Cdn MP Dane Lloyd hands PSC and CSIS @$$es to them during EA Hearing + Nova scotia massacre

Federal Conservative Party of Canada MP Dane Lloyd grills the representatives of the Canadian Public Safety Committee and CSIS about the 30 Church Burning Terrorist Attacks that took Place in Canada in 2021

Good Saturday morning readers. Today we have a microcosm of the ongoing catastrophe that is the Tyrannical government of the Turvert Liberals in Canada at present. The Twitter video below casts a forensic lens on exactly what’s wrong with Canadian institutional/bureaucratic governance, now mortally infiltrated by WEF Globalist/Communist ideologues.

Conservative MP Dane Lloyd does a magnificent job of pulling back the curtain on this travesty when he asks both the Public Security Rep and the CSIS rep about their agencies’ investigations into the terrorist arson attacks on 30 churches across Canada in 2021. Like a highly skilled surgeon, Lloyd cuts back the skin and flab, revealing two severely damaged and cancerous organs.

Both institutions had submitted reports to the Parliamentary Hearing committee about terror threats to Canada…but stunningly…neither report mentioned the burning of the 30 churches. The women bureaucratic representatives began to stammer and pass the buck to the other and to third party agencies. None had a single clue about what her agency had done or not done about the terror attacks. Watch and listen:

30 Church Burnings in Canada in 2021 did not warrant a Squeak from
these two Federal “Security” Boondoggle Institutions

MP Dane Lloyd does a masterful forensic cross-examination of three clueless reps. At this point I have to interject that it is SOP to have a clueless woman representing agencies called on the carpet in these situations. Having young and/or clueless women in both roles is NOT an accident. It is by design. While the backroom real rulers of Canada might be pushing a woke and “inclusive” narrative, they themselves remain staunchly MCP’s [Male Chauvinist Pigs] and will always be so. They invariably code message their contempt and distain for public hearings by sending useless, uninformed female gofers to them. This hearing is NO EXCEPTION.

Yet the male, Dane Lloyd, asserts his masculine power by sticking in the skewer and twisting it at the end of his cross-examination–when he discloses that a church in his own community was terror-attacked in the middle of the night as part of this no doubt government LIHOP [let it happen on purpose] and funded psy-op terror campaign. Lloyd says a church was torched in the middle of the night and–due only to the heroism of 40 volunteer fire fighters–was it brought under control before it spread to a nearby [hastily evacuated] housing development and a seniors’ care home. Lloyd said, without that courageous effort by volunteers, the arson attack could have ended up being the most deadly terrorist attack on Canadian soil.

Yet, the three clueless security agency representatives did not have a single word about it or the 29 other church attacks in their voluminous reports to Parliament about the growth of ideological radicalism in Canada!

Greencrow continues: Below, is yet another instance where the entire investigatory process across Canada has been terminally corrupted by the Liberal Turvertian Perp Puppets. It is yet another damning article about the pseudo-investigation going on in Halifax, Nova Scotia into the massacre of 22 citizens in 2020–supposedly by some “lone nut” [TM] gang-related dirtbag with inexplicable gonnections to the RCMP. Please read the article below which blames the entire government terror psy-op on….wait for it…”masculinity“:


Masculinity” cause of Nova Scotia Mass Murders” report

Greencrow concludes: LOL…it would be a laffing matter…if it did not involve so much murder by government–via corrupted security agencies…including the RCMP.

The entire country knows that the RCMP was up to its eyeballs in the Nova Scotia massacre

…just like the RCMP and the Vancouver Police Department were up to their eyeballs in the Missing Women massacre that went on for several years in the Vancouver Lower mainland in the 1990’s. These staged domestic false flag terror operations are all psy-ops–to test/vet/blackmail/corrupt police/military recruits…and can be facilitated…because the police/government work hand-in-hand with organiZed crime.

So, when an intrepid soul like Conservative MP Dane Lloyd, asks some pointed questions on national public TV [of course never reported by the MSM] and has the security agency stooges stammering, floundering and pathetically passing the buck to one another…it’s but a brief respite from the leaden, suffocating burden of corruption…that’s strangling our once vibrant nation. Believe it or not readers, when I was a young person Canada had one of the best methods of investigative cleansing of endemic government corruption in the world–i.e., the open, independent, powerful and fearless Royal Commission.

Readers might well ask themselves why governments got rid of the “Royal Commission”.

