign.

    None if them do this though.


    1. I came to the same thought if they come looking for trouble here with my two sons they would be finding it. Hence they are unjabbed and physically and mentally strong . I also told them (my sons)that I will be dead after the gunfire. God hates a coward.


      1. They actually came knocking on my door, literally with the vaccines ready. A 60+ semi inebriated man in bad need of a haircut answering the door for some reason scares people, go figure.

        They ran away as fast as they could haul their out of shape bodies down the steps.

        I have nieces that are like daughters to me. Fortunately they live with their parents.

        I would be a bad substitute for a parent!


  2. Can you post source for the pregnancy and breastfeeding data document? I know there was a data drop but I don’t have time to go through 80k pages. Thanks in advance.


      1. Thanks. I would like to investigate more and share my findings but I won’t share it unless I have solid proof. I don’t want to be discredited for sharing false information.


  3. GC says:
    ” IMO, the longer the silence of the above doctors/scientists on this theory…the more the probability exists that it is the truth. I have not abandoned it one iota. I am just waiting for some dogs to bark.”

    WOOF….WOOF….Dr Judy Mikovits says: WOOF!!

    In an interview with Steve Ben-nun ,according to Dr Brian Ardis, Dr Judy Mikovits got in touch with him after seeing the “Watch The Water” Documentary and said she supports him totally and will back him up!!👍
    Also, Dr Ardis said he reached out to several other doctors/researchers for help and input on his new theory on venom peptides used in the medical industry and that they were interested at first but ended up paying him lip service and did NOT come through at all. Scared? Brian said Mike Adams offered his science lab to help out with analysis.

    “I would test the information on my twice vaxxxZed husband and invariably he would scoff and say “That’s fake news”. Then he would get out his trusty cell phone out and show me where, whatever it was I said, had been debunked by ‘The Fact Checkers”.

    Quoting researcher Anthony Patch in an interview from 2014😲:

    ” The insidious part of this is that once a person is injected, almost IMMEDIATELY their DNA
    undergoes transformation. Almost immediately they lose all awareness of the fact that they
    have lost their independence, their ability to think on their own, to make decisions on their own.
    And to affect them on a moral level, their moral independence, their beliefs, religious, moral,
    ethical, legal…. All of those go away. If you remove the independent thought and that
    awareness that you’ve LOST your independence is gone, what then do the Powers that Be do
    with these new forms of humans/hybrids? They can control them. They can turn them into a
    serf class…”



  4. Hi FreakedOut:

    Exciting news about Judy Mikovits. She is the Doctor in the group most versed in the bioweapon aspect of the vaxxxZines so it would make sense she would speak out first.

    Regarding getting the MOTB shot and then losing moral, intellectual compass. This is one of those chicken/egg arguments. What came first, loss of moral compass, Injection? or, Injection, loss of moral compass. They are connected, to be sure.

    My blogging colleague Snippits has three doses…all coerced by her son in law so she could maintain contact with her infant grandchildren. She spoke about the psychological impact of the vax. In mid April Snippits left a message on her blog that she would be “disappearing” for a while due to all the stress and pressure. This is a woman who like me, blogged regularly for years and years. She was also a regular on Twitter where we followed each other.

    I miss Snippits and dearly hope she is able to come back. If not, then how many of us would say it was because of the vax…even if remotely.

    Again thanks for the tip on Judy Mikovitz. I believe Dr. Ardis is merely reloading his ammunition and will come out again, all guns blazing on the snake in the vax thing.


    1. Hi GC,
      Yes, I’m concerned about Noor(Snippits) and I hope she rallies back.🙏

      Here’s the video interview by Steve Ben-Nun with Dr Ardis(57 minutes) bringing up Dr Mikovitz:

      “Frequency That Really Matter”


      Keep an open mind with some of the info brought up here because Steve briefly touches upon the government/ET connection.
      They delve into EMF’s(5G) and bring up two famous researchers on frequencies, Dr Royal Rife(rife machine) and Nikola Tesla. They also talk of the possibilities of aerosolizing venom peptides.

      Worth a listen!


