Ukraine Update

Canada’s Wartime Prime Minister goes off to war zone…sadly, only to return

Good morning sentients. Still up to my eyes in boxes of 30-year old CRAP that I need to sort through, so this post will necessarily be short. Lucky for me, RAH and Bob are keeping readers up-to-date in the comments and I want to thank and commend them for that.

Another issue I’m dealing with is my 15 1/2 year old malti-poo who is now reaching the end of his life. I have to decide whether I should just let nature take it’s course or have Joey euthanized. He’s unable to go on walks and cannot climb stairs. Joey is incontinent and I have to clean up after him. He’s very frail and shakes when standing up. Joey spends most of the day lying on his cushion sleeping the day away. If we were in Coquitlam all the time I would just let it go because his longtime vet is a block and a half away. But we travel back and forth to the Malahat cabin and travel is exhausting for him. Most concerning is that being deep in the Malahat forest, if something were to go wrong, we would be far away from a vet. I have in mind a horror story of a friend who had an old dog, Fergus, who was reaching the end of his life. She came downstairs in the middle of the night to find Fergus dead and all his bodily fluids coming out of all orifices of his body. I certainly want to avoid that if I can.

This is the worst part of pet ownership. But being a responsible pet owner means that very unpleasant decisions and choices must be made in a timely fashion. When I get a pet I always promise them one thing: “I will make sure that you never suffer”. That is the promise I make when I accept the responsibility for their care for their entire life. I have had many pets over the years. This part never gets any easier.

Back to the Turvert and his trip to Ukraine a few days ago. Will this nincompoop ever stop embarrassing, humiliating and infuriating Canadians? What horrific act did Canada do to deserve such a plague of stupidity hovering over our nation like a dark and thunderous cloud? What God[s] can we pray to for relief? What penance do we have to endure as a population before we are forgiven?

The Russian bear/Putin, who the ohmadhaun is relentlessly poking–on the orders of his WEF globalist handlers is, regardless, being mercilessly patient with Canada. Putin no doubt understands the jam Canadians are in.

Putin’s May 9th [Victory Day] speech:

H/T Simon Hicks

Appallingly [and not understood by the vast majority of sheeple], Canadians have been captured just like the Ukrainians and are now fully occupied by the most Satanic force in history. Canadians can only pray that, once Putin has finished freeing Ukraine from the NaZis, he will come here and free us from the NaZi Deputy Prime Minister, Christya Freeloader and her simpleton gofer PM.

A couple of weeks ago Russias Minister of State, Sergey Lavrov made some interesting comments about Hitler and the Jews…treading terrifyingly closely to the truth—which is of course verboten in The Matrix of Lies erected by the PerpZ all over this planet. I believe he said that Hitler was part Jewish. This is counter to the Official Narrative that has Hitler being the Christian behind the Hollow-Co$t. Zillion$ in WWII reparations have been awarded to Israel due to the myth of Hitler being a full-blooded Christian.

No matter that now the Azov Bandurist battalions who are committing atrocities in Ukraine are NaZis–who Turvert and Freeloader are actively supporting and even visiting…the WWII official premise/narrative of the NaZi’s being evil mass murdering Jew haters must be preserved and maintained.

H/T Michael Averko:

The Turvert and his NATO Puppet ilk have twisted themselves into pretZels…maintaining these diametrically opposed and irreconcilable pretexts for what in truth is an economically-based attempted resource theft War on Russia:

  • The WWII NaZis were Christians who mass-murdered Jews and therefore our enemies who must be hunted down and eradicated;
  • The AZov NaZis, who are also anti-Semites, are our allies–fighting the bad Russians [who used to be our allies fighting the WWII NaZis]. Ergo, we must support, equip and even visit the AZov NaZis in their Ukraine lairs.

And the [usual suspect] International Satanic demons are laffing all the way to their banks. All on the bent-over backs of the Canadian and other NATO country taxpayers. Stay tuned.

H/T Simon Hicks:

Is Satan 11 a Game Changer?

11 thoughts on “Ukraine Update

  1. Greencrow,

    I had three canine companions. As much as they can be a companion.

    They actually were part of the entire family, and always preferred being around females.

    My one companion, Phoebe, would beg me to pick her up (she was a Chi dog), which I would do. She gave me one kiss and then the command to put her down came! One kiss!?

    During the winter months I would put her food bowl in the cold and drafty kitchen. And she would look at me. I would leave and she would take the bowl of food and drag it to her warm place, spilling most of her food.

    Phoebe really loved my mother, but my mother thought her tongue was filthy. If they don’t have hands then there is only one way to clean themselves.