15 thoughts on “Cdn MP Dane Lloyd hands PSC and CSIS @$$es to them during EA Hearing + Nova scotia massacre

  1. Greencrow,

    I got my mother’s estate almost done.

    I know it’s worth millions. Fortunately I have trusteeship with my two (not very smart) sisters.

    I remember when the US pundit Morton Kondracke declared Biden’s political career over in the 1980s. He was caught plagiarizing. I guess being a child rapist can’t ruin a political career nowadays.

    In my time my agency was promoting woman up the ladder very quickly. To be honest most were good but they lacked the courage to stand up when they had to. One time I lost a goverment transit card and my boss went into total meltdown over it. Only $80 and it was the end of the world for her.

    She was terrified of our agency leadership.


  2. Hi GC:

    Another excellent post….and you nailed it.

    I’ll discuss in more detail later..but as a WHITE HETERO MALE…MARRIED…FATHER OF 3, I see that “my type” is continually demonized and marginalized because history has shown we would never put up with this BULLSHITE.

    Those that have any/all position of authority are acquiescing toadies that likely took the Jab and whose job security is based on towing the party/Gubermint line.

    We continually see NON WHITE MALES / FEMALES as filling these toadie roles…..which is a warning sign of what’s to come.


  3. As a woman I don’t think Turvertians can accuse me of ‘misogyny’ when I say that women in government are and ALWAYS WILL BE used and abused by MCP’s who will always run the show. Having worked for 18 years for the BC Government and having broken through the “glass ceiling” to move from admin to front line child protection social worker [with shards of metaphorical glass still sticking out of my body] I can safely say that in order to get to the very top in government…you still have to be able to ‘pee standing up’.


    1. Hi GC:

      I think that most Males of any worth/ dignity put our Women on a pedestal…and that in no way diminishes the Males classic role.


  4. I wonder if there was any mention of the terrorist attack on the Coastal GasLink work site in BC this year on Feb 17 in the PSC or CSIS reports. The workers were definitely terrorized by masked axe wielding attackers and millions of dollars in damages were done. The turd is anti-fossil fuels so maybe, like the church burnings, it’s a non-issue.

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  5. Hi Ron:

    Thanks for reminding me and our readers about that other terrorist attack. The fact remains that the corrupt police and security agencies always need to drill their new recruits to see if they have the same ‘mindset’ and ‘philosophy’ as the government.

    Over the decades I have noticed a peculiar/coincidental fact pattern that always has the police in close proximity to the event. Was this the case with the Coastal Gaslink terrorist attack? Or no.


  6. The Occult History of the U.S. Military’s PSYOPS and its Highly Symbolic Recruitment Video

    In Conclusion
    Ghosts in the Machine is a cleverly made recruitment video that appears to target a specific audience: “Conspiracy-minded” people … who want to take part in the conspiracy. Through various symbolic scenes, the video explains how the 4th PSYOP Group uses psychological warfare to defend American interests in foreign conflicts – especially those involving China and Russia. With that being said, a vital question begs to be asked: Is psychological warfare used against American citizens and allied countries?

    At the time of PSYOP’s inception, laws were created to prevent the military from conducting psychological warfare on U.S. citizens. However, Aquino himself observed that the 2003 Iraq invasion was preceded by an “extreme MindWar on American people”.

    While it is possible that the 4th PSYOP Group is focused on foreign adversaries, psychological warfare is currently being used by all kinds of state and non-state actors. In the 21st century, globalist forces control mass media and political parties. As such, this powerful elite group has been conducting an unprecedented MindWar effort to “attack population, culture, and institutions”. It is happening right before our eyes.

    IMHO…I don’t believe in the numerous boogeymen we are bombarded with ….

    Once one realizes MSM is in bed with Gov’t…keep your BULLSHIT detector on 24/7/365 + leap year


  7. Royal BC Museum to close in September as province plans new inclusive building for 2030

    To any truther with a triple digit IQ…this is pure COMMUNISM

    I’ve enjoyed the exhibits there,, both fixed and rotating(…Like TITANIC exhibit in 2008)

    Now…our Gubermint and toadie Civil Servants has taken upon themselves to CANCEL existing exhibits, and now embark on a NEW Museum….. almost $1 BILLION in cost. …..WTF?

    European history..good, bad or indifferent is still history….TRUTH IS TRUTH…we learn and evolve if we objectively assess FACTS…and concurrently avoid propoganda.

    Pretty clear that this new museum…..completed in 8 years???… will be on par with Holocaust themed ones……BC citizens guilted into deference to alleged past injustices that occurred before they were even born.

