Greencrow update, plus: Bernier, Peckford Launch legal challenge to vax travel ban

Good morning readers. It is an intermittently sunny day here in the Lower Vancouver mainland after days of rain. I have been away from this blog for several reasons. First, I had to put my 15 1/2 year old malti-poo dog Joey down on Wednesday. He was frail and his quality of life was poor but it was still very hard on me and my family and our other 10 year old Papillion dog Maki.

Then on Thursday, yesterday, we were going to go back to Vancouver Island but my twice vaxxxZinated husband woke up with a cold/flu/nasal congestion/sore throat. Because he is already immunocompromised due to being a kidney transplant recipient, I put my foot down and said we were staying put and he was going to spend the day in bed. I know from over 40 years experience that when he gets sick he can get very sick. I did not want to be deep in the forest when/if that happens. So we stayed put at our new lst floor digs–in our old houses–where I am still up to my eyebrows unpacking boxes from our downsize/move from upstairs.

Yesterday he stayed in bed while I went out and got a myriad of over-the-counter medications to treat his symptoms…Tylenol [cold and flu], Lozenges for throat, throat spray, Neocitrin for sleep and congestion. I also bought orange juice and ginger ale to drink. We had a hearty chicken noodle soup for supper last night.

The good news is that he’s slightly better this morning. Well, at least he’s no worse. He will need to take another day at least in bed. Readers may ask why I would go to all this trouble for someone stupid enough to get vaxxxZed, even though his wife has been staunchly anti-vax since the beginning and advised him of all the perils of doing so. I have provided him and all my family with copious details of what’s in the vax from the best, uncorrupted alternative medical authorities in the world. But I have had absolutely NO success. My entire family is vaxxxZed except [I believe] my two-year-old granddaughter.

The answer to that is at my age I really do not have any alternative. I do not want to break up my family. If I rejected him because of his vax status I would be the outlier, I would be the goat. People not in my position do not understand how totally brain washed these fuckers are. There is absolutely no chance of cluing them in. I went on Twitter this morning and learned that the Turvert is at the final stages of bringing in legislation to cut the unvaxxxZed off of CPP, OHP and other social benefits we’ve paid into all our lives. The vaxxxZed majority think that’s fine…that we unvaxxxZed have made a “choice”.

Even when they get sick like my husband is, they never get off their high horse. He, and my two adult vaxxxZed sons all told me on separate occasions that it’s “normal for the vaxxxZed to get covID [if that’s what it is].” Thank gawd my husband has not mentioned getting tested. If he did go and get the rigged PCR test, no doubt he would test positive and have to go to hospital and get murdered by the “hospital protocols”. That’s the REAL choice here…murdered either by government financial strangulation…or murdered by the toxic vax and resultant health crises/hospital protocols.

Sad choices indeed. But there is a tiny glimmer of light on the horiZon. Our miraculous and only political savior, Maxime Bernier. Maxime, pictured below, is the leader of the federal Peoples Party of Canada, which he founded in 2018, after being cheated out of the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Maxime is unvaxxxZed, and therefore unable to fly or travel by train across Canada to meet with his roughly 6 million unvaxxxZed constituents. I believe that this is one of the reasons the Turvert maintains the illegal, criminal and unconstitutional Travel Ban on UnvaxxxZed…to prevent alternative leaders like Maxime from growing their following.

Well, just yesterday, Maxime and former Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Brian Peckford announced they are going to challenge the travel ban in court using the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as their argument. Former Premier Brian Peckford is the last living signee of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which was made law by the Turvert’s deceased father, PM Pierre Trudeau. This challenge will take place in September, 2022. Please read the details of this most important legal challenge in Canadian history below:

Peoples Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier

“PPC leader Maxime Bernier and former NL Premier Brian Peckford have launched a challenge against Justin Trudeau’s unscientific travel ban on the unvaccinated.

According to a Court Order, the trial will take place by a Zoom videoconference on September 19, 2022, and will last for five days.

Notably, Peckford is the only living signatory of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which many Canadians believe Trudeau violated with his vaccine mandate, travel ban, and invocation of the Emergencies Act, which many Senators were preparing to stop.

“What I find perhaps the most disturbing is that the federal government has mandated a two-tiered society where one group of people has benefits while another group is disadvantaged. As a person who has chosen not to receive the new medical treatment, I am all of a sudden treated as an outcast, labelled a “racist” and “misogynist”, and as an undesirable person not fit to be seated with vaccinated people on an airplane,” Peckford said.

… The Covid-19 vaccinated are allowed to travel by airplane and to see their families and the unvaccinated are not. This is not the Canada I know and love, and this type of segregation causes me utmost sadness.”