    I had to ‘adopt’ an old herding dog from my useless brother. She was tortured by her original owner. Kept chained up in the yard during horrific thunderstorms. She was even terrified when I turned on a flashlight.

    The Bidens and Trudeaus can’t walk away from Ukraine. They have stolen so much from the Ukrainian people that the Ukrainian kleptocracy would be torn to pieces without US support. $33,000,000,000 in US resources!

    I have no idea how this theft will be sold to the people.

    Trudeau and Biden deserve to be Satan’s prison bitches in hell. They

    Don’t mess with old people!


    1. It doesn’t really matter how ‘revengeful’ the punishment one imagines for the barbarians in suits … the bankers still win … as they have always done. The reason … they have no compunction whatsoever.
      Have a great day.


  2. Hitler…Nazis…blah blah blah

    No….Ukrainian military was trained by MOSSAD.
    … know they are desperate when they claim Hitler had Jewish blood..even if he did it’s a moot point.


  3. Greencrow,

    I haven’t been out with my hiking groups as much since the Cofraud.

    Amazingly most of them bought into the narrative.

    I actually did rock climbing at my age.

    It was very stupid. I was on a 20 foot cliff at 2 am and couldn’t get down. They told me ‘use your butt’. A 60 year old man sliding down a mountain at 2 am! I had to!! No other way out.

    Old Rag at sunrise!!

    Probably the best rock climber of all time. Lynn Hill.

    I can’t imagine the cost of her hair care products.


  4. Michael Gunner resigns as NT chief minister in emotional press conference

    A teary Michael Gunner has announced his resignation as the Northern Territory’s chief minister, saying, ‘my head and my heart are no longer in the job.’ Gunner said the birth of his second child and a recent heart attack were the main reasons behind his decision. ‘I don’t need a second near-death experience to know that life is unpredictable and can be cut short’, he said. Gunner was first elected to the NT parliament in 2008 and became opposition leader in 2015. He led Labor to a landslide victory in 2016, becoming the first chief minister to be born in the Territory


    F*ck off and crawl back under your rock..another RAT leaves the sinking ship


  5. Hi All:
    Fascinating video:The News-Benders 1968
    Highly recommended….this was waaaaay ahead of its time re themes that apply today such a microchipping people media manipulates us. etc etc.The writer must have been a major insider ala Stanley Kubrick given how they discuss various hoaxes imposed on us.

    In 1973, a short meeting between a senior TV News man (J.G) and a talented, younger free lancer (Robert) has some unexpected twists and turns which show how the News is not quite what it seems to be. J.G. has “tapped” Robert as the “right man for a job” – but Robert is not so easily convinced that he wants to take the new job. J.G seems to have a way of persuading him.

    The News-Benders 1968


  6. Get Ready For The Economic Collapse

    Excellent Comment….pretty much nails it

    “……The Western economies started collapsing in the 1970s.

    It’s want that bad to start with. They used debt, they let sheeple have more credit/debt. We had various faninacial scandals, recessionionary shocks, then Dotcom bubble, this was a big tipping point, and this is when debt started to go stratospheric. Around 2000 they started the debt bubble which they popped in 2008.

    So 2008 to 2014 isn’t a big gap, but plenty went on between these dates, like QE.

    If we imagine that NATO hadn’t gone into UKraine in 2014. Okay, things would be a little different economically, but the end game, which Lira is outlining, would be the same.

    Michael Sumbag Gove was on BBC R4 Today. The presenter was ever so gentle about the cost of living crisis, but one could sense, even hear in Gove’s tone and replies, that he and the rest of his regime, doesn’t give a monkeys about the sheeple, or the economy.

    In a nutshell, in order for the banking and corporate, and so called free market system to carryon, to exist, to be as corrupt as it has been, and especially now. They needed to balance the social deal by using state, business, and personal debt.

    We’ve had unlimited QE since 2008, and even with all this money creation, the banks are now limiting mortgages, and even worse, many who come off fix rate mortgages, they won’t be able to afford a remortgage, so they are going to be wiped out. Most will be wipes out.

    Boris, Gove, and his kind, they really don’t give a shit. They see the sheeple who can’t survive as a weate product of the 4th Industrial revolution….”

    Lays out what’s been going on in good laymans terms..the fiat currency system is near collapse..its a matter of when not if..


  7. Greencrow,

    $40,000,000,000 to Ukraine.

    Not one Biden voter seems to object.

    I’m a Kucinich fire brand liberal. Along with Cynthia McKinney.

    She goes after the RUMSFELD.