      1. Watched/listened to the whole video FreakedOut and it did flesh out the snake mRNA mystery quite a bit. Dr. Argis, far from being cowed by the nay-sayers, seems all pumped up, positive and ready to fight. Meanwhile, the PfiZer Data dump is proving to be very murky waters for those diving into it.


        Like Dr. Argis and Ben-Nun, I just hope they can crack this nut wide open before they start injecting the children en masse. Also the consensus is building that this vaxxxZine manipulation of our bodies has been going on for a very long time. I agree with this. This is just an escalation of something they’ve been using for culling and profit for many decades.


  5. Greencrow,

    It makes sense that venom would be used. Why reinvent the wheel.

    My theory is that a common virus was used to develop the Rmna nano factories to manufacture the super toxic spike proteins which includes analogs of snake venom and other venoms.

    Here in the US the movie “2000 Mules” by Dinesh Desouza is being heavily censored. The film is damming. Trillions of cell phone bits of data proving vote fraud.

    I can’t even find where it is playing here in Northern Virginia (NOVA).


  6. Hi folks:

    Here’s an interesting Tweet. Trudeau went to the Montreal funeral of well known hockey hero Guy Lafleur. The masked PM sat in the front row. Lafleur’s wife went over and shook the hand of the Provincial Premier but snubbed Trudeau:

    Can you imagine how angry it must have made her that he photobombed her husband’s funeral, forcing her to snub him?

    This guy is beyond the pale.



  7. IMHO..
    Guy Lafleur was a great NHL player….THE END

    To attempt to lionize him beyond this societal context shows how much society has sunk.

    These “celebs” do have a platform to positvely society in general……


  8. Hi RAH

    I agree that it was stretching things a bit to have a “national” funeral for a hockey player. Guy LaFleur was a heavy smoker even when he played hockey and so did not set a very good example for the young. My impression is that he died of lung cancer.

    He never did anything other than play hockey…He never served Canada in any capacity. So IMO it was just a flimsy excuse to erect a virtue-signaling platform as a distraction from the latest rally in Ottawa.

    Which makes the Guy LaFleur’s family “Trudeau Snub” that went viral around the world all the sweeter. LOL!


    1. Hi GC:

      I’ve been a Habs fan since I started watching Hockey.

      Back in the day..NHL granted Montreal generous lee- way to draft Quebec players…….which of course has a huge pool of players.
      This protocol advantage no longer exists which is one big reason why they suck…

      Yes Lafleur was a heavy smoker…irony is Quebec tends to lionize dead hockey players….can’t recall any other province acting likewise..

      My son and I met Habs captain Jean Beliveau once…. that man exuded class…..we still talk about it. He made you feel YOU were the celeb.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Greencrow,

    I have to say your blog is outstanding. It’s so dense with information that I rarely digest the whole thing. Nor do I want to.

    I was once a huge Washington Redskins fan until that criminal Dan Snyder got his hands on the team.

    Snyder made his money in the opioid trade. Criminal little bastard had a front sales corporation that consisted of pharma representatives going to doctors offices and off loading thousands of opioid pills that the stupid doctors could addict their patients with.

    Snyder is such a sleazy shit he actaully bought the unused peanut snacks from a bankrupt airline and sold them during a Redskin’s game! The peanuts had expired like 9 years ago at the time.

    Also, people parked a ways out and walked to the stadium to avoid the outrageous parking fees during a football game. Snyder stopped this and his reason was because of pedestrian safety! $40 to park!!

    I hate fact checkers. They are trying to discredit the film ‘2000 Mules’ which is based on terabytes of actual voter fraud data.

    Well Biden has a new press secretary. A gay black woman! Good luck defending this depraved, corrupt imbecile.

    I saw that Jeff Rense is terrified of people not wearing the mask now. Good stay home and have everything delivered.


  10. Greencrow,

    I’m seeing RVs here in NOVA from British Columbia. They are parked in front of homes here.

    It appears Canada may be experiencing a great exodus.


  11. Hi Bob and all who commented on this post. I received almost 1,500 hits on this post which is kind of a record for this blog–since I was forced to move it to WordPress a year or so ago. People ARE very curious about what’s in the vax according to the PfiZer documents. Still short on details, but at least we do have their attention now.



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