    Again……this is right out of COMMUNIST “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” PLAYBOOK.
    Many are simply deemed “guilty” without any evidence to the contrary.


  8. Randy Weaver, key figure behind bloody Ruby Ridge standoff near Canada-U.S. border, dies

    This , besides 9/11…was one of my MAJOR awakenings. Top lawyer Gerry Spence won a major judgement for Weaver against the US Gov’t. As an aside…Gerry Spence submits he was trained in law school to believe the FBI’s word was sacred…then Spence realized they were one of THE most corrupt law enforcement agencies (NOTE: here…in Canada the FBI equivalent = RCMP)

    I attended a documentary in Vancouver in mid 1990’s re; WACO and David Koresh……the film-makers had obtained video evidence of snipers positioned around the complex…in essence proof this was a Gov’t psy-opp. The WACO people were murdered by Gov’t,…. that is irrefutable.

    Long story short….Ruby Ridge..WACO and OKC bombing were psy-opps to demonize WHITE people who wished to live rural off grid lives…which of course ties into AGENDA 21 and Smart Cities.

    Duly note Canadian PM Chretien Gov’t had imposed the disastrous Gun Registry around the same time in early 1990’s.

    More Later….


  9. Embattled Canadian Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg has history of controversy

    Re BC’s almost $ 1 BILLION new Royal museum in Victoria

    I followed the Canadian Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg story (link above) over past few years..
    The basic gist is BILLIONAIRE ((((Asper family))) wanted to build this under the usual BULLSHITE reasons as “global human rights” and ultimately conned the Feds to contribute big time to both capital costs and operating costs.

    It was waaaaaayy over budget …. so of course the Feds had to assist in completion or we go from small white elephant to HUGE white elephant.

    The museum has hideous architecture..*(BTW its image is on the newer CANADIAN $10 Bill ) looks like a hand around a penis jerking off…probably the real design intent.

    Its original alleged goal was Human Rights for all…but apparently the (((usual suspects)))have taken over a fair chunk of the floor space for their alleged (((Holocaust)))… surprise here ?!?

    Almost all museums require HUGE in keeping with NEW museums elsewhere, I anticipate BC’s new Royal Museum, when it opens in 2030… to be a COMMUNIST psychological warfare indoctrination camp for current and future generations.


  10. Greencrow,

    Here in Northern Virginia the idiots spent at least $300,000 to rename Lee Highway. The highway was named after a long ago US Confederate General.

    Most people here probably don’t know who general Robert E Lee was.

    I see grown men here with masks on working out on rowing machines, nautilas machine, stair masters and getting $50 pedicures and manicures.

    If your male model ok but these guys are butt ugly. Like a pedicure is going to put you in the stud category.

    I know you don’t really like raw humor. But George Carlin (the son of Irish Catholic immigrants) brings it on about natural immunity.


  11. Bob it’s truly disgusting the way the Globalist perpZ want to erase NATIONAL history and identity. Does anyone else see why? The first thing Colonialists do when they invade the indigenous lands is erase history, culture and language. White colonialists did it to the First Nations but still we can’t see it when it’s being openly done to us.

    I know who Robert E. Lee was and he was a brave man who fought for his beliefs. A strong, sovereign nation accepts its history–war[t]s and all.


  12. Author Charles Camosy criticizes Canada’s euthanasia laws which allow for euthanizing people if they are “too poor to continue living with dignity”:


  13. Lee was very conflicted.

    The reconstruction after the US Civil War created wounds that will never heal.

    The US National Park Service (USNPS) will not cave into the nonsense.

    I dealt with the Native Americans and fortunately most are sovreign territories in the US Southwest.

    The introduced European diet and lifestyle really was tragic. Diabetes and alcoholism are rampant.

    A tragic story about a true SOB that I worked with.

    He came back to our office after being on travel and he showed me this native american silver turquoise bracelet. I instantly knew it was worth thousands.

    He said he purchased it for I think $25.

    I knew then that he stole it from a poor native american who needed the money for a alcohol.

    When you realize that people are willing to do things like this it puts you in a dark place.

    People don’t know how powerful addiction is.

    I never became addicted to anything but I do binge drink, and have to retreat into a misanthropic existence for a while.

    A lot of US Government leadership are addicts and don’t know it. I worked for two that drank over 24 sugar colas a day! It obviously destroyed their mental health and they were anorexic.

    One was 6’4″ with a 29″ waste. He had to get his clothes custom made. I never saw him eat anything! 3 years working for him.


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