    Rumsfeld knew that US Defense contractors were selling children into slavery.

    It keeps getting worse.

    Biden is completely incoherent. He should be homeless and living under a bridge.

    The complete corruption of the U.S. Health Agencies is now exposed. Hundreds of millions in drug patented royalties to U.S. Government employees!?

    Well with my mother’s estate I did the right thing. I trust my two sisters but they aren’t very good at finance. They are trustees with me.

    A trustee for your estate is the way to go.


    “Let Me Tell You Why I Am Not Vaccinated”

    This person discusses their journey and epiphany re Vaxx question.
    I cut and paste the opening paragraphs. Then starts in year 2005 and all the crucial years and events
    leading up to the present and ties in the Ukraine war using basic graphics.

    This is laid out beautifully and great for both Newbies and we Pro Choice types !!!



    Let Me Tell You Why I Am Not Vaccinated

    “……I believe I have a moral obligation to tell you what I have discovered and give you the information you were obviously never meant to see.

    There are roughly 25 million of us unvaccinated in the UK (and millions of others worldwide) and we’re growing fast, as people are gradually waking up to the reality we are facing. No, we are NOT anti-vaxxers. We are anti-mRNA technology being injected into our bodies and giving little to no immunity to Covid19, causing severe adverse reactions (2.5 million recorded so far) including death and not preventing transmission but actually inducing coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and transmitting/mutating quickly amongst the vaccinated.

    The information that follows will come as a shock but we are here to support you and will never make you feel shit for not seeing it sooner. Every one of us have unearthed the truth in our own time and we welcome everyone with open arms.

    Before you switch off and dismiss me as a conspiracy-theorist nut job
    Please understand that I was just like you when this all started. I was scared, mainly for my parents and for those with weakened immune systems. I locked myself down quicker than you could say Covid and I even kept myself at home in between lockdowns, to protect the vulnerable. I only started to research the new type of ‘vaccine’ because my Father had been injured by a flu vaccine a few years earlier. Even then, I read about the technology, thought it sounded incredibly clever and I couldn’t wait for my parents to have it and finally be safe to hug again. I was always in two minds about having it myself, as I understood it the virus would be fairly mild for me and the survival rate should I be hospitalised was 99.97%. I thought I’d take my chances and build a natural immunity should I catch it, allowing my vaccine to go to someone that would truly need it. My husband had two doses as he is a little bit older and (though won’t admit it) suffers with asthma. I declined my first dose and thought that would be the end of it. What did it matter to everyone else if I was vaccinated or not? Though as time went on, the narrative to ‘save others’ by getting vaccinated raised a big red flag for me. Since when did we get vaccinated to save others? I always thought a vaccine was to provide immunity to the recipient. When children were then being fed the same ‘be a hero’ narrative and take a vaccine to protect the elderly, that did not sit right with me. Adults protect children, not the other way around.

    So, I started digging deeper, away from social and mainstream media, and the government narrative.

    I have heard statements from noble prize winning virologists, the most esteemed physicians in the world, leading biologists and thousands of covid frontline doctors and nurses. I have also seen shocking official data from the released papers from the FDA and testimonies given to lawyers by scientists from WHO and former Vice President and Chief Scientist of Pfizer. Thousands of people have spoken out about the lack of cheap and simple early treatment for Covid19, resulting in the subsequent needless loss of loved ones. Finally, and the most shocking for me, has been the endless reports from those that have been severely injured or lost loved ones after receiving the vaccine, and then silenced by any mainstream media.

    Before you read on, I ask you to read it all with an open mind, from a ‘what if all this were true’ perspective. To ask yourself WHY would anyone go to all this trouble for a far-fetched conspiracy. We’ve all been lied to. We’ve all lost friends, family and for many, our livelihoods. Please research like mad to prove me wrong. I tried to do that but the more I delved the more apparent and sinister the truth became.

    Once you see it you can’t unsee it….”



  9. Re Nazi’s in WW2
    Below is a link to an article re Germans conduct in occupied countries in WW2 in this case Ukraine.
    This was common in German occupied countries, they either assisted the locals or let them live their lives as normal.

    The Liberation of Ukraine

    Moreso relevant is the term “Nazi” is thrown around by Ukraine president(((ZELENSKY)))and allies as a deflective propoganda, when this war has the blessing of (((Usual Suspects)))

    My Bulgarian friends father passed away recently , but he experienced German occupation in WW2 and said they were treated well. The true demons at the time were the Lenin/Stalin Russians who abused their own people and starved the Ukrainians.

    Again…understand the (((Common Thread))) = key to history !!!


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