Greencrow continues: Meanwhile, the vax catastrophe/collapse continues…totally hidden from the tender sheeple eyes of the mortally vaxxxZed.

Truthteller Doctor Naomi Wolf calls out the alarm for those wise enough to listen. She’s basing her concerns on the information released by Big Pharma Vax Kill Shot Corporation PfiZer itself, in its latest data dump. Again, the mainstream media is criminally withholding this potentially life-saving information from the public:

H/T Dennis

Other legal challenges are taking place against the mandates. Four law suits against the BC Provincial government are pending. Here is the story of one vaxxxZine victim, a health care worker who was bullied and harrassed by her employer into taking the vax and suffered severe effects after the first shot. Not wanting to take the second shot and being supported by her [then villified by the government] family doctor…this worker was forced to leave her employment rather than risk injuring herself further:

Still, even after the five legal challenges reported above and many more in other provinces and nations...the Turvert and all the WEF infiltrated governments involved proceed like it’s all ‘water off a duck’s back’.

Greencrow continues: Turvert and the other traitors keep hocking the catastrophic experimental drug like street corner pushers. Bait and Switch, threats, extortion, lies and manipulation, withholding information…everything the ‘market’ will bear and more.

Just yesterday, Traitor NDP leader Jagmeet Singh [who is propping up the Minority Government of the Globalist Minion Turvert] was mercilessly heckled, sworn at and swarmed by an enraged crowd of enlightened Ontarians in Peterborough, Ontario.

The results of new science involving a political ‘genetic’ experiment–
inserting synthetic NDP DNA into a Liberal cell.

Afterwards Globull News cluck, clucked and tsk tsked about the ‘unruly crowd’ saying that the RCMP had to investigate such public expressions of frustration. Meanwhile Twitter went ballistic with comments and Rebel News reported as follows:

Greencrow concludes: I posted on Twitter the infamous quote of the murdered-by-government last true president of the United States, John F. Kennedy:

10 thoughts on “Greencrow update, plus: Bernier, Peckford Launch legal challenge to vax travel ban

  1. Hi GC:

    Thanks for all your efforts….morseo in light of personal issues you are dealing with.
    Re Pro Vaxxers….a perfect metaphor re vaccines came to mind.

    If they wear a bulletproof vest…WHO does it protect from bullets ?
    The wearer of course…not the Non wearer.
    Translate that into taking a vaccine.
    Here endeth the lesson


    1. Re my last comment…
      I am not stating vaccines work..just that the BULLETPROOF VEST analogy should apply to Pro Vaxxers “logic” of if one is vaxxed …one is thus protected and UNvaxxed should logically pose no threat.


  2. GC quote

    “….I went on Twitter this morning and learned that the Turvert is at the final stages of bringing in legislation to cut the unvaxxxZed off of CPP, OHP and other social benefits we’ve paid into all our lives….”

    Is there a chance you could post this twitter?
    Look at what Jim Stone posted from British Columbia…what they are teaching students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 re private parts and family rules for masturbation.


  3. Hi RAH I believe this describes the Bill in question:


    1. Thanks GC

      Keep in mind the W.H.O. apparently meets in a few days in late May 2022 with the possible roll-out of all 190+ members surrendering their domestic medical autonomy to the W.H.O. coming into effect in Nov. 2022.

      The Perpz have set up many distractions…

      Interesting article re: Commie Cult and how their cesspools work.


  4. That WHO initiative is DOA as I say on Twitter. There is absolutely no way they can legitimately surrender national sovereignty without the consent of the people. Of course, the operative word in the last sentence is “legitimately”. Which is not to say they won’t try it and “fake it till they make it”. Which is how they’ve done all the criminal/illegal/corrupt shit they’ve gotten away with so far.


  5. Sorry for the heartache of having to see your beloved over the rainbow bridge. Heart healing. Hope your husband recovers quickly. My 82 year old friend just went through 10 days of ‘covid’ hell. She’s on day 6 of recovery, weary but back in the world of the living. Rapid test provided by granddaughter tested +. Expect anything else? Never took the shots and survived. Says she wants to see this all turn out for the better of humanity, then she’ll leave. Lots of shitty political possibilities for us and I am choosing, in this moment, to remain hopeful. Go(o)d will reign. Sending you good vibrarions. hugs, Joan

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi GC:
    Was sent this today:

    Background: The WHO is working towards amendments to the International Health Regulations 22 – 28 May 2022, and simultaneously, a new pandemic treaty to be finalised by 2024.


    IMHO this is the major chess move the Perpz will try…whether it succeeds is another question.


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